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I’ve been quiet here for a while so here is an update:

Today marks my third adventure since April 2022 Italy.

I’ll be there for 2 months following my breathwork trainer around Europe helping facilitate seminars and trainings.

Practicing Transformational Breathwork is deeply humbling. The closest analogy I can make is being a doula for releasing pain, sorrow and suffering and embracing peace and wholeness. Very simply- it puts you back in your body.

This summer, I managed to facilitate a total of 30 sessions with 10 different people. It was nothing short of amazing to witness their transformations.

When I come back in November- I’ll be certified and open a private practice in Buffalo so I can share breathwork with more people. So, if you know a space to rent- I’m looking!

Breathwork is pretty wildly popular in the Uk and Europe however I appear to be the only person practicing this type of breathwork in the upstateNY/WNY/PA/OH and bordering area of Canada. So, let’s make it a thing!

Life is meant living. Stay tuned for updates.


Some people will never care as deeply as you do; some people will never understand you, and that’s OK.
It isn’t your job to convince them to care; try to meet them where they are at, with empathy and understanding even if they cannot seem to understand you.
Guard those things you care about deeply and that make you, you. You are who you are, and that is already enough.
What needs to change isn’t that driving force of who you are but rather the kinds of people you choose to surround yourself with. Choose people who understand your soul and make you feel loved and valued and appreciated. Choose people who make you feel good about the things your heart beats for.
And if you are around people who don’t see your spark, understand that they may be petrified in their own patterns. Keep nurturing yourself - be true to your nature. That will open new doors and help you more than you know.


When you’re traveling in an outdated belief system…. It’s a lot like driving an old car that rattles, can’t get up to speed, and doesn’t have air conditioning.

On your journey to where you’re going the car rumbling and wind whistling by wear you down as the adrenaline bursts of cars honking and cutting you off keep you alert.

By the time you arrive- even though you were excited to see that friend who you haven’t seen in a couple years- you’re worn out from your journey.

Every time you travel, the anxiety of your vehicle makes you think twice or postpone your trip.

And then hopefully, you upgrade to something a bit more comfortable and reliable. Traveling is less tiresome. You can accomplish more with ease. You enjoy your friends even after a long journey.

What sort of beliefs and perspectives are acting as your outdated hoopty?

Appreciate where you’ve been, where you are, and the life you’re unfolding.


Don’t we all like to give to those who appreciate what we’re offering?

Gratitude tells the world you’re ready to receive and honor the gifts it has.

Imagine giving to someone who is always putting out their overwhelmed and frustrated. Giving them a gift will feel like giving them a burden and no one wants to pass on a burden.


Our hyper individualistic culture is rooted in trauma.

As we heal our individual trauma, we will begin to notice the ways our systems were built off of it and continue to keep us in a hyper alert state.

I noticed even as I say I want community and so do many I know- I recognize we have very little time and energy to dedicate to it. Less time to consider the worthwhile risks associated with vulnerability and allowing a level of dependence to take place in order to bond and establish relationships.

This is the same problem that those super into their work and drama suffer from. They end up with no time to build new relationships and no patience or attention for them when they have them.

Reiki is a way to help you disconnect from the grind and reconnect with yourself and others. It helps build loving, healthy connections so community is possible.


Navigate towards a safe love even if it’s not familiar.

Reiki helps bridge the gap.

Real love is intense, but its not dangerous...

What Is Reiki And How Does It Work? 06/09/2021

What Is Reiki And How Does It Work?

An overview of Reiki, its origins and what happens during a session.

What Is Reiki And How Does It Work? Reiki may sound “new age” to some, but it’s anything but new. In fact, it’s a form of energy healing with roots in ancient cultures. Reiki uses what’s known as universal life force energy—ki or qi—to improve people’s lives and ailments. What Is Reiki? The term “reiki” comes from ...


When our relationships revolve around shared traumatic experiences and replaying childhood patterns- what happens when we heal those?

When we’re no longer overwhelmed by the pain we’ve experienced. We no longer feel the need to replay it over and over to connect with others.

We largely give each other the experiences we have in life. Are you passing along healing or are you passing on pain?

What does life look like when we’re healed? How many more connections and relationships may we be capable of when less of our relationships trigger pain?

Know someone with chronic pain? It wears people out. Our pained emotional and spiritual bodies do the same. Releasing that pain- helps build connection.

Reiki helps promote relaxation and peace and helps you feel comfortable operating from that state.

