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The Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) was founded in 1991 to assist physical therapists in developing and operating a successful practices.

The Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) was founded in 1991 to assist physical therapists in developing and operating a successful practices.

Did you know a prescription/referral from your primary care doctor is not required to seek treatment from a physical therapist? Physical Therapist are considered direct access so the next time you are in pain think physical therapy and give us a call.

We're Open!

We’re open! As physical therapy is an essential service, we’re offering both virtual and in-person social distanced PT appointments. If you come into our clinic, both therapists and patients must wear masks and temperature checks will be taken at the door to ensure everyone’s safety. Call us today to learn more about scheduling the right appointment for you.

During self-isolation, it’s more important than ever to get outside and move. With both mental and physical benefits, running and walking are two great ways to transform your health. These simple exercises require no equipment, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce stress, improve your mood and can even lead to a longer life. Not only that, but regular exercise also helps keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

Thank you to the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. #MemorialDay2020

May marks National Mobility Awareness Month. This observance brings attention to the ways people living with disabilities overcome their physical challenges while highlighting the mobility solutions that help these individuals enjoy greater independence.

Did you know physical therapy is a great way to treat mobility challenges? Talk to your therapist for more information about this treatment.

Schedule a Virtual Appointment Today

Need physical therapy? Don’t forget we offer virtual PT appointments from the safety of your home! All you need is a device with a camera and internet connection to access our secure telehealth platform. Schedule an appointment today to keep your treatment on track:

How to Run Safely Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Runner’s World answers runners’ most frequently asked questions amid the coronavirus pandemic, such as ‘Is it safe to run outside?’ and ‘Should I wear a mask on solo runs?’ Click open the article below to learn how to safely run outdoors while minimizing your exposure to COVID-19. Answers to your most frequently asked questions as the virus continues to spread.

As we remain #SaferatHome, you may find yourself on your electronics more than usual. Instead of browsing Instagram or watching dances and coffee tutorials on TikTok for hours, consider using some of your time for physical activity. With mood-boosting effects, exercise is sure to make you feel better than any screen time will.

Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates: Patients with severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience major complications

Are you taking your Vitamin D?
Vitamin D levels appear to play a role in COVID-19 mortality rates. Patients with severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience major complications. Lets increase that vitamin D level and stay healthy! Good sources of vitamin D include, Salmon, Eggs, Cheese, Broccoli, Carrots, Almonds or a good multivitamin. Researchers analyzed patient data from 10 countries. The team found a correlation between low vitamin D levels and hyperactive immune systems. Vitamin D strengths innate immunity and prevents overactive immune responses. The finding could explain several mysteries, including why children are unlikel...

Supporting Family Health with Good Nutrition During COVID-19

If you didn’t already know, a healthy diet supports a strong immune system. Along with regular hand washing, routine exercise and proper amounts of sleep, a nutritious diet is a key part of staying healthy during this unprecedented time. Here are some tips on healthy eating with foods you likely already have at home: newsletter - by Dianne Staso, MS, R.D., Beach Cities Health District Registered Dietitian COVID-19 has really changed the way we live and grocery shop. What remains

Physical Therapy’s Role in the Fight Against COVID-19

As COVID-19 patients recover from the severe effects of the virus, many people will need rehabilitation. In the podcast linked below, an expert on heart and lung health discusses how #PhysicalTherapy will play a role in helping those afflicted regain function and movement. Listen to the conversation now: April 30, 2020: We all know by now that COVID-19 can strike anyone, and that its effects can range from being invisible to requiring intubation and a respirator for patients who can’t breathe on their

Today on National Nurses Day, we’re celebrating some of the country’s bravest fighters. We want to send a huge “thank you” to the brave nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to the healthcare workers who keep us in tip-top shape at all times of the year. If you know a nurse, we encourage you to share your gratitude for their selfless service today.

Peloton instructor shows how to exercise at home – no equipment necessary!

Due to stay-at-home orders, people everywhere are looking for creative ways to exercise in their homes. The Today Show virtually hosted Denis Morton, a cycling and yoga instructor with Peloton, to teach viewers how to maintain mental and physical health during self-isolation, turn exercises into fun games for kids and use everyday items like gallon jugs of water for workouts. Check out the video clip for tips on how to exercise at home (without equipment!): Denis Morton, a cycling and yoga instructor with Peloton, joins Weekend TODAY to demonstrate at-home workouts that people can do without any equipment. He also shares tip to keep your children active. (NBC News’ parent company Comcast is an investor in Peloton.)

