Paws and Claws Animal Hospital

Paws and Claws Animal Hospital


🐱 🔸 Lost Cat 🔸 Please share 🔸 🐱 Please be on the lookout for Simba 💛 Orange/White male neutered cat, missing from South Covington KY since March. I miss him so much, and am trying everything I can to bring him home. CONTACT: 859.466.5146
Haven’t found alcohol. Can you use peroxide?
This is Barney Black Davies. He is a leap year little boy born Feb. 29, 2012. He loves his toys and treats. When his Mommy and Daddy go out of town, he lovingly goes to Paws and Claws Animal Hospital and the wonderful people give him his insulin shots and cuddle with him and his sister, Betty White. Happy 8th Birthday, Barney and thank you Paws and Claws for always taking great care of our four legged kids.
This is Betty White Davies. She is 8 years old today. She loves going to Paws and Claws when her Mommy and Daddy go out of town and she can’t stay home by herself. We love Paws and Claws.
Doc, I pray you are well, keep the faith :)
Thanks for helping us take care of our fur Babies... Bain and Titus Durham
Celebrating five years with this sweet beagle🐶💕 Cash is so lucky to have Dr. Hall and staff taking care of him from the very beginning❣️
My dogs love going, up and until they aren't excited to be there I will use them for all my veterinary needs!
I can’t get threw I think your phone lines are down.
Molly loves to play in the snow.
Bruno keeping me company today!
Just wanted to say you guys are amazing & to thank you for taking such good care of our Buddy today 💕

Please come visit our home page! You can take a virtual tour, read about the doctors and staff members, read the Dr.'s Blog, and check out the Pet Portal!!!

“Enzo” the Italian Greyhound came to visit us today his 2nd round of puppy vaccines. He stole our hearts and gave lots of kisses!

#pawsandclaws #weloveyourpet

Today we got to see patients of all sizes for their check ups. “Chloe” the chihuahua/jack Russell mix, weighing in at 1.8lbs! “Freya” the Bernese mountain dog who was so photogenic and “Brynne” the English Labrador who would do anything for a treat. Even with all the craziness in the world getting to see these cute faces makes everyone’s day better!!

#pawsandclaws #weloveyourpet

Yeeeehaww! 🤠 Dr. Hall and Ned are making the best of this situation! Wearing a mask doesn’t have to be so bad!
#PawsAndClawsAnimalHospital #ProtectingYourPets

“The force is strong in these two kittens!”
Jar Jar & Binx came in for their visit this morning, which is fitting because today is Star Wars day!!
#MayTheFourthBeWithYou #MayTheFurBeWithYou #PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPets

[04/29/20]   Good Morning everyone!

We are happy to announce that we just got word that we are now allowed to see all appointments and are no longer limited to “essential” and “emergency” visits. We are still practicing social distancing so at this time we are still curbside only. We are also checking every employees temperature before the start of each shift to be sure everyone is healthy and safe. We can now see your pet for routine visits, nail trims, anal gland expressions, routine surgeries and everything in between. We are back to our normal hours as well which are as follows:
Monday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am-12:00pm (for food & medication pick up)
Wednesday-Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

We appreciate all of our clients being so patient and understanding with us during this time and just ask that this please continue. We are so happy to be back & able to serve you and your pet in any way that we can! You can call the clinic any time during our hours to set up an appointment.

Thank you again!
Your Paws & Claws Family

Good morning everyone! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. To brighten everyone’s day we want to see pictures of how you and your pets are spending your time during quarantine. As you can see Ned is staying safe & healthy!! Please drop your pics below. 😀

#pawsandclaws #weloveyourpet

**no medical supplies were wasted for this photo

🦠 Lets clear the air about the COVID-19 virus and our furry family members.

📰See the attached article from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association for more information on this hot topic!

🧐In these times, it is also extremely important to get information from a credible source, as there are plenty of articles being shared with inaccurate information.

