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ID# 1775
Smartlipo 18 Watt – LaserBody Sculpting Workstation (Nd:YAG, 1064nm)
Mfg. 2008
Includes: footpedal, eyewear and operators manual.
Electrical: 110v / 20A
Dims: 28”H x 9” W x 25”D @ 84 lbs.
Notes from Mfg.:
The Smartlipo LaserBodySculpting Workstation provides aesthetic surgeons with a less invasive technique than conventional liposuction methods for fat reduction and body toning. As the industry's only laser lipolysis system designed to destroy fat cells and coagulate tissue for tighter skin, Smartlipo is ideal for treating localized fat deposits on the face and body. In addition, Smartlipo can easily treat challenging areas—such as regions of high vascularity and flaccidity.

Price: $5,000

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ID# 1723
Eleme Medical
SmoothShapes X - Diode / LED Cellulite & Body Shaping System
Mfg. 2008
Electrical: 220V
Includes: Handpiece, Footpedal, Eyewear and owners manual.
Mfg. Notes:
SmoothShapes revolutionizes how
cellulite is treated. Specifically designed to treat
the underlying causes of cellulite, SmoothShapes
provides an ideal way to add non-invasive body
shaping to your practice.
Our Price: $6,500

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ID# 1769
Q-YAG V (q-switched Nd:YAG 1064nm system)
Mfg. 8/2008
Includes: multi-spot handpiece, Cart, Key, Pwr. Cord, 2 pr. Eyewear and Operators manual.
Technical Specifications
Electrical Req.
Weight 3 +/- -1 ns
1064/532 nm (mixed wavelenghts) and 1064 nm (single wavelength)
Up to 12.5 J/cm2
Single shot, 1, 2, 5 and 10 Hz
100-120/220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
18" (45.7 cm) L x 17" (43.2 cm) D x 19" (48.3 cm) W
Upper Module: 42 lbs. (19 kg); Lower Module: 42 lbs. (19 kg); Arm: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg); Handpiece: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)

Indications: Tattoo removal and Pigmented Lessions
Notes: The Q-YAG 5™ features dual wavelengths (1064 and 532 nm), and allows you to select 1064 individually or blend both wavelengths into a mixed-wavelength beam. The 1064 nm wavelength is ideal for treating darker tattoo inks and dermal pigmented lesions, while the mixed 1064/532 wavelength is better suited for brighter colored inks and epidermal pigmented lesions. Unlike many competing lasers, all laser components are contained within the Q-YAG’s handpiece. This eliminates the alignment problems associated with other systems and allows a more compact design. And in the event that the system needs to be serviced, the handpiece can be easily detached and shipped directly to Palomar, leaving the base unit behind.
Our Price: $15,000

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ID# 1899
Mfg.: Viora Medical
Model: Reaction
Energy / Source: Bi-Polar RF and Vacuum Therapy
Mfg. Date: 2014
Includes: Handpieces (ST / B-Contour (Body) / F-Contour (Face)), Glycerin Gel, Footpedal and Manuals.
1 - ST Handpieces
1 - Body Contour Handpiece
1 - Facial Contour Handpiece

Mfg. Notes / Description:
The Reaction™ aesthetic system offers medical and aesthetic practitioners a chance to improve how the future looks with the world's leading system for body contouring & ST, now FDA cleared.
FDA Clearance: Cleared for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite, relief of minor muscle spasm, and temporary improvement of local blood circulation.
Backed by the support of doctors and clinical researchers worldwide, the Reaction™ system features a patented, premier technology known as CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy), offering 3 distinct RF frequencies as well as an innovative 4th dimension - multi-channel mode - that simultaneously incorporates all three frequencies for a full scope treatment.
The system also combines vacuum therapy which maximizes the pe*******on of RF energy in the treatment area, increases local blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and assists in the shrinkage of fat cell volume.
Premier CORE™ Technology
FDA clearance
Fast treatment time
Market-leading, visible results
Safe and non-invasive treatments
Clinically proven, visible results
The results of a recent study show:
81% improvement in skin texture after the first session*.
75% of patients recorded a reduction in circumferences after just two treatments.
Exceptional, visible improvement in ST treatments on 70% of patients after one treatment.
No reported discomfort during or post treatment.
No associated adverse effects recorded.
For More Information visit Viora’s website:
Our Price: $16,500