Photos from The Holistic Psychologist's post 06/07/2021

Photos from The Holistic Psychologist's post

You Are Enough 04/17/2021

You Are Enough





You Are Enough Provided to YouTube by TuneCoreYou Are Enough · LondrelleStay Free℗ 2020 Eternal SunshineReleased on: 2020-04-11Auto-generated by YouTube.

Ultra-Independence is a Trauma response 04/14/2021

Ultra-Independence is a Trauma response

See yourself?

Ultra-Independence is a Trauma response We all look at independence as a strength. "Oh look at Sarah and how independent she is, she doesn’t need anyone to help her financially or emotionally. She has it all worked out for herself." On the outside yes, and a level of independence is important for all of us, but when it becomes part of y...

The Link Between Stress and Inflammation | Everyday Health 04/09/2021

The Link Between Stress and Inflammation | Everyday Health

Stress acts like an infection in your body. It pushes the immune system into overdrive.

Stress literally makes you physically ill.

Our relationship to stress and how we “manage” it is important to feeling good.

Stress is often triggered by what happens in our brains via our thoughts. These thoughts produce stress hormones. Too much of these guys with no outlet backs up and causes inflammation in our bodies. These thoughts are often worn in emotional patterns sometimes handed down thru multiple generations.

Inflammation makes us feel achey, overwhelmed, exhausted, and makes us vulnerable to more illness.

Dealing with stress is well.... stressful and overwhelming for many. It’s another to do on top of every other to do.

I use Reiki to redirect this process. Easing my thoughts patterns, instilling a sense of faith that things will change for the better. Deep trust that I can do this work and what I need to do it will come easily. Also, endless compassion for when I get off track and fall back on old habits. Reiki helps me remain open to discovering new or ways of being that help me more easily change.

Reiki is often most cited for “stress and anxiety relief” -

My understanding is that it instills a knowingness and faith that we will receive exactly what we need to break through the blocks holding us from experiencing our greatest divinity. It is an empowering energy.

The Link Between Stress and Inflammation | Everyday Health Research shows that the effect of stress on the body — chiefly the way it triggers inflammation — contributes to the development and worsening of many chronic conditions.

Healer 04/08/2021


Soak in the sun to this beautiful song.

Healer Provided to YouTube by Ninja TuneHealer · Sampa The Great featuring ZaachariahaBirds And The BEE9℗ Big DadaReleased on: 2017-11-10Artist: Sampa The GreatFeat...


practice dreaming regularly

Recently Spirit asked me to pass on a message that is perfect for the massive energies that we are in.

They want you to day dream, to play within the landscape of your being. They want you to practice your ability to FEEL into possibilities, into creation, into the void.

They want you to take an idea, desire or dream and play it out within your mind for as many steps as you can take it out. To then see it, feel it, and allow it to become part of you.

Many of us do this, but with the negative. We often play out the worst case scenario in our minds. This virus, quarantine, and fear have whipped up people's imaginations of all that could go wrong.

You are now being asked to use that same ability but in the positive. This is not about manifestation of what it is that you are day dreaming about, although that can certainly occur. It is about is practicing feeling into possibilities and taking them out as far as your mind will allow. Then allowing that feeling to permeate each of your cells.

This is a great way to make decisions as well by feeling into the choices and visualizing each of the different outcomes and then choose based on what the heart says.

They tell me at one time that we could take a particular stream of potential and feel into a 100 steps out. This ability is coming back online however, we must practice (play) and strengthen this aspect of ourselves.

This weekend is supercharged with energy and it is the perfect time for you to dream and create.

Sending you all lots of love


Be kind to yourself.


When we say “yes” when we want to say “no.” When we take on someone else’s work because we fear their emotional outbursts or behavior if we say “no.”

Because we haven’t taught ourselves how to enjoy our own company. Because we only feel valid if we’re needed.

Because we worry about our reputation.

Because we only know how to connect from a place of shared suffering.

When we heal these parts of ourselves, we validate our sovereignty and take our power back.

Giving time- is a gift.
Being available- is a gift.
Doing work-is a gift.
Hearing someone out- is a gift.

We show up for the relationships that respect us and nourish us. We stop allowing those connections which are not reciprocal drain us.

In this, we heal. We become powerful. We create our life instead of exist in whatever is given.


Be easy as you pull back the curtain on your unhealed childhood wounds.

