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Hello Fellow Mothers, kitchen warriors, teachers, wives, and self taught family gurus. 👋🏽 I hope everyone is having a good Quarantined Mother’s Day! 💐


The Aspen Institute

Check out four tips for mental self-care to employ should you find yourself working from a virtual office, cancelling plans, and practicing social distancing from Aspen Ideas Festival.


Happy National Sleep Day!!! Good quality sleep is important, it’s necessary for our bodies to maintain physical health, mental health and repair. During times of stress, I think it’s safe to say we are all at least a little stressed, sleep is vital for our bodies to repair the damage that stress causes. Quality sleep also helps with productivity and concentration. Lowered risk of heart disease and stroke are also linked to those who get enough quality sleep. Most importantly enough sleep helps keep our immune system strong and healthy! So good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite! 🐨 ///


Happy 💪🏽💃
So- yesterday was International Women’s Day. Most of us may not have heard nonetheless celebrated this day. But I am curious to know what you did, tell me about your day in the comments below!

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This last week has been good for reflection on life and my surroundings. I’m thankful for my girls, my family, and all the amazing women in my life. 💛🌻


It's Monday again.


Happy Birthday to George Washington and happy three day weekend to the rest of us! Hope you're getting out and making the most of your extra time off.


Happy Monday.. said no one ever. Come in for a pick me up Acupuncture appointment! ///


Nutrient dense meals are the best medicine to keep you living your best life. Some of my favorite ingredients here on this lovely Charcuterie board are packed with proteins that keeps me going on long days. ///


Happy Lunar New Year! Chinese New Year is known as the "Spring Festival" one of the several lunar new years in Asia. /// #2020


Chinese New Year is on Saturday which has my house reflecting on our past year. Reflection is important, it can be a motivator to move us forward and can be a quiet moment for us to recognize and honor where we are. ///


Everyday brings us the choice to practice stress or to practice peace. 🕊️ If you find yourself in a hard place, come in a give me a visit! I'm always here to help, give me a call to schedule an appointment. ///


The last day of the year....CHEERS to you and all your accomplishments of the year behind us! Reflection is important, it can be a motivator to move us forward and can be a quiet moment for us to recognize and honor where we are. So again cheers to a year behind us!


Good food and wonderful people....that’s what this season is celebrating! As we kick off the holiday season it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the blessings and the togetherness we have in our lives. I am thankful for all the love and support surrounding me warmly. Cheers to your health!


Mmmmmm.....what’s for breakfast?! A healthy and nutrient dense breakfast is an important part of your defense against colds and flus.


Sweet sweet sleep, oh how I miss you.....


Not getting good quality sleep seems to be a topic in the headlines this week. Here’s a link to a study on acupuncture for the treatment of insomnia you can read https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3156618/

Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or sleep apnea, acupuncture is a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. If you are looking to improve your zzzz’s or your partner is keeping you up with their zzzz’s, call the clinic for a consultations and lets get you back to sleep. 970-315-2445


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Cold weather is the perfect time for warm nourishing foods. What’s your favorite recipe when the cold sets in?


Happy Halloween


White Blossom Acupuncture ready for winter activities (970) 315-2445


Sneeze attack! Acupuncture to the rescue. ///


Adventures in Chinese Medicine

“In a 2008 review published in the journal Progress in Neurobiology, neurobiologist Zhi-Qi Zhao from Shanghai’s Fudan University broke down exactly how acupuncture coaxes the body into producing endorphins and other pain-relieving neurochemicals.

Zhao explains that certain nerve fibers known as afferent fibers get activated as an acupuncturist twists a needle up and down. These signals travel to the parts of the brain that process and inhibit pain. He points out that adding an electrical component to acupuncture — that is, through electrified needles — can increase the amount of pain-relieving neurochemicals that are produced.”

forbes.com 02/15/2019

The New Wall Street Power Lunch? It's Acupuncture.

What are your lunch plans?

forbes.com Advanced Holistic Center in NYC offers the healthiest "lunch" you will ever find in the city. And its biggest fans happen to be folks working in Wall Street.

healthcmi.com 02/14/2019

Acupuncture For Autism Found Effective

healthcmi.com Autism improvements proven effective with electroacupuncture.


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White Blossom Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic, LLC


That’s right- My doors are open for new patients at my new location in Carbondale, Colorado!
Book online at whiteblossomacupuncture.com


The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey

Quick video on balance and flexibility ..... we all could use a little more of each

The ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy. The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth. John Bellaimey explains why we all cont...

healthcmi.com 04/06/2018

Acupuncture Beats Antihistamines For Allergic Rhinitis

Allergy season is creeping in and those pesky symptoms are beginning to stir. Don't walk around like a zombie, feeling loopy and tired all season, let acupuncture help you feel your best this season! Book online at www.whiteblossomacupuncture.com or call our office 970-315-2445

healthcmi.com Acupuncture outperforms antihistamines for the relief of allergies and sinusitis.

acutakehealth.com 03/22/2018

5 Reasons Busy People Should Make Time for Acupuncture

Quick read for all you busy people out there. *wink* Taking the time for your health and to keep you going should be your priority.

acutakehealth.com By Sara Calabro Acupuncture often slips by the people who need it most. When our schedules are already jam-packed, it's hard to carve out time for another appointment. But the busier you are, the more important self-care becomes. Stress, even the good kind that motivates us to


US patients offered acupuncture as anesthesia alternative

During this growing trend of less pharmaceuticals and natural healing, this ancient medicine has its place right up front.

Imagine you're scheduled for surgery and your doctor asks if you'd like acupuncture as your anesthesia. Would you say yes? More and more people are doing jus...

botanicalbiohacking.com 12/06/2017

#1. Herbal Foot Soaks

These amazing medicinal foot soaks are now being offered as an in office treatment at White Blossom Acupuncture & Wellness or you can purchase to soak in the comfort of your own home!

botanicalbiohacking.com Explore the history, research and easy application of herbal foot soaks. (Get herbs for foot soaks here.) Upcoming Seminars: March 10-11, 2018 San Antonio, TX Fibromyalgia: Tradition, Psychology, a…


The Vitality Center

Here's a nice write up about the specific herbs found in our foot soak formula. These are the highest quality herbs on the planet. We are truly blessed to have access to herbs of this caliber.

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White Blossom Acupuncture ready for winter activities (970) 315-2445
Sneeze attack! Acupuncture to the rescue. /// #acupuncture #wellness #stayhealthy #wellnessthatworks #acupunctureworks #...





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