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Heartlight Family Clinic | Castle Rock, CO 01/18/2023

Heartlight Family Clinic | Castle Rock, CO

"This is the best doctors office experience I have had probably ever. In a world where authentic, kind, and sincere care is scarce, this office is a breath of fresh air. They take time to truly focus on you without the built defaults that you find with other practitioners simply pushing medications/vaccines so they get kick backs. Im grateful I found you and thank you for building trust with our family. I won’t go.." says Chellee on Google

Heartlight Family Clinic | Castle Rock, CO ★★★★★ This is the best doctors office experience I have had probably ever. In a world where authentic, kind, and sincere care is scarce, this office is a breath of fresh air. They take time to truly focus on you without the built defaults that you find with other practitioners simply pushi...



Did you know that in just 15 days, you can comprehensively cleanse your body?


Meditation is a wonderful way to balance the emotions that surface during a detoxification program. It also helps you remember the reasons why you’re detoxing, organizes your thoughts and feelings, reduces stress and boosts your mood. Start with 10 minutes per day. Guided meditation recordings are great for beginners.

Alternating Hot and Cold Showers

Surprisingly, this simple practice can help you improve your circulation, boost your metabolism and support your immune system. If you don’t like the cold, don’t worry. Begin with cool water and try colder temperatures are your body gets used to this powerful health-boosting method.


Yoga and detox often come together for a reason. To get the most detox benefits, try twists to stimulate digestion, as well as kidney and liver function.

Infrared Saunas

This type of sauna can pe*****te into your body further and provide an extra push to eliminate toxins. Studies show that infrared saunas increase detoxification and reduce circulating toxins in your body. Lamps for home use are fairly economical. However, infrared sauna facilities can be found now in most locations. Try one out!


This ancient, rejuvenating form of holistic medicine is recommended for those struggling with addictions because it can so powerfully support detox. It can help balance liver energy and remove energy blockages. It is also used to boost the elimination of toxins through your urinary system, and help reduce appetite and cravings. Always work with a professional acupuncturist.

Skin Brushing

Did you know that you have lymphatic fluid cleaning up unwanted waste in your body every minute of every day? This substance travels through a one-way system that relies on the movement of muscles to work. Yet when you’re detoxing, it’s great to rest. Boost the flow of lymph in your body with a firm skin brush for maximum detox benefits.


Massage–particularly lymphatic draining massage, works just like skin brushing to push waste towards the organs of elimination. Why not try it out for youself with a DIY lymph drainage massage? YouTube has some great how-to videos!


Colonics powerfully support a major organ where toxins can collect before they’re flushed away in the bathroom. A professional can do everything for you, or a home e***a kit can be used to help your detox move along quicker.

We love Biotics Research for their 15-day NutriClear® Plus detox program. It’s simple, tastes great and is based on science so it is truly comprehensive. Use the link in my bio to get in contact or go to https://heartlightclinic.estorerx.com/

Doing a program can help you with revitalizing your health and feeling rejuvenated in a short period of time.

Add any of the above practices to boost and enjoy your detox even more.

If you've used any of these detox boosters before, which ones did you like the most? ⁠

Please also comment below if you have any questions for us!⁠




What is NutriClear® Plus?

This powerful combination of powerful botanicals from all over the world, as well as micronutrients, NitroGreens®, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts.

And Biotics Research has boxed all of that up to provide you with the most convenient detox package (we believe) in the whole world.

It supports **safe and effective** detoxification to start you on a path of lifelong health.

Sound good?

The NutriClear® Plus 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program:

- 30 pouches of NutriClear® Plus powder

- 30 NutriClear® Plus supplement packets, which include 5 capsules supplying the active constituents

from Bromelain Plus CLATM, Beta-TCPTM, Livotrit Plus®, BioProtectTM, and MCS-2TM

- 1 Shaker Cup

- 1 Guidebook

Use the link in my bio to get in contact or go to https://heartlightclinic.estorerx.com/

The wonderful people we work with love it because NutriClear® Plus is a science-based metabolic cleanse program that supports the body’s detoxification processes.

By supplying you with key nutrients in a delicious-tasting powder, NutriClear® Plus provides the ideal nutritional foundation for you if you’re looking for a simple yet powerful way to detox at a cellular level, while also supporting hepatic function, energy production and intestinal balance.

The formula includes easily digested, both certified organic pea protein and collagen peptide base options, medium chain triglycerides, added fiber and an extensive array of antioxidants.

If you want to detox and deeply nourish your body, we think you’ll LOVE this.

Have you ever done a detox program that felt really easy and simple?

This one is so easy & simple! https://heartlightclinic.estorerx.com/

Save 10% off the products above using: “STRESS10” at checkout!



It means that while skinny teas and juices can help when it comes to “beating the bloat” or shedding the extra 3-5 pounds for your upcoming getaway…

…a complete detox is really where the benefits are at.

