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Will this session tonight be recorded and available on Facebook for later viewing?

Chatterbox Therapy Center is based in North Dallas, Texas. We specialize within complex communication

Operating as usual

Nicole Peters Named ASC Hitter of the Week - University of Texas at Dallas Athletics 04/13/2022

Nicole Peters Named ASC Hitter of the Week - University of Texas at Dallas Athletics

A huge CONGRATS to our graduate SLP clinician, Nicole, for being a rock star student athlete!

We love having Nicole with us and being able to support her as she continues chasing dreams with softball and becoming an SLP!

Great job Nicole!

Nicole Peters Named ASC Hitter of the Week - University of Texas at Dallas Athletics RICHARDSON, TX (04.11.22) - UT Dallas senior second baseman Nicole Peters has been named the ASC Softball Hitter of the Week, announced by the league office Monday afternoon.

Babies Are Saying Less Since the Pandemic: Why That's Concerning 04/10/2022

Babies Are Saying Less Since the Pandemic: Why That's Concerning

We’ve seen our toddler population double within the past month.

If you or someone you know is concerned about their child’s development, reach out for a consult or evaluation today.

We are also hosting a parent and child class on Friday afternoons this summer. This is a great opportunity to target language, social skills and education.

Call us for more information at 972-665-8610 or email at [email protected]

We would love to have you this summer. ❤️

Babies Are Saying Less Since the Pandemic: Why That's Concerning Children born in the pandemic have heard fewer words and conversations. Their language development has suffered.


This time of year is the time of beauty at the Dallas Arboretum, as well as, the Fort Worth Arboretum

Did you know that they have a kids park as well? It's tucked away and an awesome little spot.

Let the kids run and play in the big grassy area and explore all the coves of the Arboretum!


Hey Mommas and Dads!!

It’s that time of year!

Vote for your kiddos therapist at Chatterbox. We are striving to have the best therapists in DFW. Help us gain that attention so everyone knows Chatterbox is the place to be 🤍🤍🤍


Sara's book of the week is Grumpy Monkey.

Jim is just in a foul mood and all of his friends try to cheer him up. This book has so many great things that you can target including:
🐵 character analysis
🐵 sequencing
🐵 inferencing
🐵verbs (action)
🐵text features
🐵repetitive text

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Photos from Chatterbox Therapy Center's post 04/08/2022

We are so grateful for all the love and support that we receive throughout the year.

THANK YOU to the sweet soul that sent us the light box. We are beyond grateful and the kids are OBSESSED!

Camp AAChieve 2022 | Bonfire 04/04/2022

Camp AAChieve 2022 | Bonfire

It's that time of year again! We are excited to launch our 2022 t-shirt (and one more to hopefully come) to help fund scholarships for camp. All of the proceeds go to campers. Last year we were able to provide scholarships for AAChieve and support two other kiddos in their summer camps.

We are striving to help let all kids come to camp! We are excited to continue this tradition of a beautiful scholarship!

Help us share the word! Share and post to your groups, pages and families!

Camp AAChieve 2022 | Bonfire Supporting of this campaign, help sends kiddos that utilize AAC devices to summer camp!. All proceeds will benefit those for Camp AAChieve, Texas' first AAC camp. We ...


Color your world with the Crayola Experience!

From activities of coloring, movement, and the playground the experience is hours of fun. Make sure you go watch how crayons are made!!


Today is World Autism Day. Join us the campaign of acceptance, kindness and inclusion not just today, but every day.

We want to encourage an inclusive environment for all of our friends.


Kiersten's book of the week is: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander's day is just for the birds. We've all been there. This book is so great for teaching:
❤ Adjectives
❤ Sequencing
❤ Comprehension
❤ Recalling details
❤ Responding to why questions
❤ Higher level thinking

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💖 New Camp Alert 💖

🗣 Calling all parents who have toddlers

We have a 8️⃣week camp for parents of kiddos that are in need of speech therapy or that you want to increase their language skills!

This camp is focusing on teaching parents how to increase interaction and development of their child. After the first part of the session is parent training while therapist work with children to help increase their abilities. The second portion of the session is with the parents and their child as we incorporate the training into a feedback session.

