Heather Beerman Reiki Master

I am a Reiki Master of the Usui method. I also offer ionic footbaths...please check out my website for more information. www.heatherbeerman.com Thanks

If you are experiencing a dis*ease right now, know you're not alone. Only the strongest, most aware people do.... The cream of the crop! Let me help ease your dis*ease! Call today I can help you in many different modalities 315-408-7198... What's stopping YOU!!?? Become aware today.... Namaste, I honor the beauty in your soul.....

[04/15/18]   💗

Heather Beerman Reiki Master

I am a Reiki Master of the Usui method. I also offer ionic footbaths...please check out my website for more information. www.heatherbeerman.com Thanks

[02/14/18]   Sometimes we forget to allow ourselves forgiveness. You are allowed to forgive yourself ALWAYS!

More compassion less judgment.

My house is a safe zone. Coffee can be on in minutes. My kitchen table is non-judgmental. Any friend or family who needs to chat is welcome. We can talk, share a laugh, a cry, or just listen. If you're hungry, I'll cook, we can always order out or buy groceries, eat and cry/laugh. I will always do my best to be available...you are always welcome!!
This is an old value that has been lost to technology...a text, facetime, gif or emoji is NOT the equivalent.
Could at least one friend please copy this and post if you feel the same?

***Baggage- The fears and worries we carry, the inner child dialogue we play in our head, the insecurity we hold, the negative moments we linger on, bruises from relationships.
We can find joy in the present than hold space in the past.
Can it be accomplished?
YES with self awareness and self improvement
Let me help you help yourself ....
I would be honored... Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

See the trigger points on the feet? This is why I put essential oils on your feet at times in your session.

The Law of Attraction....

Reiki wakes up your chakras and makes them spin. We want our chakras to spin so they reconnect with the brain. When your chakras aren't spinning they no longer connect with the brain leaving you in fight or flight. This is when we have unexplained symptoms. Any symptom can be a result of the chakras no longer spinning or connecting with the brain. Those of you who are suffering, Please make an appointment you will be pleased with the results I PROMISE!! 315-408-7198 Namaste!

Good is good and bad is bad. Surround yourself in only the good.... Your true friends want to lift you up and it return you lift them up!

Possibilities are endless... open your mind and be AWARE without judgements! Happy New Year!!

After the holidays remember to replenish and take time to cleanse....

Love this!

Here is my energy channeled “Light Of Christ - Healing Hands” painting that represents so much healing, hope, resurrection and really a new covenant between mankind and heaven.

Please, if you think this energy and art is of benefit to the world, pay it forward and show it to someone else on FB, or to as many people as you can. It is really quite easy.

Learn more about it at: https://goo.gl/80Q3V


Heather Beerman on LinkedIn: “I say these things all…

linkedin.com I say these things all the time. I believe everyone should be centered and self awareness is a key factor in living peacefully. Just thought I would …

[11/06/17]   The four cornerstones of our foundation is a balanced day. Sending you prayers for peace, love, wellbeing and prosperity.

Who we are and what we choose today reflects our tomorrows. The profound power to create in a loving and gentle way is ours to claim today. *Great Spirit guide us in the ways of unconditional love and peace.

Heather Beerman Reiki Master

Please check out my website. It will soon be updated. I'm a medical intuitive and a non-donomanational Minister. I've been doing Reiki for almost 16 years and have never failed my client. YOU are the most important in every situation. Namaste

I am a Reiki Master of the Usui method. I also offer ionic footbaths...please check out my website for more information. www.heatherbeerman.com Thanks

I'm attracting the highest good for all! Namaste

[10/30/17]   I also do long distance Reiki if interested!!! Pm me

This is your energy field I will help you have balance. In return the body then becomes connected to the brain. All body functions return to a superior quality.....

[09/10/17]   I live in Clayton, NY and it only costs $45 for a 45 minute Reiki session. I also have 2 foot detox machines. Get a deep cleanse including muscle toxins, cellular debris, lymphatic, yeast, stomach, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, and liver! Did you know there are 2000 pores in your feet? That's how it works so well!! This is also $45 Or $60 depending on which machine you choose. 315 686 1264 or 315 408 7198. Please leave a message. I try to accommodate all schedules! Thank you

[09/06/17]   Check out www.heatherbeerman.com

[08/24/17]   Give reiki a try ....if nothing else it's a nice relaxing time... I have never had a client disappointed! I have been practicing on myself for the first five years and TEN years of practicing on people! I do kinesiology, Reiki, I'm a medical intuitive, I do ionic foot baths, and use therapeutic grade oils. My office is very peaceful surrounded by great energy. Call 315 408 7198 or 315 686 1264. Please leave a message I don't answer the phone while I'm practicing! Thank you so much!

Pamela Miles: Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care

Reiki helps EVERYTHING!

A woman takes Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe's advice to reach for healing in the aftermath of trauma and finds a Reiki treatment helpful.

Pamela Miles: Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care

Often Reiki is used before and after surgery!

Reiki treatment can help knee replacement patients reduce post-operative pain and leave the hospital sooner. We will talk about Reiki and medicine in tonight's Shift Network class -- last day to register https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/drPM/a16513/

Pamela Miles: Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care

Here's a very positive write-up about a Reiki business in Cedar Falls, Iowa. If you are a Reiki professional, have you reached out to your local media with a reason why they might feature your business?

[08/01/17]   One stress relief deal... pm or call or email me! Deal goes till tomorrow at 6 pm. Enjoy your evening!

Pamela Miles: Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care

What is shamanic Reiki?

What is shamanic Reiki, really?


How Reiki Works—The Science Bit.

I have people who won't go longer than 2 weeks for a treatment. It does work and you don't even have to believe in Reiki!

elephantjournal.com The first thing we should consider, and which we all learn in basic physics at school is that not everything is as it seems, and everything is made up of

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