Emotional immaturity is the result of not being modeled emotional resilience: the ability to process emotions, communicate boundaries, + return to a baseline (connected, relaxed) state of the parasympathetic nervous system.

We cannot mature emotionally if we weren’t shown this by parent-figures + the adults closest to us.

Reading “adult children of emotionally immature parents” was an ah-ha moment for me. I saw so much of my own emotional immaturity— + began to accept that my parents were very emotionally immature. This allowed me to see them as they were: human beings with their own wounding.

We cannot embody emotional maturity when we’ve been made to believe that we “make” people feel or do things. At the core of emotional immaturity is the belief that we are responsible for other people’s emotions.

So many of us heard “you made mommy mad” or don’t do that you’ll upset your father.” The message becomes: what people feel is because of me. Many adults carry this false belief throughout life— + suffer deeply because of it.

Emotional maturity comes from being fully responsible for your own emotional state + the behaviors that come with it. This evolution allows us to see the truth: I am not responsible for other people’s emotions.

How people respond + behave is a reflection of the relationship they have with themselves.

Emotional maturity is a journey

The Fall of Tech Empires, Stock Exchange Shake-up, and Aquarius 02/01/2021

The Fall of Tech Empires, Stock Exchange Shake-up, and Aquarius

“What We’ve Learned About Aquarius:

-People taking coordinated action
-Democratization of information
-Decentralization of power, with groups of people fighting for freedom and sovereignty
-Power to the people (we will learn more about this theme, with the good and the bad it entails, when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024)
-People coming together in look-alike groups (not so small that they do not matter, and not so large that they lose track of the vision) to change the rules of the game

What Aquarius Energy Is NOT:

-Waiting for the system or a parent figure to tell us what to do (that’s Capricorn/Cancer NOT Aquarius)
-Top-down rules, laws and directives (Aquarius is about BOTTOM up initiatives that will initially disrupt the old rules and come up with new ones)
-Being all at one and at peace with each other (that’s Pisces). Aquarius is NOT the sign of oneness, Aquarius is the sign of look-alike-ness. Before we get to Pisces, and we are all “one” we need to get organized, and form new alliances that can challenge and eventually break down the unhealthy centers of power.”

The Fall of Tech Empires, Stock Exchange Shake-up, and Aquarius Since Jupiter and Saturn have joined forces at 0° Aquarius, many topics have kept the headlines in the news. Let’s review the last weeks’ headlines, so we can get a taste of the Aquarian themes




Sometimes recognizing and accepting what you’re going through- is the most impossible thing.

So much so that we can’t even admit to the current pain we’re in and the harm it is causing in our lives.

Reiki has been there to hold me while I pulled back the curtains on the shadows in my life.

It gave me the strength to look out and see what I was disillusioned to. That gave me permission to change the course of my life.

In some parts of our lives, we must walk alone. No one else can end our denial but us.

Reiki held me in ways that friends, family, and counselors could not. It’s similar to the spirit of your childhood teddy bear and wise grandmother.

Comforting, peaceful, kind, compassionate, holds you accountable to you.

Photos from Uprise Reiki- Tamera Knight's post 01/20/2021

I was always a social person. But my family was pretty isolated. My dad had 1 friend growing up and I honestly could not conceive of how a random stranger would ever help anyone. Or how a whole community would donate their money to families who lost their house. It didn’t make sense to me because I grew up without a sense of community.

It was something I longed for but struggled to be part of. I never felt comfortable in large crowds or talking to strangers. In June 2015, I took a Reiki class. From September- December 2015, I campaigned and attended dozens of community events.

I had a successful venture in campaign organizing. I helped form a student group on my local university campus, registered thousands of voters, collected hundreds of signatures, organized a 400 person march, and managed to somehow help overrule my college’s “no political candidate” speaker rules to gather 15k to the university. This was a GIANT community wide effort. It felt great to be connected to my community and meet so many passionate people. The student group really empowered and supported one another and everyone stayed humble.

Just in case you were wondering the end result: Our candidate didn’t win but our community base went on to help local leaders of the movement get elected.

Reiki gave me the stamina to connect to a greater community.


I grew up with a mother who suffered from schizophrenia and my father worked a lot. Great at adaptation, I became extremely good at inserting myself into other people’s families and being excessively helpful.

I would watch younger kids, cook, clean. Whatever was helpful. My friends’ parents loved me.

When I got older, I found myself attracted to people who I could be useful to. I worked as a caregiver for a time. Dated a narcissist. I volunteered copious amounts. Served as an AmeriCorps VISTA for two years. Mentored teens in a distraught neighborhood for another 2 years.

