Lydia’s Expressions

Lydia’s Expressions


My daughter recommended I check your page out!
Photo dump!! All the lovelies lydia has made for us this year 🙂 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 she always picks the best patterns!!!!
We love our Lydia necklaces in this house! All three children wear their amber and rainbow 🌈 necklaces daily. Then there's a lovely tanzanite with other mixed stones for me.
Do you make something small enough to go around a 4mo ankle?? Do you have an etsy or website to look??
Her necklace arrived today. Thank you so much it's perfect.
Forgot to post our hazelwood necklace we got a few weeks ago! Thank you so much!
Newest amber bracelet from Lydia!! Love the pattern!!! I just told her the color I liked and this was the beautiful piece she came up with 🙂
Abigail is loving her amber and hazelwood anklets from Expressions Lactation! Thank you so much! 😍
BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much Lydia!
Does this look like the beginning of thrush? Also, can this be causing pain for my son’s healing lip tie? I’ve been getting pain while breast feeding as well. Especially at night
Does this look like the beginning of thrush? I’ve had some nursing pain, especially at night and I’m thinking this is the issue. Pic in the comments.
My daughter just had her Tonsils, and adenoids removed and had some stitches put in her epiglottis. We are now home from the hospital and she is refusing fluids and food. I have literally tried everything but all she wants to do is nurse and I am not producing enough milk. Please tell me what I can do to build my milk supply up. Im drinking a ton and drinking mothers milk tea, I just dont know what else to do and my poor baby is miserable. Please help!

Custom-made amber/gemstone/hazelwood jewelry. Support/services for families with little ones: breastfeeding, pediatric/family nutrition, postpartum doula

Operating as usual


Mothers Day and Birth Stones Sale!
(April 24 through May 3)

* 25% off all necklaces, bracelets, and anklets with amber/hazelwood and semiprecious birth stones! *

List includes traditional, modern, and alternate birthstones for each month:

January - garnet or onyx
February - amethyst, jasper, or pearl
March- aquamarine, bloodstone, or jasper
April - quartz (multiple colors available)
May - onyx, aventurine, or agate
June - pearl, moonstone, or turquoise
July - carnelian, turquoise, or onyx
August - peridot, moonstone, or carnelian
September - lapis lazuli or carnelian
October - tourmaline, aquamarine, or agate
November - citrine, amethyst, cats eye, or pearl
December - clear quartz, turquoise, bloodstone, or aquamarine

Please message to put in your order!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 03/12/2022

Did you know…
Baltic Amber can be beneficial for the whole family!
Amber jewelry has been worn for centuries, known for its healing benefits. Reasons for wearing amber include:
- Relieving stress (physical or emotional)
- Healing from illnesses
- Decreasing anxiety
- Boosting the immune system
- Decreasing inflammation in the body
- Regulating thyroid function
- Relieving pain
You can also add gemstones for additional benefits!
Pictured are some examples of adult amber necklaces I’ve made.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 01/31/2022

💕Sale! (Jan 30 - Feb 5)
25% Off ALL Infant/Child Necklaces!!! (10-14”)

- Baltic Amber
- Hazelwood
- Gemstones
- Any combination of materials listed above

Custom made styles, designs, and sizing. Pictures are examples, but the possibilities are unlimited!

Message to put in your order.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 01/25/2022

Some of my recent creations!
As always, please message to place any orders. 😃


CYBER Monday Sale!

Now through November 30, BOGO 40% OFF.

First item is original price, then second item of equal or lesser value is 40% of its original price.

Applies to Baltic Amber, gemstones, and/or hazelwood. Adult/child/infant sized bracelets, anklets, or necklaces!

Pictures (in comments and the page’s files/albums) are just examples; NOT limited to designs pictured!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 11/13/2021

Hazelwood Sale! Through Thursday November 18.

Necklaces, bracelets, anklets for children and adults
ALL 20% OFF!

Hazelwood is known for decreasing body’s acidity, which can help with reflux, GERD, heartburn; skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, acne. It’s also known to decrease inflammation to help with things like teething, aches/pains, and arthritis.

Message to order. Let me know what color/pattern you would like, as well as measurements.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 10/28/2021

New Amber In!!!

I’m excited to have gotten a new style of amber beads in. To celebrate, I’m offering FREE shipping on them through Wednesday, November 3.

