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Is there anything cuter than a kitten in a basket? My new baby Lara is a satisfied customer!
Dr. Amy Casali and everyone at Aspenwood were just wonderful with our new 10 week old puppy. Dr. Casali sat on the floor with our puppy and made this first vet visit and shots really easy for her. We are so happy to have such a wonderful vet office so close to our home.
I liked their customer service & helped my cat Smokey get through his issues, but unfortunately I went to two more vets after their estimate of getting my cat cared for which was around $1200.00 just to do an exam on his teeth &
discussed what was next to do like pull possible two teeth, so I went to another vet to get a 2nd opinion, just briefly look at Smokey & had said he has a tumor which was not true & they sent me to another dental vet & gave me an estimate for about the same price. The only thing Aspenwood was good at was their customer service & their price on pain meds was so much cheaper than at the dental vet. So with that being said I went to a private practice & it only costs me $310.00 for the exam & anesthesia, pulled one molar which was only $40.00. So sorry guys I was disappointed in the estimate...
Hi friends!
The new website is done! We're honored and excited to share it with you. It’s a detailed look at my life and work with Angelyne, going all the way back to my first dog in childhood and teen years with cattle dogs including:

- TV interviews and lots of videos
- Free downloads of our images and articles
- Books and merchandise
- Testimonials
- Photos of us with other cattle dogs (you may be in the pics!)
- Other famous cattle dogs
- Australian Cattle Dog info
- Deaf dogs information
- Much more!

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this all these years. I will be adding things here and there so if anyone has any comments or suggestions or would like to add something to the site please message us at [email protected]

Our Colorado veterinary compounding specialists know that some aspects of vet med are grueling. We appreciate all you do and wish the best for your team.
Ares' sister checked on him as soon as we got home. Thanks for fitting us in right away today! (see he really can calm down 🐕)
We had a successful event at the Colorado Springs Pet Expo over the weekend. Big thanks to Dr. Amy Casali and staff for the laser and acupuncture treatments. Glad you have you as our care partner for Angelyne. For more pics of the event please follow us here:
Great work all the time. My pets love the staff.
Great visiting you today! Our Colorado compounding pharmacy family knows that some aspects of veterinary medicine are absolutely grueling. We appreciate all that you do and wish the best for your team.

Small animal practice providing preventative medicine, daytime emergency, dentistry and general surg Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital is a full-service small animal veterinary hospital located on the west side of Colorado Springs, CO.

The professional and compassionate staff at Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care for their highly-valued patients. At Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital we understand and respect the important bond between people and their pets. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and preventative health care to give your pet a happy, healthy life.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 02/23/2022

🙄 All those times you've called for your pup and thought they just couldn't hear you ... 😆👂

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Pets are family. 💚

Timeline photos 01/31/2022

The nose knows! 👃🐶🐱

Timeline photos 01/22/2022

Cat: ________? / Every cat parent: 🙄

29 Movies to Curl Up and Watch With Your Pets 01/19/2022

29 Movies to Curl Up and Watch With Your Pets

🍿 It’s Popcorn Day! Celebrate by *popping* on these tail-wagging flicks during a cozy family movie night! 📽

29 Movies to Curl Up and Watch With Your Pets We’ve got your watch list covered.

21 Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers And Their Furry Friends 01/10/2022

21 Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers And Their Furry Friends

Intending to make your home more pet-friendly this year? Inspo inside! 🙀🙀🙀

21 Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers And Their Furry Friends When we furnish our apartments or homes, it’s easy to forget our adorable pets.

Learn more! 01/05/2022

Learn more!

New year, new resolutions! Consider providing your furry family member with pet insurance from Companion Protect! 💜

Learn more! Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital + CP

Protect your pet 01/02/2022

Protect your pet

Did you know more than 84% of the 80M pet owners in the U.S. do not restrain their four-legged BFF when traveling by car? We encourage you to add a pet travel safety resolution to your new year by (1) purchasing a pet-friendly vehicle restraint for travel, and (2) enrolling in Companion Protect – an additional safety net for your pet.

