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Cervical extension

How often do you look alllll the way up? Probably not too often. We spend WAY more time looking down. Our posture adapts to our lifestyle and as a result, our head starts to slide forward in front of our shoulders. Your head is heavy though! Every inch your noggin slides forward places an extra 10 pounds of weight on the spine in your neck.

The solution? Stop looking down at your phone so much and look up!

This video shows two ways to perform controlled extension of your neck using postural muscles. First, start with your head. Keep the rest of your neck still and look up using only your head. Once you’ve hit your end range, begin to slowly extend one vertebrae at a time until you are in full extension. You will need to use the muscles of your neck in order to stabilize your vertebrae that aren’t moving yet.

In the second variation of extension, tuck your chin and elongate your spine. Activate your neck muscles and stabilize everything in this position as you begin the extension from the base of your neck. In this movement, you’re using the last vertebrae in your neck as a fulcrum to bend backwards over. Extend one vertebrae at a time (bottom to top) until you reach your head. Relax and breath in this full extension.

Did you feel a difference in these movements? Both ways will present different challenges. Does one feel harder than the other for you? 04/03/2020

Women's Health Q&A

When was the last time you left a doctor’s office and felt like he/she listened to your concerns? When was the last time you felt like you had options for addressing your symptoms? And when was the last time you felt like you were on a path of HEALING versus just putting a band aid on your symptoms?
If you’ve never experienced these things, you’re not alone and that ends now! Join me for a live Women’s Health Q&A this evening at 5pm. This will be a small group where you can fee free to ask and discuss any questions you may have. I only have 2 spots left! Register in Eventbrite (link below) to receive your zoom invite. I hold these free Q&As every other Friday, so if you can’t make it tonight check out the other dates on Eventbrite and reserve your spot for the next one. See you soon, babes! Raise your hand if you've ever been super confused about your health (*raises hand emphatically*). For women especially, there is a lot of circulating confusion about our bodies and our health. Most women I talk to have felt frustration with their doctors because their concerns have been brushed off...

Our Story and Mission

The word Retrouvai is an adaptation of the french word “Retrouvailles” which translates to ‘the joy of reuniting with someone after a long separation’. We are passionate about making that someone yourself.

When Dr. Rackham opened Retrouvai Wellness, she aimed to create a safe-space where women could be seen and heard. To be frank, women are under served in our health care system and comparatively, little research has been done about the complex female body. We are left confused, clueless, and dismissed when it comes to symptoms many women experience.

Retrouvai Wellness is a holistic health and Chiropractic practice specializing in elevating women’s wellness through natural means. We understand that the symptoms you are experiencing is simply your body talking to you, and that you are NOT broken. We help you interpret this foreign language your body speaks and correct your health concerns through diet and lifestyle changes. Armed with the knowledge and strength to be your own advocate, you can take your health into your own hands. We want to reunite you with the healthiest version of yourself!





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