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Purvis Chiropractic has been serving the Caldwell area for over 15 years. Dedicated to HEALTHcare, Dr. Purvis and her staff provide chiropractic, massage, nutritional supplementation and many other services to help their patients overcome pain as well as other health issues they maybe struggling with. Our focus is on achieving and maintaining a healthy spine, mind and body! We offer Chiropractic a

Operating as usual


Dr Purvis is in the office today, Wednesday 5/25. She will not be in the office on Thursday 5/26. Massage will be available however appointments are limited.


The office will be closed Tuesday 5/24. Will reopen on Wednesday 5/25. We apologize for any inconvenience.


If Red dye #40 kills a plant, what do you think it’s doing to our cells?

Below is a picture of a simple experiment of how different food coloring changes the color of the celery plant.

Well, take notice of the red dye #40...it KILLED the celery plant in just a day! Red dye #40 is in a lot of candy and processed foods, Gatorade, etc. 🤔 and it’s not like the other two are without effect, trust me. Just removing foods with artificial colorings/dyes could substantially change your child behavior, mood, hyperactivity, etc.

You would be amazed at how a child's behaviour can change just from cleaning up their diet. I can help.


"See that tiny pink bead on my lanyard? That is the size of a newborn's tiny tummy. When baby is born, the birthing parent produces colostrum for baby, which is the perfect for baby. Colostrum contains just the amount of food baby needs and passes antibodies. It's ! In this photo, I have a standard 2 ounce bottle of formula that is given to new babies. So, if baby's belly is only the size of a marble, what happens when baby is fed 2 ounces? Well, baby will usually spit up all the extra, which then can be spinned into baby having reflux. When really, baby is just being over fed. This leads to interventions like formula changes, antacid medications, etc. It's important that we give families all the available information so they can make the best decisions for their families. " available from www.birthingandbreastfeeding.com/store


Dr Purvis will be out of the office on Thursday, April 14. She will return on Tuesday, April 19. Please call the office to make an appointment 740-732-7050.


I have openings for massage this afternoon if anyone is wanting in! Call 740-732-7050


When you know better, you can do better.

Skip the rice cereal when introducing foods to your baby!

Why? "Imagine dipping your spoon into a bowl of sugar and feeding baby a spoonful or two, that's essentially what you are doing when you feed your baby rice or grain based cereals." - Dr. Mercola

If that isn't reason enough, here are 10 more reasons to skip rice cereal:

1. Babies produce little to no amylase, which is the enzyme needed to digest grains properly. Infants produce much less pancreatic amylase (the workhorse of starch digestion) than older children do. NOTE: Breastfed babies do receive some amylase from mother’s milk to help digest starch; however, their bodies are much more equipped to digest healthy fats. (1)

2. Rice cereal is nutritionally void. Any iron that is added can easily be obtained through fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish (once baby is 6 months or older). The nonheme iron that is added is not as easily absorbed by the body. Also, rice cereal is refined, meaning that the bran and germ, which contains the most nutrients, have been removed to make it more shelf stable.

3. Doctors used to recommend rice cereal as a method to get baby to sleep longer at night, but research shows that this method does not work. (2)

4. Rice cereal can possibly raise your baby's insulin levels and can increase risk of Type I diabetes according to the Journal of Medical Association. (3)(4)

5. Babies who are fed rice cereal are consuming 3 times more arsenic than adults in relation to body weight. This is true even is the rice cereal is organic. The FDA found that inorganic arsenic exposure in infants and pregnant women can result in a child’s decreased performance on certain developmental tests that measure learning, based on epidemiological evidence including dietary exposures (5)(6)

6. Rice cereal fills your baby's belly and keeps it from getting nutrients from other healthy foods.

7. The undigested grains left in baby's digestive tract can cause an imbalance in gut flora and could potentially cause a whole host of issues such as allergies and weakened immune system.

8. There are much healthier options to offer baby when they are ready for solid food (6 months or older) such as many fruits and vegetables. Remember, just because you may not like a certain food, does not mean that baby will turn their nose up at it. My oldest son actually drank a liver broth that I made on a daily basis for months!

9. Babies need a good amount of fat for their developing brains and nervous system, especially in the first couple of years. Rice cereal does not provide this.