Baby/Child necklaces (10-14” range) are $20
Adult necklaces (15-20” range) are $30

*Message to order.* Let me know which style and size (in inches.) I can help with baby/toddler sizing, since it’s more individualized at those ages.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 09/24/2021

SALE: Raw Baltic Amber Necklaces!!!

Sale Prices:
- Infant/Toddler sizes (10-12”) $15
- Child/Pre-Teen sizes (13-15”) $18
- Smaller Adult sizes (16-18”) $21
- Medium Adult sizes (19-21”) $24
- Larger Adult (22-24”) $27

Message to order!!

Let me know what color/pattern and size(s) you would like. Choose from these posted pictures. We will determine the best exact size, to the nearest 0.5,” for infants and young children, for safety and longevity of wear.


Fourth of July Sale!!! Now through July 5.

Baltic Amber necklaces for the whole family!
20% OFF.
- Adult necklaces $24
- Big kid necklaces $20
- Baby/Toddler necklaces $16

Choose your pattern/color from the picture and let me know what size you want in inches. Message to order!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 06/14/2021

First day of summer sale!
June 14- **June 21**

Rainbow amber necklaces for the whole family!!!

Baby/kids necklaces (up to 14”) are $23
Big kid to small adult (>14 to 17”) are $26
Adult (>17 to 20”) are $29
Large adult (>20” to 23”) are $32

Choose your main amber color and size. I customize to the nearest 1/2” you want!

Message to order!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 05/29/2021

Memorial Day Sale
May 29-June 4

Baby/Child amber necklaces (varying from 10 to 14”) for $23 each, free shipping, with your choice of lapis lazuli, amethyst, and/or rhodonite gemstones!
- Lapis lazuli (dark blue) is known for helping with immune system, pain, inflammation, insomnia, and mood
- Amethyst (purple) is known as a calming and healing gemstone that can help with irritability, stress/anxiety, and overall health
- Rhodonite (pink) is known for balancing/healing emotions, boosting self-confidence, and grounding

Message to order! I will need to know which type/color of amber, which gemstone(s), and the length you would like. I can help with sizing, if you need!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 05/10/2021

May flowers and amber showers!

Sale May 10-15.

20% off and free shipping on all Baltic Amber necklaces, bracelets, and anklets for babies, children, and adults!!! Not limited to those pictures here. There is MUCH more to choose from.
Prices in comments for reference.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 01/16/2021

Sale!!! (Lasts through Valentines Day)
20% OFF plus FREE shipping.

Rounded/Polished Baltic Amber Jewelry Items:
- adult, child, and infant sizes
- necklaces, bracelets, and anklets
- includes items with gemstones and/or hazelwood added

Please message to put in your order!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 12/06/2020

~~Winter Sale~~
Raw Baltic Amber necklaces:
- $29 Adult large (18.5-22 inches)
- $26 Adult medium (16.5-18”)
- $23 Adult small (14.5-16”)
- $20 Child (12.5-14.5”)
- $17 Infant (10-12”)
Choose from the styles below. *Message* to order, including style choice and length desired. (I can help size infants/children more precisely.)

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 11/26/2020

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale!!
Starts Thursday,Thanksgiving Day 11/26, and runs through Monday 11/30.
10% off 1 item
15% off 2 items
20% off 3 items
25% off 4 items or more
Includes bracelets, anklets, and necklaces; made from hazelwood, Baltic amber, and/or gemstones. Baby, child, and adult sizes!
Please look through photo albums for more examples. I can also replicate many patterns found elsewhere online! I love making custom orders, so feel free to message if you need any assistance with design.
Message to put in your order! I’ll take down the order details, including payment methods and mailing address, via message.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 10/05/2020

Fall Sale! October 5-11 (Until Supplies Last!)

Choose from these infant/child Baltic Amber necklaces. Each is only $19 with free shipping/delivery!

Supply is limited, so order soon by messaging me! Tell me which style you want, and I’ll get the measurements I need to make it the perfect fit 🥰

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 08/09/2020

Child Amber Necklace SALE!!!

$17 per Baltic amber necklace, free shipping!