I mean, if you’re going to be detoxing, why not take a proper break?

Have a deep cleanse, a powerful reset, and clear out as much as possible?!

I’d encourage you to look at detoxification as a lifestyle necessity - not a quick fix or damage control.


- Follow a 2-week+ program that supports your liver and other organs involved in detox. Detoxing takes time. Not a long time, but more than a few days to really get into the nooks and crannies of all your organs.

- Eat detox-supporting foods daily: The paleo diet helps you eliminate common toxins that are found in processed foods such as food dyes, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and pesticides. BUT for added punch, add lemons, artichokes, bitter greens and other cruciferous vegetables.⠀⠀

- Sweat! Toxins can leave your body through the skin as you sweat. Higher-intensity exercise is a great way to detox because it really gets the blood flowing. Try brisk walking in the park, Peloton or yoga flow.

- Drink tea: It contains EGCG, a powerful polyphenol that supports the body’s ability to detoxify.⠀⠀

- Drink lots of water: Aim for 64 oz. of water per day. It’s Essential when it comes to eliminating toxins from the body and is the ultimate needle mover in the detoxification process.

- Get support. Detoxing alongside a friend or group of friends can make detoxing even more enjoyable. Working with a holistic health professional can also boost your results because testing, professional advice and getting your questions answered will help you feel more supported on your journey.⠀

What benefits have you felt from doing a detox? ⠀


The 15-Day Smoothie Diet Challenge is a healthy lifestyle kick-start plan which can help you to:

- Lose weight

- Improve digestion

- Get rid of bloating

- Cleanse your body

- Increase energy

- Reset your tastebuds to crave healthy foods

- Clear up skin problems

During the 15 days, you replace breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the NutriClear recipes, plus two healthy snacks per day and two light meals including lots of vegetables. There is also the option to add in one healthy meal per day such as grilled chicken or fish with steamed vegetables or salad

The NutriClear® Plus 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program is packaged for convenience and contains:

- 30 pouches of NutriClear® Plus powder

- 30 NutriClear® Plus supplement packets, which include 5 capsules supplying the active constituents from Bromelain Plus CLA™, Beta-TCP™, Livotrit Plus®, BioProtect™, and MCS-2™

- 1 Shaker Cup

- 1 Guidebook

Use the link in my bio to get in contact or go to https://heartlightclinic.estorerx.com/

Save 10% off the products above using: “STRESS10” at checkout!



…Know that a DIY bath soak with the right ingredients is the perfect way to transform your simple bath into a spa-like experience.⠀⠀


Not to mention all the amazing benefits that stem from having one!

DIY Detox Baths:

- Are a great option for relaxation

- May help reduce inflammation and ease stress

- Help soothe tired and aching muscles as well as problematic skin

- Can help hydrate and encourage natural skin healing which is ideal for anyone who suffers from skin conditions like eczema.⠀⠀


And the best part?

You can make them easily at home with just a few ingredients.

All while ditching the chemicals or unwanted ingredients full of toxins with this Recipe


All you need is:⠀⠀

- 2 cups of Epsom Salt⠀⠀

- 1/4 cup powdered or grated ginger⠀⠀

- 1/4 cup baking soda (aluminum-free of course)

- 1/4 cup bentonite clay⠀⠀

- 10 or more drops of essential oil (I personally like lavender for relaxation or orange oil for uplifting the mood)⠀⠀

- 1/4 cup sea salt (optional)⠀⠀

- Add a few rose petals or dried lavender⠀⠀⠀


Directions: Soak for 10-20 minutes in a very warm bath and enjoy!⠀⠀


Have you tried one? If so, what ingredients do you typically use? Would love to hear below.⠀⠀

Like this post if it’s helpful!


Epsom salts get their name from a town in England where these mineral salts are harvested. They’ve been used for centuries to:

1. Naturally treat muscle pains

2. Cleanse the skin

3. Relieve foot conditions

4. Treat insomnia.

Epsom salts get their healing properties from two health-boosting compounds: MAGNESIUM and SULFATE.

Magnesium regulates enzymes all throughout your body. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Every organ in the body needs magnesium.”

The sulfate component of Epsom salts also plays a major role in detoxing the body. Sulfates encourage the absorption of nutrients and flush toxins out, as well as supporting your joints, skin and nervous tissue.


Who knew a bath could do that?!



Wait! Pardon me?

⁣Yes, some make the case that detox is more important than nutrition and other lifestyle factors!⠀


Because when your cells are brimming with toxins, symptoms can begin to appear, and disease can eventually develop.

AND ON THE OTHER HAND: when you support cellular detoxification, you bring robustness to your cells and all they do for you.

No matter your age! ⠀


It’s super simple and easy:

*Be aware of the toxins you’re being exposed to DAILY and the role they play in your health.*

This can help you (so much!) to achieve – and maintain – your health goals.