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ID# 2112
Genesis Biosystems
Derma Peel Crystal Free Microdermabrasion
Mfg. Date: 2015
Model: D11-0330-800
Includes: Crystal Free Handpiece, Assorted Disposable Tips, power cord and manual.
Mfg. Notes:
Why is Genesis Biosystems brand the best selling microdermabrasion system in the world?
Crystal Free Treatments The crystal free tips are disposable — no need to scrub, soak and sterilize: simply discard and move on to your next client!
No Maintenance Save time and save yourself from breathing in dead tissue! This is truly a No Maintenance system that provides even, continuous peels and protects you from the hazards of disposing of used crystals and bacteria.
Powerful Systems TheDerma Peel® system operates effectively and efficiently without overworking the motor resulting in a system that will last you for many years of successful treatments and revenues.

Derma Peel® Crystal-Free Disposable Tips are unlike other crystal-free hand pieces, safer for you, safer for your clients and No Maintenance. Why are they safer and more efficient? The Derma Peel® crystal-free tips rely on the constant vacuum to perform the peel rather than making you the user apply even pressure, this means that each and every peel you perform is even and reproducible time and time again.
Bio-Barrier™disposable tip design eliminates concerns with cross contamination
Vacuum surrounds the abrasive surface — all cells and bacteria are evacuated, leaving the skin clean and healthy.
There are 6 disposable crystal-free tips to choose from ranging in abrasiveness and shape for exact, even peels.

Our Price: $2,250.00

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ID# 1988.2
Eclipse Micropen Elite
Microneedling System
Includes: Micropen, 2 long life (6 hour re-chargable) Lithium batteries, Battery Adapter, Charger Cord, Carrying Case, Operators manual.
Pricing: Contact for pricing !


ID# 1310
Starlux 1540nm Handpiece
2007 Palomar StarLux 1540 fractional Handpiece
Shots: 200,544
Includes: 10 & 15mm tips
Notes: Great working condition, user is not currently using handpiece.
Our Price: $14,500


ID# 1291
Soprano XLi and Soprano XL handpieces avaiable
NIR Module Handpiece
Condition: NEW, test shots
Mfg. Notes:
The NIR module uses Near Infrared technology to heat the tissue under the skin's surface, stimulating the infiltration of fibroblast and the formation of new collagen. Treatments provide safe, effective skin tightening and body contouring that are virtually painless for the patient
Near-Infrared deep dermal heating
With the growth of many non-traditional treatments like acupuncture, aromatherapy and medical massage, the Near-Infrared (NIR) handpiece opens the door to this ever-growing market space. With an 18 cm2 spot, the NIR handpiece uses IN-Motion technology to deliver uniform energy distribution that produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis. This technology is effective for treating minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, and minor joint pain associated with arthritis, and may also help muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain.
Our Price: $3,850.00


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ID# 1251
General Project
Face Up Microdermabrassion System
Mfg. Date: NEW in box
Includes: power cord, handpiece, assortment of tips and manual.
Mfg. Notes:
The new GP abrasor is equipped with an orbital handpiece providing mechanical micropulsation. The microdermabrasion is performed with interchangeable heads coated with silicon carbide. A specific plastic head allow cream distribution after abrasion. The orbital movement of the head permits to eliminate the epidermic layer also in the smaller areas of the face, making the skin bright and compact. Simultaneously the micropulsations massage the skin and the face muscles, thus stimulating and improving the circulation in the tissues. The synergic action of the two technologies, contained in a single handpiece, triggers the generation of new collagen. The skin appears smoother, firmer and glowing since the first application. Perfect for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and peeling. Convenient, handy, easy of use, Face-up uses disposable heads with different grain size to guarantee the higher level of hygiene and safety and to match every skin type need.
Our Price: $1,750.00


