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please share with family and friends, it do not matter what state you are in, thank you reward increased ,no questions asked $5000.00 reward reward also applies to anyone who has information that leads to Izzie being found safe and getting back home , she is chipped and chip company notified , could be anywhere, last seen in Iron Station NC on July 12th. but if picked up could be anywhere if found please call or text 7045774581

FVH is located between South Riding and Stone Ridge, right on Route 50. We are a full-service vet hospital. We are proud of our modern hospital design, our highly talented staff, and our terrific clients who want their pets to be treated as family.

Winner of the 2010 and 2012 AngiesList Super Service Awards for veterinarians and animal hospitals in the DC metropolitan area.

[04/08/20]   Fascinating that during this COVID crises, we have been seeing lots of puppies. Lots of new families being made daily!

Baby kitten in utero blowing bubbles

Kitten in utero - besides seeing the heart, if you look closely at the mouth you can see an air bubble

Baby kittens!

3 hearts beating - 3 kittens in the first 3 weeks of pregnancy!

"This is a beautiful view of the optic nerve I get to see using an indirect lens." [Dr. Chau]

Pets and COVID-19 FAQs from American Veterinary Medical Association:

“Can SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infect pets?”

The AVMA has developed a series of frequently asked questions we’ve received about #COVID19. You can find more information about this question and more at our FAQs for Pet Owners here ➡️

Idexx reports negative COVID-19 results for thousands of canine and feline samples

After analyzing thousands of tests a leading diagnostics company reaffirms what major national and international health organizations are saying: pets are not contracting COVID-19 and there is no evidence they can spread it: Idexx has tested thousands of dogs and cats, and all came up negative for the coronavirus strain that causes COVID-19.

[03/23/20]   As a leader in cleanliness (and quality) of vet hospitals, here are some of our precautions (either we've always done them or new):
1) Daily cleaning by a professional cleaning staff (always had)
2) Separate entrance/exit for pets or quarantine
3) Separate airconditioning/heating systems and ductwork that minimizes air and germs from the front from circulating to the back and vice versa
4) Floors without seams that often harbor bacteria
5) Approximately 1 hour long appointments means lower volume of patients, clients etc. - reduces crowds, stress etc.
6) Installing UVC Ultraviolet lights within ventilation systems that kills airborne bacteria and viruses (included COVID-19)
7) 100% of medical records are digital, so we can easily handle record keeping and invoicing without handling paper. We can send you your pet's xrays, ultrasounds, even videos easily and take credit card payments over the phone.

We are also encouraging (but not making mandatory) our clients to drop-off their pets and then discuss their pet's health via phone or video chat so we can keep our staff and pet parents healthy. For any client wanting to, they can literally open our second entrance and place their pet in the room and leave and we can take care of the pet independently, only having to re-open the door post-appointment and retrieve their pet - no other physical contact or interaction necessary.

[01/11/20]   Dr. Chau was just reminding us that the eyes are not a very forgiving organ. 1-2 days of glaucoma can be enough to cause permanent blindness. Symptoms of eye problems in your pet include (but not limited to): squinting, blood, no reflection in an eye, asymmetry (except eye color.) Eye problems like glaucoma are not just in old pets either, it can be caused by infections.

[01/02/20]   Our fax service (Godaddy) is having a system wide outage which means we are having difficulty receiving faxes. If possible, please send us correspondence via email to [email protected] Sorry for any trouble this might cause our pet parents!

Posting a missing cat flyer from South Riding area:

Update: Staxx made it back home!

Missing cat alert: cat named "Staxx", lost around the 7-11, Home Depot and Giant in the South Riding Community.

Name: Staxx
Breed: Siamese mix
Weight: 11 pounds
Color: white with gray stripes on his front legs and some gray on both of his sides. His tail is striped with gray also. He has blue eyes. He wears a red collar with a bell on it.

NSAID pain relievers, such as Advil or Aleve, are the most common human medications that pets get into that cause harm, according to Pet Poison Helpline. Be sure to keep them out of reach of your furry family. To see the top 10 medications that pets to get into, click here:

If your cat hasn’t left anything in the litter box for one or two days, it may need help getting things moving again. Give us a call (703 327-8425) so we can get to the BOTTOM of it and help your kitty feel better.

Why Dr. Chau is considered one of the best vets in Virginia

Over 1,300 reviews with 97.8% recommending us to friends and family in the Middleburg and South Riding communities. Lauded for long appointments, accurate diagnostics, clean quiet and odor-free hospital; it's no wonder Dr. Chau counts many other vets and their staff as her own clients. When their dogs and cats are sick, neighboring vets bring their pets to Dr. Chau and Family Vet.

