Breast Augmentation Patient Educator

I work to educate women on breast augmentation. I can answer questions on breast implant choices (i.e. saline and silicone, size), recovery after breast augmentation, the safety of breast implants, etc.

If you have questions, I have answers. John B. Tebbetts, M.D. ~ Dallas based plastic surgeon that has revolutionized the world of breast augmentation. From designing the form stable or gummy bear silicone implant, to creating a true 24 Hour Recovery for breast augmentation patients - he is truly an innovator in his specialty!

I work ro educate women on breast augmentation and all the decisions that go into having breast augmentation surgery. Our practice is located in Dallas, TX, and Dr. Tebbetts as redefined breast augmentation for the patient AND the surgeon. He has written The Best Breast 2, which is an incredible resource for all women interested in breast implants and breast augmentation surgery. Discover the latest in surgical techniques, implant devices and recovery breakthroughs from John and Terrye Tebbetts.


The Plastic Surgery Channel

The Plastic Surgery Channel is your leading source for everything you need to know about plastic surgery! From hot topics to medical advice, board certified plastic surgeons will be your guide at 06/16/2015

Happy Wife Happy Life | John B. Tebbetts MD

Ever heard the old saying #HappyWifeHappyLife? See what our #breastaugmentation patient has to say about it! A letter to the office of plastic surgeon John B. Tebbetts MD from a patient after breast augmentation in Dallas, TX. Happy wife, happy life! 02/23/2015

Temporary Boob Jobs | The Best Breast

Here’s what you need to know about Temporary Boob Jobs.
#breastaugmentation #temporaryboobjob We, in the plastic surgery specialty, have been hearing about temporary boob jobs for a while now, but it seems like the NYC phenomenon is now getting national attention. Here’s what you need to know: “Want to test-drive a bigger cup size—for a day? Now you can. Breast augmentations continue to be t… 02/21/2015

Temporary Boob Jobs Now Exist—Here's What You Need to Know

Temporary Boob Jobs! Dr. Tebbetts offers this service too but with a warning, anything that sounds too good to be true.....probably is!

#breastaugmentation #salineinjections #24hourrecovery #breastimplants Bigger breasts in a flash? 02/17/2015

The Morning of Breast Augmentation Surgery | The Best Breast

What to do the morning of your #BreastAugmentation: How long did it take you to finally decide to treat yourself to breast implants? But now, you have pulled the trigger, signed up, paid your money, filled out all the paperwork, had your lab work done and now your big day is finally here! It can be so nerve racking as you try to … 01/26/2015

Real Questions from a Real Patient ~ One week after 24 Hour Recovery® Breast Augmentation | The...

Real questions from real patients:
#BreastAugmentation #24HourRecovery It is one thing to pull the trigger and decide to treat yourself to breast implants. It is an entirely different thing to live with that choice! I have heard some of the scariest recovery stories out there –having to have help going to the bathroom, bras and drains and 2 weeks of painful down … 01/21/2015

Happiness is……24 Hour Recovery® and Breast Augmentation | The Best Breast

#24HourRecovery and #BreastAugmentation Here are a couple of notes from our patients from last week. At one week post op, it is always interesting to hear their questions and stories and excitement about their new breasts, additions, rack or whatever they have chosen to nickname them! 24 Hour Recovery with Dr. Tebbetts truly makes a dif…

[01/10/15]   #24HourRecovery #DrTebbetts #DallasTexas #breastaugmentation

2015 is off to an exciting start! 8 new beautiful breast augmentations entered the world this week and all were up and out and enjoying 24 Hour Recovery! At least half of them were at Northpark Mall last night! Nothing like being able to treat yourself to something as special as this and it truly be a treat - shopping and out to dinner the night of surgery with NO pain meds! 01/05/2015

Breast Augmentation & Cup Size | John B Tebbetts MD

Understanding #BreastAugmentation and #CupSize Trouble understanding your cup size after breast augmentation? Learn how your breasts change after augmentation and what to expect in the weeks to come. 12/22/2014