Valid August 9- August 15

Choose your amber color/pattern from the pictures below, and I will size it to fit your child! Child necklace sizes run from about 10” to 13.5,” and any of these styles pictured can be sized for the perfect fit 💗

Message to put in your order!
I will need to know: 1) which necklace color you would like; 2) a snug neck measurement of your child; 3) your mailing address; 4) your preferred method for payment.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 06/01/2020

Happy June Sale!
Valid through Friday, June 26.
20% ALL Baltic Amber products.

Amber is an ancient resin that contains succinic acid, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. When in contact with the skin, the agent is absorbed and starts relieving pain and inflammation. It can be used for any source of pain!
Amber is also known to have calming benefits. Many adults and children wear amber, as well as teething babies, as it’s helpful for many things!

Message to put in your order. I will need to know: 1) what color(s) or pattern(s) you like; 2) what length you would like it to be; 3) mailing address if you need shipping. I can help with sizing, and I take many types of payments.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 05/24/2020

Memorial Day Sale!
May 24-31

FREE addition of any gemstones to amber or hazelwood jewelry + FREE shipping!

Each gemstones has its own set of benefits it’s known for.
—-Ex: Some gemstones known for calming stress/anxiety include: amethyst, amazonite, sodalite, black tourmaline, fluorite, rhodonite, lepidolite, blue lace agate, and more!
—-Ex: Some gemstones known for boosting immune system are: amethyst, bloodstone, carnelian, Jade, green aventurine, malachite, rhodonite, tourmaline, and more!

Just ask for a specific function, and I’ll be able to show you which gemstones might help you 🥰

Please message to put in your order or see which gemstones might work for you and your family!!!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 04/14/2020

Spring Sale!!!

***Ended, May 24!!!***

Buy one item and get the next one of equal or lesser value at a 40% discount. Ex: Buy a child amber necklace for $20, and an additional child necklace for $12!

Applies to any amber, gemstone, or hazelwood, for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. You’re NOT limited to the pictures shown! In fact, I may be able to replicate other patterns you’ve seen elsewhere! Be or creative and come up with your own! I love custom orders. 😍

Great opportunity to (have me) send gifts to family members you haven’t been able to visit. I can include special messages, etc.

Message me your order! I will get full details for style, size, payment, and shipping there.


Live with Lydia Dailey IBCLC

This is a Live I just did with a local pediatric dentist, Dr. Kevin Kennedy. Little chat about how we have experienced helping families with breastfeeding challenges due to oral ties.
Check it out!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 03/26/2020

SALE- while supplies last.

Get a FREE lavender hand sanitizer with every purchase of $24 or more.

Hand sanitizer was made according to the CDC recipe, which contains over 60% isopropyl alcohol. Other ingredients are aloe vera and lavender Essential Oil, which is why the spray bottle is blue glass.

Feel free to browse through this page’s photo albums or previous posts for examples of products! For example, a child’s amber necklace with gemstones is $25, a child set of amber necklace + bracelet is $24, and two child anklets comes to $24.

Pictured are just samples of some ideas! Please message to put in your order.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 03/15/2020

SALE! Through March 22...
You don’t have to go out shopping. I will make it for you. Free shipping or delivery to the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area!!!

Sale Prices:
Child Amber Necklaces- $19
Child anklets/bracelets- $9
Adult amber necklaces- $28
Adult anklets/bracelets- $12

Message me to order. Tell me: (1) What item you would like; (2) Which pattern you would like (amber shape/color, gemstones.) Sending a picture is perfect! NOT limited to what is pictured here!!! (3) A measurement from where it will be worn, snug against the skin OR the length you would like it to be; (4) Address for shipping or delivery. Multiple payment options available :-)

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 02/11/2020

It’s about time for another sale!!!
February 11-17.
Sale price of **$15** for any of these specific child/baby necklaces pictured! I can size any of them to fit your child. Message directly to put in your order. (Comments on the post are not effective means to complete an order.) First come first serve for these individual necklaces!!!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 01/04/2020

Happy New Year 2020!

ALL AmBeR and/or HaZeLwOoD jewelry 20% OFF with FREE shipping! Sale runs through January 10.
Message me to put in your order!!!

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 12/17/2019

Holiday Hazelwood!
33% OFF all hazelwood bracelets, anklets, and necklaces! NOW through December 23.

