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Winter Solstice 2022: Sunrise Live from Stonehenge 12/22/2022

Winter Solstice 2022: Sunrise Live from Stonehenge

Winter Solstice 2022: Sunrise Live from Stonehenge Watch the winter solstice sunrise LIVE from Stonehenge, wherever you are in the world! Watch the sunrise over the Stone Circle as people celebrate midwinter ...



AUTUMN EQUINOX 2022 ACTIVATION First quarterly activation by the Lyra & Atlantis connection. Breathing a series of new energies, Deconstructing summer Enlivening the Autumnal Earth Messages This live channel and activation is the third in a series of Initializations and Activations by the Lyra-Atlantis Connection and your hostess...

Deja Brew 09/19/2022

Deja Brew

Wow! I am rolling right along with my radio broadcast and loving every minute of it! This morning I did a 15 minute morning broadcast with the Lyra-Atlantis Connection to give my listners a weekly dose of Deja Brew! Eh, I might play around with the name a bit, still the same great content.

Deja Brew A little Deja Brew goes a long way! Take a break from life and allow the Lyra & Atlantis Connection to brighten your day!



Broadcasting live tonight @ 8:30 pm MDT!

8:8:8 STARGATE INITIALIZATION BY LYRA & ATLANTIS CONNECTION Today is the Triple 8 stargate. The Triple 8 stargate is a powerful time in the universe as it signifies a universal change in all sentient beings. The universal template for today is the Initialization of the Triple 8's. In numerology 8 is recognized as power of wealth. Therefore, today we will be....

Dandelions Versus COVID-19 and Other Diseases 01/02/2022

Dandelions Versus COVID-19 and Other Diseases

Who would have thought Dandelion is effective against Covid-19?

Dandelions Versus COVID-19 and Other Diseases Dandelions can feed people as well as hungry bees in spring. Now researchers are discovering more about its medicinal qualities.


Shifting from Pandemic Mindset to Individual Well-being Beginning January 3rd, 2022

When Should You Be Ungrateful? - Using The Power of an Un-Gratitude List! 11/25/2021

When Should You Be Ungrateful? - Using The Power of an Un-Gratitude List!

Watching Robert Ohotto's Video made me more aware of what I truly am grateful for and for what I am not. When scrolling through today's FB and other social media posts and you feel a pit in your stomach when you see all the "be gratitude Thanksgiving posts, you will know why. Please take time to watch this video and sit down with your self and own your own truth and no one else.

When Should You Be Ungrateful? - Using The Power of an Un-Gratitude List! It’s officially the Holiday Season, and tis the season to be grateful…or is it? Do you really feel grateful? Or, if you’re honest, are there some things in y...

Timeline photos 04/09/2021

Timeline photos

In general, most medical experts agree that aromatherapy is a safer option for pregnant women as opposed to topical applications. This simply means that you should use your essential oils in a diffuser rather than applying them to your skin.

Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy:

fennel, clary sage, marjoram, tarragon, caraway, cinnamon, thuja, mugwort, birch, wintergreen, basil (estragole CT), camphor, hyssop, aniseed, sage, tansy, wormwood, parsley seed or leaf, and pennyroyal.

Timeline photos 04/06/2021

Timeline photos

The essential oil from clove has been used for its medicinal properties, including its antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antiviral activity, and also has been shown to display anti-inflammatory, cytotoxic, insect repellent, and anesthetic properties.

It’s official: Voters decide to reintroduce wolves in Colorado 11/06/2020

It’s official: Voters decide to reintroduce wolves in Colorado

Yes!!!! Our wolves are coming home!!!

It’s official: Voters decide to reintroduce wolves in Colorado Proposition 114 passed as a flurry of Front Range-votes widened the initiative’s margin of victory, paving the way for the animals’ return to the Western Slope.


Health is a HABIT, not an EVENT.

What are you doing this week to improve your health? Let us know in the comments below.

Remember, every small choice in the right direction adds up to incredible results over time.

Sun in Libra 09/27/2020

Sun in Libra

Sun in Libra Balancing the scales in favor of life. Libra a universal sign for balance moving from extreme to extreme centering on the initiatives while grounding the abstracts. Libra is a magnificent time of the year where all signs unite under harmony and justice. The Libra house is designated to fulfill its d...


Top 3 Tips Pets & Essential Oils

Wow! Dana And Orey in the war room again!!!

Live Sessions Are Now On! 04/13/2020

Live Sessions Are Now On!

Nature Restoring Life's new way of staying connected and staying in business.

Live Sessions Are Now On! We're going online to bring you what you need - digitally.


How can we live upon mother earth as a guest rather than a master?


How bout something beautiful today? How can Nature add more beauty to your life?

Fallen petals of wisteria flowers became a beautiful purple carpet 😍

📸 by: [IG]


Crosposted from my Circle of Stones page:
Be patient my brothers and sisters of the Earth. Just breathe, stay grounded and centered. Get off social media and TV if you have to kill the anxiety and fear and go wander out in the forest and just breath and feel alive. Allow the green fire to spread into your energy field and in your veins. Call forth your deity to help guide you. WE just deleted a massive amount of timelines and more are deleting. We are shifting into new Earth. I am working on my business site at the moment to bring forth clarity for health and wellness. Therefore due to work, school, Mercury Retrograde and of course a recovery from bronchitis, I am moving slow. This is not a time for fast anything, its a time to slow down be aware of your emotions, your feelings, your faith, your family, health and welfare. Hold your family and loved ones close. Keep your spirits up and go play with the fae in the forest. I am working on something for you and it started with the Susan W**d and John Asaraf posts. If I have to repost from other experts on this page which is was not my orginal intention, I will do so because I feel thier message is loud, clear and worthy of value to your personal and your family's health and wellness. Also, I am digging around on my website and my older blog posts and updating and reposting those to be a of value.The website is almost updated for spring. Also, I do long distance Reiki treatments and I am set up to take online paymentsand I have a student who will be mastering and he will be available to help with long distance reiki treatments as well. Remember my people, breath.


Life always springs from death. Nature sees to this on a yearly cycle. What is springing to life after your yearly cycle of death and how is it transforming you to life?

Lacarria masoniae growing from an opossum's carcass 🍄

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