Indigo Equine Pulse Therapy, LLC

Improve your horses' performance, range of motion & strength. Reduce soreness, stiffness, inflammation & much more. Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a diagnosis or treatment or to replace your normal veterinary care.

A pemf session is a great way to wrap up a holiday weekend❤️ 🐴 #lovewhentheyyawn #pulsecertified Pulse Equine #horseslovepemf #reduceinflammation #detectsoreness

For me, this is the most relaxing sound - wind and a horse munching grass 🐴☘️ #throwbackvideo #munchmunch #horsesrelaxme

Indigo Equine Pulse Therapy, LLC's cover photo

PEMF = Sleepy 💤 Sunday. ❤️ Love making horses feel good 😎 #iworkforyawns #recoverfasterperformbetter #pulseequine

Post horse show PEMF helps your horse recover and relax 😎❤️ #recoverfasterperformbetter #sleepysunday #pulseequine

Best way to wrap up a day of showing - PEMF, relaxation and hydration 💦 #recoverfasterperformbetter #pulseequine #makeyourhorsefeelgreat

Nothing better than a pemf session to make your horse feel relaxed on a rainy day ☔️ This sweet mare will sleep good tonight 😊❤️🐴 #iworkforyawns #pulseequine #relaxedhorse #happyhorse

Nothing like kickin’ back in your stall, enjoying some hay and a relaxing pemf session 😎 This sweet boy ❤️ his pemf!! #lovethatyawn #ipulseforyawns Pulse Equine

Wither scratches are included with every pulse session 😀❤️🐴. Beautiful day to help some horses feel their best! Pulse Equine #blanketsmakemeitchy #pulsecertified #lovewhatyoudo

PEMF has the power to make horses happy, relaxed and feel great, while reducing inflammation, detecting muscle soreness and the list goes on. Love working on this sweet boy! ❤️🐴 Pulse Equine #thatface #thoseeyes #lovemakinghorsesfeelgood

Can’t think of a better way to kick of 2020 than making horses feel good and relaxed. This mare loves her pemf sessions! #makeyourhorsefeelgreat #lovethoserelaxedeyes ❤️🐴

This sweet boy loves the yellow box! Had a great day with Rose Dhu Equestrian Center horses! #detectsoreness #makinghorsesfeelgood #pemf Pulse Equine

Love it when I get a spot that causes a big yawn release. He yawned about 7 times during his #pulsepemf session. We are working through some of his soreness and it was wonderful to have him so relaxed!! ❤️🐴 Pulse Equine #pulsecertified #makinghorsesfeelgreat #detectmusclesoreness #improveperformance

A beautiful day to work on some horses and make them feel great! I always enjoy how good this makes them feel. #pulseequine #pulsecertified #pemfforhorses #detectsoreness #improveperformance

A wonderful day to pulse horses. A few things pulsing can do are detect soreness, engage the lymphatic system and reduce inflammation, while making your horse feel relaxed and comfortable - just like you do when you have a massage. 🐴❤️ #pulseequine #pulsecertified #happyhorses

Enjoyed working at Rose Dhu Equestrian Center over the weekend. Horses getting their #pemf before heading to KY! It’s great to do something that helps horses and makes them feel great and relaxed. #pulsecertified #relaxedhorseishappyhorse #detectsoreness #improveperformance Pulse Equine

Had a great day making several horses feel wonderful with #pemf Can’t wait to go back to Bluffton and work on more horses at Rose Dhu Equestrian Center ❤️🐴 #pulseequine #improveperformance #reducemusclesoreness #pulsecertified

Enjoying the #Pulsepemf treatment all over, especially on the shoulders and neck. Look at those eyes and bottom lip - #totalrelaxation Setup your horse’s session! #certifiedpemfforhorses #improveperformance #decreasemusclesoreness #reduceinflammation #makeyourhorsefeelgreat

Working with a sweet horse who has recovered from colic surgery and is getting back in shape. He has some sore muscles, as we all do when we take a break from exercising and then get back to it #horsepemf #relievesoremuscles #improveperformance #pulsecertified #pulsecenterspemf #increasestrideandrangeofmotion #makeyourhorsefeelgreat 💪🏻❤️🐴