The effect of e-health interventions promoting physical activity in older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis

A lot of our patients have seen great results through our #telehealth offering, but many others still question its effectiveness and whether or not they truly stand to benefit. Through a recent study, data indicates that telehealth sessions are in fact successful in increasing and enhancing physical activity, particularly in older populations. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re seeing proof in our own telehealth treatments that both exercise and remote care play complementary roles in helping others stay healthy. Read the full story:

If you’re interested in learning more about our telehealth program, please call your local clinic today! The objectives of this review paper were to synthesize the data from randomized controlled trials in the literature to come to a conclusion on the effects of e-health interventions on promoting physical activity in older people. The Medline, CINAHL, Embase, PsycINFO, and SportDiscus databases were s...

Schedule a Virtual Appointment Today

Many of our patients are already benefiting from our virtual PT program, including Chris. Check out his story and schedule a virtual appointment today!

The body is an amazing thing. Did you know regular exercise is proven to help stabilize and even strengthen the immune system? Empower your body even further with today’s at-home fitness tip.

Use your body weight: Many exercises don’t require equipment, aside from your own body. Burpees, lunges, squats, push-ups and sit-ups (to name a few) can be combined for quite an effective workout. And, don’t forget to incorporate cool-down stretching to exercise your flexibility.

You may be isolating at home with little or no gym equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out.

Be creative at home: With a little imagination, everyday items like soup cans can be weights, towels can serve as resistance bands and a set of stairs can be your cardio machine. Even young kids can offer added weight (when they aren’t squirming!) during resistance exercises.

April is American Heart Association’s #MoveMore Month, and while many people's exercise routines have been disrupted due to COVID-19, it’s important to remember that “moving” doesn’t only mean working out – it simply means “moving.”

Get stuff done: Don’t overlook the exercise benefits that come with doing home projects. Set time aside to do some deep cleaning and organizing, or finally get to those maintenance projects you’ve been putting off. Yard work and gardening also make for great workouts.

As an essential healthcare service, we’re open and seeing current patients, as well as accepting new patients.

Patients, especially those who have undergone a recent major medical procedure, continue to need comprehensive and personalized rehabilitative care. And as hospital systems across the country shut down their ancillary services to focus on treating COVID-19 patients, our front-line physical therapists continue to provide new and existing patients with options for care.

With safety as a top priority, we’re actively taking the necessary steps to ensure patient care is met with strict infection control measures. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about your treatment or need to schedule an appointment.

Stress Awareness Month couldn’t have come at a better time. During this uncertain time, it’s of the utmost importance to check in our your physical, mental and emotional health. Below is a perfect way to combine two great stress reducers – exercise and nature.

Become one with nature: While some of the more popular parks and trails in your area may be closed, plenty of less-populated parks and wildlife areas are still open for hiking, running, cycling and more. Enjoy the fresh air and natural sites, but still be sure to keep your distance from other people enjoying the great outdoors.

As we continue practicing social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, many of us may be having a difficult time maintaining a regular exercise routine. And yet, this is a time when exercise and physical fitness can do us a lot of good. Over the next few weeks, we will share exercise ideas you can do at home to help maintain both your physical and mental health.

Our first tip: Try virtual classes and apps. Not only are there a number of free and paid services and apps available that will take you through a variety of daily workout routines (i.e., cardio, yoga, stationary cycling, etc.), but a few higher-end services are offering extended free trial sessions during the current pandemic. Some gyms are even streaming daily workouts during their closures.

Because telehealth therapy sessions take place virtually, my results will be different than if I were working with a therapist in-person, right? Not necessarily.

A: Success of telehealth treatment depends on you! Our physical therapists will provide telehealth patients a safe and effective home treatment program according to specific needs and goals. As always, to have a successful and effective recovery, we strongly encourage our patients to continue following their treatment program on their own even after completing session(s) with their therapist.

Visit our website – – to learn more about telehealth success.

