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Acupuncture clinic in Buena Vista, Colorado. Treating pain, women's health, children, digestive issues and much more with a gentle, yet powerful medicine.

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Mai Acupuncture Clinic updated their address. 07/18/2021

Mai Acupuncture Clinic updated their address.

Mai Acupuncture Clinic updated their address.


Super excited about our new tea station! Cozy up with a cup of tea before or after your next appointment. Try out one of these great teas to help fight since nearly every tree in the valley seems to be blooming right now.


One of the things I love most about Chinese medicine is the approach to food. Food is medicine. And roughly three times a day, you have the chance to fuel your body’s repair systems that keep you healthy. Did you know that oregano is a Chinese herb traditionally used to move qi, clear heat, and expel wind. These are all important functions as we feel the effects of Spring causing allergies, and often a general feeling of being stuck, irritable, or even depressed. is a great herb to add to your diet to keep you feeling even! And now we have a planter of it in front of the clinic. Come by and get a sniff or grab some for a dish! 04/13/2019

Chi Institute Uses Acupuncture to Calm Chicken into Egg Laying - Wide Open Pets

This is the coolest video I’ve seen all week. If you want to feel as relaxed as this chicken, book your appointment today! Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is put to the test in this video, where veterinarians use acupuncture to calmly coerce a chicken into laying an egg.


So excited to be carrying Buddha Tea in the clinic! Treat yourself to a cup of tea while healing your body at the same time! Can’t wait to try the mugwort tea! This is the same stuff used for moxa and helps to treat pain and inflammation.


Our bodies are meant to MOVE. And as we come out of the stillness of winter, our bodies are craving movement and physical challenges. Here is a mental challenge for today. Remember that exercise is a reward, a celebration, a treat to be enjoyed, NOT a punishment for the way you look, how your clothes fit, or what you fueled your body with. Exercise, including gentle movement like walking and tai chi, moves your body’s energetic and can help fight agains some of the seasonal irritability that can come with springtime.


New product in! Just in time for the changing weather, we have this fantastic new tea! Soothes and moistens the throat and tastes great too!


Best Tai Chi Videos

A friendly reminder for the weekend, keep your head up.

Here's a great article about how to hold the head in Tai Chi! 07/20/2017

12 Summer Self-Care Tips from Acupuncturists

Summer is in full effect! Take a look at these tips to safeguard your health while the weather is warm! By Sara Calabro Summer is here! From an acupuncture perspective, seasonal changes are a big deal, since humans are viewed as microcosms of the natural world that surrounds them. Weather and time of…


If the summer heat has you feeling irritable, try adding some flowers to your day. Teas made with flowers such as hibiscus, chamomile, and even rose, help to clear heat and calm the mind. Cheers! 06/07/2017

FDA suggests doctors learn about acupuncture for pain management

You know acupuncture is good for pain when the FDA is suggesting it to doctors! Share this article with someone you know who experiences pain. Consultations at Mai Acupuncture Clinic are always FREE! Chiropractors and acupuncturists who have lobbied for a bigger role in treating pain have won a preliminary endorsement from federal health officials.


We are very excited to sponsor the first Pride festival in Chaffee County! Come join us Saturday to celebrate!

Thank you Mai Acupuncture Clinic for Sponsoring the Ark Valley Pride.
If you are interested in finding out more about Ark Valley Pride or would like to sponsor the event go to 05/31/2017

Fresh Food By Prescription: This Health Care Firm Is Trimming Costs — And Waistlines

Food is medicine. The rising prevalence and cost of Type 2 diabetes has doctors at Geisinger Health System turning to food as a form of medicine. They're prescribing free, fresh food to low-income patients. 05/25/2017

One Thing That Can Help With Pain, Inflammation & Stress

Great article about how acupuncture can help relieve stress, inflammation, and pain. Lots of links to scientific literature about the proven effectiveness of Chinese medicine. Hint: It's one of our favorite alternative treatments.


My message to you if you're in a mid-week slump. And also if you're not! 03/17/2017

Research Confirms Herbal Medicines Inhibit Influenza

It might feel like Spring out there, but the flu hasn't gotten the message yet. Help protect yourself from Influenza, seasonal allergies, and more with acupuncture and herbal medicines! New research from Japan and China have confirmed that certain medicinal herbs and their constituents have the ability to directly inhibit influenza as well as stimulate the body's own immune system in order to counteract the flu virus.


Acupuncture for chronic pain and depression in primary care: a programme of research

Great new study out from NIHR (a branch of the National Health Service), showing that acupuncture is effective in treating chronic pain and depression. We see this in our clinic every day, but It's great to have a study to back it up! Programme Grants for Applied Research Volume: 5, Issue: 3, Published in January 2017


Mai Acupuncture Clinic


Happy Chinese New Year!!! Break out your red (considered a lucky color for the new year) and add some fish to your day to bring good luck and fortune into the year of the Rooster! Xīnnián hǎo everyone!!


Holidays got you in a funk? Come relax with a treatment at Mai Acupuncture Clinic.


Very excited to share that the new web page is up! Take a look and see what you think. And as always, feel free to share.


Through the end of August, mention this post and get 10% off your treatment!


The New York Times

The telltale purple dots are signs of “cupping,” an ancient Chinese healing practice.


Baby loves flash cupping!

Acupuncture and cupping can be fun for the whole family!!!

I stopped by the office for some flash cupping the other day. When we saw the little one's reaction, we just had to get it on video.


Feeling a bit irritable lately? Many patients have been asking me why they've found themselves snapping at loved ones and having a shorter fuse. Spring is the season of the liver which corresponds with the emotion of irritability or anger. Try increasing these foods in your diet to soothe irritability and promote health!


Spring herb sale at the office!!! Through May pick up fantastic local, handmade goods at a steep discount!


We're up bright and early at the 9 Health Fair! Swing by and say, "Hi!" and grab a coupon for 10% off your first visit.


Do you or your kiddos have the lung crud that's going around? Try adding these foods to your diet! Thanks to Float Chinese Medical Arts, PC for the image!


In honor of the NEW year, I'm offering 10% off to NEW patients through the end of January with the mention of this special. Know someone who has been interested in trying acupuncture? Now is the time to try. 01/01/2016

16 Ways Acupuncture Can Light Up Your 2016

Let us help you make 2016 your best yet! From dropping a few pounds to finally getting a good night's sleep to managing chronic health conditions, acupuncture has you covered! Call today to schedule! By Sara Calabro Acupuncture can help you live better in 2016—and in ways you may not expect. If you've been meaning to try acupuncture, or if you're an experienced acupuncture goer who has fallen out of practice, make 2016 the year you jump


The snow is coming down but that won't stop us from celebrating Second Saturday! Come join us for mistletoe, tea and a good time!


Got to watch the Buena Vista town tree get decorated outside our window today. Come visit us tomorrow from 4-6 to watch Santa light the tree and grab a warm cup of tea!


So grateful to be featured in the "Neighbors" section of the Chaffee County Times! Pick up your copy today!!!


Looking for some foods to include in your diet that will help your liver? Check out these wonderful fruits and veggies!!

Here are some foods that support the liver:


We're excited to announce the birth of a healthy full-term baby to one of our fertility patients! Thanks for letting us be a small part of your journey!




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