❤️🐾🖤 As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
#staysafe #weloveyourpets #covid19 #PawsandClaws

[04/02/20]   To all of our clients,

Due to the limitations on appointments we are allowed to see at this time due to COVID-19 we are adjusting our clinic hours. This will go into affect Friday April 3. We will now be open from 9:00am-5:00pm on Mondays and Wednesday-Friday. We will be open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm for food and medication pick up. This will only be temporary until everything is back to normal and we are able to resume our normal appointments and scheduling.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you all for being so understanding during this time and stay safe!

KVMA | KBVE Recommended Limitations on Services and Procedures

To the public regarding COVID-19,

Last week the state of KY mandated vets to only see essential visits, curbside only, to help decrease the spread of the Corona Virus. In total disregard of the mandate many clinics are still preforming non-essential visits such as: nail trims, anal gland expressions, vaccines, and basic grooming. These are being done against the state mandate for monetary gain and while also risking the spread of COVID-19. We here at Paws and Claws have decided your safety is more important at this time and we would like for you to remember the priorities of this clinic once our lives have returned to normal.
I encourage you to please share this with your friends and family. If other clinics are willing to risk your health as well as their families for money, how are you to trust them with your pets health in the future.

Dr. Tony Hall DVM 27 Mar KBVE Recommended Limitations on Services and Procedures Posted at 15:12h in COVID-19 by breightly 0 Likes The goal of the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners is to impress upon licensees the necessity to practice in a manner that incorporates the Governor’s Executive Orders and Directive...

[03/27/20]   ‼️‼️ATTENTION CLIENTS‼️‼️

We received an email today giving us some clarity on what we are allowed to do here at Paws & Claws. We are no longer allowed to see any non-essential visits. These include but are not limited to: vaccines, baths, shavedowns/grooming, nail trims, and basic blood draws. If you have a puppy/kitten we are still able to do their vaccines so they are fully protected as well as give rabies vaccines for pets who have never been vaccinated for rabies in the past. We are taking appointments on a case by case basis, so if you are unsure please call us and we will let you know if we are able to see you and your pet. If your pet is sick or you have an emergency we will be here to help.

We are also only seeing patients curbside. We are no longer allowed to have clients in the lobby. We ask that you call us from the parking lot & we will come to you. This includes all appointments, food & medication pickup.

Thank you so much for understanding and bearing with us during this difficult time. Everyone stay safe!

Savannah, a vet assistant here, got a new puppy! And we just couldn’t help but share this beautiful girl “Nala” with all of you!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

Paws and Claws Animal Hospital

So to get our minds off the craziness and unknown, let’s celebrate National Puppy Day!!
Post a picture of your pet in the comments it doesn’t have to be from when it was a puppy but if you have a photo of that we all know we love seeing puppies!!!

[03/23/20]   We have posted a few signs at the Clinic, we are asking that if you haven’t been feeling well to please call us before coming for an appointment. Also we are offering and encouraging CURBSIDE SERVICE, you can call from the parking lot and we will come out to your vehicle to retrieve your pet, and will then call with a total so you can pay over the phone.
If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!!

[03/23/20]   Wanted to let our awesome clients know, that we currently have a pretty good stock of Rubbing Alcohol.
We think it will last about a month, so hopefully by then the stock at the stores will be better!!
Thanks again for all of your help!!!!

[03/19/20]   If anyone has rubbing alcohol we are in need even just a bottle to spare we would greatly appreciate it.

If you are uncomfortable coming inside, you can leave it on our back porch and just message or comment here letting us know you left some. The bottles do need to be un-opened.

If you find several bottles and purchase them for us, we will happily reimburse you.

[03/18/20]   We want to keep our clients in the loop as we learn more in regards to COVID-19. This morning Dr Hall received an email from The KY Board of Veterinary Examiners stating they will push us vital information from the Governors Office as it becomes available.
They currently still consider us essential, however have requested that we defer all ellective surgeries at this time. Ellective surgeries include, but are not limited to Spays, Neuters, Declaws, and Dentals. There will certainly be exceptions for certain cases and we will handle those accordingly as they arise.
If you already have one of these procedures scheduled we will be in touch in the next few days to reschedule them.