10. Rice cereal was recently found to have high levels of a chemical called perchlorate. This chemicals disrupts thyroid function which is crucial to brain development. (7)


🥦Also, check out my post on 10 Best Foods for Baby Published on 1/18/20 at 6pm CST!!!🥑

If you are interested in one-on-one nutrition coaching for you or your children, please contact me at [email protected].

Questions? Feel free to ask me anytime!

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Happy New Year. Prayers for a healthy mind, body and soul for all.


Do you have someone on your Christmas list that is hard to buy for?? Give the gift of a good night’s sleep.


An excellent read for new mommies and daddies.

✨ Swaddling ✨

Most new parents think that they need to swaddle their baby. But the truth is that swaddling can hinder a baby’s development.

Babys are born with many primitive reflexes. These reflexes are how a baby learns to nurse, close their hand around your finger, and eventually roll over and crawl.

One of these reflexes is the Moro or startle reflex. This reflex is why a baby may wake up when they are put down. They feel the change of position and “startle” awake. This reflex is present at birth and should go away by 3 months. It integrates into the brain as the brain grows and becomes more developed. Simply put, a baby had to use this reflex over and over until the brain is developed enough to not respond to it.

Parents swaddle babies to reduce their startle reflex so that they both get better sleep. The issue is, by reducing the reflex, the brain development is affected.

Babies who are swaddled don’t get to “practice” their startle reflex and therefore their brain won’t make the connections needed to turn the reflex off by 2-4 months when it should naturally disappear.

In our office, we often see babies around 4-6 months who struggle to sleep. Mom is exhausted and considering sleep training but knows there’s something else going on. Swaddling for too long and the 4 month sleep regression is a bad combination and can cause the whole family to become stressed and exhausted.

Typically, these parents swaddle their baby so that baby can sleep longer periods. Then when they stop swaddling because baby can roll, their baby still startles and wakes up easily. They turn to the weighted sleep sacks which just prolong and worsen this issue. Now the startle reflex gets stronger and persistent. Brain development has been altered and the milestones of integration of all primitive reflexes are affected which in turn affect when a baby learns to roll, sit, crawl, and walk.

This is why we DO NOT recommend swaddling. It has neurological consequences for a baby’s development.

Swaddling does mimic how a baby felt in the womb. So IF you decide you need to swaddle your newborn baby, only do so for two weeks maximum!


Dr Purvis will be back in the office Tuesday (9/21) and Wednesday (9/22) only this week. Hours from 11-6. She had a prior commitment that prevents her from being there on Thursday. Please be patient as we get caught up from the unexpected time off


Err’ing on the side of caution, Dr Purvis will be out of the office until Tuesday Sept 21st.


Dr Purvis will be out of the office the remainder of the week. We will be calling to reschedule any appointments. We apologize for the late notice


Dr. Purvis will not be in the office today, Tuesday September 7th. Please call the office tomorrow for appointments.


Dr Purvis is out of the office until Tuesday August 17 @ 1:00.


Dr. Purvis will be out of the office from 7/15-7/26. She will be back on Tuesday 7/27 with regular hours. Massage will be available on Tuesday 7/20 & Wednesday 7/21 by appointment only. Call 740-732-7050 and leave a message to make an appointment.

Ryan N Cole, MD Educates Idaho Legislators 03/29/2021

Ryan N Cole, MD Educates Idaho Legislators

Please take the time to listen to this!!!

Ryan N Cole, MD Educates Idaho Legislators Ryan N Cole, MD Dr. Cole is a board-certified dermatopathologist (AP & CP) and the CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics. He has worked as an independent pathologist since 2004. On March 24, he pre


Dr. Purvis will not be in the office today. We will be in touch to reschedule appointments for tomorrow and Thursday (weather permitting). If you have not heard from Lena Saling, your appointment has not changed. Feel free to message if you have any questions or concerns.


Power is back on

The office and much of Caldwell are currently without power. Our telephone is also out. For appointments or to reschedule, please send a message on Facebook. We are doing the best we can without power and will update when it comes back on.


We’re back! We’re rested up after the holiday break and ready to serve the community with great chiropractic care and massages. We’re open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11-6. Please call 740-732-7050 (leave a message if we can’t make it to the phone) for an appointment.

