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Yes, count as a 30 minutes workout with the hot bath #loveyourself #timeforyou #liveUSANA #ShirleySanchez
INVITATION to dance #TODOSPORMIA This coming Saturday January 26th @3:00 pm 💙💪 #IBELIEVE #T1D #T1Dmom #MiaTheWarrior #Strongtogether #Zumbafamily #Zumba #dancetoheal #achievetheimpossible #Faith #Godsplan If you can't make it, please consider to contribute and support, every penny count. Share it with friends and Family 💙
Here is my gift to you!💓 What supplements should I take? Please take the opportunity to analyze each answer after the quiz. I will be happy to assist you.
13 vitamins your body need the most 💖 Follow me on Instagram @ShirleyWellness Shirley Sanchez
Your Skin is Unique. Nobody has the same exact skin as you. Take a few moments to identify your type. #love #health

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Shirley's mission is to help individuals and families to live active, healthful, lead people toward enhanced health and prosperity by providing the highest quality products partnering with USANA Health and Sciences. Shirley works tiredless for a great company Navy Federal Credit Union, and she knows how important is help people in their Finances and Health -2 major concerns for almost everyone. At the age og 33, Shirley dusted her dreams, rediscovered her strenghts, start empowering people as Zumba Instructor, encourage them to being more active, get the right nutrients to people's bodies for productive and happier lives. Shirley is super positive and have a powerful way to enjoy life to the fullest having optimal health. To know more about Shirley's positive attitude to life and live healthier visit Shirley's Wellness Instagram: find me: shirsanchez1

The Immune System: Your Body’s Guards - Ask The Scientists

Oh Inmmune System, I love you I protect you! ✨ A healthy, functional immune system is a complex machine. It contains many layers, subsystems, tissues, organs, and processes.

Your thoughts are convert into emotions.
LOVE this article ❤️

Relaxation Techniques Influence Genes and Support Better Health

Simply emptying the mind of intrusive thoughts can achieve major body benefits. A new study by scientists at Harvard shows that relaxing the mind can influence the function of genes in a way that supports good health.

The subjects included people with high blood pressure who were trained in techniques to achieve relaxation. The techniques involved deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and concentration on a one-word mantra while ignoring intrusive thoughts.

In this study, practicing meditation and relaxation over an eight-week period resulted in significant changes in the expression of 172 genes. The changes related to:
• immune regulatory pathways
• metabolism,
• cardiovascular system development
• glucose metabolism
• circadian rhythm

These changes were linked to a meaningful decrease in blood pressure in many of the study subjects.

Relaxation response and other techniques that calm the brain could be used as another effective tool along with modern medicine and surgical procedures to improve health.

See the link for more details on the study:

Sources of Vitamin C.
Get your booster C with me.
PM me.

Linus Pauling Day and Vitamin C

Oregon State University has designated today as Linus Pauling day in Oregon, U.S.A. Twice awarded the Nobel Prize, Pauling was very influential in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, and later, nutrition and supplementation.

Although it was not widely accepted by the scientific community, his advocacy of nutritional supplementation, especially high dose vitamin C, that made him a household name.

When it comes to human nutrition, few nutrients have received more attention than vitamin C. It’s an important antioxidant found in citrus fruits and colorful vegetables. But vitamin C does a lot more than just protecting your cells and supporting immunity.

Today is the perfect day to learn something new about vitamin C. The first link is a basic overview of vitamin C, followed by a link to the Linus Pauling Institute page on vitamin C which is stuffed full of interesting information.

25 Fun Facts About What Makes Men and Women Different - Ask The Scientists

Genetically, men and women’s DNA is 98.5 percent identical. They even have the same hormones. But the ratios of those hormones explain some of the differences between men and women...
Read below
Why Vitamin D?
Why Zinc
Why Iron
Why protein
Oh I love this readings!!
Talk to me Make your appointment You know there are differences between men and women. But what makes men and women different physically and biologically? Answer that question and find some sex differences in nutritional needs.

Digestive System!
Let's clean and become an stronger person inside out. #liveUSANA

Love life and live it to the fullest! Dr. M. Wentz
#Wealth #Health #Wisdom #ShirleySanchez 🌸

Visionex® DS

An estimated 61 million of us are at risk for serious vision loss, which ranks number one on the list of Americans worst health nightmares...

Let me help you with the Amazing VISIONEX.
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USANA - Shirley's Wellness

#lutein #zeaxanthin #bilberryextract #VitaminC Advanced eye-health supplement with increased levels of lutein

Detoxing March! 💖

Detoxifying plants... :)

Hygge Your Way to Calm Comfort: How to Find Daily Moments of Sanctuary - Ask The Scientists

Hygee mood!
Fabulous weekend!
Getting so much done. #Energy #Breath #Mindful #tea #huggingabook #love #sanctuarymoments Hygge is all about comfort. Learn how the Danish hygge lifestyle philosophy can help you practice better self-care all year long.

