Fischer Veterinary Clinic

Fischer Veterinary Clinic


Princess has gone missing at Waffle Farm Campground Saturday Aug 8, 2020. She is not familiar with the area. She is a scaredy-cat. Probably hiding under a porch or tarp. She is a grey n white short hair weighing 16 pounds. Reward for return. Please email me ASAP IF FOUND . [email protected].
Lost dog! If seen, please DON'T CHASE! Call this number. Please share.
It's extremely sad that when I've brought my pets there for as long as I have, that I was not allowed to bring in my dog when she had severe mastitis Monday and was told at 7:30 in the morning I had to wait until 3:00 that afternoon to get in, unless someone cancelled. So that's how to treat an emergency ????? It's too bad, as I really like Doc Fischer, but his daughter/assistant is something beyond belief. He actually had to tell her to shut up once when she was running her mouth negatively while I was there. She does not have enough sense to be kind or to know when to shut her BIG mouth ! My dog had to have emergency surgery that morning and she denied my brining my dog in. You mam will be the demise of your father's practice ! You disgust me !! People are learning of your disgusting behavior and nasty attitude. You need to leave before your father loses his business because of you !
Found a dog in Colon. Wondering if it looks familiar to anyone.

Serving the Branch County Community since 1981. We are happily continuing our Practice in Coldwater and look forward to seeing you and your pet!

Dr. Fischer is happy to spread the word that he has NOT retried and isn't planning to for a very long time. Serving select Large Animals, Small Animals and Exotic pets!

Operating as usual


The Dodo

This is the best story!

150-pound golden retriever loses 60 pounds and can't stop wagging his tail 😍


We had fun this evening welcoming new babies into the world!

[08/11/20]   We will be closed Wednesday August 12th and out of the office. Thank you for your understanding.


Fischer Veterinary Clinic



The governor has lifted our restrictions!! Starting May 29th. We are now able to do spays, neuters, nail trims and all desired services!! I’ll be working on our waiting list starting today!

We will continue to use our safety protocols we already have in place.


If you have an animal that needs spayed/neutered... call Erin 278-5992 and make sure you tell me who you are. We are still under restrictions but have a workable game plan in place!


Happy Saturday!

We were desperately hoping in Gov. Whitmer’s press conference yesterday that she would’ve eased the restrictions on Veterinary Medicine. Unfortunately, she did not; even though we are able to safely practice with enhanced safety measures.

With that, we have discussed how best to proceed for everyone. From a business standpoint, the Executive Order targeting veterinarians has been crippling for us (and other vets following it). Unlike other veterinarians showing blatant disregard for the EO, we have not. For the last 3 weeks we have practiced in its scope. We are proud to say for the next 3 weeks we will as well. Some of you will still need us in this time and we want to be here for you! We discussed closing a few days a week and self limiting to save money. But your needs are important to us and we want to be there every day we can for you. So we will still be open Monday through Friday.

We will still be here for your sick pets, your heart worm & flea/tick needs as well as many other things!

We are forming a wait list for spays/neuters and will be scheduling for mid May starting on May 1.

We’re almost there! Hang in there! And questions please call 278-5992 M-F.

Stay safe & healthy!


Hoping sunshine & warmer temps arrive again soon!


As an addendum to our other post, for the time being we are shortening our hours to 9am to 4pm Monday - Friday. Unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Fischer or Erin.

During these times please use 278-5992. Outside of these hours, our Emergency phone number is 517-317-4570

We’ll all get through this together.


Dear Clients,

Yesterday Governor Whitmer signed an executive order that starts today. Previously, veterinary medicine was deemed essential; her executive order takes that away( NO other states have done this). I am including screen shots at the bottom of this post.

Luckily, there are still things we will be able to help you with. We can still:
- see your pets on an emergency basis
- See and treat your sick/infectious pets
- Vaccinate your puppies
- Vaccinate your older dogs that have never been previously vaccinated
- Rabies vaccinations at any age/species
- Non routine surgery (ie potentially cancerous tumors, wound repair, anything potentially life threatening)
- See your pets that are in Pain
- Our Large animal clients can still be serviced to the fullest extent.

What we will be delaying services on is
- Routine surgeries such as spays and neuters
- Routine vaccinations for healthy, previously well vaccinated adults.
- No nail trims (we are happy to advise you how to do this yourself)
-no tail docs/dew claw removal for puppies

What we are working on (because it’s unclear in the EO)
- dispensing of medications

Please feel free to call Erin at 278-5992 with any questions you may have. It’s a scary time for all of us. Please be patient and understand that we are trying to figure out the best way to help you while staying compliant with the Executive Order. 03/20/2020

Homeland Security Recognizes Agriculture as Critical Industry

We now have the ability to stay open even if Safety In Place measures are taken. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued guidance on critical industry workforce that should continue as the country addresses and responds to the coronavirus outbreak. U.S. food and agriculture was included.


