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Inspire Chiropractic is open! Inspire is a family-focused, neurologically-based, Chiropractic Health Center. Visit their website to learn more and schedule an appointment.
Had a great time at the Four Seasons Richardson Farmers Market yesterday. Got to meet so many members of the community as well as some business owners there. Great day!
Utilizing Space Inspire Chiropractic The Pup Shack
Inspire Chiropractic
Join us for Lots O'Leads Networking Tuesday, September 7th. Thanks to featured speaker Dr. Shaheryar Khan DC, Inspire Chiropractic for lunch. Register at
Inspire Chiropractic is coming soon to Preston Valley! Keep an eye out for exciting updates!

We are a family-focused, neurologically-based, Chiropractic Health Center utilizing the highest level of technology to deliver specific, scientific chiropractic care.

Operating as usual


❓🤔What makes our care neurologically-based you might ask?❓🤔

We get this question a lot and wanted to make the answer accessible to everyone!
Drop a comment with any more questions you might have or feel free to dm us💛

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Although April, Autism Awareness Month, is coming to an end, we want to continue to spread awareness and promote acceptance of autism. 💙
Here is a few ways chiropractic care can help with autistic symptoms.


Happy ! In this win a practice member was able to do physical activity without experiencing any pain!
There’s nothing more we love than to hear how we have significantly changed our practice members lives!

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Another day, another adjustment with our Integrator! 🤪


A weekly win from a new practice member after their first adjustment making them experience instant relief and sleep improvements! 🥳🤩😴

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Natural healing is possible with chiropractic care💡🌿

Here are just two of our practice members reevaluation reports in which show major improvements in many of their initial complaints including a reduction in body pain, reduction in pain relieving medications, and improvements in sleep!

We are here to help & heal our community.
Message us with any questions:)

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Autism has a broad range of symptoms which can often be misunderstood. Here are a few points of what autism is and what it is not. 💙

Hoping to inspire awareness and acceptance about autism all April long.


Happy Tuesday! Another strong win from a practice member who has noticed an improvement in their quality of sleep! 🥳😴


Happy Autism Awareness Day!💙
To promote awareness about the Special Olympics, Inspire and Jersey Mike's sponsored a delicious lunch for The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce's Ambassadors.

Did you know-
On Wednesday, March 30th, Jersey Mike’s Donated ALL Sales to the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in which they call their day of giving.

@jerseymikes @northdallaschamber

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April is Awareness Month, and we are dedicating our research posts to spread awareness of Autism all month long!💙

Symptoms of autism are varied among individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These symptoms can be managed and children with autism can learn alternate behaviors, routines, and ways to express themselves with the help of parents, teachers, and professionals.


Happy !🥳 Starting the week off with a practice member who was experiencing a Fibro Flare.
Fibromyalgia- a condition that causes pain all over the body.
We can help you find relief!💡


Different health professionals look at the same x-ray and see different things based on their specialty.🩺

In a study of 100 different images, each evaluated by different radiologists for cervical alignment, 55 radiologists commented the images appeared normal, 25 noted improper alignment, and 20 had no comment at all.
While it is excellent that MDs are looking for life-threatening issues, they aren't always able to identify what a chiropractor can within the same images. Incorporating chiropractic care is vital to ensure we get the complete picture of our health options!
Different types of health care can complement one another and build a healthier life for ourselves!

Source- Oakley P, A., Sanchez, L. J., Harrison, D.E. 2021 Medical Radiologists may not consider the cervical lordosis in radiology reports.


Happy ! Starting this week off with a win of less elbow and back pain since our practice member went under our care! 🥳


Dr. Khan had the amazing opportunity to speak at the Dallas @ampednow conference this last week to inspire fellow and future chiropractors from across the country.
Thank you again @ampednow for having us!

Our mission is to simply inspire health and healing in our community.

Inspire Chiropractic (Dallas) - Book Appointment Online! 03/16/2022

Inspire Chiropractic (Dallas) - Book Appointment Online!

Calling all kids and teachers!! Looking for a affordable natural pain relief solution?!
Start your journey to a more comfortable life by taking advantage of our Spring Break Special now through March 30th!
Get your initial exam for ONLY $29!
Includes consultation, neurological evaluation, chiropractic exam & x-rays (if necessary), and a complete doctors report of findings.


Inspire Chiropractic- Dallas, TX
(972) 919-0035

Inspire Chiropractic (Dallas) - Book Appointment Online! Book appointments online with Inspire Chiropractic of Dallas, TX. Available doctors, insurances and verified patient reviews for Inspire Chiropractic.


Who knew we can help with bathroom issues too😏💩👀
Starting off this week with a win from a practice members who has seen a major improvement in their bowl movements under our care!


3 Ways Chiropractic Can Help with Infertility⬇️👩🏼‍🍼

1️⃣Help Pinpoint the Cause📌
For men infertility stems from: a sperm transport problem, a gonad disorder, or a hypothalamic/ pituitary disorder.
For women, there are multiple possible causes for infertility, including ovulation issues, thyroid problems, uterine polyps, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and more.
A chiropractor can utilize thermal imaging and/or X-rays to determine where subluxations are, and that can give them an idea of what is causing infertility with a path to addressing the issue.

2️⃣Can Balance Hormones⚖️
All the nerves that control your hormone production and usage run through your spine and are controlled by your brain. When there is an interference in those nerve communications, such as a misalignment in your spine, it causes disruption in the proper function of those hormones. Chiropractic care can correct that.

3️⃣Can Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy🤰🏻
Sometimes, a woman’s body isn’t “ready” to be pregnant, even though things seem to be functioning properly. This can result in a complete lack of conception or miscarriage. When a woman is under chiropractic care, not only will her ovulation regulate, but the rest of her reproductive system will be more prepared to conceive and carry a baby to full-term.

If you have been told you may be infertile- do not lose hope, Inspire Chiropractic can help.

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