Country Curios

A family owned resale shop offering gently used furniture, household goods, home decor and more.

Country Curios is home to Country Comfort Naturals offering a full line of pure high quality Essential Oils, proprietary blends and handmade items. We carry homemade organic and non-gmo jams, jellies, vinegars and other cottage foods.

Operating as usual


The name Country Curios is heading towards becoming 'history' as it will be replaced in the near future.
It's also 'history' that when co-owners Melody Jones and Ann Powers began selling essential oils out on line 20+ years ago, the products were sold under the business name of Country Comfort Naturals.
When Country Curios opened three years ago, the name Country Comfort Naturals did not reflect the type of products that the store featured: Corning Ware, Carnival glass, Bubble glass, Star of David, Vaseline glass, other collectible glassware, cast iron cookware, old knives, antique furniture, steins, small recycled kitchen appliances and other typical resale items. As these items sold, they were replaced with products of a completely different nature, essential oil by-products such as botanicals, whipped Shea butters, goat milk soap and body washes, foot soaks, etc; herbal extracts, diffusers, non-toxic cleaning products, personal protection items, spices, spice blends, non-GMO and non high fructose corn syrup jams and fruit toppings as well as a variety of products that hopefully makes life more comfortable and promotes a healthy life-style. The store also stocks a growing menu of gift items. We are now in a situation that once again the name of the store does not reflect the type of products that it is selling. To remedy the problem a name change is once again on the table with the decision being made to revert the store name back to the original name of Country Comfort (dropping Naturals). See more about this in the future.
Although the saying goes that 'you can't judge a book by it's cover', in this case the change will enable current and potential customers to be able to do that.


Spring is coming in March and we're excited. Right on its heels is Easter stepping forward on April 1st. Country Curios has an exciting Customer Reward program in place for the month of March and here are the details.
During the month of March, a basket holding 20 plastic Easter eggs will be on the check out counter. With every total purchase in any amount, customers will be entitled to select one egg from the basket. One egg for each sales slip. Each egg contains a customer reward, there are no duds. Two of the eggs contain gifts of the entire purchase being FREE. Two more of the eggs contain gifts of a 50% discount on the total order. Three of the eggs contain customer rewards of a 25% discount on the total order, three more eggs contain discounts of 10% on the total order. Two of the eggs gift the customer with a 1/16th oz bottle of Peace/Calm/Serenity. Three more eggs provide for double tickets to be placed in the drop-jar for the Seasonal drawing held later in the month, Two of the eggs provide for a free 1/8th oz bottle of Eucalyptus globulus essential oil, one egg holds a free bar of goat milk soap, one egg offers a 50% discount on anything for sale in the annex (to be claimed prior to April 30th), and one egg holds a free jar of jam. And here's even better news, it doesn't end at 20 draws.....when an egg is opened and the reward claimed, the egg will be put back into the basket for additional drawings so everyone will be drawing from a full menu of rewards. We hope that everyone will join in the fun during the month of March.


Commencing Saturday March 3rd, Country Curios will be open until further notice every Saturday between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. This is in addition to our normal hours on Wednesdays.


Good morning everyone, with concrete walks, stones, steps, deck and everything else covered with ice and dusted with a layer of chunky frozen snow, Country Curios will not open today. We will however be open on Saturday March 24th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Please stay home today.


Every time you disrobe or touch your skin, do you see an avalanche of white flakes that reminds you of a snowstorm?
When you look at your skin can you see white flakes just waiting to fall off?
If not, are you hydrating your skin with products that contain toxins and carcinogens like Parabens that can also appear as Benzylparaben, butyipoaraben, propylpsraben, methylparaben, ethylparaben and isobutlparaben , Phthalates, Benzoyl Peroxide, Triclosan, Resourcinol, Hydroquinone, Petroleum, Methylisothiazolinone, Oxybenzone, Artificial Dyes and Synthetic Colors, Phenoxyethanol, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Tetrasodium Edta, Dioxins, Toulene, Triethanolamine (TEA), Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA), Plastics, Deet, (BHA) Butylated Hydrosyanisole, DMDM Hydantoin, Retinyl Palmitate?
Not only do they appear in our skin care products, but also in our soaps, lipsticks, sunscreens, nail polish, hair coloring, and a multitude of cosmetics. These additives cause long term health risks from skin irritations and allergies to cancer, that sometimes take years to surface as they quietly poison our bodies. They have been found in long established and familiar brands of Oil of Olay, Cover Girl, Revlon, Mary K, Avon, Aveeno, Younique, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds (uh oh, one of my stand-bys), Jergens, Bath and Body and Nivea, just to mention some. The company that manufacturers Angelina Jolie’s newest product Desir Brilliance is extremely tight lipped about its ingredient list. Hmmmm.
It might be an excellent idea to compare your favorite personal skin care product with the aforementioned list and obtain one of our educational flyers “Girlie Things” for detailed information as to the types of damage these products are accused of doing….. or google them on your computer.
The super dry conditions in Texas wreak havoc with our skin and this winter has been no different. Country Curios is offering a menu of skin hydrators and toners that contain none of the aforementioned ingredients. While it took awhile for your skin to start showing the effects of drying out, it will also take awhile to bring it back to its beautiful glowing look and feeling soft and silky. Starting now isn’t one bit too soon if you want your skin restored before it’s time to bare it in sleeveless tops and shorts. Shea Body Butters, Rose water and Glycerin, Hydrating Lavender and Rose Water, Enhanced Alcohol Free Witch Hazel and Cooling Eye Pads in Chamomile and Lavender make up our collection of new products to assist with restoring your skin to it’s beautiful youthful state.