The 24 Hour Recovery Difference | John B Tebbetts MD

#24HourRecovery with Dr. Tebbetts 24 Hour Recovery is deliverable by Dr. Tebbetts – no question, but you must be a believer & a dedicated follower devoted to movement & post op instructions. 11/18/2014

24 Hour Recovery & The Holidays | John B Tebbetts MD

Tis' the season for #breastaugmentation! The holiday season is a great time to have a breast augmentation in Dallas. 24 Hour Recovery® by Dr. Tebbetts gets you back to normal life after just 1 day! 10/31/2014

Skyping about Breast Augmentation……Finally! - The Best Breast

Skyping about Breast Augmentation……Finally! I have had the pleasure of being Dr. Tebbetts patient educator for 25 years now. During this stint in my chair, I have watched our practice, as well as the entire specialty of plastic surgery, go through many advances and changes. One of the most obvious advances is 24 Hour Recovery ®! I remember the years when patients went home and were told to sleep and take pain pills, then along came Tebbetts and surgical advances that allow us to tell our patients to take a nap, then get up and move and resume normal activity the day of surgery with NO pain medication at all. [ 351 more words. ] 10/27/2014

Avoid Scary Breast Augmentation Results | The Best Breast

FrankenBoobs – how to avoid scary breast augmentation results! Since it is almost Halloween, I thought it appropriate to give you a few steps on how to avoid scary boob jobs and breast augmentation results. Almost any way you research breast implants, the initial information is usually pretty bad and scary. The media is not kind to breast augmentation as a whole and if you think about it, on the news, do you ever hear good news? [ 268 more words. ] 10/07/2014

The Best Protection is Early Detection | The Best Breast Dallas

The Best Protection is Early Detection As you have probably already heard, October is breast health awareness month. They used to call it breast cancer awareness month – but I think that made a lot of us think – me? Worry about cancer? No, not this month. So they started mixing in the term breast health awareness - so that more of us would think about and consider taking good, proactive care of ourselves. [ 487 more words. ] 10/02/2014

The Mammogram Poster Girl | The Best Breast Dallas

In honor of #BreastCancerAwareness month we have invited our friend and breast cancer survivor Sherri Mathis to guest post about the importance of early detection. Sherri Mathis discusses the importance of annual mammograms and the first annual Shop, Eat, Drink PINK! event in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. 10/01/2014

Mammogram Resources Dallas | The Best Breast

#Mammogram Resources ~ The Best Protection is Early Detection! October is Breast Health Awareness Month and Dr. Tebbetts and our team want to do our part to make scheduling your mammogram in Dallas as easy as possible! 09/30/2014

Bra Shopping Made Easy | The Best Breast Dallas

#Bra shopping made easy! Bra shopping after breast augmentation. Letting go of the concept of the cup size. 09/29/2014

Traveling Across the Pond 24 Hour Recovery® | The Best Breast

Read about our patient that traveled across the pond from England for her #breastaugmentation! 24 Hour Recovery® story! We are honored she believed so much in Dr. Tebbetts that she flew from England to have her breast augmentation in Dallas! Here’s her story 07/11/2014

Breast Implant Incision | Dallas, TX | The Best Breast

Incision indecision? You're not alone - read more to make an informed decision about #breastimplant incisions. Get more information about the inframmary incision so you are fully informed about your breast augmentation decisions. 06/23/2014

Top 5 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

A new resource for your breast augmentation planning - Top 5 Benefits of Breast Implants! Read more on my blog. Unsure if you're ready for breast implants? Read the Top 5 Benefits of breast augmentation from breast expert Dr. John Tebbetts. 06/19/2014

Breast Implants in the Summer | The Best Breast

Be aware of your summer time limitations - like swimming - with your new #breastimplants. Read more on my blog. Summer is the time you want to show off your new breasts, but if the implants are new, you need to remember there are still limitations. Read more here. 06/11/2014

Exercise After Breast Implants | 24 Hour Recovery® | The Best Breast

Read up so you know how to plan for exercising after #breastaugmentation Your body will need time to heal after breast augmentation. Read more so you know how to plan your workouts after implants. 05/19/2014

