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Parkinson PhysioFit is rebranding to help you reach your Max Capacity! Our goal is to help those with Parkinson's and other neurologic diagnoses access ongoing specialized and innovative fitness training.


Parkinson Association of the Rockies

Today is World Parkinson’s Day!

Our community is taking a stand today by getting proclamations signed declaring April Parkinson’s Awareness Month, signing up for events to help raise critical funds, and helping spread awareness of Parkinson’s.

Join our community and take stand to show your support today!

Visit to learn ways to get involved.


Parkinson's Awareness



When your client teaches your baby his colors while working core and coordination! Win win! Multitasking to the Max!


Fun 80s playlist for your weekend workout!


Look out Jimmy Choi - Fox Ninja! We are getting ready to work out 🏋🏻‍♀️ with you at the Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery retreat!


Functional fitness furniture moving! Available for hire! Sorry not sorry my sofa is so heavy, M! 💪

Jimmy Choi - Fox Ninja

Lolol! Wonder if this would work with cats?! Let’s find out! 🐈

Just a few after dinner sets with 75lb Holly. Such a chill dog. She puts up with a lot of shenanigans.


Jumping around today working on strength, balance and power! Such hard work! Fun to watch people do things they couldn’t do a few years ago!

Davis Phinney Foundation

Davis Phinney Foundation

"It’s been four years since my diagnosis, and my neurologist believes that my commitment to intense training has slowed the progression of my symptoms.

I believe you’ve gotta sweat. A stroll on the beach, although good for the soul, and I recommend that too, doesn’t accomplish much in slowing down Parkinson’s."

Tom Sheppard tells us how being active has helped him live well with Parkinson's.


Mighty Max is getting his Power Punch on! He’s ready for the ring!

Jimmy Choi - Fox Ninja

Daaaaaaaaang!!! Maybe don’t try this at home, though!

2AM hotel room workouts... no one came and yelled at me for using equipment for their “non-intended” use. Working on balance after a short treadmill 5k. I tell you, that little tremor throws the rest of the body off whack more than you can imagine.

901 Physical Therapy

When you're older but not "old"! YAAASSS!!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be 72 and still moving this well with this much strength?! Starting NOW by addressing areas of weakness and lack of mobility will set you up for a long life of healthy movement and enjoying a strong body! Movement is medicine, and we can show you how. 💪🏼

THURSDAY MOTIVATION!!! I showed Lauren these mayweathers for the first time today..😭..She’s a natural! Let me see that birth certificate! There is no way you are 72!

Brian Grant Foundation

Check out our friends at The Parkinson's Fitness Project and Brian Grant Foundation ! Love it!

We're bringing you a Move of the Month in 2019. This month we're focusing on amplitude training to help you with small movements that are a common symptom of Parkinson's. Visit to learn more.

Dancing Hands - PWR! Instructor SteveMiller

Spirit finger alert!! Here is a great quick hand workout that may improve fine motor function and handwriting!

Add some music and give yourself a 👏🏻 !!

Parkinson's wants to create small cupped hands and flexed fingers. Work on activating the extensors and practice BIG HAND exercises to counteract the flexed ...


When life gives you a shopping cart outside your gym, you fill it with weights and work on resisted walking! 🛒 🍋 👍


🏋🏻‍♀️Starting the week off strong! Excited to get back to working with clients on their fitness goals and have fun while doing it! 💪


Play your hand well!

Exercise is your trump card. Play it.

The Prehab Guys

Love this sleep prep plan, especially if you tend to tighten up overnight. Use a chair for balance if needed. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️😴

Episode 765: Sleep Routine [5 Stretch's For You Before Bed]
Here is an easy night time mobility flow. This will help with a few things:
✅Calming down your nervous system prior to sleeping. Which is why I emphasis importance of breathwork while performing this
✅Improve Recovery after an intense workout
✅Improve tissue extensibility or flexibility
Here are 5 different exercises you should implement to your sleep routing, the first three are dynamic stretch's, the following two are static holds. With all of these focus on your breathe, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

1️⃣Hip Flexion to hamstring stretch (perform 5 repetition's per side)
2️⃣Hip Adductors to Hip Flexor stretch (perform 5 repetition's per side)
3️⃣Modified Downward


Use a bulldozer!

Research is supporting aerobic exercise has a positive effect on memory and cognition.

Rogue Physical Therapy & Wellness

Rogue Physical Therapy & Wellness

More support for what we are doing!