Timeline photos 12/05/2020

Timeline photos

Vitamin D has a huge impact on the health and function of your cells. Among its many functions, vitamin D reduces cellular growth (which promotes cancer) and improves cell differentiation (which puts cells into an anti-cancer state). ⁣

But what’s even more fascinating is how vitamin D regulates and controls genes. When we don’t get enough it impacts every area of our biology, because it affects the way our cells and genes function.⁣

Your body makes vitamin D when it’s exposed to sunlight. The problem is that most of us aren’t exposed to enough sunlight or eating enough of the few natural dietary sources of vitamin D. ⁣

The good news is that supplementing with vitamin D3 can be an effective way to reverse a vitamin D deficiency. However, it is important to test your vitamin D levels to assess your personalized needs before starting any supplementation.⁣

It is best to get your levels of 25-OH vitamin D checked for accurate dosing. Blood levels should be above 30 ng/ml, however, optimal levels are probably closer to 50 ng/ml for most. ⁣

Many need 5,000 IU or more of vitamin D3 a day in the winter. Start with 2,000 IU for adults, 1,000 IU for children. Always work with your doctor before you start taking supplements. ⁣


Dr Purvis will be out of the office June 18-29. Massage will still be available during that time. Please call and leave a message to make an appointment.


While many are wearing masks, we want people to recognize these warning signs. If you experience these symptoms, remove the mask for a bit and breathe fresh air until symptoms subside. Do not, if possible, drive while wearing a mask.


A huge Thank you to Sue Snode for providing lunch for us at the office today. It made our day!


The office will be closing at 2:00 today (Thursday 3/26) to prepare for a few renovations.


At this time, the office is open by appointment only. We will be taking the recommended precautions to keep our patients and ourselves safe including limiting the number of people in the waiting room. Please call the office at 740-732-7050 (and leave a message) or PM for an appointment. Massage is not available at this time.

Ohio State Chiropractic Association 03/18/2020

Ohio State Chiropractic Association

At Purvis Chiropractic, your health is always our number one priority.

As we continue to provide care to our patients, we have implemented measures to increase the cleaning and sanitizing practices in our office, which includes all treatment surfaces, common areas and frequently touched surfaces like door k***s, sign in areas, etc.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms,


You should refrain from coming into the office, limit your exposure to other people, and reach out to your primary care physician/local emergency department to determine your risk level and next steps.

It is estimated by epidemiologists that a large majority of those in the US could become exposed to the coronaovirus. However, it is important to understand that it will not affect all individuals the same. For the majority of individuals, contracting the virus is expected to be similar to coming down with a cold or flu virus, followed by recovery. Symptoms for many will be mild to moderate. However, for individuals of advanced age, with complicating conditions or challenged immunities, it could cause more severe sickness or possible death.

Measures taken by state and local officials have been based on emerging information as well as trends experienced in other areas that have already been exposed. In Ohio, the coronavirus is expected to peak in exposure and confirmed cases sometime in April. Cancellation of school and other events, and restrictions on gathering sizes, have all been done in an attempt to reduce the number of people that will become sick and to reduce the strain on the healthcare system so that resources are available to those who need it.

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty, what can you do to improve your health and reduce the risk for you and your family? Here are some suggestions that we recommend:

-Drink plenty of water
-Eat healthy, nutrient rich foods
-Get plenty of rest/sleep
-Take daily vitamins, including those that are known to support your immune system
-Incorporate daily physical activity and stress reduction techniques like meditation into your routine
-Get fresh air. As the weather changes, open windows and get outside as much as possible
-Get adjusted
-Avoid large crowds and people exhibiting signs of fever and cough
-If you don't feel well, stay home and limit your interactions with other people
-Wash your hands frequently
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, unless you are certain your hands are clean
-Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow
-Don't panic.
-Stay informed with accurate information.

If updated information changes the way that we are able to deliver care, we will let you know. Otherwise, Purvis Chiropractic remains committed to serving you.

Ohio State Chiropractic Association Click the link below to access OSCA's webinars, which are a members-only benefit at this time. You will need to register through the website, Myicourse.com, to begin viewing the different courses. Another major change is that there will be a required quiz included at the end of the test. You will re...


Learning to perform Dry Needling this weekend. Looking forward to incorporating this into the office ASAP!!

Coronavirus 03/10/2020


Coronavirus The Coronavirus is all over the news right now. Is there anything we can do to help prevent ourselves from getting the virus? Are there any supplements that ...

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