I have outlined for you a few of the main toxins probably entering your body daily in the graphic

Knowledge empowers us to avoid many of these toxins.

Yet it’s impossible to avoid them all, making cellular detox all the more important when it comes to health worthy of celebration.

So, who needs cellular detoxification? Everyone!

Unsure how or where to get started?

Click the link in my bio or go to https://heartlightclinic.estorerx.com/ and I’ll teach you how to detox your body at the cellular level.



Pure and simple: It can hurt to face that we are living in a toxic world.


We discover that we can buy a ticket to vital health: cellular detox.

At the root of most diseases, from migraines to cancer, are toxins and pollutants.

- Heavy metals

- Environmental and atmospheric toxins

- Viruses

- Excessive antibiotics

- Pharmaceuticals and other chemicals

The list goes on, so cellular detox is a vital process we need now more than ever.


This exciting, scientific approach uses a supplemental practice to move obstructions to your health from the 37 trillion cells in your body.

This supercharges its potential, so it can detoxify your body much more comprehensively than most other detoxes.

The main reason people cleanse the cells: to counteract the negative impact of common daily toxins, many of which are difficult to avoid… and fully restore their health.

* We’re sharing this for educational purposes. Do not initiate your cleanse or detox unless properly guided by an experienced practitioner *

What would you most like to detox out of your body and your life?



For a longer list of the most common signs of toxin buildup, go straight to the bottom of this post.

When you feel any of the issues in today’s graphic, your focus goes on finding quick relief.

Yet what if you could address the root cause and boost your overall health with just one swing of the bat?

The holistic, root cause medicine approach aims to directly:

- Eliminate what’s actually causing the discomfort and illness (could it be toxins?!)

- Balance the body's energy flow and systems so that the body can restore itself to a healthy state.

True DETOXIFICATION happens in two Phases. The first uses enzymes to make the toxins we have absorbed from our environment and food into water-soluble substances.

Phase II makes those substances easier for your body to dissolve and remove.

Feeling like a clear out would be a good idea?

Let’s review:

Common Signs of Toxin Buildup

- Headaches

- Joint Pain

- Fatigue

- Allergies

- Immune Weakness

- Mood Swings

- Constipation

- Sinus Congestion

- Backache

- Suboptimal Blood Sugar

- Skin Conditions

- Hormonal Imbalance

- Abdominal Pain

- Difficulty Concentrating

The best detox programs provide the ideal nutritional foundation for those in need of metabolic clearing.

They support liver function, energy production, and intestinal balance.

Have you ever been on a two-week detox?


Everyone wants to avoid colds and flu year round, but these viral immunity-boosting foods are great allies for the cooler months. Enrich your body with essential nutrients to protect and revitalize your immunity this season.

BERRIES AND CITRUS FRUITS are packed with nutrients like vitamin C and other antioxidants. Vitamin C is particularly helpful as it is thought to support white blood cell production to fight against infection.

RED BELL PEPPERS contain high levels of vitamin C even though they aren’t citrus fruits. One cup of red bell peppers has twice as much vitamin C as a cup of citrus fruits, or 120 mg, or 200 percent of the RDA. They also have a good quantity of antioxidants to fight infections and diseases.

SPINACH is a superfood that is high in folate and vitamin C. It supports DNA repair and cell division in the body. The least amount of cooking is best to retain as much vitamin C in this leafy green vegetable. However, light cooking can activate the vitamin A in it, and help release other nutrients.

BROCCOLI, one of the "superfoods," is packed with nutrients. It contains vitamins A, C, and E, which act as antioxidants and help boost your well-being. 567 IU of vitamin A, 7 mg of vitamin E, and 81 mg of vitamin C are all present in one cup of raw broccoli.

ALMONDS AND SUNFLOWER SEEDS have significant amounts of vitamin E, too. This fat-soluble vitamin increases immune cell function to strengthen the body's defense against invasive germs and viruses.

If adding these foods to your diet sounds difficult, we love the Immunity Support Packs from Biotics Research. Because all of the immune support nutrients and botanicals they contain are super bioavailable, they pack a powerful viral immunity punch! Head over to https://heartlightclinic.estorerx.com/ to check them out, or call us at 720-485-3178 if you have some questions about your personal situation.

Our Story

We specialize in prevention of chronic diseases, perform comprehensive physicals and wellness visits, and treat common acute and chronic conditions for your whole family.

We offer a nurse practitioner family practice which combines the best of traditional medicine and the best of professional nursing to create a truly exceptional experience for our patients.

Everyone deserves compassionate and professional health care from a provider who listens to them. We treat patients with respect, compassion and as unique individuals. Nurse practitioners strive to build long lasting, trusting relationships with our patients and their families. If you have other specialists we will work with them to ensure that your entire healthcare plan is effective.

As your primary care provider, we will be your medical team leader and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to assure that you receive the most comprehensive, cost effective and evidence based care. We may refer to medical, psychological and holistic care specialists when necessary.

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