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We are here to serve you. We are an integrative health care facility, utilizing resources from the Prior to receiving his doctorate, Dr. Stalheim received a B.S.

We use conservative treatment methods to address movement impairment syndromes and bio-mechanical faults to relieve musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Common conditions treated include back pain, neck pain, headaches, chronic aches and pains, sports injuries, overuse syndromes, and many others. Dr. Conrad Stalheim received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in

Operating as usual 12/26/2017

Metaphors we feel by

If you have pain or enjoy learning about how language shapes experience, you'll enjoy this short post! The English word ‘Pain’ has its roots in the Latin poena meaning ‘punishment, penalty or retribution’. No surprise then that we have created a rich vocabulary based on the metaphor PAIN AS ENEMY. A… 10/25/2017

Health Hacks - Hack #1 - Exodus CrossFit Coralville

Hack your behavior to do the things you want to do but struggle to do! Related


Appeal to fear in health care: appropriate or inappropriate?

The appeal to fear is a common selling tactic - sometimes it is legitimate, often times it is not. Ask yourself, who stands to benefit from the message, what are the motives? This paper examines appeal to fear in general: its perceived positive aspects, its negative characteristics, its appropriate as well as its fallacious use. Appeal to fear is a commonly used marketing method that attempts to change behaviour by creating anxiety in those receiving a fearful message. I... 09/18/2017

The Gut-Brain Connection: Root Cause Solutions for Depression | Karyn Shanks MD The Gut-Brain Connection give real hope to sufferers of persistent depression. Learn how treating the gut heals the brain--and relieves the depressed mind.



Great video on what your vertebral discs look like!


You can't just strengthen a muscle and expect it to do the right thing.

It's a common misconception where we tend to think that if we balance our pushing and our pulling, we'll "magically" balance ourselves into the right position/posture.

Does having really strong triceps make you a good free throw shooter?! Of course not



This tag line cracked me up a little - FOOT SHAPED SHOES.

It's kind of like, how else would they be shaped? But the funny thing is that most shoes are not really shaped for your foot.

There's a time and place for fashion, but the rest of the time...let your foot be a foot.

Revolutionary footwear that lets your feet do their natural thing. 01/20/2016

Tendon Compression and Pain

Great video to understand one of the common causes of pain in places like the front of your shoulder, high hamstring, and lateral hip.
These are 3 areas we treat frequently by working on the soft tissue, joint restrictions and education about position. Some tendon problems linger longer than they should, despite well intentioned stretching, exercises or foam rolling. Unfortunately, these interventions often worsen…


Neurons that fire together, wire together.

If we took your middle and ring finger and stitched them together, eventually your brain would start to see those two fingers as one finger. If we removed the stitches, those fingers would move and function together, like one finger. We’d have to retrain the brain that they were separate to get individual function back.

Your brain is adapting to what you tell it to adapt to, whether you mean to or not.
So what do you think happens when we live in a shoe with a raised heel and a tight toe box?

We begin to lose the intricate function of the individual parts of the foot.

It’s not a big deal if you don’t care about walking or running much.

It’s the same thing that happens to our upper back when we sit in a chair all day and never use the individual function of each of those joints. Our thoracic spine, made of 12 segments, starts to function like one big block – that’s going to change what your neck and low back have to do when you move.

An adjustment acts like a “reset”, and then we reinforce the pattern with some movement.

So we get your foot acting like a foot again, your back acting like a back, your shoulder acting like a shoulder, etc. It's amazing what can happen when we get things functioning like they were meant to. 07/13/2015

Advice for Self-Myofascial Release with a Foam Roller

Good advice on foam rolling from Tom Meyers (one of foremost fascia experts)! Anatomy Trains' advice on how to properly use foam rolling for fascial health. Learn what happens when you use a foam roller for self-myofascial release. 01/13/2015

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center :: The Thing About Posture You Probably Don't Know

The unspoken key to good posture... A simple, yet important key to good posture. 01/12/2015

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center :: My Top 10 Tips for Losing Fat and Eating Healthier

Easy tips that you can use immediately to make your goals just a little bit easier. Simple tips to make eating healthier and losing fat easier.


Dan John: Falling & Aging

It doesn't matter...until it matters.
How well can you get to the floor and get back up again?
Can you get up from the floor with only one limb?

There is some interesting statistical correlation with your ability to get up from the floor and predicted life expectancy. Perhaps even more important would be your quality of life.

Keep this in mind as you age...The fewer limbs of support you need to get up off the floor the better. It's easier not to lose it than it is to get it back. From the Essentials of Coaching and Training Functional Continuums DVD, featuring Gray Cook, Dan John & Lee Burton. For more...



I picked this up from Dr. Thomas O'Bryan.



EVERYTHING in your body works better when you’re well hydrated. Even if you’re not thirsty or feel too full, drink the water. The feeling of fullness will pass and your body will thank you for it. This is a realistic first step that EVERYONE can do! Give it a shot for 5-7 days. You just might feel the difference that quickly.

