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I have a small suggestion regarding your nutritional shakes. Would you ever consider doing a plant based protein? I would love to try something without a whey base. I know that a lot of people bought new memberships with the fitness challenge taking place, so there may be some new vegans to add to the ones that are already missing out on shakes? Just a thought! :-)
Anyone catch the hours they're open today and whether there is child care or not?
What are your thoughts on saving spin bikes for your friends who might show up ??? Amy and I showed up today at 0920 for the Saturday 0930 spin . All bikes execpt 1 had a towel on them. I think there had to be some no shows as there was not that many people at the gym. We didn't stick around to see left and did other things.
Winner of week #8
What are the childcare fees like? I've been debating on getting a membership here because they offer childcare, and I have a 9m old, but the fees arent on the website.
Key found in men’s locker room, placed out of reach on counter.
Seems like some of the members need to learn some gym etiquette. Gotta love getting to the gym at 2am so I can rack other peoples weights...
Staffed hours, that’s a joke right? There is no staff here at the moment and it’s 6pm
Great Job Get Fit Challenge participants! Awesome people doing awesome things to stay healthy :)

Great Lakes Health & Fitness is Coldwater's Premier Fitness Center OPEN 24 HOURS Staffed Hours Monday & Wednesday 6am-7pm Tuesday & Thursday 8am-7pm Friday & Saturday 8am-1pm Sunday 9am-1pm

We view our members as not only our customers but as GOOD FRIENDS! It is our Ultimate goal to make your time here the "Best part of Your Day".

Operating as usual

Spin class with Trina tomorrow at 830. Hope to see you there!

Weekly winner is Mike Wibert!!!! Enjoy!

[11/03/20]   8 Week Challenge! Results for week #5
1 Waller Casey 13.23%
2 Summey Kathy 9.36%
3 Losinski Kirsten 8.92%
4 Foley Rachel 8.50%
5 Mathews Cherie 7.19%
6 Bollwahn Mary 6.47%
7 Miller Jessica 6.11%
8 Dickey Stasha 5.94%
9 Counterman Valerie 5.38%
10 Gomez Yvonne 5.14%
11 Burke Vicki 4.15%
12 Galinis Sara 3.98%
13 O'dell Nikki 3.65%
14 Nagle Chris 3.58%
15 Case Inelda 3.40%
16 Barry Erin 3.22%
17 Parshall Emily 3.17%
18 Vitto Alicia 3.03%
19 Mittelstadt Susan 2.67%
20 Harmon Kelsey 2.56%
21 Germann Sue 2.34%
22 Spradlin Chelsea 2.31%
23 Garn Megan 2.20%
24 Miller Amanda 1.95%
25 Lucas Amanda 1.88%
26 Nowicki Amy 1.81%
27 Marsh Debra 1.79%
28 Nutt Shannon 1.76%
29 Wulliman Annie 1.45%
30 McClughen Kelli 1.37%
31 Smith Josephine 1.36%
32 Burritt Jami 1.31%
33 Regan Erin 1.31%
34 Hayes Sara 1.30%
35 Hedstrom Madison 1.14%
36 Bowerman Mariah 1.10%
37 Gould Cathy 1.04%
38 Grabe Megan 0.68%
39 Porter Susan 0.68%
40 Harvey Kim 0.63%
41 Ennis Gretchen 0.29%
42 Angel Ashley 0.12%
43 Bruning Donna 0.11%
Name % Lost Week #5
1 Sueed Zakeriyz 10.30%
2 Barry Matt 9.10%
3 McClellan Cody 7.99%
4 Miller Jason 6.49%
5 Wheaton Nicholas 6.04%
6 VanMeulen Jeff 5.93%
7 VerMuelen Rylee 5.81%
8 Houtz Jon 4.81%
9 Ennis Jarad 4.69%
10 Foley John 3.68%
11 Findley Henry 2.53%
12 Mathis David 2.34%
13 Baker Nelson 2.05%
14 Steffey Don 1.64%
15 Hemker Tony 1.54%
16 Fuller Corey 1.42%
17 Craig Andrew 1.10%
18 Motta Patrick 0.92%
19 Metz Matt 0.72%
20 Burritt Dave 0.17%

Don’t forget Battle of the Decades GLOW Spin at 4:30 today with Brooke! ☺️

[11/03/20]   We're open!!! Sorry about the delay. The power outage knocked out our barcode scanner. Have a great day everyone!

Don’t forget spin class at 5:15pm today!