As I posted on Saturday, we are still staying open for routine & emergency services. A few things we do ask
1. Please come at your appointment time. This will help us control the flow of people in & out.
2. If you need to add a service or pet, please ok it ahead of time, we may need to change your times to make it work for everyone.
3. Please no more than 1 human per appointment in the clinic. If more need to come, please leave them in the vehicle if safe.
4. If you are feeling under the weather for any reason, please reschedule!
5. If you are needing to pick up medicine or supplies, call before you come and come in the office one at a time if someone is already here.

Thank you all for helping us help you during this trying time.


To all of our clients,
We will be taking appointments during this time, as normal. We assure you we will only work if we are in a healthy state. Therefore We ask the same of you. If for any reason you are feeling under the weather by the slightest chance, sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever or overly tired, please call or message. There will be no cancellation fees. The only thing we ask is that you let us know.
We are taking all measures to keep ourselves and our families healthy and care deeply that your families stay the same. We appreciate all of you and want the best for you, your family & pets.



Please take precautions to keep your self & your pets & livestock safe!

Hot, Hot, Hot.....


!!UPDATE!! Fiona has been FOUND! Thanks to all who shared

Missing since this past weekend!


It is the buggy season!

Repeat with me: "I should not eat bees..!!!" 🐶🤦 :) 05/11/2019

Woman dies of rabies after bite from puppy she rescued

Be careful. An animal lover died after being bitten by a puppy she rescued that was infected with rabies, according to reports. Birgitte Kallestad passed away Monday — more than two months after taking in the …


Not good ladies & gents. Rabies is a disease to be taken very seriously. And there is a new form of Distemper being reported brought in from Korea (I believe.). Be vigilant with your pets health.

The VERY real perils of retail rescue.

[01/30/19]   We are open today until 4 if you need us. However, we do recommend you & your pets stay in and stay warm if you can. 01/16/2019

More dog food brands recalled for elevated Vitamin D levels - WOWO 1190 AM | 107.5 FM

Careful, you can get some of these around here NATIONWIDE, (WOWO) – More dog food brands have been added to the recall list for elevated levels of Vitamin D. Last month, WOWO reported Sunshine Mills, Inc. recalled select products of Evolve Puppy, Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy and Triumph Chicken and Rice Dog Food. RELATED: Sunshine Mil... 01/12/2019

Dog disease linked to certain pet foods has owners worried sick

Why grain free should only be used with a grain allergy. If you suspect a food allergy, let’s test instead of using grain free food when not necessarily needed! Imagine feeding your dog a food that's slowly taking years of their life. Most pet owners wouldn't think of such a thing, but it's happening all over the country.


Another missing. We would also be a safe drop off point for Miss Nova.


Lost dog, please keep an eye out.


Country Sugar

Holy smokes! How cute is this?!?

Just a calf trying to catch snowflakes with his tongue.❤️😃


Santa’s most important document for travel! 12/21/2018

Groves woman warns pet owners of dangerous ingredient in sugar-free candy canes after dog dies

Xylitol is bad news! It’s in so much of our products. Try to keep it out of your home for your pets safety! "Somehow I feel like I failed her by leaving candy canes on the table," Harleigh's owner, Darla Martinez, of Groves, Texas, told 12 News.

[12/07/18]   Give your pet the gift of HOME for the holidays.

Microchip Sale: $25/chip with no Office Visit. Savings of $35!

Call for your appointment today!

[12/07/18]   Holiday Hours:
12/24: 9-12
12/25: Closed
12/26: 7:30-4
12/27: 7:30-5
12/28: 7:30-4

12/31: 9-12
1/1 Closed
1/2: 7:30-4
1/3: 7:30-5
1/4: 7:30-4 12/06/2018

FDA Alerts Pet Owners about Potentially Toxic Levels of Vitamin D in Several Dry Pet Foods

Another group of Recalls to keep an eye on The FDA is investigating the presence of elevated, potentially toxic levels of vitamin D in several dry pet foodsVitamin D in very high amounts can cause serious health problems like kidney failure or death. 11/13/2018

RECALL: Dry dog food recalled due to excessive vomiting

Always keep an eye on the usda website for recalls The products were sold nationwide and anyone who purchased any of the products, should dispose of it or return it for a full refund.


Quirky Momma


So true!


This is Tucker, he is a client of ours. Tucker ran away from home Sunday night. He lives near Lincoln school and was last seen early Monday morning near Rick’s Party Store. He is intact, no microchip, wearing a black collar with no tags.

His mom is very worried, if you’ve seen Tucker please call Cindy 517-278-2406 or 517-677-3399

[09/12/18]   We apologize that our phones are down today. We have contacted Spectrum and are in the process of getting it fixed. Please feel free to call the 278-5992 number, it will be forwarded to a cell phone. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you, our cell phone isn’t handling a large volume of calls well. Or please PM us here and we will get back to you.

Thank you.


Clinician's Brief

A tribute to the extraordinary canines that were present at ground zero.


American Heartworm Society

In remembrance of all who lost their lives and those who risked their lives on September 11th.




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