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Adjusting on a Saturday is ALWAYS made better when you get to work on some fun people! #saturdaycrew
I have been coming to Dr. Ellis for more than 5 years. She has made a big difference in my well-being. I have arthritis almost everywhere and regular visits keep me moving. I highly recommend her!
Jonathan David Kovens this is the chiropractor office I was telling you about. Dr. Andrea Ellis Kuykendall meet Jon!
Good afternoon. Richard Anderson would like to get an appointment with Dr. Cox. My phone #972 675 6655. Thank you.

Meadows Chiropractic is an office where the doctors take time with their patients. The doctors begin The doctors begin care with a detailed exam and history.

Treatments may include therapy to reduce pain or muscle spasm and do include an adjustment by one of 3 techniques.

Operating as usual



Hello! We are in the office from 11am-2pm!


It's so much easier to maintain your good health than to try to get it back! Regular adjustments keeps you on your toes!


We love serving our community!


We just received another great review on Google:


Finishing up our Friday! See ya tomorrow!


One of many things we notice as we age 🤪


We just received another great review on Google:


Massage Add-Ons….

Percussion gun
Magnesium lotion
CBD oil
Weighted blanket

What’s your favorite?

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

What a beautiful day!


We have a few massage spots available today!

Call 214-987-9973

Or schedule online @

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Sometimes the adjusting tools need an adjustment too! My table is back on track!!! See you tomorrow!



Need a massage? We can help!

We have a 2pm and 3:30pm available today!

Call 214-987-9973 or schedule online @


Besides seeing your chiropractor, what did you do today to support your spinal health?


We just received another great review on Google:

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We just received another great review on Google:

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We just received another great review on Google:


Massage spots are still available tomorrow!

You can use the scheduling app to schedule for another week!


It’s still sandals-falling-off-feet season! 🥵 Can you feel it?


This weekend we are transitioning over to an entirely new Electronic Health Record system. This system will integrate all the services we currently use with several different vendors. Our goal is to streamline these different services and ultimately make the patient experience in our office better.

All this to say, please be patient with us as we make this transition. Online scheduling will be offline until we can trust it's working how we want it. Reminders will also potentially be an issue.

Thank you in Advance!!

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We just received another great review on Google:


Dr. Ellis is in the office today with Erica! We have one massage spot at 1:00 pm and 2 adjustment spots at 1:15 and 1:30!

Call 214-987-9973 to make your appointment!


It’s Friday and time to decompress! What are you doing to unwind this weekend?!?

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Dr. Ellis is back! Another busy week! We have 8 adjusting spots left this week (5 Friday, 3 Saturday) and only 1 new patient spot left (Friday @ 10am).

Schedule on “The Scheduling App” or call 214-987-9973!


Just a reminder. If you need an adjustment before Saturday, we do have some spots during the week, they just aren't showing on the online scheduler.

Our secret spots that are open today are 12:15 and 6:45 (adjustment only) you will need to call 214-987-9973.

Our only new patient appointment available this week is Friday at 5PM.

This is a great time to let you know that we will be upgrading to a new scheduling system in the next 2 weeks to avoid these issues in the future!

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Discounted massages today and next week! Call us at 214-987-9973 or schedule on ”The Scheduling App”

Have you been wanting to try out massage in our office or been putting one off?? Now's the time to schedule!! Offer only during times stated. Not to be combined with other offers.

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We just received another great review on Google:

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Have you been wanting to try out massage in our office or been putting one off?? Now's the time to schedule!! Offer only during times stated. Not to be combined with other offers.

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We just received another great review on Google:

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Erica is available for 60- and 90-minute massages Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 11am-6:30pm and every Saturday from 10am-2pm.

Have you seen our new list of massage enhancements?!? They are definitely a treat when added to any therapeutic massage! 🤩🙌💆🏾‍♀️


It’s always fun ending the week working on some our favorite patients!


Another busy week! "The Scheduling App" doesn't have an open appointment available until Saturday, but we have a few spots open today if you need to get in! Call 214-987-9973 to schedule!

Today's secret spots:

Adjustment and Decompression:
2:15, 3:00, 5:00, and 5:30

Laser Therapy (1 area only):
3:45 and 5:45

3:30 and 5:30


We have a last minute cancel at 12pm for a 1 hour massage! If you can make it up here, it yours for $45. Call at 214-987-9973.


We have massage spots today at 3:30 and 4:30, call 214-987-9973 for an appointment! There are no more adjusting spots available today!


If you are trying to schedule any appointment with Dr. Ellis this week online, "The Scheduling App" only shows 2 appointments available all week.

We are busy, but we definitely have a few spots each day we can squeeze in an extra appointment, but you'll have to call us @ 214-987-9973 to grab one!

Today's hidden spots? 1pm, 3:45pm, and 5:15.


We have a last minute 1 hour massage spot with Erica at 3:30 today!

Yours for $45 of you can make it!!