Protect your pet Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital + CP

Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep 12/28/2021

Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

Cats don’t care if you need to catch some Zzzz’s, but Jackson Galaxy does and is here to help.

Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep Jackson Galaxy

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During Frigid Temps 12/27/2021

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During Frigid Temps

Winter's here! It's important to keep your pets safe during the frigid temps. Here are 5 simple things to check off your list.

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During Frigid Temps Keep your four-legged friend safe with these cold weather pet safety tips.

Timeline photos 12/23/2021

Best cat meme dump, GO! 😸


❄️ First day of winter! Did you know: Today is the shortest day of the year and the longest night!?

9 Ingenious Ways to Celebrate Your Cat 12/17/2021

9 Ingenious Ways to Celebrate Your Cat

😻❤️ Cat Lovers' Month was a month invented by cats to celebrate … cats. Here’s some silly ways to celebrate your feisty feline (and it’s an enjoyable read, indeed).

9 Ingenious Ways to Celebrate Your Cat Me-YOW! Let’s get this party started!

Learn more! 12/12/2021

Learn more!

Poinsettias may make your home festive, but you won’t be feeling that holiday cheer if your pet takes a nom. To help more pet parents like you say YES to unexpected vet care—like for toxic ingestion—we recommend pet insurance. 👇

Learn more! Companion Protect + Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital

Fetch up a quote 😸 12/08/2021

Fetch up a quote 😸

Cats are opinionated, not spiteful. A barf on the bed or a litter box mishap may indicate something health-related. And if stress about the unexpected keeps you from a trip to Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital, there's always Companion Protect. ❤️

Fetch up a quote 😸 Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital + CP

Holiday Survival Guide for Your Cats 12/06/2021

Holiday Survival Guide for Your Cats

🎄 Disgruntled at your feline right meow? You may need this holiday survival guide from the King of cat knowledge, Jackson Galaxy.

Holiday Survival Guide for Your Cats There are many boxes to check when it comes to cat safety during the hectic holiday season. there's no way you could be expected to remember every little bit...

Timeline photos 12/01/2021

Did you know more than half of all cats don’t receive regular veterinary care? Not kitten! Routine annual check-ups ensure your feline friend lives a longer, healthier life. Come see us at Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital!

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital 11/27/2021

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital

It’s ! Celebrate this holiday and support a local business (and your pet’s health) by scheduling a routine check-up for your furry friend here at Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital!

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital

Timeline photos 11/25/2021

Happy Thanksgiving! 🥧 Tell us: what meal are you MOST excited for today??

Timeline photos 11/22/2021

💡 Not because they're bad dogs. If you're considering adoption this season, meet a pittie at your local shelter!

You don't need pet insurance ... 11/18/2021

You don't need pet insurance ...

Holiday season increases risk of toxic food ingestion. A toxic food emergency for your pets can easily run anywhere from $750 - $5,000+. Protect your pets against common emergencies like this with Companion Protect. We put our trust in them to help your pets live longer, healthier lives.

You don't need pet insurance ... Until you do.

A Bridge to a Better Life 11/11/2021

A Bridge to a Better Life

Wanting to give back on ? Donate or volunteer with Pets for Vets — a non-profit organization connecting our nation's military Veterans with rescued animals. ❤️❤️❤️

A Bridge to a Better Life Donate or Volunteer!

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital 11/09/2021

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital

Cancer affects 1 in 4 pets in their lifetime. Routine trips to the vet can catch early signs and symptoms early on, but it's still good to have a plan in place. Here's how Companion Protect has helped diagnosed pets like Nala.

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital

How to Build an Outdoor Cat House 11/04/2021

How to Build an Outdoor Cat House

Many pets go without adequate shelter during the winter months. Outdoor community cat shelters are a fun and easy DIY project you and your family can do this season to give them a safe, warm place to sleep. What’s more, it’s an inexpensive and can be donated to your local shelter or rescue! Here's a fun DIY to follow! 👇

How to Build an Outdoor Cat House Looking for an easy way to keep community or barn cats warm and cozy during winter weather?

Timeline photos 11/01/2021

😻 Feline femininity at its finest.

