Preparing For Birth

Preparing For Birth


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So many of you have concerns regarding your pregnancy and the COVID19 pandemic. This article summarizes well what we know so far.
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During my pregnancy, I had to get my life together real quick. I managed to save up money, move 300 miles, and get my child care plan in action while balancing a full-time job and a business while pregnancy. The systems that I live by… WORKED and are STILL WORKING. I know what it’s like to be like “I’m pregnant?!” Then, right after being bombarded with the pressure of EVERYTHING that comes along with the journey, and it’s not as easy as celebrities make it look. Several people asked me, “Nicole, I don’t know how you managed to get all of that done, but I need you to show me your ways.” For a while, I was just like, “Girl, you got this!” Now, I realize that it's time to coach others on what’s necessary and what’s not for the transition into motherhood. So, here’s my invitation: If you are an expectant mother wanting to get your life together before baby or create & execute a child care plan before your due date, comment or message me saying, “Let’s talk.” And if you're still reading this, give it a like and comment of encouragement to show some love. Y’all are amazing!"
Shannon Black DC, meet Desirre Andrews! 💕

Homebirth midwifery services. Under the Preparing For Birth umbrella, we offer homebirth midwifery, childbirth education, and doula support.

Mission: To grow confident, equipped and informed families

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Incredible. Beautiful. Powerful.

You’ve never seen birth photos like these. (Warning: graphic images.)

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Not that we want tampon ads to get all into the graphic details of what their products actually do. But seriously, what’s with all the yoga and blue fluids?

This is so important to understand. The burden of proof rests squarely on the shoulders of the ones pushing a medical product that cannot be undone, nor can the companies be held responsible for adverse outcomes. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Another doctor loses her baby. Yet the expert says: “Follow up studies on pregnant women are planned.” What this means: this is an experimental therapy that is not approved, only authorized under emergency use. There is no data on fertility, pregnancy, & breastfeeding. That means they do not know the effects in this population. Therefore, the pregnant women and unborn babies are the test ground for the unaccountable non-liable companies to “study”. Be aware that many side effects or poor reproductive outcomes are not even reported because women have been told that it’s “likely fine” for pregnant women to get the [email protected], so they may believe that losses and side effects are not from the injections, which of course, women can have losses from other things, giving them plausible deniability. That must be nice for them. First WHO said, “no don’t do it if you’re pregnant”, then the very next day, they said “it’s fine to do it.” Who are these organizations accountable to? Yes, you can get it if you want to, but I want you to examine the ethics of human experimentation and informed consent. Why aren’t OBs expressing more caution, erring on the side of waiting, not risking violating our “Do No Harm” mandate? People want to point fingers at me for raising these concerns, why aren’t they pointing fingers at THEM, given that the risk of severe morbidity and mortality from C 19 is extremely low in women of childbearing age, & if you have a loss or an adverse reaction, there is absolutely no recourse, no going back?

The Milk Meg

Post from Your local epidemiologist:
We are seeing more and more evidence that moms pass COVID19 antibodies to their babies...

There have been 3 important studies that have recently come out telling the same story...

1. Between April and August 2020, scientists tested 1,500 women who gave birth in Philadelphia. They found...
-83 had COVID antibodies
-Among the 83, 87% of their babies tested positive for IgG antibodies (the long lasting antibodies) after they were born
-Transferring antibodies was not different among infants born to mothers with asymptomatic or symptomatic illness
-In 25% of the babies, their antibody levels were 1.5 to 2 times higher than the mother’s concentration
-The longer the time period between the start of a pregnant woman’s COVID infection and her delivery, the more antibodies were transferred to the baby

2. From April 4 to July 3, 2020, in a single university hospital in Denmark, 1,313 women took part in a study.
-28 women (2.1%) had antibodies against COVID
-67% of newborns delivered by mothers with antibodies had COVID IgG antibodies.
-Neonatal outcomes (like birth weight, APGAR value, amniotic fluid, CPAP, and blood pH) were not affected by the antibody status of the mother

3. Another study enrolled 22 COVID+ moms and 34 COVID- negative moms and tested their cord blood after birth.
-Antibody transfer was efficient after second-trimester infection
-While antibodies do pass, they do less efficiently than the antibodies produced after vaccination for flu and whooping cough. But this effect was only observed in third-trimester infection.

Like always, we still have a lot of unanswered questions. We need more research to better understand two things:
1. Do vaccine-generated antibodies behave comparably to antibodies from COVID infection?
2. Are antibodies protective against newborn infection? If so, at what concentration?

Bottom line: We already know there are benefits to pregnant women getting vaccinated. These studies suggest that there also may be benefits to the baby. Interestingly, timing of infection (or possibly timing of vaccination) may be important to ensure baby getting antibodies.

Unfortunately, pregnant women were excluded from clinical trials (which has stirred quite the debate among scientists), so these questions will take quite a bit of time to answer.

Love, YLE

Data Sources:

Seriously. Stop talking to people like this. It doesn't matter how close of a relationship you have -- there are always pieces of their story you don't have.

The history of midwifery in this country is deeper, wider, and harder to swallow than we would care to admit.