Photos from Country Curios's post 01/21/2018

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. We have an awesome collection of Valentine’s gifts to tickle the taste buds and tone the skin.
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, our unique gift collection covers it all.
Take it to the next level……. In addition to your Sweetheart or Wife also make your Valentine your Mom, Grandma and all those lovely ladies who deserve to be shown that they’re appreciated and loved. Sweets for the Sweet Tooth co-mingled with tools of the trade to keep those lovely ladies lovely looking.
Whipped Shea Body Butters, Rosewater & Glycerin, Strawberry Crème Heart shaped Goat’s Milk Soap, Warming Oils, Body Toners, Cooling Eye Pads and Facial Sinus Packs tucked between Candy Bars, Chocolate Kisses, Solid Chocolate foil wrapped Stemmed Roses and Hearts, nestled into Keepsake Boxes, Heart Trimmed Cello saks & Oversized Glass Tumblers trimmed with ribbons and silk flowers make up our collection. Affordably priced from $10 - $25, if desired the value of the gift can be enhanced by including a gift certificate in any amount. Following is a partial preview…. More coming.

And here’s the frosting on the cake, purchase a Country Curios Valentine gift from our collection and earn a series of Customer Rewards. (1) for every $5 purchase receive one free ticket towards the next Customer Rewards drawing in March, (2) your purchase adds to your accumulated total needed to reach either $50 or $100 in pre-tax sales in order to select a gift certificate or gift on display in the store and (3) from now until Valentine’s Day, each customer spending a minimum of $20 (pre-tax) will receive FREE their choice of 1/16th oz bottle of Peace/Calm/Serenity OR a 1/8th bottle of Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil.

Country Curios accepts debit and credit cards.


Look What's New!
Just arrived...Strawberries n Cream Heart Shaped Goat Milk Soap 4 oz bars. $4.25. Be sure to check out our line of gifts for Valentine's Day. Open Today 10:30-4:30. 109 NE 4th Street. Cross Plains, TX.


Just a reminder that Country Curios is open today Saturday Jan 20th. 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Country Curios accepts debit and credit cards.


In case no one has noticed yet, Wednesday's high is predicted to be 37 degrees. Our store is a very old building and we rely on electric heaters to warm it up and they simply do not do the job when temperatures remain so low. Please consider this a 'head's up' that if the temps stay as predicted Country Curios will not open on Wednesday. And if temps stay as predicted, common sense tells us that no one could care less because no one wants to venture out and brave the cold if they don't have to. Please remember that should anyone want or need to shop that day, just send us a text message and we will certainly open upon request. Dress warm. Please continue to follow us on Face Book to stay informed of when we are open. Thank you. Ann and Melody


Essential oil Tools. Added to our for sale stock is half oz, one oz, two oz and four oz Amber Boston Round bottles with bulb caps, 1/2 and 1 oz Droppers and Catnip. Restocked is a supply of Goat Milk Soap, Sinus Packs and Microwave Body Packs.
Coming soon: Enhanced Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Extract Hydrating Toner and Roller Ball Keys that easily remove the ball so bottles can be refilled.
We're looking toward receiving some input from our customers as to how Wednesdays are working for you in reference to our chosen day to be open. If we are going to make our one day per week opening something 'new and different', this will be the time to do it at the start of a new year. Please let us know if a different day would work better for you. All responses will be considered and compared with our schedules.