97.8% of our clients would recommend us to a friend! Over 1,330 reviews with a 5-star rating! :

Scientific American Volume 321, Issue 2

The August issue of Scientific American discusses the importance of mechanical breathing systems during anesthetic procedures and how limited access in economic depressed countries leads to unnecessary fatalities. This is NOT news to us. We have a 0% fatality rate for anesthetic procedures over 11 years; one important reason is that we make mechanical ventilation mandatory for all our procedures, unlike most veterinarians who still use manual methods that even a popular mainstream journal like Scientific American points out is a direct cause of unnecessary deaths. One day we'll look back at pet medicine and wonder why so many pets needlessly died, just as Scientific American, in this month's issue, recognizes that for lack of a simple machine many human patients are needlessly dying today. (It amazes us to this day we still get new clients who were recommended by other vets to euthanize their pets rather than attempt surgery, often getting a "mortality rate" for the surgery alone. In fact, one of the newest vet clinics nearby gave a new client a 20% survival estimate of a recent procedure which we just days later accomplished without difficulty nor complication.) EARTHSpecial Report: Future of the Arctic Suddenly, nations are jockeying to control the seafloor and exploit resources in the rapidly thawing north By Mark Fischetti

[07/26/19]   From the annals of "just too stupid to not be real": a photo flashed up among our screen saver of old pics, it was a business that was going to be our first vet hospital. When asked why we didn't locate there, we had to admit: the landlord wouldn't allow any animals in the building. Yep, a little known fact about Dr. Chau (and husband) and the history of Family Vet: we spent a year getting a special exception through Loudoun County Board of Supervisors (appearing twice in front of the board), only to have Buchanan Partners (who was helping us get the special exception) tell us after approx. a year that "yes" we could have a vet hospital there, but "no", no animals were allowed in the building. Go figure; we couldn't, so therefore we don't have a location on Rte 606. Sorry to all our Loudoun Valley Estate pet parents for the extra 10 minute drive it takes to get to us in South Riding.

**UPDATE : We have turned this guy over to Loudoun Animal Services to help find its owners. Thanks for everyone's help anyway. We're sure he'll get home soon.*** (As a reminder... please have your pet micro-chipped and keep the information up-to-date if you adopt out your pet to a new home or if you leave the area. With all our great neighbors helping out, this pet should have been home within the first few hours of being dropped off to us - or better to Animal Services of Loudoun.)

We have a pet dropped off at Family Vet hospital that was found at Mercer Middle school. It is micro-chipped and we know it used to live on Queens Brigade Ct in Fairfax Station (Colchester Hunt Community near the NRA museum). The owner's info may be out of date and we can't reach them. Anyone know (or can get a message to) this Shih Tzu's owner for us? Help us unleash the power of social media and get this dog home :-) Our phone number is 703-327-8425 and our location is 24650 South Point Drive, Chantilly (across from Gum Spring Hospital)

Fireworks and Your Pet: Tips for Staying Safe This Fourth of July

Tips from ASPCA regarding 4th of July celebrations: As the Fourth of July approaches, you may be considering lighting some celebratory fireworks for the occasion. Though fireworks may be a fun tradition for us, your four-legged friends may feel differently. Read our tips for keeping your pet safe this Independence Day.

Being so close to neighboring counties, we follow most local news. So... in the interest of sharing (and we've been on the "business end" of someone pretending to be Loudoun police), here's a warning from our neighbors to the south:

The PWC Police are still receiving reports of this phone scam...

[06/04/19]   Being "green" isn't always easy:
1: we use e-fax to send and receive lots of faxes each day (without using paper)
2: Microsoft out-competed Godaddy (our former service) so we migrated to Microsoft in May
3) Microsoft has labeled most pet-pharmacy numbers our clients use as "SPAM" and hid them from us

SOOOO, in short we haven't seen a lot of faxes lately. We're now manually fixing each phone number, but there are approximately 100 to go through. Sorry for our delay! (We're not sure why Microsoft is so pet-unfriendly to these businesses - Chewy, PetRx to name a few)

[05/25/19]   A page out of a day-in-the-life-of-a-vet: today a client demanded a 3rd month of renewal of antibiotic for his dog, despite the new evidence of his dog having bladder stones. He threatened to ruin our reputation with bad reviews if he didn't get a new prescription. This is blackmail, and to give in would be malpractice since you can't treat bladder stones with antibiotics, that's why they're called bladder-STONES not bladder bacteria-blobs.

Family Veterinary Hospital's cover photo

Reports of Lyme disease in Loudoun County, Virginia

To see Loudoun's ignominious spot as the leader in newly reported Lyme cases, see map here: All data courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC data is based on diagnosed cases of Lyme disease in Virginia as reported by physicians, and is delayed by 2 years. It is believed by researchers that these numbers are underestimates of the true number of Lyme cases in a given....