I've been doing it for a couple months and it has made me realize how chronically dehydrated I had previously been. It has served as a kickstart to get me drinking more water through the day as well. If you need to, throw in a scoop of that orange flavored fiber powder like Metamucil or one of those "Greens" powder drink mixes. 10/02/2014

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center :: Two Different Chiropractic Approaches to Back Pain...

New Blog Post Is Up!
How Can Chiropractors Be So Different?!

Understand your options when it comes to your pain and dysfunction.
Find a doctor who's approach, at the very least, kind of makes sense and fits your paradigm. I want to give insight on my clinical thought process and treatment strategy based on a recent case in which someone came to me with low back pain.


True story!

Pain is a request for change in your life.

Some examples.

How you eat?
How you move?
How you think?
How you play?
How you sleep, sit, stand, bend etc.
Your work environment.
Your toxic relationships.
Your habits.
Your exercise or lack thereof.

Or simply asking for help. Don't be afraid to ask for help and reach out to others. Feeling alone and vulnerable when in pain can lead to despair.

Sometimes a good cry releases the emotional connection to pain. Crying is not weakness. Crying is strength.

Pain is the way your brain communicates a need for something different. Pay attention to it. Respect it. Don't ignore it.

Very often the change is a very small one that makes a big impact.

Small = BIG! 08/25/2014

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center :: Learn to Run

I ran my first 5K over the weekend in what has been probably 8-10 years.
The Run Luly 5K in North Liberty - Put on by people at Grace Community Church to raise money for helping the children and people of Luly, Haiti -

My training consisted of about 5 sessions of 1-2 mile runs over the last 2 months - in other words, I didn't really train 'specifically' for this. Those sessions were much more geared toward working on my running mechanics, aka - my gait, than they were to get my muscles or cardiovascular system prepared. My time of 24:20 was about the same amount of time it took me to run the first 5K of my cross country season when I was 17 - which was after running everyday for several weeks beforehand.

My wife, Michelle, did very similar training to me yet has never run for 3 straight miles in her life and has never been "a runner", which makes her time of 25:45 (8:18/mi) very impressive! We worked on her gait and HOW TO RUN and didn't really worry about distance or quantity. She has historically gotten lateral knee pain (IT Band) when running more than about a 1/2 mile. By changing her gait and about 3 inches of rock tape, she had almost 0 pain or discomfort.

MY POINT: Running is more of a skill than you realize and a lot of people get needlessly injured doing it.
Check out my post if you want to run faster, more efficiently while preventing injury at the same time. Learn to run to be faster, more efficient, and prevent injuries. 07/29/2014

Five lessons from the Niacin failure

ONE OF the most succinct, simple, yet profound articles I've ever read...

"Pills do not confer heart health – not even vitamins"

"Statin drugs, given to patients without heart disease, do not improve mortality. They do reduce the risk of a future heart attack, but by a measly 1 in 200, which means 99.5% of patients taking the drugs for primary prevention get no benefit (but all the risks)."

"The problem with using drugs to prevent heart disease is it distracts both patients and doctors from the obvious: that good health comes from making good choices."

"Niacin, like many other cholesterol-lowering drugs, is indeed able to change levels of cholesterol."

"The problem is that changing surrogate markers does not always change outcomes. This week the New England Journal of Medicine published two studies on the role of niacin in preventing future cardiac events. The short story is that niacin was ineffective and associated with sig... 07/23/2014

Say No To L*D « Invictus | Redefining Fitness

Say NO to (L*D) Long, Slow, Distance types of workouts.

This is of course dependent on your goals but most people's fitness and aesthetic goals are not in line with the L*D types of workouts. I have been asked many times, especially now that the Look Good, Feel Good Challenge is in full effect, if people should do “cardio” on their own in addition to their strength and conditioning workouts at Invictus. My initial reaction is usually, “how was traditional ‘cardio’ working for you before…


We will be closed July 17 - July 21. Back open on Tuesday, July 22!


Stop Chasing Pain

We have a very limited perception of the outside world, what we see, hear, touch or smell is the only portion of the outside world for which we have a sense organ capable of detecting it.

So just because you can't sense it doesn't mean it's not there. Radiation is an example. You don't know you have been exposed until you get sick. Is it not real?

Animals sense all sorts of things we can't. A dog whistle is an example. The sound waves are there moving, we just can't hear them.

There are magnificent wonders of the world we cannot physically sense. The Law of Attraction for example. It's the 'radiation' of self fulfilling prophecy. Innate intelligence is another. Healing via the mind and body.

Life is movement. Things are always moving. Even when you can't sense it. Thoughts become things. When you are struck with illness or pain, stay strong and hold onto faith that things you cannot possibly imagine are conspiring to help you. 06/06/2014

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center :: Learn to Run



My latest post is fairly short yet comprehensive on some of the key components of running with videos and summary cues to help you start to make some easy changes right away. Learn to run to be faster, more efficient, and prevent injuries. 06/04/2014

Improving Breathing And Performance (Part 3): How To Breathe And Brace Without Loss Of Mechanics...

Your Diaphragm (top) and Pelvic Floor (bottom). Dysfunction in either can contribute to back pain.