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A list we’ve tentatively dated from the 1870s of Midwives in Alabama, organized by county and... plantation.

There are many more pages, hundreds of names, and when a midwife is white, it specifically notes that. “Plantation” midwives significantly outnumber the others. Every once in a while you’ll see a male physician thrown in, but not even one in every county.

That’s because Black, enslaved midwives attended most births in the South at that time.

Until they were systematically eliminated and effectively outlawed. Now they are sometimes known by the derogatory term “lay midwives,” implying that these highly skilled women lacked training. Even though they generally had much better outcomes than the hospitals people were later forced into.

Today you can’t hardly find a Black midwife in Alabama—but you can find all kinds of white physicians in institutions with sky-high intervention rates and histories of medical racism.

🎉 But wait!!! Black history in the making is @doctor_midwife working to build a birth center (Alabama’s one and only!) to support allllll people on their own terms. 🎉

🌼 Please support this historic effort to help complete this circle: @the.birth.sanctuary 🌸

The responsibility of informed consent falls squarely on the shoulders of your provider. However, it doesn't happen as frequently or as naturally as we think.
As a parent, each decision will affect you and your baby in different ways, and it's so important for you to know and understand the care you are receiving.
Questions are good! How else can you get the answers you need? If you can't remember what to ask, play the toddler, and keep asking "Why?" until you feel like you understand the situation and the right way forward for you and your baby.
And don't assume that because you are planning a certain birth, or hired the ideal provider, that you therefore don't need to ask questions. Always. Ask. Then take responsibility and make decisions you know you can live with.
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[01/31/21]   You know you're a midwife when you say this, and your kids' response is something like, "We know, Mom.'ve done births, like, EVERYWHERE."
Image credit: Lauren AncientRoots - who made this fantastic meme!

For real. Get it girls!


Did you know your pelvis can have up to 30% more room for baby to come through if you are in an upright, forward-leaning position?
Birthing a baby is like getting a tight-fitting ring off your finger -- you can't force it. The more you gently wiggle, twist, and maneuver, the easier it comes.
Your pelvis is like that ring, and baby is the finger. The more you move your pelvis by walking, kneeling, sitting, laying on your side, and more, the more your baby can wiggle into position, descend, and navigate your tissues. This can prevent your labor from being longer than it has to be.
What position was your favorite to labor in? What position interests you the most.
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Fantastic illustration of what it's like to breastfeed for the first time.

“My birth instructor said this… ‘The breast is like a muscle you haven’t used yet. ‘Remember taking up a new sport?’ she asked… ‘Remember how much the new set of muscles you used surprised you by aching so much?’ Well, she said, that’s what it’s like to use your breasts, for the very first time, for the purpose they have been awaiting all your life.”

-Julia Glass


Even though labor and birth feel like the most important piece, your postpartum recovery may be even more important!
After all the work of growing and birthing your baby, now you need to learn how to nourish this tiny human, along with yourself.
To prepare for this critical time, write down your questions and concerns, and seek out resources to help you in those areas. Some ideas:
~Ask a friend to set up a meal train for 6 weeks.
~Take breastfeeding and newborn care classes
~ Read about postpartum healing so you know what is normal
~ Join a local, in-person mom group
What would you add? What are you most concerned about in your upcoming postpartum time?
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Even though labor and birth feel like the most important piece, your postpartum recovery may be even more important!
After all the work of growing and birthing your baby, now you need to learn how to nourish this tiny human, along with yourself.
To prepare for this critical time, write down your questions and concerns, and seek out resources to help you in those areas. Some ideas:
~Ask a friend to set up a meal train for 6 weeks.
~Take breastfeeding and newborn care classes
~ Read about postpartum healing so you know what is normal
~ Join a local, in-person mom group
What would you add? What are you most concerned about in your upcoming postpartum time?
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You know your friends are keepers when you can get together and "spring clean" your office space seamlessly. I don't know what I would do without these amazing friends, sisters, and colleagues. 💖💖💖
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As a midwife, I am confident that this is science. 😉

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It’s medical science.

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Drawn From Love Birth Services

I couldn't have said it better myself.
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Safe birth requires a good team.

But what makes up a good team. This beautiful picture gives us a good idea. Let’s look closer from the perspective of community-based birth.

1. A birth partner - either a birthing person’s life partner or some other person from their family or friend circle that loves and supports them in their sovereign decision making. Nothing can make birth quite so unsafe as a vulnerable laboring person depending on someone who thinks they’re making a stupid choice. In fact, as a midwife, I don’t attend births where the birthing person is planning on bringing people to the birth that don’t believe in them. (See the awe of the partner behind the birthing person - the other parent frequently experiences their own transformation)

2. A doula - a lovely hard-working, quiet physical and emotionally supportive champion. The role of doula can be filled by a family member or a professional, but they have no agenda, they’re just there to support and encourage. (And sometimes take the photo)

3. Primary midwife- this is the professional that takes responsibility for the big picture. They are aware of the temperature of the room/tub, the length of time, the distance from, the height of, the number of..... and on and on. They are silently juggling all the what if’s, constantly able to take those moment-by-moment risk-assessments of both babe and laborer and confidently say “yes you are safe.” (See the watchful attentive, bowed head in front of mom.)

