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Apollo and myself would like to thank you guys for being so wonderful to us and our family. You guys are wonderful at handling our check ups. To our losses in the family. Apollo enjoyed showing off his tricks and charming the staff at Bijou Animal Hospital. While he waited to get his booster shots. Thank you guys for all the hard work you do and being apart of our family. Keep up the great work.
I want to thank everyone for taking the time to send me a sympathy card for the passing of Shaman, that was very sweet. You folks always did right by him......He went through some rough times but always came out well. I have got to say that making the decision to end his suffering was thee most difficult decision I have ever made. For you that knew Shaman, you know he was a very special dog. His love for stuffed animals may have cost you your favorite teddy bear when he came to visit. He was my side kick for 16 years and I will miss him desperately. He was very unique in his scent talents and such a well behaved dog, In the 16 years that he was with me I not once had to look for him, he stuck to my side and never wandered off. I buried part of myself with him. Dr. Hutchison of "Home With Dignity" made things go very softly for Shaman, and that was very important to me. His end of road was pretty rough, his pain has ended, mine has just begun.....Thanks to all the staff at Bijou Animal Hospital !
For everyone at Bijou Animal Hospital.
Thank you for breaking your own hearts over and over and helping me say goodbye to my babies in such meaningful and compassionate ways. I see you and I am grateful!
Not sure who wrote it from here...

How your vet sees euthanasia.....

So, you bring me this puppy - she kisses my face, devours the cookies I offer, and our friendship starts.

Several visits later, he starts to learn where all the cookie jars are in the clinic, and that lady in the white coat, well she’s okay....

Fast forward many visits later, now I am in love with your dog and your whole family because, well, you are just really really good people and I have not only watched that pup turn into a really sweet family member, but I got to watch the kids grow every year and be a very small part of your journey.

Remember that time she ate your teenage daughter’s thong underwear? 😝😝😝 yeah we all had a good laugh over that once surgery was done and she was recovered. Your daughter probably never forgave me for bagging that up and showing the whole fam-jam when they came to pick her up from the clinic.

So many adventures, so little time.....

And here we are, fifteen or so odd years later, having to say goodbye.

He’s got heart disease and I can’t fix it anymore. She’s got cancer and there is no cure. He has arthritis and the meds just aren’t working. I want her to live forever for you. I want that so badly it hurts. I feel like I have failed him and you when I have run out of options to keep them, and you, comfortable and happy.

So now it’s time, and I am supposed to be professional. Objective. I am the doctor. Calm. Cool. Collected. Always under control.

F~*k that.

I have known you and her for a third of my life, and most of my professional career.

But I keep it together. My superhuman amazing technicians have put the catheter in. My support staff from reception to assistants have done all the paperwork. Trust me they may not show it but their hearts are breaking for you. They have been there. They know. And they know you and care about you too.

And I have the needle in the pocket of my white coat. The same pocket that was always full of treats for him. I take a deep yoga breath and come into the room. Gotta stay strong now.......

She’s giving me that sweet look she always does, the one that is followed by puppy kisses and a glance at the cookie jar. But she is too weak now. She is ready. You are not. I am not. But this s**t has to happen because we love her too much to let her suffer.

She would keep going as long as we asked her too. But we can’t ask her to anymore. It’s not fair to her. I wish our human hearts could be so giving all the time. I wish I could be the person my dog thinks I am. I wish I wish i wish I could find a way for them to live forever. But I don’t have those magical powers. I am just a vet.

So we kiss him back, not much left of his body that still works, but that old tail wags, just enough that I lose my s**t on the inside but I try not to cry. Gotta stay strong.

Her body relaxes, she is in your arms and your are sobbing. Another family has lost one of its most cherished members. I put my stethoscope to her heart to make sure it has stopped but she is held so tight to your chest that maybe that is your heart I hear pounding or maybe it’s mine and all the blood rushing through my ears as I try so so so hard not to turn into a blubbering mess.

Confirmed, he has passed. You lay him gently on the table and we hug tightly as you go to leave.

The door closes behind you and I don’t know if you hear this, but I sob hysterically into your pets ear. She is gone, he will be missed, and you have to face what I know will be one of the hardest parts of today.

Entering that house and they are not there to greet you.

Please know that I know how you feel. As you leave the clinic I just wish with every fibre of my being that you never had to face that. I wish they could live forever.

And please know, I am so grateful that I was a small part of your journey.