Knowing when and how to breathe go a long way in stabilizing your lumbar spine during activities where your breathing becomes challenged.

Remember: You don't OWN a position until you can take a full deep and controlled breath in that position. 05/29/2014

June Research Round-Up: Stretching Edition | Bret Contreras


Static stretching - not very effective for actual muscle length changes. Most of us who have done a lot of static stretching have probably already found this out.

I recommend mobilizing SHAPES with moderate effort. For the hamstrings - 3 examples:
1.) 5-10 second eccentric (lowering) Romanian Deadlift - done with light to medium weight.
2.) Holding the bottom position of a pistol squat with one leg extended - hold your toe if you have to.
3) L- sit on paralettes - try to push your legs straight - the contraction of your quads will help to inhibit /relax your hamstrings.

Not only do these mobilize important shapes but they'll hit a bunch of other things - making your time spent more efficient. June Research Round-Up: Stretching EditionLeave a replyThe June “Stretching” edition of the monthly Strength & Conditioning Research review service comes out in just a few days. Here is a preview that Chris has written.Before you start reading this preview, let me remind you that as of this month, w… 05/16/2014

Is Mobility Just A Fad?

It's not a fad but this is a great article on understanding your need for stability and motor control along with that mobility. For those of you consistently doing mobility drills without yielding the desired change, perhaps it's time to step back and see what else may be going on. 05/07/2014

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center :: My Personal Neck and Upper Back Pain Experience

You don't have to deal with neck and back pain everyday. I've been there - but I've also overcome it. The solution is to address the underlying cause - and it's pretty simple. Have you tried multiple chiropractors, massage therapy, Active Release Technique, different pillows, pain meds, etc? � My neck is no longer a source of pain and tightness and no longer a source of fear and doubt.


Profile Pictures 04/24/2014

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 (Hadouken! - Levitate)

The 6TH SENSE...PROPRIOCEPTION! I bet you thought there were only 5.

Close your eyes and hold a few fingers behind your back...How did you know how many you were holding up?

Can you type on a keyboard with your eyes closed? How do you keep track of where your fingers are?

Proprioception is the SENSE of knowing where your body is in space. Mechanoreceptors (a sensory organ) located in your joints and tissues, send constant information to your brain, informing you of where you are.

Joint fixations or restrictions can interfere with this signaling, which interestingly is a big part of how joint manipulation such as a chiropractic adjustment can have such profound effects - by creating a "reset" to the affected mechanoreceptors.

Watch this video to see PROPRIOCEPTION in action! Buy 'Levitate' here: http://sou...



Notice the very different foot positions on this same runner...

Heel striking with a straight leg and a dorsiflexed foot (toe towards the sky) is a recipe for a lot of strain being placed on the anterior tibialis and various other lower leg muscles.

I bet you won't slam your heels into the ground repeatedly if you stop using that shoe with an inch or TWO of heel cushion. Sure your heel feels fine but how are your shins and other tissues and joints?

You may need some manual therapy to restore the integrity of those abused tissues but you probably also need to change your movement pattern.


This is a cool graphic showing one of the chains of movement and how dysfunction in one place can lead to pain in another. Sometimes the site of dysfunction is near the pain, sometimes it's far away. If I've worked with you on AB WHEEL rollouts - this is PART of the chain of movement we are addressing.

So if your lower trap and serratus anterior don't work well, the upper trap will be on fire! We never see upper trap dominant people do we? Lol

That scapula will be in chaos. These muscles upwardly rotate the scapula. They all must work as a functional patterning unit. When they don't, say hello shoulder and neck pain.


I am planning to run a marathon this year. :/

Pretty sure it will be the Des Moines marathon in October.

Do I like running? Not really.

But if you know me, you know that I value knowledge with experience more than I value “talk” and “philosophy”.

I have been exploring a lot of movements, especially in the last two years. In this time, I have had low back, shoulder, and neck injuries (and a few others) and solved them all. They didn't simply go away because I stopped the painful movements – I learned and corrected the error.

If I tell you that I can “fix” you – shouldn't I be able to fix myself?

The injury rate in running is huge; something like 50% of runners will get injured from it in any given year. Since lots of people choose running as their exercise of choice and I treat plenty of runners – I want to “practice what I preach” and explore this movement more.

I have been injured from running in the past – we’ll see if my movement and treatment strategies work on myself.

I’ll post some running tips along the way and I’m sure write a blog post about it at the end.


About NKT™ Seminars – Neurokinetic Therapy™

Signed up to take the Neuro Kinetic Therapy course this coming July. I'm very excited about it as it should help me to further my education in identifying key motor control and movement links contributing to pain, dysfunction, and decreased performance capability.

I have specifically signed up to take it with the Stop Chasing Pain guy, Dr. Perry Nickelston. I think he has a lot of "pearls" and wisdom that I will be able to benefit from and therefore that YOU can benefit from as well. NeuroKinetic Therapy™ corrective movement system, is a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement/coordination problems at their root in the motor control center in the cerebellum. The motor control center stores these patterns and directs the...





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