A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PROSPEROUS 2018 NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. Country Curios will be closed Wednesday December 27th and Wednesday January 03rd reopening on Wednesday January 10th, using the time to replenish and rearrange stock. As always, we will open on request for any of our customers who need or want access to shopping the store during that time. Our deepest appreciation to all for their patronage during 2017.


Congratulations to Pam Harris, Cross Plains, as the winner of a special Christmas drawing for Country Curios customers. Pam's winning ticket was drawn from the same container where tickets for the Seasonal/quarterly drawing were deposited. So each customer these past three months, had two chances at winning a basket. In addition to the four scheduled drawings as part of the Customer Rewards Program, Country Curios rewards customers with unscheduled drawings for gifts, around holidays. In addition to being a regular customer, Pam is one of several of our customers who promotes sales for Country Curios 'by word of mouth'. Thank you Pam. A Merry Christmas to you.


CONGRATULATIONS TO PAM HUTTON, Cross Plains as being the winner of Country Curios Customer Rewards Seasonal Drawing. With each $5.00 purchase, customers receive a free ticket to be deposited into a container from which one ticket is drawn every three months, at closing of the season. This week's drawing recognized the end of the Fall Season. With the beginning of Winter, customers will start placing their tickets into a clean container. Pam is a regular and loyal customer at Country Curios and we thank her for her continued patronage.
Merry Christmas Pam.


COUNTRY CURIOS WILL BE OPEN BY REQUEST ON SATURDAY DEC 23rd. IF YOU NEED A LAST MINUTE GIFT OR STOCKING STUFFER, TEXT 325 203 3998 or 325 513 9441 and we will be more than happy to open for you. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!


Commencing 2018 Country Curios will offer for sale amber Boston Round bottles, complete with caps in the following sizes, ½ oz, 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz.
Although there are some bottle companies who offer these bottles for sale with no minimums, the shipping/handling fee might make ordering in singles or small quantities cost prohibitive.

Hopefully this will assist those DIYers who are storing blends and pure essential oils in clear glass containers that is adversely affecting the shelf life of the oils.


Last Saturday Sherry Henderson from Rising Star paid a visit to Country Curios and declined five tickets from her sale opting instead to gift them to a customer of our choice. Instead, we drew five names out of the glass jar on the counter and deposited one ticket to each one of the names that were drawn.
Due to Sherry's kindness, the five following ladies each received a bonus ticket towards this week's draw for the Customer Rewards gift baskets. One basket is the quarterly draw and the other basket represents Merry Christmas to the lucky recipient. The gals whose names were drawn to receive one bonus ticket
each were: Judy Porter, Krista Heath, Pam Hutton, Debbie Eudy and Christine Evans. Congratulation gals and remember that if one of your names is drawn to win one of the baskets that are being given away, it could be the ticket that Sherry gifted. Thank you Sherry.




Country Comfort Naturals
Published by Melody Cole Jones · 10 mins ·
"Best Little Fruitcake You'll Ever NOT Hate"
Ahhhh, the dreaded fruitcake-the gift nobody wants to receive! Whether they're from a high-end retailer, or discount store, commercially prepared fruitcakes are horrible. This year why not try one of our homemade Festive Fruitcakes. Packed full of fresh, delicious fruits and nuts including Golden and Brown Raisins, Craisins, Mixed Candied Fruit, Red and Green Candied Cherries, Marachino Cherries, Candied Pineapple, Chopped Dates and Walnuts, all held together with a light batter of Flour, Sugar, Cocoa, Orange Juice, Real Butter, Eggs, Pure Vanilla Extract and Spices. Loaf cake weighs over one pound and comes ready for gifting in its own pan with a clear plastic cover tied with pretty Christmas ribbon. $7.50 each. Limited supply available at Country Curios 109 NE 4th St in Cross Plains TX. Open this Saturday (tomorrow) December 16 Noon - 3:30; Wednesday December 20th 11-5 and Saturday December 23, 11-3.

Our Story

Country Curios is opened in June 2015 as a Resale Shop, offering gently used furniture, small appliances, home furnishings and more. Gradually, products from our natural apothecary, Country Comfort Naturals, were added and eventually, due to customer interest, the full line of pure high quality Essential Oils, proprietary blends and handmade items replaced the resale goods in the main building. Country Comfort Naturals also offers a selection of homemade organic and non-gmo jams, jellies, vinegars and other cottage foods. Our resale items were moved to the annex attached to the main shop where they can be seen during shop walk-in hours or by texting for a “meet”.



Gently used small furniture, household goods, home decor and more




Cross Plains, TX

Opening Hours

Wednesday 11am - 4:30pm
Saturday 11am - 3pm

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