Timeline photos 10/31/2021

Happy Howl-o-Ween! 🎃👻 Taking any spooky selfies with your pets? 📸 We’d love to see them!

Timeline photos 10/26/2021

❤️ You may call them pibbles, pitties, block heads, land manatees, or wiggle butts. Others call them dangerous. All we see is human's BFF misunderstood. How does YOUR pittie break the stereotype?

The History of Pit Bulls 10/20/2021

The History of Pit Bulls

Did you know that “Pit Bull” isn't actually a dog breed ... it's a nickname given to a Bulldog/Terrier mix, used for baiting and ratting, tracing all the way back to early 1800’s. Learn more about pittie history here. 👇

The History of Pit Bulls The history of the Pit Bull can be traced back to the early 1800’s in the United Kingdom.

Timeline photos 10/18/2021

🎉 This week’s been set aside to recognize Veterinary Technicians and their valuable contributions to veterinary medicine. 💙 Thank you for all you do to ensure the best quality medical care for pets!

How to Prevent Pet Obesity 10/13/2021

How to Prevent Pet Obesity

Don’t let obesity cause a trip to the vet! In honor of , we’re helping pet parents keep their pets trim with this helpful how-to from Companion Protect! 🐶🐱👉

How to Prevent Pet Obesity Use these simple tips to keep your dog or cat trim and in better health!

Timeline photos 10/10/2021

No better day than to do a quick mental health check! 👉 Did you know being around animals actually reduces stress and lowers blood pressure? What's left on your checklist today? 😉💙

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital 10/06/2021

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital

Here at Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital, we love all animals, but especially Pit Bulls. October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, so we’d like to take a moment to break the stereotype and crush some pittie myths!

Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital


Howl-o-ween season is finally here and we want to see you and your pets' best get-ups for the holiday! Whether your pet is the spookiest ghoul on the block or the cutest pup-kin in the patch, share a snap of your pet in their Halloween costume!

Schedule your pet's vaccination! 09/28/2021

Schedule your pet's vaccination!

🩺 As part of , we’re emphasizing the importance of vaccinations to guard pets against this dangerous disease. Need to vaccinate a new pet or schedule a re-vax? Contact us today!

Schedule your pet's vaccination! Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital

Justice & Chopper: A Pet Insurance Story 09/23/2021

Justice & Chopper: A Pet Insurance Story

When a foster mom slash vet industry pro experiences pet insurance firsthand for her own pups, she became really, really surprised. And it's not what you think! 👇

Justice & Chopper: A Pet Insurance Story "Without [pet insurance], it would have been more difficult to provide him with all the things he needs."

Timeline photos 09/18/2021

It’s ! There are many things that go into being a responsible dog owner. Tell us what you think is most important. 👇


Thought it was time for a quick midweek pick-me-up! What's your pet's favorite snack?

Timeline photos 09/13/2021

This sweet cat was finishing up TPR with Desiree during his visit to the hospital recently. He was so good throughout the entire exam process!
What are some fun things you and your pet got to enjoy together this past summer?

Timeline photos 09/06/2021

☀️ Happy ! How are you and your pets celebrating this year?

Timeline photos 09/06/2021

☀️ Happy ! How are you and your pets celebrating this year?

Timeline photos 08/17/2021

Kick those superstitious myths to the curb because today is ! We 🖤 our beautiful, majestic mini panther patients. 👇 Tell us what you love most about yours!

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❄️ First day of winter! Did you know: Today is the shortest day of the year and the longest night!?
Happy HOWL-O-Ween!
November - Diabetes Awareness Month
Diabetic Awareness
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Just Because...
This is ‘Meowsolini”........   he’s Dr. Casali’s sidekick and is demonstrating a great way for indoor cats to get a litt...
Congratulations to our lucky winner!
Some days are puppies and some days are kittens.... we love our jobs!  Today we were able to check on this beautiful mam...
Fiona Is telling us how much she enjoyed her visit today with Dr. Nance and the staff at Aspenwood ❤️
It’s that time of year...Cuterebra!  Sometimes called “warbles” they are botfly larvae. This is one we removed today fro...




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