Board-certified veterinary dermatologists in the DFW area to help diagnose and treat your pets skin and ear disease. Itchy pet? You need us! Three of ADRC's four board-certified dermatologists practice at our Dallas location: Dr. Reid Garfield, Dr. Dennis Crow, and Dr. Shanna Seals.

Our goal is to provide expert, referral care for the diagnosis and treatment of skin and ear diseases in dogs and cats, including skin allergies, ear infections, autoimmune skin diseases, skin cancer, and more.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

🐕 Treatment for Calcium Salt Crystals in Dogs 🐶 Maximus Got the Max from His Visits to ADRC + more from -


Pet Spotlight/Case Study: A Kitty with Blisters - Poor Athena! Here she is on the day she first came to ADRC. She had thinning of the hairs on the face and ears with yellow crusts noted at the base of the ear and ear margins.

Read about Athena's progress with many more photos on our blog:



From Our Clients: A Thank You from Beauregard and His Human

“Referred here by my vet. I wish I had known of Dr. Seals sooner as she is whip smart and effective. After being treated here, my dog's allergies were substantially reduced, making him dramatically happier, healthier, and more spry.

Though very popular and booked ahead, the staff is communicative and works diligently to get you in ASAP.

I'd strongly recommend you visit this Vet Dermatologist if your dog is itchy and has recurring inner ear infections. I feel confident about getting my dog's health issues resolved with their expertise and guidance.”

– Stephanie S., Dallas, Texas


Dog Claw Disease in Dogs: Often Undetected and Very Painful - Symmetric Lupoid Onychitis (SLO) is an autoimmune condition that only affects the claws. The immune system targets multiple claws on more than one paw causing claw distortion and loss. Initially, one or two claws are lost, then over a course of weeks to months all the claws are lost. The claw then slowly regrows abnormally. Think your dog might have SLO? Read more here:


REMINDER! Please make sure to call today so we can be sure we get you taken care of before the long weekend! :)

Our offices will be CLOSED Friday, July 1st through Monday, July 4th. We will re-open on Tuesday, July 5th at 8am. If your pet is needing medication refills or if you have any concerns, please reach out to us early this week. We want to make sure we get your pet taken care of before the long weekend.


Our offices will be CLOSED Friday, July 1st through Monday, July 4th. We will re-open on Tuesday, July 5th at 8am. If your pet is needing medication refills or if you have any concerns, please reach out to us early this week. We want to make sure we get your pet taken care of before the long weekend.


Wild Animal Allergies: American Bison! Dr. Seals assisted the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch veterinary team located in Murchison, TX. Want to see how she allergy tested the bison and what resulted? Read more here:

Timeline photos 06/22/2022

Dog Claw Disease 🐾 Often Undetected but Painful! 🐱 Kitty Blisters + more from -


Pet Spotlight/Case Study: Meet Flash!
Flash is a 4-year-old, male neutered, Standard Poodle who came to us for an evaluation of flaky skin.
At Flash’s first appointment he had excessive hair loss and dander. The hairs that were present were easily epilated. Upon further examination, Flash's epilated hairs had follicular casting (accumulation of keratin around the hair shaft). Additionally, his ear canals were quite dry.

Read more on our blog to learn the diagnosis and treatment for Flash, and how his skin improved about 90%!


We hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend! This is Joey - a handsome Goldendoodle that Dr. Crow saw for his environmental allergies. Joey got allergy tested and started on immunotherapy. We look forward to helping Joey have less flare ups of itchy ears and feet! Sweet boy, we just love him!


From Our Clients:
“I want to thank Dr. Ho for treating my dog, Katie. She had difficulty with her skin for around a year with several trips to our vet each month with costly medications and care which did not seem to help.. I was afraid she would die . . . She had open sores covering her body, her hair was falling out and she wasn’t eating . . . After several months of treatment [at ADRC] with an immune suppressing drug Katie is now in remission, eating well, and her beautiful personality, skin and gorgeous coat are back!
– Linda S., Dallas, Texas
Read more:


Derm Spotlight: Environmental Allergies: How Do You Know If Your Pet Has One?
Is your pet itchy? Does your pets’ skin look red and inflamed? Are they malodorous? If so, these may be signs that your pet has atopic dermatitis or environmental allergies. Atopic dermatitis is a skin sensitivity to common allergens found in our everyday environment including pollens (grasses, weeds, trees), molds, or dust mites found in the house.

Read more on our blog:


Practice News!
Our dermatologists will be attending a one week continuing education dermatology forum in April to learn about the latest advances in veterinary dermatology.

