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Our Care Shines Bright! We care for the Health & Happiness of your child. Broken Arrow - SoonerCare

At Bright Future Our Care Shines Bright

We are proud to announce the birth of a new way to care for the Health AND Happiness of your child. Bright Future Pediatrics Clinic is located at 817 S, Elm Place in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We are a credentialed SoonerCare Medical Health Home and the Central Command Center of your Child's Healthcare. It can be difficult when you have to juggle all of the d

Operating as usual


At Bright Future Pediatrics our Care shines bright! Your hometown pediatrics team had fun being Care Bears today - we will be announcing our pumpkin decorating contest winners tmmrw end of day - be sure to post and tag us or text your little pumpkins work if art before noon tmmrw!

(Pictured Left to right: Lorena, Melanie Psych D, Dr. Street, Chris, Maria, Latina Shelley,NP, Kateya LPN)

Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween!!


All SoonerCare members are eligible to receive a free smartphone with unlimited talk, text and data plan! All you need to do is enroll at!


Awe!! Thanks to our friends Swift Staffing for helping us get the extra help we desperately needed to HELP your kiddos get ready for BACK TO SCHOOL well visits and shots this year!

We are continuing to grow our team to better serve our families and kiddos. Thank you all for your support and patience as we have pushed through labor shortages, illness, and growing pains of opening a new medical practice in the midst of a pandemic. Without our community partners, your support, encouragement, understanding and our dedicated staff - we would have never made it this far!

Special thanks to our sweet Molina (right) and our newest team member Kris (left) for all you do to welcome our families each and every day!

Congrats to Bright Future Pediatrics! They are our Bomb Pop winners this week. We appreciate all you do!!

Give us a call (918)794-4228 to nominate your managers to receive a sweet treat this summer.

Timeline photos 01/04/2022

With the recent increase of cases of RSV, Flu and COVID we want to remind you to please wear a mask 😷 in the public areas and sanitize your hands 🙌🏼 when you enter or leave our clinic. We have a “sick visit” 🌧 side and a “well visit” 🌈side to help you and your child stay safe.

🚨 For the safety of our immune compromised and new little ones: If you or your child has been exposed to COVID please do not enter the clinic.

Call our appointment line for further instructions on what to do if you think your child may have COVID.

☎️ For appointments, you can call us or text us during business hours at (918) 928-5437.

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy and Don't forget there is always time to be the Bright in someone's day!❤️🌈🦄


The office will be closing at noon today to have our first annual Christmas party and to give all of our staff a chance to get ready to celebrate Christmas with their families! We open back up at 8:30 Am tomorrow and will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Our after hours nurse will be on duty 24 hours.


Who is your favorite Dino?


Happy Halloween Friends!
This is a great time to teach kids about manners, stranger danger and traffic safety. Take some time to help your littles understand some ground rules for the evening. Things you can teach “wait” “Please” Thank you” “taking turns” and “sharing” your best candies with mom or dad!

Here are some tips to share with the grownups too! Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Did you know that we offer same day sick appointments for new and existing patients?
Just call or text us at 918-928-5437!


1st vs 3rd Pregnancy

How true is this?


Sometimes life is hard. Change is difficult but it’s the one thing that is constant. Life doesn’t always look the way we invisioned it when we were day dreaming about our future. Guess what? That is completely ok. It’s normal. It’s going to turn out. This pain you have been feeling - is exactly what you need to move out of your comfort zone and make a change. Make a positive change for you. A positive change for your children.

This transformation is the way we grow.

Sometimes, as a parent we think we have to be perfect to be a good mom or a good dad. We don’t. We just have to grow - this is how we show our children our true strength. When they see us grow they also learn how to grow. Little eyes are always watching. Little ears are always listening. Show them what you are made of. Teach them it’s ok to transform something difficult into a beautiful new existence. Life is a cycle of this over and over. Transformation not a destination we arrive at one day - it’s a continuous process - a never ending journey to become a better version of who we were yesterday.

You are beautiful. Embrace the change. We are here if you need us along the way. As we also embark on our own daily journey as fellow moms, friends, partners, and your biggest fan!


Miss Jessica had a little too much fun on Amazon Prime day! Did you get any goodies? We got some fun new birthday visit prizes and some new things for the office expansion! Everyday at BFP is like Christmas for the weeks after prime day! 🤣🤣🤣🎄


Hi friends!!! Are you missing your keys?? We found these in our parking lot in Broken Arrow. Please share with anyone you know who lost their keys today!


If you are not a member of BA Garage Sale - go check it out for great deals 🤑and also check out this delicious job opportunity! We can’t wait to sink our teeth into these cookies! 🍪 🍪🍪 And to our friends at (Pediatric Dental Group Inc (South Tulsa)We promise to brush afterwards!) 🪥


Check out this amazing partnership! Well done CLASS Oklahoma you are a class act! 👏🏼🙌🏽

We are excited to announce that CLASS Oklahoma and SoccerCity Tulsa will be working together again to put on an autism friendly soccer program. Don't wait, space is extremely limited. Check out the flier for more information; you can sign up using this link:


Our new favorite adorable video - this little girl is perfection!