New Research Expands the Capability of Personalized Nutrition - Ask The Scientists

My expertise SUPPLEMENTATION and Cellular Nutrition. #ShirleyWellness
Call me to Personalize your Vitamins and we also talk about food.
Your body is unique. #nutrients #rightforyou
Call me to make an appointment.
Shirley's Wellness - Holistic Health Coach 👍
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[email protected] New Research Expands the Capability of Personalized Nutrition You’re so unique that it was a one in 400 trillion chance that you turned out the way you did. So, to say the odds that any two people are identical is astronomical. What are the chances, then, that you would need the exact same nutriti...

Just growing time. Not judgement! #womenempowerwomen #USANAsweet20
Estamos listas!


Pick A Day To Relax

My love to you! 💖 ​​7 Simple Things People Who Love Themselves Do Every Day

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Experts Condemn Keto. Will People Finally Stop?

Keto ranks among the unhealthiest diets for third year in a row... U.S. News and World Report ranked the keto diet near-last for the third year in a row, and other outlets have begun to question it, too. Will we finally get over keto this year?

Shirley's Wellness - Holistic Health Coach

Buenos dias!
Today I decided to RESET my physical body. I am starting with 141 pounds 😲 my first time after my pregnancy with that weight. My regular weight is 134 and my dream weight is 127 for a 5.5 Height. Ok, Holidays and events that include sadness, and anger blow out my balance and emotions that definitely affected my regular food/workout habits. (I tried so hard to maintain but I had so many cheat days using excuses)
I reinvent myself, I accepted things how they are, I never give up in what I want, I'm listening my body in any step, decision, friendship, I listen to God closely the messages through prayers and silent moments every morning. Definitely I won't lower my standards of lifestyle and in order for me to keep helping people to become healthier and more positive I need to become much more.
💥 We all are thinking why did I eat too much, other say It was delicious I don't regret it, other says how in the world I gain 10, 15 or 20 pounds?, Many of us are stuck with many pounds in our body, thinking I should be more careful.

Regardless of any phrase you use, we enjoyed the moments, the cheers, the many celebrations and healthy relationships that Food and drinks bring us everyday. Now we still need to feel Happy with our own body, maybe going back to the weight before Holidays, or having back the energy, stay away from crazy cholesterol levels or fat numbers, or maybe just maintain the weight we have and reduce inflamations and water from our body. Whatever is what make you feel Happy with yourself. YOU need to take a DECISION. 🤗 (please stay away from the phrase I'M GETTING OLD, I CAN'T) 👎

I am ready to help you to achieve those Weight goals with a fantastic 5 days RESET program, it's not a DIET and yes it's a system that include Food. This is a detox with NUTRIMEAL - science-based meal replacement drink formulated to deliver a low glycemic blend of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates (very important component to keep balance in your body). PROBIOTICS support your Digestive and immune health with a beneficial blend of proven bacterias strains delivered in convenient powdered formula. HEALTHPACK a powerful combination of comprehensive nutrition - Plus advance formulas for healthy aging- it's easy to get the micronutrients you need morning and night.

Talk to me to coach you during this 5 days after that we follow and learn how to eat healthy low glycemic Food. Wish me luck and sending me love to achieve my final goal in about 2 weeks.

Love and Health,
Shirley Sanchez

Join our close group @USANA - Shirley's Wellness for awesome USANA products, nutrition, fitness, motivation and healthy information.

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Good Nutrition my friends.
The deficiency of nutrients + stress +not good sleep = Weak Body

Good nutrition is among many things that can help reduce the effects of stress this time of year.


The holidays are a busy time of year for most people, and stress and anxiety have become almost an expectation during the months of November and December. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, eight out of 10 people anticipate stress during the holiday season, and women experience a higher degree of seasonal stress (44 percent) than men (31 percent). While some amount of daily stress is normal and a good thing, too much can negatively impact health and well-being.

What’s great about holiday stress is that it’s predictable, so it is possible to proactively minimize the stress we experience and reduce the potential negative impact it can have on our health. You can find all kinds of advice for reducing stress with a quick internet search, here are a few noteworthy suggestions:

• Set priorities
• Simplify
• Get organized
• Stick to a budget
• Moderation
• Schedule time for yourself
• Get enough sleep
• Take your dietary supplements every day

A recently published study (in 242 healthy volunteers complaining of psychological stress) found that taking vitamins and minerals, probiotics and magnesium supplements for one month reduced levels of stress and fatigue and improved feelings of well-being and this was maintained for at least one month after discontinuing the supplements (as assessed by the Perceived Stress Scale).