Telehealth appointments may sound complicated, but the technology needed is actually quite straightforward.

A: To participate in a telehealth session, you’ll need an email address and access to a computer or device that has a video camera and microphone. Our physical therapists are happy to advise you on everything needed in order to ensure a successful treatment.

If you have additional questions or concerns about participating in a telehealth therapy session, please visit

With all the information we’ve been sharing about telehealth, you may be wondering if it’s the right choice for you. We’re here to help you make that decision.

A: Anyone – regardless of age, medical condition or symptoms – may be eligible to participate in a telehealth treatment program. Telehealth is especially beneficial for patients needing:

• Orthopedic therapy for conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, including joints, muscles, bones ligaments and tendons.
• Geriatric therapy treatment for conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, hip joint replacement and balance disorders.
• Neurological therapy for conditions resulting from neurological injuries, infections, degenerative diseases, structural defects and other circulatory system injuries affecting the nervous system.

Check out our website for more details about telehealth eligibility:

Next up in our telehealth Q&A is an insurance-specific question. We’ll be providing answers to additional questions throughout the week, but you can visit our website – – for more information in the meantime.

A: More insurance carriers are accepting telehealth services as a covered treatment in light of the pandemic. However, we recommend you consult with your healthcare provider to determine if the treatment will be covered and the degree to which it will be supported. Our team is happy to assist in this process as well if you have questions.

Your “new normal” of working from home might mean new pain. Since physical therapy is considered a front-line essential service, our clinic remains open to new and existing patients to help you feel your best during this time. You can give us a call or schedule an appointment online for either telehealth or in-person social distancing therapy. If you choose to visit us in-person, please know your health and safety is our top priority. We’re closely following CDC guidelines, which include screening patients and staff members when they arrive, and regularly cleaning equipment and countertops.

We fully understand you may have some questions about telehealth, our new offering that allows patients the option to undergo their physical therapy treatment from the safety and convenience of their home. Over the next few days, we’ll provide answers to some of the commonly asked questions we’ve received.

A: Similar to an in-clinic experience, telehealth offers patients private one-on-one treatment sessions with their PT and follows their specific program’s exercises and requirements. The only difference is the lack of hands-on support that would be received in the clinic, as the appointment will take place over video. Please visit our website for more information on telehealth:

We’re beyond thankful for all the doctors, physicians and healthcare professionals who continue to lead the way in our fight against COVID-19. Our country is immensely grateful for your incredible service and bravery, today and every day.

We’d also like to acknowledge our physical therapists for their dedication in putting their patients first and continuing to provide high-quality care during this uncertain time. We’re so proud of their contributions to the health of their communities. #NationalDoctorsDay

We understand getting to your appointments is currently a challenge in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your safety and health remain a top priority for us, especially during this difficult time. In standing by our commitment to you, we are proud to now offer patients the option to undergo their physical therapy treatment from the safety and convenience of their home through a program called telehealth. Telehealth is a one-on-one, real-time video appointment with your physical therapist. Visit for more information and to schedule an appointment.

We're Open!

We’re open – seeing patients and accepting new patients. We’re also offering telehealth and in-person social distancing therapy. Visit our website to schedule an appointment:

4 Ways to Treat a Sprained Ankle

Most of us have suffered from the unfortunate and unavoidable ankle sprain. Sprains can come in varying degrees of severity, from the ligaments being stretched to fully torn. If your pain level is manageable, you’re able to bear weight and swelling is minimal, try these four exercises suggested by Men’s Health to rebuild strength and mobility: Here's what to do as you recover from that nasty fall.

Have you been moving your body each day as part of our National Nutrition Month challenge? If you’ve been on top of your exercise goals, we want to remind you to prioritize practicing proper form. In general, this includes maintaining a straight back and neck, engaging your core and keeping your shoulders down. If something feels wrong, consider visiting an athletic trainer to get on the right track.

If you haven’t gotten in the rhythm with daily exercise, it’s not too late to start. We’re moving right along with you!

Our Story

Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) was founded in 1991 to assist physical therapists in developing and operating their own practice without carrying the burden of business administration and back office functions. In this capacity our partners can focus on what they do best - providing excellence in patient care!

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Schedule a Virtual Appointment Today
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