Lyme Disease: How Scary Is It? | Science Vs

We've written about the scourge of Lyme Disease, and Dr. Chau was even interviewed once years ago hosting a call-in show through the Washington Post about Lyme. To hear about some of the latest facts regarding Lyme and Post-Treatment Lyme Disorder, we recommend this great science-based podcast: This week, we’re entering the Lyme Wars. We’re asking: what is Lyme disease? How do you get it? How do you know you have it? And if you get infected, are you stuck with it forever? To find out we talk to neurologist Dr John Halperin, neuropsychology researcher Dr Kathleen Bechtold, and a Lyme pa...

Dr. Chau and staff welcome local vet Dr. Hendrickson to Family Vet! She'll start seeing appointments the week of June 10.

[05/09/19]   What better way to "celebrate" our 10th year than announcing we hired a new vet? She is a local as well as a former classmate of Dr. Chau's; we are so excited. We think we'll be able to expand business hours at both locations. More details to come as we work out details and the doctor transitions from her current employer.

A local cat has gone missing in Chantilly and is very shy. The adoption organization where she came from wanted to know if anyone has noticed a new cat in the "feral cat community"... maybe she has joined other lost cats rather than making her way home. Please see attached.

[04/24/19]   How special is Dr. Chau... searching the AVMA resume database for job applicants, exactly 0 (zero) vets are currently trained to do epidurals, a superior method of blocking pain for pets during surgery. Vet specialty surgeons utilize epidurals and have been impressed with Dr. Chau taking the time to learn this technique and implementing it in her general practice.

A 97% satisfaction rating (5 Stars)! Over 1,200 reviews to read from of all our clients. Every pet owner we see gets an opportunity to review us; new ones are added almost daily (sometimes hourly): (and no, we don't get to pick and choose which get posted, all are available to the public)

Careers at Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge

Have your days free and looking to join our team? To learn more: Find your next great career opportunity at Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge

Experienced Vet Receptionist FT

We're hiring and looking for someone for a full-time position who can share receptionist and technician assistant responsibilities. Please send resumes to: [email protected] and read more here: At Family Vet, we are an award-winning vet hospital in the Northern Virginia area, and are currently seeking an experienced, friendly receptionist who has worked in a vet hospital. We have a mostly...

Name that foreign object Family Veterinary Hospital

So we're medical folks first, sports' fans maybe a distant second... (this was an oldie but goodie from our video archives)

In Loudoun County VA, the center of technology/internet superhighway, amazing things are happening in veterinary medicine. Here, a "foreign" object is retrie...

Family Veterinary Hospital's cover photo

Loudoun Lyme is now the FinishLyme 5K & 1K Fun Run

The bumper crop of acorns this year means we should expect a baby-boom of rodents and white-tailed deer, both carriers of lyme disease. Make sure your pets are (and remain) vaccinated and are taking some type of tick repellent.

Loudoun Lyme Group aims to drive awareness and raise money to help find a cure for Lyme disease.


We're not exactly "viral", but we did just recently exceed 100,000 total views on our Youtube channel: Dr. Chau is an award-winning, nationally recognized veterinarian, and accomplished author on pet health. Her latest article has been recommended by the natio...

Should You Choose a Female Doctor?

No surprise to us that one of the conclusions of this NYT's article is that more doctor time = better outcome for patients. We'll bet that our 0% fatality rate for anesthetic procedures and nearly hour-long appointments are why our patients live longer and happier lives (and yes, Dr. Chau is female, which according to the NYT may be a factor too). Studies show that female doctors tend to listen more, and their patients — both male and female — tend to fare better.

The Moth | Stories | Vixen and the USSR

While temps here are nearing 100, how about a nice dog-story from Alaska to cool things off? Sue Steinacher fights USSR bureaucracy with dog-diplomacy.

Use of electroanalgesia and laser therapies as alternatives to opioids for acute and chronic pain management

Veterinary medicine crosses many science disciplines: a lengthy review published by the National Institute of Health discusses the benefits and efficacy of some of our own treatment methods (Electro Acupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy.) The authors point out that the lack of reimbursement by many insurance companies keeps these (sometimes) superior treatment methods from broader adoption in human medicine: The use of opioid analgesics for postoperative pain management has contributed to the global opioid epidemic. It was recently reported that prescription opioid analgesic use often continued after major joint replacement surgery even though patients were ...

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Make sure your pets are wearing ID tags during the holiday celebrations (and keep them cool):

Family Veterinary Hospital's cover photo

3 Reasons a Dog's Urine Burns Grass

Fascinating that the area where Dr. Chau's dog: Piper, "waters the grass" (urinates) is very green and thriving, where the rest is just moss and bare. This continues to validate Dr. Chau's belief that so many problems she sees can be related to diet. Here's an article from Dr. Marty Becker on grass burns from pet urine: Ever wonder why your dog's urine seems to kill your grass? Here are the reasons why.

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Baby kitten in utero blowing bubbles
Baby kittens!
Why Dr. Chau is considered one of the best vets in Virginia
Family Vet - treatment of paralysis
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