Come join Brooke this Tuesday for a Battle of the Decades GLOW Spin!!

Dress up as your favorite decade band to win a prize!

Song requests are always accepted, leave yours in comments below!

Can’t wait to see you there!! ☺️☺️

Yesterday was the kickoff to Planksgiving!

If you missed the first day then you have to do 2 planks today.
Day one was a standard plank
Today is a side plank (below is the different variations of a side plank) Hold as long as you can then switch sides and hold the same amount of time.

We're all set up in our cafe' to start collecting can/dry goods! We also have a freezer available if you'd like to donate a turkey!

Drop a comment below to tell us one thing your thankful for today. Start journaling each day one thing your thankful for, Big or Small.


Happy Halloween!!! It was a fantastic day! Thank you to everyone who came out! 🧡🖤 we love our members! So many great costumes!

[10/31/20]   Wear a costume to the gym today and get a free prize!!
Happy Halloween!!!!

Ashley and her 5am group had fun with glow spin!!!!

[10/30/20]   Members what are your thoughts about a NOON workout lifting class? Would you come? Drop a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Are there benefits to working out at this time? Yes, Exercising at noon (or thereabouts) increases your metabolism for the rest of your workday instead of just the evening hours. It also invigorates you, getting you more easily through the usual afternoon slump.


[10/28/20]   Glow Spin Today @5:15pm with Magan!


Join Anna & Jodie for a fun PUMP-Kin workout!!!
Friday @ 9:30am with Anna
Saturday @ 8:30am with Jodie

Drop a comment below to reserve your spot!

[10/27/20]   Week #4


1 Waller Casey 11.82%
2 Losinski Kirsten 8.38%
3 Summey Kathy 8.21%
4 Mathews Cherie 7.19%
5 Foley Rachel 6.93%
6 Miller Jessica 6.11%
7 Counterman Valerie 5.64%
8 Bollwahn Mary 5.53%
9 Gomez Yvonne 4.47%
10 Dickey Stasha 4.19%
11 Burke Vicki 4.15%
12 Galinis Sara 3.98%
13 Nagle Chris 3.58%
14 Case Inelda 3.40%
15 Barry Erin 3.22%
16 Parshall Emily 3.17%
17 Vitto Alicia 3.03%
18 Germann Sue 2.92%
19 Mittelstadt Susan 2.67%
20 O'dell Nikki 2.67%
21 Garn Megan 2.61%
22 Harmon Kelsey 2.56%
23 Spradlin Chelsea 2.31%
24 Hedstrom Madison 2.27%
25 Marsh Debra 2.17%
26 Nowicki Amy 1.81%
27 Nutt Shannon 1.76%
28 Wulliman Annie 1.45%
29 McClughen Kelli 1.37%
30 Smith Josephine 1.36%
31 Burritt Jami 1.31%
32 Regan Erin 1.31%
33 Hayes Sara 1.30%
34 Harvey Kim 1.25%
35 Lucas Amanda 1.11%
36 Miller Amanda 1.10%
37 Bowerman Mariah 1.10%
38 Gould Cathy 1.04%
39 Porter Susan 1.02%
40 Grabe Megan 0.68%
41 King Rose 0.38%
42 Ennis Gretchen 0.29%
43 Angel Ashley 0.12%

Name % Lost Week #4
1 Sueed Zakeriyz 10.30%
2 Barry Matt 9.10%
3 McClellan Cody 7.17%
4 Miller Jason 6.49%
5 VanMeulen Jeff 5.58%
6 Wheaton Nicholas 5.39%
7 Ennis Jarad 4.69%
8 Houtz Jon 4.13%
9 Foley John 2.91%
10 VerMuelen Rylee 2.90%
11 Findley Henry 2.36%
12 Mathis David 1.95%
13 Steffey Don 1.73%
14 Hemker Tony 1.54%
15 Fuller Corey 1.42%
16 Craig Andrew 1.10%
17 Baker Nelson 0.59%
18 Motta Patrick 0.31%
19 Hinson Don 0.30%
20 Burritt Dave 0.17%

Weight loss challenge! Check out this weekly prize!!! Perfect for days like today!!! The winner of this cozy gift is.....ERIN REGAN!!!!

8 week challenge!! Did you weigh-in yesterday? If not, you can still weigh-in today!!! Open until 7pm :-) After this, only 3 more to go!