Lowe's to offer free gardens-to-go kits every Thursday beginning April 8 03/26/2021

Lowe's to offer free gardens-to-go kits every Thursday beginning April 8

Cool community project alert!!
Free gardens to Go Kits from Lowe’s! Every Thursday beginning April 8! Lowe's Home Improvement what a great idea! ❤️❤️❤️

Lowe's to offer free gardens-to-go kits every Thursday beginning April 8 Spring is amongst us and Lowe's is celebrating by giving away free garden-to-go project kits.


What a great way to start the week!

When I wake up I close my eyes before stepping out of bed and whisper, "Thank you for the gift of this new day."
Beginning my day grateful for my life is the foundation for everything that I will do. This sets my energy.
What do you do before stepping out into your day my loves?


Uninvited Loud Precision Band

March forth!


We knew how special this place was Gathering Place and now everyone does! Gathering Place is for all kids - all size - all age! A place for them to learn, grow and play and we couldn't be more thrilled for them! Congratulations to all!

Timeline Photos 02/26/2021

Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and online. Wear your pink to take a stand!

Call ☎️ or text 📱us for a same day appointment! 918- 928-5437


Is your kiddo feeling under the weather? It's hard to figure out if it's COVID, strep, a cold or even flu. Be sure to bring them in for a check-up so that we can help you figure out what's going on. Many times it's something other than COVID, but along with COVID testing, we can do flu testing and strep testing. Call or text our office at 918-928-5437 and we can schedule an appointment for you or a virtual visit.


Elsa maybe just had enough of Covid quarantine, killer hornets, and probably had one too many zoom meetings and just lost her composure .....
As soon as she calms down “ Let her go, Let her go” 🎶🎶🎶🎶

Brighter days ahead friends!


Doctors orders! ❄️🌨❄️🥶🥶🥶☃️


Due to current weather conditions and power outages in the area, our clinic is closed today. We know children still get sick during pandemics and snowstorms so we are still here for you! Text us or call us at 918-928-5437 to visit with one of our nurses!

Our doctor is available all day today for virtual visits and urgent newborn home visits. Just text or call.


Bright Future Pediatrics invites you to join us and our friends at KRMG to spread some joy and light. Please consider even small donation to Make-A-Wish Oklahoma- they help so many families grant an amazing and grand wish with their child. Also - tune in to our friend Skyler Cooper and hear some real life stories of light from local families who have been blessed by this organization and donors like you! 💗💗💗🌈☀️ TEXT wish 70123 to donate - even $1 helps!


Also remember we have many 11-13 year olds who are almost 6 feet tall! Let them be kids as long as they want!!


Bright Future Pediatrics


Who remembers these?? We kinda wish these would come back....


Winston and Sophie would like to say hello from the business office. We are 16 months old and we are working hard on our developmental milestones and learning to be a comfort for boys and girls who need us. We hope to see you really soon for your next check up! We only visit by request and on certain days of the week. If your child would benefit from a comfort dog during their visit ask if Sophie or Winston are available to join your child for their visit. 10/08/2020

What Is Bullying

StopBullying.Gov is a great resource to use when talking about Bully’s.

Help your child navigate being bullied or help your child not become one.

Remember bully’s come in all ages and sizes and yes we have been seeing a lot of poor role models on TV and in the news - don’t allow bullying into your own home weather it is via screens, the neighborhood or in the family. Learn what is bullying and what are the different types of bullying.


If you were to encourage another mom or dad - what you say? Please share something meaningful that someone has said to you to brighten your day....


Connection is one thing we as parents crave to have with our children. Sometimes, the way we invite them to share with us makes all the difference.

Using language that encourages your child to engage in meaningful conversation can be tricky.

Here are some suggestions to try that can help your child open up a little more.

This is also a good opportunity to show them they are a priorty to you and teach them how to listen by showing them how.
Eyes on them.
Put away your phone. Give them a warm smile when you are talking to them.

Try just a little each day and don’t get discouraged if they don’t play along. Consistency is key. Keep it up! You got this!


We had an amazing time participating at the “Dream Works” free youth camp last month at Wesley Chapel The kids got to learn about careers in healthcare and listen to their own and each other’s heart beats ❤️

We are currently accepting new sneakers for kids at the Wesley Chapel after school program.
Please drop your your donations anytime!

Community outreach and access to care are something we are passionate about! Have a speaking event, school function or want to do a community collab? Send us a DM!


Being a parent is hard work! Sometimes it’s nice to just take a moment and remember that kids don’t need all the things that we buy them but they do need you!


Thanks to our friend Travis Meyer / News On 6 for helping us remember that allergies could be why your kiddo is feeling a bit tired, cranky and yucky for the next day or so.

Give us a call if you need help managing your child’s allergy symptoms- we have same day appointments, nebulizers in stock for home use and can help your kiddo get back to feeling better and in good health!

High pollen and mold counts today, with tree pollen in the VERY high range. Folks with allergies and/or asthma are likely suffering most from this and should definitely be staying indoors right now.


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Happy Halloween Friends! This is a great time to teach kids about manners, stranger danger and traffic safety. Take some...
Happy. Healthy. Humans tiny to teen!





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