LIFTCounseling serves as a counseling provider in the DFW specializing in adult and adolescent services. At LIFT Counseling Uptown Dallas, we are prepared to go on your journey to healing with you.

Everyone struggles, and sometimes having a supportive person outside of friends and family allows you to make decisions that lead to a healthier you. Services are individualized to meet your needs, and we will work together to explore tools you can use in your everyday life to move you toward your best self.​

Individual Counseling (Adult and Adolescent)
Couples Counseling
Family Counse

[10/11/17]   Just when you think you’ve done all you can do today, push and do one more thing 💪🏽

[10/04/17]   It's ok to take the time to get to know yourself.

[09/29/17]   It is estimated that only about 17% of U.S adults are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health.

That seems awfully low, right? But when we start to evaluate our levels of stress and compare them to our efforts for self-care and mental health treatment, it all makes sense. The key is not to do enough to get through the day, but to functionally optimally. If you’re not in that 17%, consider one thing you can do to improve your mental health today, and try it! Not sure what to do?
-Move (take a short walk)
-Talk to people you care about who also care about you
-Take a moment for yourself
-Do something you’ve been needing to do for a long time (one of those things that’s been on your to-do list too long)

[09/28/17]   Why is mental health so hard to talk about or seek services for? Is it because if we talk about it, people will know we are thinking about it, and if we are thinking about it, something is wrong and we must be “crazy”, right? Or, is it because we think our experiences are all so different we’re afraid to share something someone has never heard of? No one wants to be the person who has panic attacks in their car before work because they’re so anxious from traffic. No one wants to struggle to get out of bed because of depression. No one wants to hear voices that interfere with conversations they’re having. If any of this reasonates with you, it simply means you’re not alone in your experiences. Just when you think you’re alone in an experience, you find so many others have gone through the same thing.

Interested in speaking to a mental health professional?

[09/27/17]   No one wakes up and intentionally tries to mess up their life. Things happen, decisions are made, and we live with the consequences. But what happens within us that keeps us in life cycles that perpetuate emotional stress and financial hardships? What's keeping you from being the best you? What keeps you making the same decisions that keep you in the same place? Consider what's holding you back and what it would take to overcome it, then go for it! Go after it like you have one life to live and each moment is one you will never get back. Go after it like nothing is more important than you being your best--because it's true. You are important and you are worth putting energy and effort into.

[09/27/17]   Today is a day for a new beginning...

[09/27/17]   Sometimes it's easy to feel alone in a world of 7 billion people. This page is here to fill that void by encouraging connectedness, providing inspiration, offering updates on mental health issues, and as a resource to connect with a counselor.




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Dallas, TX
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The information, tools and material presented on this page are provided to you for informational purposes only and are not to be used or considered medical advice. Please call the office to discuss personal matters. Do not send personal information.

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