Timeline photos 03/15/2022

Environmental Allergies 🐕🐈 How Do You Know If Your Pet Has One? + more from -

Photos from DermVets's post 01/20/2022

Pet Spotlight/Case Study: “Cocoa” Losing Hair and Crusty: Cocoa is a 5½-year-old FS Beagle with a 4-month history of progressive hair loss and severe itch. The hair loss continued to progress and was now affecting her entire body. Her skin was completely normal before this time.
Read how Dr. Seals found relief and treatment for Cocoa on our blog:

Photos from DermVets's post 01/07/2022

Trivia time! Did you know that wild animals can develop allergies!? Dr. Seals assisted the Fort Worth Zoo veterinary team in allergy testing Xochi the Jaguar. Xochi has a history of overgrooming her body. This is a sign of itch and skin changes associated with allergy. Her allergy test shows that she is very allergic to things in the environment. Xochi started immunotherapy.

Read more about pet allergies on our blog:


“I was referred to Dr. Seals by my regular veterinarian of over 20 years, and she spoke highly of the clinic’s reputation to help find the cause of Cocoa’s hair loss....” – Greg B, Carrollton, TX

Read what happened to Cocoa, why and when, on our blog:


This is a German Shepherd diagnosed with Vitiligo. Loss of pigment can be seen in the skin around his eyes and nose. You can see white hairs near his eyes. Wondering "What is Vitiligo?" Read about it on our blog!


Meet Boo! Sweet Boo had an inflammatory polyp removed by Dr. Ho. She is doing great and is ready for Christmas! We love this festive kitty!

Timeline photos 12/02/2021

🐶 🐱 When Black Pets Turn White: About Vitiligo in Dogs and Cats + more from -

DermVets updated their info in the about section. 11/22/2021

DermVets updated their info in the about section.

DermVets updated their info in the about section.


Just a reminder that our office with be CLOSED on Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th for Thanksgiving. We are also closed every Saturday and Sunday. If you need medication refills, or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us as soon as possible this week. We want to make sure we can get you taken care of prior to the long weekend.

Photos from Fort Worth Zoo's post 11/06/2021

Photos from Fort Worth Zoo's post

Photos from DermVets's post 11/05/2021

Did you know that wild animals can develop allergies!? Xochi the jaguar from the Fort Worth Zoo had a history of hots spots on her skin and seen overgrooming. Dr. Seals from DermVets worked with the Zoo's wonderful veterinary team and allergy tested Xochi. Her allergy test (posted in the photos) shows that she is very allergic! She will start her immunotherapy soon!

Photos from DermVets's post 10/29/2021

Congratulations to our winners in the pumpkin decorating contest!

Photos from DermVets's post 10/28/2021

It's time again to vote for your favorite pumpkin! Please hit the like button under the photo of your favorite pumpkin! We know they are all awesome, but please only vote once! Voting ends tomorrow - Friday, October 29th at 2pm.


This week is National Veterinary Technician Week! We wanted to take a moment to thank all of the veterinary technicians out there for all that they do. We are so blessed here at ADRC to have some of the best technicians we could ask for. They have a true passion for helping animals and work hard every day to make sure our patients are taken care of. Our technicians are so knowledgeable in the world of animal dermatology and we don't know what we would do with out them. Thank you to our team, and to the other Vet Tech's out there who truly make a difference in this world.


Peekin' into the weekend like.... Lily!


Pet Spotlight/Case Study: “Cobii” Rescued and Back to the Basics. "The first time I saw Cobii, he was on social media at a Fort Worth shelter. The poor little guy was skinny (between 8-9 pounds), was in a cold-looking metal crate and he was trembling. He was a stray that someone had adopted, kept for 2 months, then brought back to the shelter. :( He had patches of white fur, and tons of dark, pink, scaly skin that looked extremely painful. His big brown eyes looked so sad, scared and cut right through to my heart.
Read more about Cobii's story and his journey to healing on our blog:


Reviews: I will always be grateful for the care of my fur baby....“We were referred to see Dr. Ho after I noticed Sadee had some sores on her body that were not going away. Our regular vet said this was the best place for us to go be seen for any dermatological issues."
Read more about Sadee on our blog:


Lir, the Bengal, came to see Dr. Crow today! He was such a good boy and even walks on a leash. He made our day!


Ringworm in Cats: Serious but Treatable: What is ringworm? What causes ringworm? What does ringworm look like? Read this and more in our latest blog article Derm Spotlight: Feline Dermatophytosis (ringworm)
View at:

Timeline photos 09/10/2021

Ringworm in Cats: Serious but Treatable 🐱 Cobii Rescued and Back to the Basics 🐕 + more from -





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