Happy 2018!! Thank you to all of our clients and horses, we appreciate your business. We are excited to continue to work with our clients and look forward to helping our new clients! I wish everyone a wonderful 2018 with much happiness! #horsepemf #horseslovepemf #LifePulse #pulsecertified #improveperformance #pemfreducesinflammation #pulsecertified #getthepulse

Great way to wrap up the day and watch the sun set! This guy enjoyed his #pemf session while watching the sun go down. Schedule your horse’s session with us 🐴♥️ #horsepemf #improveperformance #relaxedhorse #pulsecertified #pulsecenterpemf #detectsoreness #reduceinflammation

Congrats to all who showed at the SCHJA show in Camden this past weekend. I’m so proud that the horses I have been working with did so well! So happy to see 2 of my horse clients (and their owners/riders/trainer) win Champion and Reserve Champion in the Adult Medal Finals!! Thank you for letting me work with your amazing horses! #improveperformance #horsepemf #pulsecertified #getthepulse #helpyourhorsebethebesttheycanbe #winningwithLifePulsePEMF #detectsoreness

I love spending time making horses feel good and relaxed! No matter if your horse competes every weekend, is a senior with stiffness, has areas of inflammation or just needs to be spoiled - pemf sessions will make them feel great! It can also help to heal soft tissue and other injuries. #horsepemf #happyrelaxedhorse #getthepulse #pulsecertified #LifePulse #pulsecenterspemf #detectwhereyourhorseissore

A great way to wrap up the beautiful weekend. PEMF sessions are SO relaxing (this horse even had me yawning)! Horses enjoy their #HorsePEMF sessions ❤️. PEMF benefits all horses from competition horses to senior ones. Schedule your horse’s session. #RelaxedHorse #pulsecertified #ImprovePerformance #LifePulsePEMF #makeyourhorsefeelgood #reduceinflammation #relievesoremuscles

Give your horse the same PEMF therapy Margie Engle uses on hers. Schedule your pemf session. #getthepulse #pulsecenter #improveperformance #relaxedhorse #horsepemf #yourhorsewillthankyou #pulsecertified


#HorsePEMF makes the horses feel great and relaxes them too! This video & photo were taken during a recent session and shows the horse’s shoulder muscles pulsing and his relaxed face while the pulsing is happening. #getthepulse #relaxedhorse #improveperformance #makeyourhorsefeelgood #lifepulse

Happy Halloween!!

PEMF has benefits for people and animals!! Repost from @pulsecenters using @RepostRegramApp - Business Mogul, @tonyrobbins uses PEMF to charge his cells. Watch the @businessinsider video! 🔋💥💰 #gethepulse

There are a lot of benefits to Pulse PEMF equine therapy. Schedule your appointment today with Indigo Equine Pulse Therapy, LLC and make your horse feel amazing! #RelaxedHorse #gethepulse #LifePulse

Horses enjoy their pulsing sessions. It makes them feel better and they relax during it. Schedule your horse’s session today ♥️🐴 You can see that some of the muscles in the neck and shoulder area are pulsing but the horse is comfortable and relaxed, licking, chewing and trying to keep her eyes from closing. #getthepulse #relaxedhorse #lifepulse #pulsecertified #improveperformance #horsepemf

Pulse PEMF treatments can work wonders for your horse - increasing range of motion, reducing inflammation, relieve muscle soreness and the list goes on. Most importantly, Pulse PEMF treatments makes the horses feel good :) Schedule your treatment session today! #gethepulse #horsepemf #LifePulse #indigoequinepulsetherapy #PulseCertified #ImprovePerformance

You know it's a great, relaxing Pulse treatment when the horse you are working on falls asleep while you are pulsing her ♥️🐴 😀 Help your horse be the best they can be! #getthepulse #PulseCertified #horsepemf #relaxedhorse

Indigo Equine Pulse Therapy, LLC's cover photo

Equine PEMF Therapy is available in the Lowcountry (SC)! #getthepulse #lifepulse #horsepemf

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