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Our next workshop is on the map...

Overview of Women's Health

Women of today have more on their plates than ever before and on top of that, women are living and working longer than the women of the 50's and 60's. What does all of this mean? Well, it means that our stress levels are at an all-time high and we are battling not only the world around us, but our own hormones as well. Hormones are tricky little buggers, and while we try to maintain a tough appearance on the outside for all of those around us, our hormones didn't get the memo. Hormone glands are very sensitive to any change in stress levels, hydration or illness. Hormone imbalances can have a significant impact on the reproductive system, particularly in women and when left unchecked can result in diseases of the endocrine system such as: diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal disorders, obesity and osteoporosis just to name a few.

We will be covering the use of essential oils for 7 of the most common women's health issues and methods of application for the best results and cautions to consider.

The 7 topics we will be covering are: Headaches, Hot Flashes, PMS/Menstrual Cramps/Hormone Balance, Depression, Sleep, Mood Swings and Enthusiasm. We will also go over the 8 best essential oils for women's health and what each one would be good for.

Interested? go our website and enroll in our "Aromatherapy for Women's Health Workshop". We are enrolling for the September 13th workshop. It's a Wednesday evening session from 6pm to 8pm.
$50 per person, pre-enrollment required. Early bird rebates!

Debbi's Aromatherapy & Essential Oils We offer 100% pure high quality essential oils and accessories at very competitive rates.

We also offer consultations and classes on using essential oils by appointment for a nominal fee. We are easy to get to so come by and check us out!

Operating as usual

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Last Call!
This is it folks. I have lots of containers and various inventory that I am letting go of at cost. Call to make an appointment and take advantage of this one-of-a-time offer. 719-444-0708


As we approach our final closeout sales we will be out of the office as much as in... so final sales will be by appointment so we can be sure to be here for you.

Call 719-444-0708 to set your personal shopping times.

Thanks for understanding


It's time to close up shop.

We are preparing to move on to our next venture and your opportunity to stock up on aromatherapy supplies and products has never been better!

All our essential oils and aromatherapy supplies are on sale 50% off until supplies exhausted. Essential oils, fragrance oils, containers, bottles, and dry goods for all your personal "making" needs are now available.

This sale will not last long! We intend to have all items gone in the next 3 weeks. So do not wait until nothing is left. We have a good selection and the price is right.

Scheduled hours... M-F 10am to 5pm, Sat 10am to 1pm but we will be in and out on select days.
Call if you are not sure... 719-444-0708

See you soon!


Here at Debbi's Aromatherapy we are shifting directions and would love your help. We are becoming the supplier of aromatherapy supplies for local beauty salons that create their own products for their clientele.
We have already started connecting with locally owned salons and they love our products and pricing!
So for those of you who love your beauty specialist and want to introduce them to the best supplier in town... send them our way!

Order Debbi's Aromatherapy & Essential Oils eGift Cards 12/23/2021

Order Debbi's Aromatherapy & Essential Oils eGift Cards

eGift cards now available! Click the link to purchase yours today.

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We are sad to announce that we are cancelling this years Christmas Workshop. We will look forward to a bigger and better workshop next year!


We will be kicking off the holiday season and honoring our families and loved ones by spending time with them and taking off Thursday and Friday. So please enjoy the holidays and your loved ones!


Check us out!

Hello all you wellness enthusiasts... We have a booth at the metaphysical fair this weekend. Come check us out and experience a number of holistic and metaphysical providers all weekend long at the Colorado Springs Event Center. Palmer Park and Academy.


A Share from Solasta Wellness Center...

You may have heard that our pup, Murphy, likes the Bio Mat but here is something to consider... Murphy was under the weather this morning with an upset tummy. He instinctively took his post at the Bio Mat and he is feeling tons better after his session.

We should all learn from nature... come get your Bio Mat session today! 719-444-0708


This is really cool!


Sharing for the Colorado Springs School of Massage:

Did you want to be in a profession where you can pick your schedule, work with people who love what you do, help others recover from aches and pains, and totally love your job?
Then you should be looking into a career as a massage professional! We are enrolling for our Fall class that starts in 3 weeks. Fast paced course, you could be working as an LMT as soon as next spring. Affordable tuition, zero% interest payment plans.
What are you waiting for? Call now to learn more... 719-310-9297

Colorado Springs School of Massage 08/25/2021

Colorado Springs School of Massage

Sharing for our school

Those of you wondering what you will do when Covid is over...
NOW is the time to be taking action if you are to be ready for the huge wave of demand for massage therapists early next year. There are currently over 400 job postings in the state of Colorado alone!
We are currently enrolling for our Fall class (graduates in April 2022) and our new January Class (graduates in June 2022).
So don't wait till it is too late, call us now! 719-310-9297

Colorado Springs School of Massage Premier institution for massage training since 1982, offering complete Massage Therapist certification, continuing education and student massages.

Live Well: Negative ions, far infrared rays do a body good 08/18/2021

Live Well: Negative ions, far infrared rays do a body good

The Solasta Wellness Center got a wonderful article written in the Colorado Springs Gazette. Check it out!

Live Well: Negative ions, far infrared rays do a body good The Biomat is a pad filled with small tubes of crushed tourmaline and amethyst crystals, which produce negative ions. The pad is heated by Far Infrared Rays, which are said


From Solasta Wellness Center:
Hey Nature Lovers... We are looking for some feedback. We know most of you love "deep tissue" massage and we have some very talented therapists that can do that for you. We have an opportunity to provide Ashiatsu massage. That is the massage where the therapist stands on the table and uses their feet to do the heaviest part of the massage.
Show of hands... how many of you would be interested in experiencing Ashiatsu here at Solasta Wellness Center?