Facts About 24 Hour Recovery Breast Augmentation | The Best Breast

#24hourrecovery after #breastaugmentation - get all the facts here! Know what to look for with 24 Hour Recovery. If you understand what others will try to sell you, you will know how to spot the impostors. 05/14/2014

Preparing for Breast Augmentation | Implants Dallas | The Best Breast

Thinking about #breastaugmentation but not sure you’re ready? You’re not alone. Read my blog for more tips on healthy levels of excitement and apprehension. Not feeling ready for breast implants? Don’t worry if you’re not 100%. A good patient will always have a mix of excitement and worry. Read more on my blog. 05/09/2014

Breast Implant Rippling | Breast Implant Size | The Best Breast

Concerned about #breastimplant rippling? Read my answers to patient questions on my latest blog. Why do breast implants ripple? Read the answers and what you can do to prevent it from my expert blog. 04/24/2014

Breast Implants or Breast Lift | The Best Breast

Questions about #breastlift vs #breastaugmentation? Download our easy-to-read chart to learn the differences. Read this easy to understand chart to learn the differences between a breast lift and a breast augmentation. 04/23/2014

Breast Implant Size | High Five Measurement System® | The Best Breast

Choosing #breastimplant size is a science! Learn how Dr. Tebbetts’ High Five Measurement System® takes the guess work out of selecting your implant size. Worried about choosing the right implant size? Read how Dr. Tebbetts’ High Five System® eliminates the guess work so you get the best results for your body. 04/16/2014

Rapid Recovery or 24 Hour Recovery® | The Best Breast

Dr. Tebbetts’ 24 Hour Recovery® after #breastaugmentation may sound too good to be true, but it’s real and possible for you. Get the answers to real patient questions about 24 Hour Recovery® on my latest blog. Is 24 Hour Recovery® after breast augmentation real? How is it possible? To answer these questions and alleviate your concerns, read my latest blog. 04/09/2014

How Do I Make My Breasts Smaller? | Breast Size | The Best Breast

Are you thinking about down sizing your #breastimplants? Be clear with your surgeon about your goals for going smaller. Read my blog for more advice. If you have implants but now want smaller breasts, do you need a lift or reduction with smaller implants? Read here for advice then talk to your surgeon. 03/31/2014

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants? | The Best Breast

When planning for #breastaugmentation, most women ask, ‘How much to #breastimplants cost?’ Learn what is involved in price of breast augmentation in my latest blog. “Gummy Bear” breast implants are a type highly cohesive silicone gel implant. But the type is not as important as how it’s used. Read more from my blog. 03/21/2014

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants? | The Best Breast

Gummy Bear #breastimplants aren’t the answer for everyone, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Learn everything you want to know about them from my latest blog. “Gummy Bear” breast implants are a type highly cohesive silicone gel implant. But the type is not as important as how it’s used. Read more from my blog. 03/12/2014

Are Breast Implants Right for Me? | The Best Breast

Should you get #breastimplants? The decision is yours, but read about some common reasons other women have decided on #breastaugmentation. Whether or not to have breast augmentation is a personal decision. Read our blog to learn reasons other women have treated themselves to breast implants. 02/28/2014

Breast Augmentation Facts | Dallas Breast Implants | The Best Breast

Watch my latest video for the Greatest Myths of Breast Augmentation (Part 1) Nothing is more frustrating to me than the misinformation regarding breast augmentation. Watch here as I clarify several myths surrounding breast implants. 02/26/2014

What is the Recovery Time After Breast Augmentation? | The Best Breast

Don’t fall for quick recovery or fast recovery #breastimplants. Do your research, and choose a technique backed by data and research like #24hourrecovery. Learn more. Don’t believe gimmicks selling Quick Recovery or Fast Recovery breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts’ 24 Hour Recovery® is real. Learn the differences. 02/20/2014

Choices About Breast Implants | Breast Augmentation | The Best Breast

Read Part 2 of Dr. Tebbetts' Greatest Myths of Breast Augmentation - it's full of great information How do you know which information to trust about breast implants? Dr. Tebbetts is a renowned expert in the field. Read his Breast Augmentation Myths Part 2.



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