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Exploring the Depths ofConsciousness with Psilocybin🍄🤓😍🧠🎨👑🎧✨🔮🦄🍄High-Dosing & Micro-Dosing explained:Diving into the real...

Exploring the Depths of
Consciousness with Psilocybin🍄🤓😍🧠🎨👑🎧✨🔮🦄

🍄High-Dosing & Micro-Dosing explained:
Diving into the realm of high-dose psilocybin mushrooms, specifically the 3-5g and beyond range, can be a profound journey of self-discovery and expansion.
High-Dosing & What to Expect:
Expect to traverse the boundaries of your perception, as reality undergoes a kaleidoscopic transformation.
This is where Terrence McKenna's concept of "The Heroic Dose" comes in, where the ordinary dissolves into the extraordinary.
The benefits are as vast as the cosmos you'll explore.
Expect heightened creativity, introspection, and a deeper understanding of your inner self. It's a portal to confronting fears, repressed emotions, and discovering hidden potential.
& Meditation & Psilocybin:
Meditation and high-dose psilocybin go hand in hand.
They amplify each other's effects, leading to profound insights, spiritual experiences, and a deeper connection to the universe. Meditating in this state can bring clarity and inner peace amidst the cosmic chaos.
🤴🏽Terrence McKenna's Legacy:
Terrence McKenna, a pioneer in psychedelic exploration, coined the term "The Heroic Dose" to describe these transformative journeys. He believed these experiences held the power to heal, inspire, and evolve human consciousness.
Remember, these experiences can be intense, and set and setting are crucial. Always approach with respect, caution, and a trusted guide if possible.
🍄Micro-Dosing & What to Expect:
Unlocking the mind's potential through microdosing a
Emerging research suggests that microdosing
Psychedelic mushrooms might offer insights into improved mental well-being. Studies hint at reduced anxiety, enhanced creativity, and increased mindfulness.
Following a single administration of low dose psilocybin, migraine patients experienced a significant reduction in their migraines 2 weeks following the dose.-Source: clinicaltrials.gov
🍄Even Micro-Dosing Psychedelic Mushrooms removes
HEAVY METALS from the brain.
They reverse ADDICTION & reduce low vibrational emotions such as
STRESS, FEAR, & WORRY…. they are not mind controlling, they are mind
🍄Microdosing (0.05-0.25g) allows you to be an active participant:
☺️Mood enhancement, emotional intelligence
🎯Decreased stress in all areas of your life
🙏🏽Mindfulness and peace from the inside out
💞Overall increase of empathy and sociability
🗣Conversational fluidity, throat chakra opening
🧠Alleviation of depression, anxiety, PTSD
🔎Increased focus and productivity long-term
🌊Increased Flow states, transforming additions
🎨Increased creativity, tapping into your passions
🤓Clearer, more connected🧲thinking, mindfulness
😍Increased enjoyment of everyday tasks
🥰Amplification of mood, positive or negative

💌If you're curious about the potential benefits, let's dive deeper together!
Reach out to me to explore the magic of microdosing and its potential to support mental health.
Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. 💌DM Ig at we.all.flyyy.medicina or 📧email [email protected] to start a conversation that could change your perspective!

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Why is this so funny but sad at the same time 😅😂😅🥹

Why is this so funny but sad at the same time 😅😂😅🥹


"Grandma, I'm tired. So tired of this life..."

"Take your tiredness, my child, and wrap it around yourself. Like a blanket in the cold winter months. Tiredness comes to make you a nest, to bring you to wear comfortable clothes, to make you sink into its warm embrace. I invite you to stay within yourself. Without strength, without thoughts, without actions. Like the snow that covers everything to soften the world, to make it muffled, to protect it from noise. Accept the flakes of your tiredness and let yourself be completely covered by them."

"I could die buried under there..."

"You will be reborn instead. Like the seed in the ground. Do not resist your weariness, do not reject it with a thousand actions, a thousand intentions, a thousand feelings of guilt. It just wants to take you by the hand and lead you to sink into the void. Right there, where the source of every inner strength lies. They taught us to be strong by resisting. But it is in surrendering that the true heroes emerge."

"I'm afraid, grandmother. What if fatigue will annihilate me?"

"My child, you are not afraid of tiredness but of losing control of yourself. The time has come for you to give yourself to life. And to generate together with it the most wonderful children: the fruits of your soul!"

Author: Elena Bernabè

Art by Eloy Bida


Artist : Phaedra Peer



We can all relate to this! Do not ever feel guilty about protecting your peace. We must care for and safeguard our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.




Happy Monday!


I Celebrate Life

I’m so in love in so many different ways!!

I’m so in love in so many different ways!!

Hello everyone my name is Venussea/Venus Rose ☄️🌹 Pleased to meet you,  I’m do the work… & I love you all

Hello everyone my name is Venussea/Venus Rose ☄️🌹 Pleased to meet you, I’m do the work… & I love you all


If you love a wild woman you had better be brave. There is no hiding in a soul to soul connection with the wild feminine. There is no room for playing small, being mediocre or hiding from your soul purpose.
She will need to see you stand in your light as stands in hers.

She has retrieved her divine blueprint from the rubble of who she once was, the programmed and wounded feminine with toxicity from society has been dismantled and in it's place she is using everything they ever put inside her or threw at her to rebuild and recreate herself in her own image, based in her heart vision.
She will motivate you and build with you, but you will have to show authentic and in your true self as she stands in hers.

You will have to be vulnerable and willing to face yourself and release your false self, ideas and constructs. There is no room for your lower self to keep playing the games of the wounded masculine.

You will have to wear your heart on your sleeve and be open in communication and speak from heart and when you shut down you will have to let yourself open up to her heart calling you home. If you choose to run from her and her love you will only find yourself running from yourself, which is an impossible feature.

You may as well stand and deliver, speak your truth even if your voice shakes. She craves your truth and your authenticity.
Everything is felt and known in this connection so you may as well speak the truth as she will feel your lies. If you love a wild woman you had better be brave and you will be rewarded with a love unlike any you ever experienced.

— Ulf Haukenes

White Wolf Alchemy


Costa Mesa, CA




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