Potential Benefits/Uses of Hazelwood:
- antioxidant
- tooth and gum pain
- reflux or heart burn
- eczema
- psoriasis
- acne
- joint pain
- arthritis
- migraines
- constipation
- stomach ulcers

To put in an order, just send me a message! I will need to know: 1) what you want it to look like; 2) what length you would like it to be- or a neck measurement if it’s for an infant/child; 3) mailing address if shipping ($3 flat) is needed; 4) payment method preferred- Ex: Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, Facebook Pay, PayPal, etc

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 11/28/2019

Black Friday Special
(Now through Dec 1)
25% OFF orders with more than 1 item!!!
Choose any combination. Design your own! Not limited to what is pictured!


For those of you in the Clarksville area, please swing by the Metaphysical Fair. We are in the William O. Beach Civic Center at 350 Pageant Lane today until about 5:00 pm.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 09/27/2019

Some of the items I’ve made recently!!! Just sharing to show the *unlimited variety* you (or I) could design, customized for your liking.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 08/31/2019

(September 1-7)
FREE addition of any of the four types of gemstones highlighted below.

Many of us are experiencing the hustle associated with the new school year getting started, whether we are the student or the teacher! Homeschoolers are advancing to the new curriculums, public schools are back in session, sports teams are charging forward with increased practice time, and colleges have moved in their new freshman. Daycare providers, school teachers, professors, and coaches need to bring their A-game!

The following gemstones may be able to help you or family members with STRESS, FOCUS, and LEARNING:
— Tigers Eye—
..assists in clarity and goal accomplishment; grounding; enhances practicality and perception; organizes scattered thinking; improves self-worth and creativity.**
— Fluorite—
..heightens intuition; cleanses electromagnetic stress from computers/devices; helps with organization and creating an internal structure for every-day tasks; opens the mind to process new ideas.**
— Amethyst—
..naturally tranquilizing and mind-calming; blocks negative energies; enhances consciousness and awareness; focuses thought patterns to become less scatter-brained; aids in decision-making; decreases insomnia by calming over-active minds; enhances motivation and memory.**
— Lapis Lazuli—
..improves communication and active listening; releases stress by instilling serenity; improves self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-expression; amplifies the mind for clarity and objectivity.**

As I continue to learn more about the potential effects of gemstones, I’ve been building my personal library! **The above descriptions came courtesy of my newest reference book, “The Crystal Bible: a Definitive Guide to Crystals“ by Judy Hall, Walking Stick Press: 2003.

TO ORDER, please message me! I need to know:
1) a measurement- neck, wrist, or ankle- for the piece you want (I can help you determine that if needed);
2) main amber bead color(s)/shape(s) you want;
3) which gemstone(s) you want added;
4) payment method preferred- Cash App, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Facebook Pay, or “other;”
5) shipping address, if applicable.

Photos from Lydia’s Expressions's post 08/07/2019

August Deal! (August 10-31)

Free shipping AND 15% off amber-only items for anywhere in the US or APO/AE addresses.
Baby/Child necklace: $17.
Adult necklace: $25.50

Put in your order by messaging Lydia’s Expressions! Tell us which styles you like best and what size you would like the necklace to be.

Lydia will be away for Army duty, so the wonderful husband Eric will be handling the shipments. This means necklaces will be sold as they are, no size adjustments or customizations until she returns. Eric will be able to show you exactly what is available at the time of your order, as well as give you the measurement of each item. We are asking that payments during this time be made via FB messenger to Eric’s profile (He will initiate this once your order is confirmed.) FB Messenger accepts multiple methods, including bank draft, debit card, and PayPal.

(SIZING guidelines: To chose your child’s necklace size, snugly** measure the circumference of your child’s head around the chin/jawline, plus around the base of the back of head/top of the neck. That measurement is “too big,” for your child! Subtract 0.5-1 inch from the circumference measurement to get the approximate necklace size you’re looking for. Picture example: JD’s jawline head circumference is 15.75 inches, so his necklace size should be around 15”. Most common necklace sizes for infants range 10-11.5 inches. Most common necklace sizes for toddlers range 11.5-12.5 inches. Getting a necklace that’s too big increases the risk that is will get caught on something 😬 You do not need to get a size for your child to “grow into,” either! As they continue to wear their necklace over the months, the knots tighten, and it gains a little more length to it.)




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