Join us in taking some time to unplug and just breathe this week. It’s a great way to reset your mind and body, and elevate your mental health.


Happy Memorial Day from the Meadows Chiropractic team!


Feeling good and ready for the holiday weekend!!


Why YES! We can make you feel like you are walking on clouds too! What are you waiting for? Call today to schedule your favorite Chiro service. 972-987-9973


Wellness is an ongoing journey, and “we” are here for it. Call 972-987-9973 today to find out how we can help .


Are you living healthy? Most of us strive to live a healthy life. Here are a few general components to follow on your healthy lifestyle journey. We are here to support your Chiropractic care needs.


We are loving seeing all of your gardening projects. However, we want you to be safe. Here are some essential gardening safety and health tips.

*wear protective clothing and gear to prevent injury and sunburn.
*stretch and warm up to handle bending and digging more easily.
*keep your posture in mind.
*avoid lifting heavy objects.
*avoid harmful chemicals
*stay hydrated

Be sure to tag us in your beautiful garden photos!

essential oils


Happy Saturday!


Wishing you all a great weekend. Give us a call to get your adjustment so you feel great all weekend. 214-987-9973


21 Benefits of a Chiropractic adjustment you might not have known:

1. Improves joint mobility, function and health.
2. Makes tight muscles loose and loose muscles tight and improves the contractibility (thereby strength) of the muscle.
3. Decreases degeneration of the joint and connective tissues (arthritis).
4. Decreases the on-­-going inflammatory process associated with the subluxation.
5. Improves circulation taking stagnant blood out and bringing new blood in.
6. Speeds up the recovery process.
7. Improves nerve system function and the individual nerve’s ability to carry nerve impulses more efficiently.
8. Strengthens the immune system.
9. Improves individual organ system function (heart, lung, sinuses, digestive, etc).
10. Improves a person’s disposition (they’re more FUN to be around).
11. Calms a hyperactive mind and energizes a depressed mind.
12. Increases energy, vitality and improves sleep.
13. Relieves/Improves Prenatal Discomfort
14. Decreases length of labor and associated back pain.
15. Decreases the adverse effects of stress.
16. Improves athletic performance (for ANY sport).
17. Improves Quality of Life by enhancing the enjoyment/fulfillment of a person’s Key Values
18. Prevention ability for sickness, disease and pain.
19. Improves overall health and wellness for infants and children.
20. Improves cognitive ability (ability to THINK more clearly).
21. Oh…and it DECREASES PAIN!

(Source HealthSource)


With warmer temps coming this week, it prime outdoor activity weather.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that a sedentary lifestyle has a debilitating effect on our health as we age, therefore physical activity is imperative. According to CDC, walking accomplishes all of the following and more:

* Improves cardiovascular endurance
* Tones muscles in the lower body
* Burns calories
* Reduces risk of heart disease
* Reduces anxiety and enhances sleep

The CDC recommends adults get 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity (or 75 minutes of vigorous activity), and walking is a great option. The following tips can help you get started on your walking regimen:
* Move your arms freely, in coordination with the opposite leg.
* Don’t stoop your head or look down as you walk. This will challenge the normal forward curve of your neck, which, in turn, will cause you to carry your weight improperly.
* Don’t carry weights or dumbbells while walking. They’re better used as a separate part of your exercise regimen.
* Expect a little soreness in the thighs and calves for the first week or two. If you experience more than soreness, consult your doctor of chiropractic.
* Walk briskly, with “purpose.” Simply sauntering, while relaxing, is not an effective form of cardiovascular exercise.
* Stay hydrated.

As with any exercise regimen you may experience pain or injury in a particular area (such as a knee or a hip), the root of the problem may lie elsewhere. If you suffer from pain beyond typical muscle soreness, your doctor of chiropractic can diagnose and treat your pain or injury and get you back on track. Meadows Chiropractic can customize a wellness program that is right for you.

So get out there and get moving. We are here for your wellness journey.

Our Story

Meadows Chiropractic was born from the frustration of two chiropractors, Dr. Frank Cox, DC and Dr. Andrea Ellis, DC over patient care and billing. Both had worked for other chiropractic offices and had reached a breaking point as it related to how little time they got to spend treating patients. It was strongly encouraged to only spend 3-5 minutes per patient for treatment. Numbers and quantity were the name of the game, not quality.

They both quit their salaried positions during the 2009 economic recession to strike out on their own. It was a hard time, as loans were scarce, but they started small. It’s had to believe it’s been almost 9 years!

Located on the ground floor of the One Glen Lakes building, Meadows Chiropractic has 3 Doctors of Chiropractic and 2 massage therapists.

They offer chiropractic visits that vary in time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the patient’s needs. In addition to adjusting, several therapies such as ice, muscle stimulation, and traction used to treat various issues.

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We love serving our community! #meadowschiropractic #dallaschiropractor #headaches #migraines
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8140 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 120
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 6pm

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