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I just wanted to let you know that I really admire what you are doing on this blog. I watched your introductory video, and you strike me as a really great person who is putting goodness into the world. Keep it up!
Via Sophie Paternot, my sister from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Conference back in April :) As a hot yoga teacher, I hone in on drinking water CONSTANTLY. Especially in the summer months. Not only is it optimal for hydration, it helps your body in so many other wonderful ways!!! It's so important!!!!!

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Timeline photos 09/03/2015

Got Green Juice?

1/2 green apple
1/2 lemon
4-5 leaves kale
2-3 stalks celery

Timeline photos 09/02/2015

HIIT with these beautiful and strong women!!!!

Timeline photos 08/27/2015

Hi Everyone! Apologies for being so MIA lately.. I've been hard at work working on a HUGE project of mine coming your way in September/October 2015. All you health and wellness nuts better look out! Especially those of you in Dallas!


Timeline photos 08/04/2015

FAMOUS Three of my favorite benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy are that it is a fantastic way to instantly recover your muscles, increase your metabolism, and improve skin elasticity. It's my go to after teaching yoga and practicing at I especially love in North Dallas they always have fantastic specials and promotions running, so if you've always wanted to try Cryo it's Nourish Nicole approved

Timeline photos 07/23/2015

I know it's Thursday, but I have to give a quick shoutout to my yoga sister Sarah. She's about to embark on a new journey down in San Antonio, TX and I could not be more thrilled for her! She's always has been such a supportive and loving friend even when I can be a hand full and for that I'm grateful. Not to mention I've learned so much from your yoga practice girlfran! You have such a strong and beautiful practice. Inversions, head stands, and handstands for daysssssssss! Good luck gorgeous girl! Much love to you my dolphin sister!!! Those of you reading this check out her awesome instagram page: !

Timeline photos 07/23/2015

Paddleboard Yoga READY!!!

Timeline photos 07/17/2015

Homemade Mango Coconut Ice Cream

>unsweetened vanilla almond milk
>coconut flakes

Mix all the ingredients in a food processor and BOOM! Ice cream

Timeline photos 07/16/2015

-Grass Fed Sirloin Steak sautéed in garlic, shallots, sea salt, ground black pepper
-sautéed kale and spinach with sunflower seeds -left over green beans and tomatoes

Cooking game is strong today!!!!

Timeline photos 07/15/2015

Vanilla Blueberry Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

Timeline photos 07/15/2015

Num num nummmmmmm romaine, red onion, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cucumber, avocado, Italian parsley, garlic extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, sea salt.

What are you eating for lunch?

Timeline photos 07/08/2015

has seriously the best students!!!! Love my girl Kendyll! Amazing Core class !!!!! ❤️

Timeline photos 06/30/2015

okay Yall.. Here's the deal.. I'm dedicating my shoutouts on and to those who have either personally inspired me or who I feel are influencing the wellness community in a positive way. Especially in the DFW area. This post goes out to ! I've been following from my personal account for awhile now and I always love the connections he makes between yoga and life. In honor of him beginning his new website and sharing his light with his yoga students I figured I'd give him some love! Not to mention he's a stellar yogi!!!! Here's to you DeAndre! Keep getting after it! Everyone follow him to see what I'm talking about!!!

Timeline photos 06/29/2015

Cuz I'm feeling fun today When I look at this picture of myself I giggle. It gives me so much joy knowing that all the things im doing in my journey gives me more moments like this. Keeps me motivated and strong ❤️☀️

Timeline photos 06/29/2015

Do you know what you want? If so, you got this. Just do it. Take action. Embrace the journey. No one will do it for you. It will get hard. Breathe. Move forward. Keep the vision ingrained in your brain and your heart. Do what you need to get what you want and find ways to enjoy it.

With love and kindness❤️
Nourish Nicole

Timeline photos 06/25/2015

Post HIIT sweaty selfie with my fellow Yoga Teacher Friends at PWP!!! I love my Dolphin sisters!❤️ Stellar class with !!!!!!

Timeline photos 06/25/2015

goes out to , Clinical Nutritionist at the Dallas Wellness Center! I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Steph to talk about the Dallas Wellness Center and learn more about her personal philosophy on nutrition and lifestyle. The interview will be coming soon at the release of my website next week! ☺️

Timeline photos 06/24/2015

I'm excited and thrilled to announce to all of you that I am now a Liv360 Ambassador with!!!

Liv360 is a central place to find the best health and wellness resources curated by the best in the biz. Expect to see featured tutorials, articles, product reviews, and recipes by yours truly and many of my colleagues My zinger tutorial is up too! What a brilliant and amazing initiative to be a part of!!!!

Timeline photos 06/23/2015

Heck yeah girl!

Kindness, Empathy, and Forgiveness. All strong topics for me lately. All things that contribute to a strong sense of self and mentality.

You never know what's going on with someone. Even if they are just being a jerk or completely reactive/ unaware of their negative aura, think of it this way.. You are the bigger person for putting out positivity into the world because at the end of the day there is just far too much negativity... Not to mention people always worry that treating the jerks or as****es kindly makes them look or seem weak. Or makes them seem un-confident or like they have a poor self-esteem. No, what is weak is if you allow their asshole-ness, like this quote says, to put you down or crush your spirit. Lately I've had a handful of situations where I've had to say to myself "okay girl. You freaked out a lil bit and got overly-frustrated with this person. Stop. Ground. Center. Forgive the person. Forgive yourself for going to a new low. Be nice. And move on" Like a previous post mentioned, my boldness at times can collide with my ability to get easily frustrated and defensive. The only time, in my opinion, to take a firm stance is if someone is repeating this rudeness consistently. Then you need to put your foot down and not tolerate that BS! I would suggest doing it in a mature fashion.. I'm sure all of you out there have your things... Enough of my rant. Nourish Nicole Philosophy Lesson FINITO haha

Bottom line: Be Kind. Someone being a jerk? Be kind anyways.. Or like likes to say Be Kind To One Another!!!!

Timeline photos 06/23/2015

Best. Idea. EVER! Putting dark chocolate chips, chopped berries and nuts in an ice tray, freezing them, and eating them like candy the next day. What a great way to create portion control for your sweets!!! Boom!

Timeline photos 06/23/2015

My "don't mess with me soft gaze" haha!

In regards to your life as of lately, what do you consider your three top qualities? What do you consider your three top improvements? How will these things drive you to success?

Personal development is a key element to many aspects of life. Especially health and wellness.

In my opinion, my best qualities lately have been my sense of independence, caring nature, and ambition. But with that said, for every great quality there is an equal or greater improvement needed in my opinion.. For example, being independent and bold is an awesome way to be. But sometimes being this way causes me irrational stress and a level of unnecessary defensiveness that in turn drives me to make mistakes that otherwise would not occur if I wasn't this way. Being caring is a beautiful thing, but perhaps I'm too empathetic or understanding at times. I can have blinders on at times when people take advantage of me because the sheer joy it gives me to be thoughtful, understanding, and help someone. Not to mention sometimes I take things to heart that I shouldn't.

Asking these types of questions in my opinion allows you to have an unparalleled perspective on your reality.

The question NOW becomes HOW will you let it drive you to success?


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