⏰Classes run on Friday afternoons 4-5 pm.


5 Quick Signs that your toddler may benefit from speech therapy services!

1) Stuttering:
At first glance, a stuttering toddler doesn’t seem abnormal. After all, they are still learning to speak. Stuttering becomes an issue when your child doesn’t outgrow it at six years old. We also note that if you have a family member that has fluency difficulties then keeping a close eye on it is very helpful.

2) Intelligibility:
At two years old, the child begins to say 50% of recognizable words. At three years, the child is approximately 75% intelligible. We do not expect them to be perfect speakers yet, but we encourage you to check out their speech if they are hard to understand

3) Play with Friends:
We have seen a lot of little friends having difficulty with playing with others. Our COVID babies have not had all of the experience that we would love to see. We are highly encouraging families to seek play groups and therapy groups with others for more opportunities.

4) Following Directions:
If your child does not turn around when his/her name is called or when you say simple things like "Give it to me”. Toddlers should also understand prepositions like under, over, or on. Your toddler should be able to point to objects in story books when asked a simple “what” or “where” question (“Where is the dog?”).

5) Small number of words used
Children who are 18 months should be using around 5 words, by two years of age they should be using at least 50 words and using at least 1-2 words in a sentence. By three years of age, they should have at least 1,000 words and using 3-4 words in a sentences.


Herd on over to the Heard Museum.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air at the Heard Museum. From the butterfly garden, digging for dino bones or checking out the village- the Heard Museum is one for fun.


Want a spin on an oldie? Old McDonald's Things that Go will help give you a whole new look on the classic.

We all know that Old McDonald has the collection of animals but did you know he was an avid transportation collector?

This book is a great one for talking about the functions of each vehicle. Airplanes fly, Tractors Mow. You can even add to the story with the predicable rhyme.

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We have officially opened the educational doors! Chatterbox is ready to provide our families and professionals with more knowledge!
Because knowledge is POWER!


Our Education Center is open!! Join our waitlist today so we can keep you in the know! We have will be adding things from language, toddler development and of course AAC!

We are gearing our webinars for parents and professionals! So everyone can learn! Professionals will receive a certificate for CMH!

Let us know what you would love to see!

AAC Evaluations 03/22/2022

AAC Evaluations

So we told you good things were coming!

Well we are excited to announce our Educational Center that you can find via our website. We will be placing webinars that you can watch on your own time. These are also available for CMH credits that you need for licensures!

What content would you like to see as a parent, educator or professional!?

AAC Evaluations Join us for this 1 hour presentation geared for professionals, especially SLP's, in the area of AAC. So many SLP's feel unsure of the process of AAC evaluations. We will discuss the educational sector as well as the private sector to help ensure you are moving in the right direction no matter the se...


Let's Rock it Out! At @wrtsdallas We Rock the Spectrum is a fantastic place for families with special needs.

Classes, Open Play and More! This is a place where they truly mean- "You don't have to worry about saying sorry."

Lots of cool things are happening here and it's fun to watch!

chatterboxtherapycenter on TikTok 03/19/2022

chatterboxtherapycenter on TikTok

AAC is our love language. We work hard to make sure each child has their own communication device.

chatterboxtherapycenter on TikTok Communicating is powerful. AAC is communicating. Behavior is communicating. We respect our kiddos and their words and feelings matter. ...


Boy are we lucky to have you following us!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at Chatterbox!


Our staff is always welcomed with this experience. Why?! Seems like a cruel experiment?!?
Well several years ago I went to a training on access and seating. That first day I was in tears, over stimulated and not even sure I wanted to come back. They strapped us to chairs, placed rolled up rags under legs, arms, and our bottoms so we could have the experience of positioning that our clients do. It was a game changer for me. Think about how many movements you make in one sitting… we are constantly repositioning ourselves to find a new comfort. A lot of the time we fix this with a new strap or padding and then ask them do crazy things.

I gave up in that training… can you imagine what your client/child/parent feels like?!

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