[10/26/20]   GLOW IN THE DARK SPIN WITH BROOKE @4:30pm Tuesday!!!!
Who's coming?? Drop a comment below to reserve a bike

[10/24/20]   Kickoff your Saturday with Jodie & Mariah
8:30 Step Fusion
9:30 Spinning
See you there!

PLANKSGIVING!!! Starting Sunday, November 1st
We're changing Thanksgiving to Planksgiving for this fun 30-day challenge. When you join us for this challenge, for the month of November, we will all be doing a plank, giving, and thanking.

For the plank challenge, a different plank is listed each day for 30 days. You will hold (or do) each plank for 30 seconds to begin with. If you are more advanced, the next time you have that same type of plank try to double your time. If you are more of a beginner try adding 10 seconds each time you see that same plank listed again.

On Thanksgiving (which falls on November 26th this year), you have a combo of planks. This means that you will do each type of plank that you have been working on (for a total of 7 different planks).

This giving part of the challenge will be set up in our cafe'. We'll be collecting can/dry goods to give to our local food pantry. We'll also have a freezer available if you'd like to donate a turkey!

Write down something you are thankful for each day (no matter how small)

This awesome 5am group did barbells for boobs this morning for breast cancer awareness! They currently raised $101 towards cancer society! Way to go!!! What an amazing act of kindness! ❤️

Just a reminder that Step Class starts at 5:30 pm today!

Drop a comment below to reserve your spot!

Weekend Workout!
8:30am Step with Jodie
9:30am Spinning with Mariah

10am Spinning with Trina

Our weekly winner is Jon Houtz!!!!! Congrats!!! Enjoy your new cooler and protein snacks and drinks!

Congrats to sweet Cozette! She was last week's weekly winner!

[10/20/20]   Weight Loss Challenge Week #3

1 Waller Casey 9.87%
2 Losinski Kirsten 7.30%
3 Summey Kathy 6.98%
4 Mathews Cherie 6.12%
5 Miller Jessica 5.59%
6 Foley Rachel 5.37%
7 Counterman Valerie 4.59%
8 Burke Vicki 4.51%
9 Dickey Stasha 4.19%
10 Gomez Yvonne 3.81%
11 Parshall Emily 3.81%
12 Bollwahn Mary 3.65%
13 Nagle Chris 3.58%
14 Bowerman Mariah 3.53%
15 Barry Erin 3.22%
16 Vitto Alicia 3.03%
17 Germann Sue 2.53%
18 Hedstrom Madison 2.50%
19 McClughen Kelli 2.40%
20 Case Inelda 2.35%
21 Mittelstadt Susan 2.34%
22 Spradlin Chelsea 2.31%
23 Harmon Kelsey 2.26%
24 Gould Cathy 1.95%
25 Smith Josephine 1.90%
26 Marsh Debra 1.89%
27 Nowicki Amy 1.81%
28 Garn Megan 1.80%
29 Nutt Shannon 1.76%
30 Wulliman Annie 1.45%
31 Lucas Amanda 1.44%
32 Burritt Jami 1.31%
33 Regan Erin 1.31%
34 Hayes Sara 1.30%
35 Harvey Kim 1.25%
36 O'dell Nikki 1.25%
37 Johannes Dawn 1.09%
38 Miller Amanda 0.98%
39 Galinis Sara 0.85%
40 Porter Susan 0.79%
41 Simonds Becky 0.78%
42 Grabe Megan 0.68%
43 Ennis Gretchen 0.29%
44 King Rose 0.19%

1 Sueed Zakeriyz 9.14%
2 Barry Matt 9.10%
3 Miller Jason 6.23%
4 McClellan Cody 5.87%
5 VanMeulen Jeff 4.80%
6 VerMuelen Rylee 4.70%
7 Ennis Jarad 4.69%
8 Houtz Jon 3.08%
9 Findley Henry 2.80%
10 Wheaton Nicholas 2.47%
11 Steffey Don 2.45%
12 Foley John 1.84%
13 Motta Patrick 1.64%
14 Fuller Corey 1.42%
15 Mathis David 1.07%
16 Hemker Tony 0.73%
17 Baker Nelson 0.59%
18 Craig Andrew 0.50%
19 Hinson Don 0.30%
20 Burritt Dave 0.17%

Spinners! Remember to push the bottom back!! 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️

[10/20/20]   Spinning @ 4:30 TODAY with Mariah 🔥🔥

Drop a comment below to reserve a bike!

**SATURDAY'S SPIN IS ALMOST FULL! ONLY 2 Fitzone bikes available!

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