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Your feet change as you age. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, after the age of 50, the prevalence of conditions such as hammer toes, mallet toes, bunions, arthritis in the ankles and feet, and toenail irregularities increase by 70% or more.


Where is the Achilles tendon? This tendon is just above the heel in the back of the foot. It connects the heel to the pair of muscles in the calf and is the most commonly ruptured ligament in the body. Tendinitis is also fairly common, often with overuse by runners or athletes.


It’s important to remember that having an ingrown toenail doesn’t have to mean an end to all your favorite activities. Even if the idea of putting the smallest pressure on your foot is unthinkable, we may be able to help you finally get rid of the ingrown nail so that you can get back to your life.


Did you know that the feet contain a quarter of the human body's 206 bones? In addition, the foot also contains 33 joints, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments and a myriad of tendons.


A person with diabetes may gradually lose feeling in their feet. Normal sweat secretion and oil production that lubricates the skin of the foot becomes impaired and this can lead to abnormal pressure on the skin, bones, and joints of the foot and make it sore.


Wash your feet daily to keep them looking their best and to ward off potential problems. And while washing your feet, give them a good once-over to make sure there are no potential issues.


Unfortunately, some foot infections – like athlete’s foot – can be too stubborn to treat on your own. When you’ve exhausted every OTC remedy, we’re always here to help.


There are several at-home soothing techniques to help combat the discomfort of suffering with psoriasis on your feet. These include applying moisturizer regularly and soaking in oatmeal baths.


It’s important to remember that not everyone can comfortably wear the same type of shoes. Let’s talk about the shoes you wear most often and whether they could be contributing to your foot and ankle issues.


Many people go through life wearing shoes that are too small for them. Go shoe shopping at the end of the day, when your feet have swollen some from the day’s use. If one foot is bigger than the other, always buy the larger pair.


When we think of high heels, we think of women's fashion, but they were originally worn by men. The heels helped them keep their feet in stirrups as they rode horses.


One common myth about shoes is that shoes need to be broken in. But the truth is that a proper fitting shoe should feel comfortable immediately from the start. A shoe that needs to be ‘broken in’ is a sure sign that the fit is not right.


Do you have soreness or tenderness in the back of your foot that is worst when you first wake up, and eventually becomes more pronounced during periods of activity? This is a sign of Achilles tendinitis, which can become more serious if not treated immediately.


There are some common symptoms which indicate you should make an appointment with your podiatrist right away. These include persistent pain in the feet, odd changes to the skin on your feet, severe blisters, cracking, or peeling, or signs of a bacterial infection.


What is one of the leading causes of corns, calluses and bunions? Regularly wearing shoes that are too small. If you find that your feet are developing these conditions, it may be time to graduate to a slightly larger foot size.


Diabetics need to take special care of their feet. Foot ulcers occur in about 15 percent of patients with diabetes.


A foot soak is a great way to relax. Instead of drying Epsom salts, use a splash of a moisturizing soap in warm water. Your soft skin will thank you.


Foot care is an important self-care process that shouldn’t be missed. In fact, neglecting your feet could result in painful foot problems, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Did you know that issues with your feet have the ability to throw your whole body out of alignment? If you’ve been experiencing unexplained back or hip pain, it’s time to take a closer look at your feet.


What is a bunion? A bunion is a bony swelling at the base of the big toe. A bunion forms when the big toe joint has been pushed out of alignment, and it can be caused by overcrowding, an inherited structural defect or conditions like arthritis.


One sign of a serious case of Achilles tendinitis is the formation of nodules in the back of the foot where the pain is most intense. This is an indication that the tendon is about to lose structural integrity. Immediate treatment is crucial at this time.


Podiatrists agree that well-fitting shoes are the best way to optimize foot health. When you consider that the average person takes about 10,000 steps per day and walks 115,000 miles per average lifetime, then you can see why properly fitting shoes are a must.


The first shoes were made of animal skins. How long ago were they invented? Thousands of years ago? How about five million years ago, during the Ice Age.


Did you know that 80 percent of Americans will experience at least one foot problem during their lives? While hobbling around used to be the norm, you can now find relief from most foot conditions.


It’s important to remember that in your natural state, it shouldn’t hurt to walk. Whether you have a chronic condition or have just been wearing painful shoes for too many years, we can help you reduce the pain you’re experiencing.


A bunion is one of the most common types of foot conditions. A structural deformity within the big toe causes it to move toward the second toe. Orthotics can help manage the pain.


Often a podiatrist will be able to treat your foot ailments without surgery. In many cases, orthotics (prescribed shoe inserts) can provide foot relief through ankle, heel, arch, tendon, ligament, or muscle support.


Did you know that women are significantly more prone to foot problems than men? This phenomenon is usually attributed to the kind of shoes (i.e. high heels, stilettos, etc) that women often wear.


Keeping your feet as healthy as possible is important for everyone, but it’s especially vital for diabetics, who have an amputation rate that’s ten times higher than those without the disorder. Your podiatrist will work out an ongoing care plan to reduce your risk substantially.


Walking barefoot in the grass is one of life's great pleasures. Did you know that the skin on the soles of your feet is thicker than it is anywhere else on your body?


A recent study suggests that of all of the major and minor foot problems, calluses and corns are the least often treated. This is because people tend to ignore them. However, not seeing a podiatrist for treatment can cause them to recur.


Have you noticed that your legs cramp frequently after you walk for a while or that you have leg/foot pain while lying in bed? These are often symptoms of poor circulation to your lower body and feet that needs to be evaluated by your podiatrist.


When you have injured your feet, you may not realize how important it is to get the right help. Even a small bone injury or spur can cause you immense pain, and a podiatrist can help make sure that you don’t miss those things so you can feel better sooner.


Corrective shoes are sometimes worn after a surgery or ulcer treatment to help support the feet during the recovery period as much as possible. Your podiatrist will have all the information and advice that you need.


Did you know that the Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body? It was the only part of the Greek war hero Achilles that was left vulnerable, hence the name.




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