ID# 1311
Edge Systems
Delphia Microderm System
Includes: Crystals, handpiece, tubing, disposable tips and manual.
Complete "Patient Ready" !
Mfg. Notes:
Edge Systems Corporation is known as the market leader of aesthetic systems, especially microdermabrasion. The Delphia™ line of microdermabrasion systems are recognized as high quality, reliable and versatile. Edge Systems manufactures various models with multiple beneficial & effective complementary modalities to help generate highest patient/client satisfaction, best treatment results, and maximum revenues for both aesthetic & medical practices.
Best value on the market
Quietest unit available
Lowest cost per procedure
Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles
Ergonomic hand piece for maximum comfort
Stainless steel crystal tips and disposable tips, in round and rectangular shapes for face and body
Patented gravity feed crystal delivery system - no clogging
Our Price: $2,900


ID# 1312
Mfg. March / 2004
Includes: SubRF (SRF)handpiece, Refirm ST handpiece, carrying cases, key, pwr. cord and manual.
Mfg. Notes:
Syneron, Refirme™ combines radiofrequency (RF) with infrared (IR) light. During treatment, the two work synergistically to gently heat the skin in the area the hand piece is applied to. The outcome is two fold: immediate tightening of the existing collagen fibers in the skin provide a visible lift and firming of sagging skin! The effect is so noticeable, that it has my patients gasp from joy and disbelief when I show them the mirror half way through (comparing treated to untreated side) and at the end of the session. But wait, there is more to this! What you see, as impressive as it is, is not all that you get! The long term effect is also important: the skin perceives the treatments as a sign that it needs to rejuvenate itself and revs up collagen production for 6-12 months after the last treatment! Thus the immediate tightening effect is followed by a lasting regeneration and improvement.
Syneron Refirme™ ST can be used to gently lift and tighten the nasolabial lines, the jowls, soften the crows feet and elevate the eyebrows, with no surgery required. Body areas such as loose skin around the belly button, inner arms and inner thighs have also been responsive to the treatment
The NEW Syneron Sublative RF (SubRF) Applicator Hand-Piece used for skin tightening procedures.
Our Price: $14,000


ID# 1289
Vision - Vein Viewer
Mfg. 2011
Condition: NEW / Demo
Warranty: 6 months
Mfg. Notes:
Find Deeper Reticular Veins
Help the patient understand all aspects of the vein treatment procedure.
Increase "word of mouth" referrals.
A new vision in vascular imaging
VeinViewer® is the first and only device to use harmless near-infrared light and other patented technologies to
project a digital image of patient vasculature directly onto the surface of the skin in real time. With VeinViewer Vision’s unique hands-free solution and exclusive AVIN (Active
Vascular Imaging Navigation) the clinician can accurately and quickly identify a patient’s venous structure. The impressive technology brings the visualization “wow” factor to invasive and non-invasive vein procedures. Imagine how the benefits of VeinViewer might improve the success of your practice.
Our Price: $9,995.00


ID# 1159
Vibraderm Touch Screen Model
Includes: handpiece, 20 small paddles, 20 medium paddles, owners manual and 1 year warranty.
Vibradermabrasion creates immediate results
after just one treatment, but also starts to create
new collagen in as few as three treatments.
Vibradermabrasion is a new method of removing
this dead tissue. In the past, machines have used
small particles of Aluminum Oxide to "Sandblast" the
skin. These machines treat a very small spot making
it difficult to evenly treat a large area. They can also cause significant irritation. Vibraderm uses a large surface
coated with fixed abrasives. Large areas can be treated
evenly with less irritation. Studies have shown that
Vibradermabrasion is more effective than
microdermabrasion and patients prefer it.
Our Price: $5,995.00



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