While it is important to note that this is one observational study, there are no major drawbacks to supporting your health with dietary supplements. Some holiday-related stress is to be expected and how you respond determines how the holiday will be remembered.

Remember- plans will change, flights will be cancelled, food will be burned, and children will misbehave, but you’ve got it covered!!

Happy and Healthy.
A journey of an everyday effort.

Maintaining optimal health and wellness is a daily, lifelong effort.

The Science of Healthy Habits—Your Path to Success - Ask The Scientists

Struggling to Change? The Science of Healthy Habits Says Add Emotion to Increase Motivation Discover the science behind creating healthy habits. And find tips for transforming your life with the science of healthy habits.


Tone and Hydrate Packs
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1. Nutrimeal Discount Bundle
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What a strong mindset training and quick strategies we learned this afternoon with Sensie Will Max from @Hidy Achaia Karate - Northern Virginia, it was truly an honor to have you.

Huge shout out to Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy by Kelly Young for your kindness to the community. It's unbelievable how this. strong woman can spread love so easily. #Health #Healthyminds

Thank you to the atendees who experienced one of the most inspiring and empowered event for women and teens.

USANA Health Sciences Inc.

Train your mind. #brainhealth Buy it by click here 👉
#worthy #takeyourvitamins

Can you keep up? Find your focus with USANA's CopaPrime+!

Zumba Fitness

Awareness is love!
Women support each other! 🌹
Thank you Zumba Fitness, my heart is always dancing.

Friends don't let friends fight alone 💗

Thank you to this amazing group of women @montanatucker

October is #BreastCancerAwareness month and we're ready to #PartyInPink with you and all our warriors who inspire us on the daily. Need help finding a #PIP event near you? Hit the link in bio!

For Zumba events in Northern Virginia follow this page. Zumbanova 🌞💃💃💃💃

Zumba at the Brewery (Pre-Halloween Celebration)
It was amazing and the energy was unique 💛

Thank you so much everyone for their testimonials, thank you for letting me know that what we are doing with zumba it’s important.
My biggest reward teaching classes is to hear how you feel after 😊

So thankful for today class 🙌🏻 We came to have fun and work out and we left the place with a big life lesson 💫
#ilovenyjob #changinglives #touchinghearts #helpingothers #zumbafitness #spreadlove #zumbalove #impactingothers #ripleyeffect #zumbaatthebrewery #zumbanovacathy #cathyzumbanova #zumbaandbeers

It's Organic Food, but... What's that means?

When you see the term "Organic" on a food or food product label, what does that mean?

Amidst nutrition facts, ingredients lists, and dietary claims on food packages, “organic” might appear as one more piece of information to decipher when shopping for foods.

Understanding what “organic” actually means can help you make informed and smart choices on the food they purchase.
Certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing many different factors and can be broken into a few different categories (the following is based on U.S. guidelines, so different countries may have unique rules. However, the basic principles would be similar).

Produce can be called “organic” if it’s certified to have produced without excluded methods (ie. genetic engineering or ionizing radiation) or grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. Prohibited substances include most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
Organic meat regulations require that animals are raised in living conditions accommodating their natural behaviors (like the ability to graze on pasture), fed 100% organic feed and forage, and not administered antibiotics or hormones.

The meaning of 100 percent organic, organic, and made with organic on a food label

Products in the “100 percent organic” category must meet the following criteria:
- All ingredients must be certified organic
- Any processing aids must be organic
- Product labels must state the name of the certifying agent

Products in the “organic” category must meet these criteria:
- All agricultural ingredients must be certified organic, except where specified on National List.
- Can contain up to 5% non-organic content
- Label must state the name of the certifying agent

“Made with” organic category must meet the following:
- At least 70% of the product must be certified organic ingredients
- Any remaining agricultural products must be produced without excluded methods
- Non-agricultural products must be allowed on the National List
- Must state the name of the certifying agent
- These products must identify organic ingredients with an asterisk or another mark, and cannot include USDA organic seal anywhere, represent finished product as organic, or state “made with organic ingredients.”

While there are many marketing claims that suggest organic food products contain more nutritional value than conventionally farmed foods, this has not actually been scientifically proven. Consumers can be assured, however, that their food products are verified organic at all steps between the farm and the store.

Final thoughts about foods and food products labeled “organic”
• All farmers use pesticides no matter how they farm. Pests (insects and disease) follow the plant material, not the production method.
• Organic produce DOES have residues (and, like conventionally produced food, this will be at very safe levels --- well below regulated limits)
• The scientific evidence does not support the idea that organics are always safer, more nutritious, or more environmentally-friendly than food produced in other ways.
• Wash your fruits and vegetables. Always. No matter how they are produced.

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