Dr. Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter, DO is the first doctor in Southern Colorado to offer both SmartLipo™ and Vaser LipoSelection®. He is board-certified in family medicine.

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Free @miradry Consultations at Glow Aesthetic Medicine so call today!!
2020 is the year to Sweat Less and Live More™. So go ahead and check that first New Year's resolution off with miraDry, your solution to underarm sweat and odor.
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Looking for a way to not only stop hair loss, but actually increase the thickness, density, and fullness of your hair? Hair Microneedling with @anteageskin solution is a hormone-free, natural way to do just that! The results truly speak for themselves.

Ask about our treatment options today!

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Call Glow Aesthetic Medicine for your free body sculpting consultation with Dr. Carter!! Thank you KIDO for the amazing interview. 719-598-2000 Or visit us at www.glowam.com #KRDO #smartlipo vs #liposuction #vaserlipo #trusculpt3d vrs. #coolsculpting #newyearsresolution #b12shots #weightloss #bodysculpting @glowaesthetic_medicine

Call us today at Glow Aesthetic Medicine today to set up your free consultation for body sculpting with Dr. Carter!!


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LAST CHANCE for December miraDry💧 Giveaway!!

@miraDry is the only FDA cleared treatment for underarm sweat, odor & hair!

Enter our giveaway to win a FREE treatment this Holiday season and celebrate immediate and permanent sweat reduction!

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Imagine A lifetime of freedome from antiperspirant, deodorant, and shaving.
MiraDry is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that permanently reduces underarm sweat, odor, and hair - in just one hour!
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How many times have you looked under your arms only to be annoyed by sweat?😓
Stop stressing! miraDry💧 permanently reduces underarm sweat so you can feel fresh – no matter what comes your way!
Overheating in winter is a serious issue for people who also sweat heavily.☄️
To brave the blistering cold, you layer up. Rushing to work in cold weather — under your dress shirt, suit jacket and coat — leaves you sweating. And once inside a heated office environment, you’re nearly suffocating. If your office environment is too warm, wearing heavy clothing in winter makes you sweat even more. #miradry #miraDry #SweatLessLiveMore #NoSweatNoStress #NoSweat #ByeByeSweat #Hyperhidrosis #miradrycolorado #miradrycoloradosprings #miradrynearme glow aesthetic medicine #glow #beauty 🍁🍁

[09/17/19]   Now Taking Appointments!!! Call us Today 719-598-2000


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Coming this Fall to Glow Aesthetic Medicine!!
Dr. Patrick Carter, D.O. and the professional facial rejuvenation team at Glow Aesthetic Medicine are members of an elite family of practitioners trained and certified by some of the most experienced PDO thread practitioners in the business. NovaLift is one of our kept secrets to instantly looking younger, feeling more youthful, and making your significant other, friends and family say WOW!


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Thank you cardio for interviewing Glow aesthetic medicine’s wonderful Dr. Carter on our MiraDry💧procedure! We are proud to be keeping Colorado Springs sweat and odor free! Only doctor owned and operated clinic in southern Colorado! #miradry #doctorowned #miradrycolpradosprings #krdo #glow #hyperhydrosistreatment #hyperhydrosis #dontsweatthesmallstuff #confidence #underarmsweat #nosweat #miradryresults


"I had the chance to experience the miraDry, no sweat, procedure on Friday! I can tell you that I had a great experience. There was truly no pain and I walked out bone dry and no odor! I was told not to have any vigorous activity and to keep it clean for the next 3 to 5 days. I am the worst patient . . . I went camping with my boys and dirt bike riding on Sunday. When I returned on Tuesday, I had just a little swelling and some very small lumps which are completely normal side effects. I feel great and would encourage everyone to get this procedure. It is life changing!!!”

Dr. Patrick Carter • Owner of Glow Aesthetic Medicine

Set up your free Miradry consultation today at Glow Aesthetic Medicine. Call 719-598-2000


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Dr. Carter performing SmartLipo/Vaser Lipo this morning! Tune in and please ask any questions you may have. Abdominal sculpting procedure. #bodysculpting #fatremoval #smartlipo #vaserliposuction #glow #liposuction #fatloss #bodyimage #doctorowned #coloradospringsbodycontouring #lipoprocedure #trusculpt3d


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Call today for your free consultation! 719-598-2000

Thank you KRDO for interviewing Glow Aesthetic Medicine’s wonderful Dr. Carter discussing our MiraDry💧procedure! We are proud to be keeping Colorado Springs sweat and odor free! Only doctor owned and operated clinic in southern Colorado! #miradry #doctorowned #miradrycolpradosprings #krdo #glow #hyperhydrosistreatment #hyperhydrosis #dontsweatthesmallstuff #confidence #underarmsweat #nosweat #miradryresults


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Learn More about miraDry💦


Dr. Patrick Carter


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Body Sculpting event night was a success! Dr Carter talking about SmartLipo, Vaser and truSculpt3D at Glow Aesthetic Medicine tonight. we will be extending the offer of 10% off all body sculpting treatments thru March! #trusculpt vs. Coolsculpting #bodysculpting #glow #body #weightloss #specialevent #liposuction


glow aesthetic medicine

Dr. Carter is owner and operator of Glow Aesthetic Medicine. Glow is the only Doctor Owned and operated miraDry clinic in Southern Colorado! The 💧miraDry treatment permanently reduces underarm sweat and odor in as little as one treatment! with immediate results. Call 719-598-2000 for your free consultation.

Like, comment and share for a chance to win a free 💧miraDry procedure! Become sweat and odor free with permanent results in as little as 1 treatment! Call today for your free consultation 719-598-2000 #miradry #sweatstopshere


Dr. Carter performing a Smartlipo procedure to remove fullness under chin area(double chin). Since 2007 Glow aesthetic medicine and Dr. Patrick Carter is proud to be one of the first providers of SmartLipo™ in Southern Colorado and Colorado Springs! He has successfully performed over 1000 procedures and is consider a leader in in-office, out-patience tumescent liposuction.
Join us at Glow on March 13th for our Body Sculpting Event to find out how to loose your double chin or other stubborn areas of fat! Please call to RSVP 719-598-2000. glow aesthetic medicine

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About Dr. Patrick Carter. D.O. - Colorado Springs truSculpt 3D, SmartLipo, More.

Top Body Sculpting Physician in Southern Colorado

glowam.com Glow Aesthetic Medicine and Dr. Patrick Carter provider cosmetic and aesthetic services to Colorado Springs.


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Dr. Patrick Carter

Our Story

Patrick Carter, DO is the first doctor in Southern Colorado to offer both SmartLipo™ and Vaser LipoSelection®. He is board-certified in family medicine and specializes in osteopathic health and wellness. A third generation graduate of Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, MO, he completed his residency at the Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation.

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