“Our study is observational and exploratory, but upon independent validation patients should be informed in the early stages of PD about the need to immediately start reducing their cardiovascular risk factors including optimal control of blood pressure and type 2 diabetes,” wrote first author Brit Mollenhauer, MD, of Paracelsus-Elena-Klinik (Kassel, Germany), and colleagues with the DeNoPa Study Group.

“[C]linicians should pay attention to lifestyle interventions, including nutritional and physical activity in middle age even before the onset of PD,” they advised”

Dr. Laurie K Mischley

Dr. Laurie K Mischley

This is a big deal!
This very effective, non-invasive treatment for tremor was just approved by the FDA.

Thrive Physical Therapy - Rochester, NY

Exercise, exercise, exercise, right? But what does it DO? Have you heard of BDNF?

It stands for “brain derived neurotrophic factor” and this protein plays an important role in protecting those precious dopamine producing cells that we all have and need in our bodies but are short in supply for people with Parkinson’s.

Studies show that appropriately dosed and intense exercise can raise BDNF levels in the brain! 🧠

This is evidence that exercise is neuro protective!

More exercise ⏩more BDNF ⏩more dopamine producing cells ⏩ less severe Parkinson’s (both movement and mood symptoms!!!)

Have you heard of BDNF?

It stands for “brain derived neurotrophic factor” and this protein plays an important role in protecting those precious dopamine producing cells that we all have and need in our bodies but are short in supply for people with Parkinson’s.

Studies show that appropriately dosed and intense exercise can raise BDNF levels in the brain! 🧠

This is evidence that exercise is neuro protective!

More exercise ⏩more BDNF ⏩more dopamine producing cells ⏩ less severe Parkinson’s (both movement and mood symptoms!!!)

What Is Vascular (Multi-Infarct) Parkinsonism?

President George H.W. Bush was diagnosed with vascular Parkinsonism, as opposed to the more common idiopathic Parkinson's disease. Read this excellent and brief summary for more information.

What Is Vascular (Multi-Infarct) Parkinsonism? December 9, 2018 KimberlyParkinsons No Comments With the recent passing of former President George H.W. Bush, whose cause of death was listed as “vascular parkinsonism”, many of my fighters are asking me, “What Is Vascular Parkinson’s?” Vascul...

Brian Grant Foundation

Please pass the plants! 🌱 Thanks Brian Grant Foundation

For people with Parkinson’s, certain types of foods are better than others. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite Parkinson’s-friendly recipes to serve at your next holiday gathering.

Parkinson Wellness Recovery

Please take a moment to participate in a survey on complementary care.

I want to encourage all our PWR!Gym members and anyone with PD to participate in this very important study trying to identify the lifestyle factors associated with slower disease progression! This information may help people in the future by providing information about what you can do to stay better and live well with PD. Dr. Mischley has already identified many of these factors related to diet, social connection, and exercise (type of exercise and intensity) and these type of studies are more powerful the larger they are! If you want to learn more about how exciting this is and what she has learned to date, check out this article and watch one of her videos. - Becky Farley

DopaFit-Parkinson's Movement Center

Great boxing video! Thanks DopaFit-Parkinson's Wellness Center

In this video, we give you a couple exercises to do when you can not make it to your Parkinson’s boxing class.
First, we work on our 1-2 combo. The focus is on extension of your arms and keeping those hands up. A lot of people living with PD have frozen shoulders. Making sure we reach with our punches can help gain a better range of motion.
Along with a 1-2 combo is some jumping jacks. We demonstrate a few different methods that make jumping jacks accessible for everyone.
Next, we work on our lead hook or also called 3. A fun combination to work on is a 1-2-3 or 1-3-2. A 1-3-2 combo challenges the brain because we have to throw two punches with the same hand back to back.
We hope you enjoy and you can find more videos like this on our website


Great summary!

"Habitual Exercisers Versus Sedentary Subjects with Parkinson’s Disease
This month’s research corner highlights the best evidence to date for why you need to exercise starting from diagnosis (even before) and not stop when you are diagnosed with Parkinson disease (PD)…. And, it explains what we mean when we say “Exercise is a physiological tool in your fight against Parkinson disease.” Since it is one of my favorites, I have taken the time to summarize it for everyone. See you at the PWR!Gym! Becky . . ."



It's all in how you see things...

Brian Grant Foundation

Brian Grant Foundation

Just in time for the holidays! Our cooking guide has everything you need to prepare meals and eat a healthy diet with Parkinson's. Visit our website to download your free copy.


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