4. Assistant- at the moment of birth there Are suddenly two patients - who might both have separated needs or complications. The assistant is vital to administering care during a double emergency and we just can’t predict when emergencies will happen, which is why we need an experienced assistant at every birth! (See the person seated to the mom's left, patiently watching and waiting.)

5. Charter - whether birth goes smoothly or complicated, the medical record still needs to be kept, often moment-by-moment. Other members of the team busy with complications or wearing bloody gloves can not type notes. The charter is a vital part of the long term safety of the midwife, as an accurate and timely chart is just about the only defense they have in our litigious culture. (See the seated person with the laptop)

6. And there might also be primary midwife under supervision- skilled midwives don’t come out of the ethers, they have to be trained, they have to practice ‘under supervision’ to develop their superpowers. They bring enthusiasm and new research/knowledge to the team. (Not pictured here)

Birth is not a spectator event, we don’t need extra people, but we do need these essential people and to do it safely, not one of them is directing the process, they all work together to center the birthing person's needs, wants, wishes, and safety.

This is what safe birth looks like.


Go to them. Snuggle hard.

I am way too easily amused. 😁 What would you add?


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"Do we really NEED so many midwife mugs, Mom?"
Yes. Yes, we do, dear daughter. Because each one is a gift from a client I served, and reminds me who this work is really about -- the families. Though birth is something I "do" all the time, these sweet gifts remind me that birth is a miracle for these families. One they will mark every year from now on. And I'm humbled.
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The hard parts of being a midwife are just as much a part of my "Why," as all of the joy found in this work. The deepest parts of my soul are stirred at every birth of every little human. No matter how small. And the day these small hearts stop connecting with mine in these moments, is the same day I will stop doing this work.
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Breastfeeding Mama Talk


The Milk Meg

Great info -- very few providers, no matter how well intentioned, simply do not have adequate training in how breastfeeding works. Talk to an IBCLC if you or your baby are struggling.

Guys. I have heard two things in the past 24 hours which is SO WRONG I have to address them here. I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrating it is that after doing this work for over 16 years (first as a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and now as an IBCLC), that I am STILL hearing absolutely ridiculous and straight up false information about breastfeeding. Two different mothers in two different situations heard the following from their health care providers:

1. A mother tandem feeding (breastfeeding her toddler and her newborn) was told that her baby was not gaining enough weight because her toddler was "getting all of the milk" so it didn't leave enough for her baby.

Truth: There is absolutely NO research to back this claim up. If the baby was not getting enough milk (yet the first born child had no issue getting enough milk even as a baby) then the issue is the new baby's MILK TRANSFER. Their ability to remove the milk efficiently and effectively. Our bodies are designed to get pregnant when breastfeeding and be able to feed both children. If we are low on nutrients, we will be the one to suffer, not our babies and not our milk supply. The system works on supply and demand. So if two children are breastfeeding then we'll start making enough for two children. This baby needed a thorough investigation into why they were having transfer issues, not blaming tandem feeding as the cause.

2. A mother breastfeeding her 9 month old was told that they should breastfeeding less frequently during the day now, eating 3 solid meals per day with 2 snacks in between, and sleeping through the night as they don't "need" to be breastfeeding overnight anymore.

Truth: Research shows that the majority of a child's intake until they are 12 months old should be breastmilk (donor milk, or formula if they're not breastfeeding). So actually, the majority of what a baby should be eating should be breastmilk, not solid foods. Research also shows that babies breastfeed for many reasons, 24/7, and these reasons continue in the night. Your child might continue to wake for reasons other than hunger or thirst and those reasons are just as important as any other reason to wake to breastfeed.

Also, waking to breastfeed is the biological norm. This often continues well beyond babyhood, especially for those of us who are bedsharing and breastfeeding on demand.

The Heart of PFB

Desirre Andrews CPM, RM and Tiffany Miller CPM, RM work together to care for our home birth clients and their families the way we would like to be cared for ourselves. We approach the midwifery model of care with a holistic sense that a woman is far more than a “walking uterus,” with emotional, mental, and spiritual needs in addition to the many physical needs the childbearing year entails.

We view midwifery as a joint responsibility between midwife and client. Our responsibility is to help equip you for a healthy childbearing year in whatever ways we can, from information and research, to a kind listening ear, to referrals for care needs beyond our scope of practice. Your responsibility as our client is to be open and honest with us in expressing your needs, asking lots of questions, and deciding what to do with the information and recommendations we make for you and your baby.

Our standard for “healthy mom, healthy baby,” means far more to us than both of you come out of your childbearing year alive. We want to see moms who are healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We want to see babies thriving and growing, being integrated as a whole new human into a family unit in love and connection. By the time your final postpartum rolls around at six weeks, we hope to hear and see evidence that everyone is doing well, even if there have been some bumps along the way.

Your childbearing year is a transformative one, and you and your baby deserve good, solid, dependable, kind, respectful, loving, joyful, and healthy care. That is exactly what we strive to offer to every client, no matter who you are or where you come from.

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