I found myself constantly fighting to take care of myself and unable to remove myself from the chaos of other’s lives. I needed to be where the problem was at.

And then an alcoholic friend came to stay…. And I realized after a huge blowout- I had a problem.

That problem was codependency.

I had to evaluate my ingrained need to caretake and ask myself- “Am I excessively solving other people’s problems at my own expense?”

Monetarily- that was surely true, timewise that was true, emotionally spent- yep, definitely true.

So, I started this year off with reading this book to understand my tendencies better. I am no use to others if my boundaries don’t allow me to sustain my work.

If I am always needed by the same people repeatedly- am I showing up and doing my job properly?

As a teacher, you want your students to become critical thinkers, capable of solving their own problems via the examples you give them. You want them to exist in the world empowered and inspired.

For a minute I thought to myself “Will I have anyone left in my life if I stop being so readily available to help all the time?”

I considered the people who have helped me the most and were also happy and doing well in their lives.

They didn’t stick around to make sure I had launched successfully. They did their part and expected me to do mine.

And for those who would fall apart without me- I was falling apart with them so what use was I anyhow?

The more I spent on other’s problems- the less I spent on my own. What does it look like for me to help myself as much as I tend to help others? What would happen to my goals and life then?

We’ll see. Reiki was a guide to getting me here and is a support for working and finding the resources through it. It’s a comforting friend that holds you as you pull back the curtains on your shadows and take the brave leap into doing the work.

Photos from Uprise Reiki- Tamera Knight's post 01/15/2021

This is Kunzite. A princess pink stone that I'm rocking in the New Year with a focus on:

1. No backtracking- the world is full of abundant opportunities to expand and come to know myself in new ways.

2. Self-love- Play, date, inspire, support, and care for me.

They fall in line with the metaphysical meanings of KUNZITE: Connects heart and mind. Self-love. Unconditional and abundant love. Mother's love and protection. Heal from sorrow and fear. Helps restore trust and connect with others.

The sketch in the second picture are Linden Berries. An herb for self-love, friendship, peace, altruism, prosperity and good luck. They're part of a Reiki inspired mural I've been working on.

How are you setting your intentions for 2021?


Let’s bond over our healing instead of trauma.


I am seeing what you're seeing right now happen in the USA. Be very careful how you approach your feelings right now. Wish them and us healing and accountability.

Below is a a personal tale I tended to tell the teens I mentored who I often shuttled to and fro in my car.

Sometimes they’d get upset when someone would cut me off in traffic.

Occasionally, they’d really go in deep and nasty on what they thought of the person. Not the vibes I wanted going on in my car whilst driving a carload of teens.

So, I told them this story which checked me from doing the same thing years ago.

My stepmom and I were driving up a long road to run some errands. I was practicing driving and as a good student driver, I observed all the things-front, back, side to side. A motorcycle was whizzing between cars and blasting through red lights. I recall saying, “Well, he isn’t going to live very long.” In an off-handed sarcastic manner.

Fast forward 45 minutes, we are driving back down the way we came and traffic is blocked. A huge white truck was perpendicular to the road with a massive dent in the side of it. Pieces of metal are all over the road-the same color as the motorcycle I had seen earlier. A deep pit sank in my gut.

The motorcyclist I had seen earlier. They were gone. 20 years old. We were almost the same age.

It did not-in any capacity-feel good to be right about that. So much so, I remember a decade later.

Clean your words up. Clean your thoughts up. We are all reckless at some point. Wish them clarity so that they wake up before anything comes of it.


Be okay with not knowing what’s next but work on getting the vibration right.

Dream a little dream. Envision what it looks and feels like, what would you be doing if life were the way you dreamed of? How would you be feeling, how would you be acting? Practice that for a bit in your head.

The universe needs a little creative glimmer from you to know what to send you.

I paint- I don't tend to have an idea of what it'll look like in the end. But at the very least- I know it will be pleasant, bright, and cheerful and have some unique intrigue that creates a sense of ponderance and wonder. I pull some random elements from things I like- pictures of good memories and I mix it all together. Alchemy.

What pursuits do you have that let you practice your ability to dream and create?


In our attempt to take care of others- our energy gets spread out wide and far and dragged through other people’s energy bodies.

This happens throughout time and space.

Call your energy home and let what’s not meant for you to stay behind.

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