We understand everything that is happening in the world right now is overwhelming and cumbersome but we just have to be there for each other and remember to be patient and kind. Also to any of our elderly clients if you are having difficulty getting groceries or your own medication please reach out to us we will be more than happy to help you. Please don’t hesitate.

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYouAndYourPet

Leading Veterinary Diagnostic Company Sees No COVID-19 Cases in Pets - IDEXX US

We at Paws and Claws wanted to reassure our clients that we are putting our best effort forward in sanitizing and cleaning. Fortunately we are a small clinic and see a smaller volume of customers at once.
For those who are elderly, immune compromised, or just concerned in general we will happily meet you in the parking lot.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you during this uneasy time.

#PawsandClaws #WeLoveYourPet Leading Veterinary Diagnostic Company Sees No COVID-19 Cases in Pets Thousands of canine and feline specimens tested surfaced no positive results to date

“Bella” & “Sissy” came to visit us today for a check up & they absolutely stole our hearts by hanging out in their “bye bye basket”. It was the cutest thing!

#pawsandclaws #weloveyourpet

It was puppy power hour yesterday when all these cutie pies came in for their first puppy visits! They not only had the fluffiest coats, but big personalities as well 🤩🤩
Could they be any cuter!!?
#weloveyourpet #pawsandclaws #pawpatrolpuppies

***UPDATE*** This sweet boy found a loving home 💙💙💙

This sleepy handsome boy is still looking for a loving home!! He is getting along well with our clinic cats and doing better with dogs. With proper introduction we feel he will adjust well with other cats or dogs.
Neutered and up to date on all vaccines and prevention. A little over a year old.
If you or someone you know is interested please contact the office for more information.
And if you can’t give this sweet boy a home please share to help him out!!

Paws and Claws Animal Hospital

Dental Health Month is coming to an end!! But it’s never to late to schedule a cleaning we do them year round. Please call with any questions!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet


Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into a Dental Cleaning? Come check out a behind the scenes look starring our friend "Piper"!


This big guy Mason was in today for his annual visit! He is such a handsome fella, and a good boy!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

Dr Tony had some help today from Dr Wade with the 6 Lab Puppies!! They are just so much fun!!!

Also 1 more male is looking for a new loving family!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

February is well under way, and here is glimpse of a few dentals we have done so far to help celebrate Dental Health Month!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet #PetDentalHealthMonth

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Did you know February is Pet Dental Health Month 🦷
Please call the office to schedule your pets cleaning and receive 15% off during the month of FEBRUARY!! Schaumburg, Ill. -- It's February, so it's time to think teeth.

“Cora” sure enjoyed day boarding with us and getting to play with Dr. Tony today!

#pawsandclaws #weloveyourpet

“Willie” came to visit us today to have a lump checked out on his chest. He was all smiles for us today & is such a handsome boy.

#pawsandclaws #weloveyourpet

Jasper was in today for his check up!! He is such a good boy for us!! And so super handsome!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

Such a sweet face to brighten this gloomy rainy day!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

This sweet guy was brought to us a stray who has been running around the Silver Grove area for the past few months. As far as anyone knows he doesn’t belong to anyone. He is not neutered & not microchipped. If he is yours please contact us at 859-694-7297.

Otherwise this boy will be on hold for 7 days and if nobody claims him we will neuter and vaccinate and he will be up for adoption soon!


Check out this handsome boy!!
🥰He is a 13 week old German Shepard🥰
He is 27lbs, and going to be a big boy!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

Mr. Pip was in today for a bath and lab-work, but not before he got some extra loving from Dr. Tony and some time relaxing in his office!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

He was one of the 8 puppies we saw in the beginning of December, he was in today with his new family for his second puppy visit!!!

#PawsAndClaws #WeLoveYourPet

“Zoey” came in for her last puppy visit and wow, we cannot get enough of the face!
Happy Saturday indeed!!🐾
#PawsandClaws #weloveyourpet

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