Love always, Your vet.
My apprentice Brooklyn helping me make your masks - she demanded a raise!
Tigerlily says thank you to everyone at Bijou Animal Hospital for taking care of me this week while hospitalized for the last few days! I'm cuddling with my human and enjoying being back at home. My cat brothers and sister don't recognize me because I smell different, but hopefully soon they will know it's just me. I'm recovering from my sickness, but I am doing a lot better already. You guys were very busy but everyone had a great attitude, and the best part, they had time for taking care of me since I was feeling really sick!
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Lola with her CCL surgery today. And thank you Åsa J Wannstedt for the recommendation! We are so grateful to you all.
Keep your pup safe on hikes - 6 ft. apart, no socializing, no mask needed.
Thanks to Dr. Busby for taking such good care of Bella. For however long we have left with her, this is the pure sweetness we get to experience on a daily basis.
Thank you to Dr. Bausch for being Theo's doctor for many years and Dr. Curtis for coming in over the last 3 months. And then for Dr. Colvin last Friday to help us say goodbye.

The staff loved on Theo every time we visited and even more before our goodbye. We love you Theo. Go run with Josie and play ball forever!💙
Lymphangiectasia is a terrible disease!!
Thank you all for your support. You have all been great. Please share or Please Please Donate Today!!!!

We just lost my mother to a horrible battle with cancer. Now this.. Its seriously feels like a never ending cycle of death, I just need to know im not in this alone. The vet bills are killing us.

I know the story is not perfect . It was the very next day I wrote this after the accident, Please no rude comments.
Please Donate, Or share today 😁

If you have questions please ask. Ill answer all of them. Just no rude comments as it is a personal matter

Established in 1959 as a full service veterinary hospital. AAHA accredited since 1985. Winner of the Best of Springs for Veterinary hospitals 2015.

Operating as usual


The loss of a pet is a blow to the heart, but it opens a place for the next fur baby who needs us - and we need them too!


Mask policy update
We have always followed CDC recommendations and with the current COVID cases at a low in El Paso County we have decided to alter our mask policy.
If you are fully vaccinated it is optional to you to wear a mask. We do ask that if you are not fully vaccinated that you please still wear a mask and if you are sick at all that you please reschedule your appointment. It is important to still protect each other and use courtesy while doing so. We are here to treat your fur baby and not argue politics or policy. As always, we will continue to monitor CDC recommendations as well as the current cases in El Paso County. Thank you to all of you that have been so kind and respectful during these times. We appreciate you.


Spring is coming! Please call and get your heartworm test scheduled. We recommend heartworm prevention from June through November in Colorado unless you travel with your dog. We also recommend yearly heartworm tests!

Heartworm disease is caused by a mosquito-transmitted parasite. If left untreated, it can be a debilitating disease and sometimes prove fatal. Pets infected with heartworms can be found in all states, in spite of the fact that very effective heartworm prevention products are available. More and more pet parents are wondering about the symptoms of heartworm disease. Unfortunately, most of the time you’re not going to see any, and here’s why:

Early signs of heartworm disease in dogs
It would be great news for pets and people if heartworm symptoms were always obvious, but the truth is they are generally invisible or unnoticeable. The development of heartworm disease is insidious until the overt clinical signs occur, and by then the disease has already affected your dog’s heart and lungs. Your dog could appear 100% healthy while the parasites are quietly making themselves right at home.

Later signs of heartworm disease


Exercise intolerance

Weight loss


Sudden death

While none of these symptoms are exclusive to heartworm disease, a dog with heartworm and these symptoms has progressed to the later stage. Heartworm at this stage will require aggressive and expensive treatment.

Is my dog at risk for heartworm disease?
Yes. Unless your dog lives in a vacuum he is at risk. Again, the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, which could be anywhere. Many of the carrier mosquitoes can survive in a variety of climates and are a year-round threat (even in winter) in much of the country. In all likelihood, your dog is bitten by more mosquitos than you.

How can I protect my dog from heartworm disease?
The good news is, protection is simple. There are highly effective preventives that stop the development of heartworms in pets. By administering a preventive year-round, the risk of infection is greatly reduced. You can also try to avoid exposure to mosquitoes by keeping dogs indoors, particularly during twilight hours, when mosquitoes are feeding.

Can I test my dog for heartworm disease?
Absolutely, and we advocate for testing every year. A negative test result in a dog on year-round heartworm prevention is good news and means the preventive measures are working. However, should your dog test positive, he is infected and will need to be treated.

Yearly heartworm tests and preventative will protect your furry loved one for years to come!


We need your help!! Only a couple of days left to vote!

Vote for Bijou Animal Hospital as the BEST Vet Practice in the Colorado Springs area for 2022. Voting ends February 13th!
Go to and click on vote now. We need a vote for Best Veterinarian / Animal Hospital, located under Services and Professionals. Go to Service and Professionals, look for the Olson Plumbing logo and click there, that will open all of the categories under Service and Professionals, scroll to Veterinarian/Animal Hospital and click on Bijou Animal Hospital. It will ask you to enter your email at that time. Once you enter your email it saves your vote. 1 vote per email.

Thanks for your vote! We appreciate all of the support!


Myla came in this cold morning with her mom Carole O'Connell. She's channeling he inner grizzly bear and looking cute while doing so!