We are becoming SOLASTA WELLNESS CENTER so don't be confused as we start merging our log's and business names!
Come see our new offerings, we have some pretty cool stuff happening!

Photos from Solasta Wellness Center's post 07/22/2021

Photos from Solasta Wellness Center's post


A new offering at Solasta Wellness Center

Our new Wellness Center is now offering Halo-Therapy! This is an aerosolized salt treatment that is wonderful for your respiratory system as well as for your exposed skin. Imagine sitting on the beach soaking in that warm briny sea air. Well, you won't have to commute that far to experience that same healthy sensation. Come on over and enjoy a treatment in our Salt Booth!

Call now for your own personal session... 719-444-0708


July Specials!

1- Our BioMat is here! And to celebrate we will be offering our BioMat/Reiki sessions at half price thru July! After that they will be $90 for an hour of luxurious energy work on an amazing tourmaline filled mat charged with Far Infra Red energy.

2- Our BioMat is also available for a freestyle floating session where you can lay on it for 15 minutes and receive an amazing dose of far infra red infused with tourmaline crystal energy. You can buy a 4 pack for the price of 3 sessions. Typically a $100 value for only $75.

Call for your appointment today!

Photos from Solasta Wellness Center's post 06/23/2021

These are soo cool!


Hello all you Aroma junkies!

We are in the midst of a new awakening and will be modifying what we offer and how we do it. To do this more effectively we are merging Debbi's Aromatherapy and Joe's Body Shop into a new entity... Solasta Wellness Center.

We will be offering energy work, Aromatherapy, Essential oils and products, Classes and training, and of course the amazing bodywork you are used to!

So look for us at


Hello everyone!

Here is an update on our progress in streamlining our business. The month of April will be the last month to come in and purchase many of your favorite aromatherapy products. Between now and May we will no longer replenish many of our slower moving products. Then in May we will shut down the retail area of Debbi's Aromatherapy and when we return in June we will have a newly revised online store and repurposed the retail floor space.

The online store will be your primary source for purchasing aromatherapy products and the selection will be limited to Debbi's favorite items.

So NOW is the best time to stock up on your favorite aromatherapy and dry goods. Come June they may not be available any more.

See ya soon!


We will be closing up Debbi's Aromatherapy! Between now and May 1st we will be selling off as much product as we can. Debbi will be enjoying the semi retired life, so lets all wish her well and help launch her into retirement!
(Yeah, I will be retiring with her...)
So come in and buy up all your favorite goodies before they are all gone!


Hey Folks! It's Official! Debbi's Aromatherapy is retiring. By the end of this year our retail store will be closing. We will still have some products available out of our NEW Student Store in our school and Consultations and custom blends will still be available by appointment. This was a hard decision but a necessary one, I can't tell you how much your support has meant to me over the years, but moving forward this is what is best for me. Thank you everyone and keep mixing!


Joe's Body Shop Massage Therapy

Trigger point therapy ... The Joe's Body Shop Method.


Colorado Springs School of Massage

Trigger points...


Joe's Body Shop Massage Therapy

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Happy Halloween to ALL our massage junkies! 10/20/2020

Aromatherapy Supply Store | | United States

For the next couple of weeks, we will be taking online orders for pickup or shipping only. Thank you for supporting us while we try to keep everyone safe! Go to and click on the "shop now" button. We are a Hands-On Aromatherapy Learning Center and Retail Store. Almost anything aromatherapy, supplies and classes/workshops. Come see us at Debbi's Aromatherapy, 5729 Constitution Ave, COlorado Springs, CO 80915


Colorado Springs School of Massage

Congrats Jane!

Hey FaceBook...
Say Congratulations to Jane Wu
She passed her MBLEX!


We will be closed on Monday 9-7-20 in celebration of Labor Day. Have a great holiday weekend!


Hello Aromatherapy enthusiasts,
We have a new operations policy that we hope you will love!

We are changing our store hours and encouraging curb-side pick up as much as possible. We will be open by appointment only starting Monday 8/31/2020.

We would encourage you to put in your orders online and we will fill it and have it ready for pick up in 24 hours (Sundays excluded). We will call you to set up a pickup time.

If we happen to be here for Joe's Body Shop or the Colorado Springs School of Massage, then we will of course be available to you.

So call before you drop in... we may not be here. And if you call we will certainly make arrangements to be here for you.

Thank you for your understanding!

ps: Covid sucks 😇


Until further notice, Debbi's Aromatherapy will be open by appointment only. Please call first 719-444-0708 to make sure we are available to meet your needs. We also have online ordering available through our website and all orders can be ready within 24 hours, except Sundays. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Colorado Springs School of Massage

Here's our latest fb live for Colorado Springs School of Massage!!!

Back pain... Let's study this topic


Joe's Body Shop Massage Therapy

Check out our latest fb live post!

The Joe's Body Shop Method: Back Pain


Masks now required. Yeah, we know how you feel.


Colorado Springs School of Massage

Check this out if you are ready for a rewarding career in a holistic healthcare field!

Becoming an LMT...


I'm sorry to announce that the workshop scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled. The next workshop is scheduled for the second Saturday in July (7/11/20) and will be on Summertime "Sunburn Days" Skin Care. I must have at least 4 people signed up in advance for these workshops to take place, so tell your friends and lets get these workshops going! :)


Colorado Springs School of Massage

Welcome to the Colorado Springs School of Massage


Get those silly allergies under control! We make personal inhalers with a blend of 100% pure essential oils specially selected to help you overcome the discomforts of seasonal allergies.

Includes: Balsam Fir, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Globulus and Frankincense carterii.

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