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 02/03/2022

Look at this extra spikey cutie that came to see us. Daphne poked her head out of her comfy house to say hi. 💙


It's that time again!! BEST OF THE SPRINGS VOTING!!!! Please vote for us. Follow the link. Click on vote now and we are under Service and Professionals. Then under Veterinarian/Animal Hospital! Thank you, everyone!!


Our office will be closed on Saturday, January 1st to allow our staff to celebrate the New Year. We will resume regular business hours on Monday, January 3rd. We will not have an on-call doctor to speak to starting on December 31st at 6:00 pm through Sunday, January 2nd. Please make sure you pick up all food and medication refills before 6:00 pm on Friday, December 31st. Please have a happy and safe New Year from everyone at Bijou Animal Hospital.

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 12/26/2021

Merry Christmas from all of us at Bijou to all of you. 💙 We hope your day was peaceful and beautiful.


We will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Please make sure you pick up any food or medication fills before close on Thursday December 23rd. If you have an emergency please call Powers Pet Emergency at 719-473-0482 or Animal ER Care at 719-260-7141. 🎄

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 12/16/2021

Tilin Cardenas came in today. Could he be any cuter?!!


Power is out at Bijou and we are closed. We will be calling to reschedule appointments. We are so sorry.


JD the Veterinary Elf at your service...

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 12/09/2021

Tuesdays in December are Ugly Christmas Sweater days!


Olive McCracken getting laser therapy, cute doggles and all....we tell her it's her "hot stone massage" and she loves it!


Ruckus Murphy came in to see us today! Look at that patience! He was waiting for his cookie! Such a good boy.


Ellis with mom Loren Soto came in today for a well visit. Ellis said everything is OK as long as he has his trusty ball!

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 12/01/2021

Thank you to everyone who bought our peanut butter pumpkin dog cookies to support our pets in need fund. We surpassed our goal!! Thank you to all of you we will be able to help some pets in need. Here are some fun pictures of staff elves baking away!


Ameera approves of this message.


Last 2 days for our pumpkin dog cookies!!! Thank you all for your support for our pets in need fund!! 11/25/2021

We are closed today for Thanksgiving. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 11/13/2021

Thank you, Patricia Herndon and Xylan so much for the awesome goodies today! We all enjoyed them so much!!!


I want to thank our customers for their patience as we have been working through some issues with our therapeutic laser machine. We turned in our old one at the beginning of the year and started having error messages on this new one a month ago. We have been working constantly with the company who has loaded a number of software patches to try fix the problem, but it wouldn’t stay fixed. Last week I put my foot down with the company and insisted they send us a loaner as I don’t trust this machine anymore. We have the loaner now and I will continue to advocate for our patients requesting the company give us a new machine rather than trying to repair this one. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.


It's Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Cookie time!!! A 1/2 lb is $6.00 dollars and 1 lb is $11.00. ALL proceeds go to our Pets In Need Fund. All of the cookies are homemade cookies made by the Bijou Cookie Elves. (No they don't live in a tree but would probably like to 🤪) THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 09/14/2021

National Teddy Bear Day was a hit! Thank you to all who brought by their stuffed loved ones for a check-up! Great job Michelle and J.D. for making sure these little ones got the best care!


In spite of all the care we take, it looks like the Delta variant my be the culprit to cause two of our vaccinated docs to come up positive for Covid. Both are okay so far with mild symptoms, but the rest of the docs simply can’t realistically absorb all their appointments. Our reception staff will be calling to do some rescheduling. We will also be calling our customers who saw those docs last week and recommend you consider getting tested. Please be kind to my staff when they call.


Tomorrow is National Teddy Bear Day. In honor of that, we are going to be doing a free clinic for your kids' teddy bears and stuffed friends. Please bring in your stuffed animals for an exam and certificate of health. We hope to see you there!

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 09/02/2021

There are some really great days and then there are those sad days. The Swendsen family came to celebrate beautiful Apollo's life with us last Thursday. It was an amazing tribute and there was a double Rainbow Bridge over the hospital💙 Run free sweet Apollo.💙


We will be closed for Labor Day Monday, September 6th. We will not have an on-call doctor for Labor Day as well. If you have an immediate need please call Powers Pet Emergency at 719-260-7141 or Animal Emergency Care at 719-473-0482. We will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, September 7th.


When its time to get your babies a mama's got to do what she's got to do!
It was time to pick up Bolt and Bella from surgery today and Brandy Watts made sure she was here even in the middle of getting her hair done! We love it!!

Photos from Bijou Animal Hospital's post 08/13/2021

Every Thursday in August is 80's Thursday! If you see us looking totally tubular you know why!🤣😂

Best of the Springs Celebration

We have been honored by our customers for three straight years in a row winning Gold in the Best of Springs awards. Come see for yourself. You and your pet will be treated like family from the minute you come through the door to the time you leave. Our reception staff will welcome you warmly, our doctors provide top notch medical and surgical care, and our nurses and support staff are second to none. Thank you to all our customers who voted. We are humbled your continued support!

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