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We publish a monthly welcome Town Hall Guide that is mailed weekly to all new residents as they move into your community.
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Jan Chester
UPDATE: Chastain Veterinary NEVER BOTHERED TO CALL THE SURGEON! I’ve been calling them repeatedly for 2 days and they kept saying “we haven’t heard anything yet”…I finally asked what surguy group they use and called Lonestar Surgical Group myself. The Surgery group said they had NO orders from Chastain Vet (Meadow Brook) and had no info about me or my cat- but they could have scheduled the surgery anytime and even had Thursday & Friday open.
When I complained that this was gross negligence, she (Brandy and the owner “Dr. Sue”) said they’d put it in their notes for their Tuesday meetings. 😳
The vet, “Dr. Kriti “ either didn’t follow through, or someone else in the office didn’t.
Meadow Brook is the vet on Custer that is a house converted to a vet and is owned by Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. 🤬😡
And I didn’t even mention the mixup with the pain meds they sent home. 😡

Hi all- I know this isn't specific to the animal shelter- but I am looking for help and thought you all would be a great resource!
My son's cat fell from their 4th floor balcony on Sunday. I brought her home with me so we could try to get her into my vet up here in Frisco. My vet was booked so I got her into another Monday who said her hip is dislocated and needs surgery (FHO). They said they put a call into the surgeon to get back to them with price and schedule for the surgery. They sent her home with pain meds.

As of now (Wednesday AM) they still haven't heard back from the surgeon. My regular vet doesn't do these surgeries and said "we probably all use the same surgeon".

My previous vet down in Plano can get her in next Monday. This seems like a really long time to wait for surgery, but is this normal? Or am I just calling the wrong places? Don't hesitate to tell me to just settle down and be patient- lol. You know how anxious we can get about our pets.
Pic of little Pippin for attention 🥰
Race says thanks for having the perfect prop.
Avocado Toast, Jelly Doughnut or Strawberry Jelly

SaraBethbecomesavet and Chastain Veterinary Medical Group recently alerted me to the fact that the PKAs (Puppy Kiss Attacks) are on the move. We now have evidence of attacks in both Florida and Texas, and there’s no sign of them slowing.

Let’s keep Sara Beth and Kendyll in our thoughts tonight. The side effects of PKAs - primarily giggling and elevated mood - can be severe. We are also learning that side effects do not just affect the victim - new research shows that those who witness the attacks, particularly those who document them, can be afflicted as well.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a Puppy Kiss Attack, you may be entitled to compensation. Please drop evidence in the comments below or tag me in the evidence over on Instagram letting me know what state you’re in so that we can attempt to track the spread of this delightful—uh I mean horrible epidemic.
Dr Sue Chastain, of the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group
I told her we were going to see Dr Julie and she said “I know the way, mom!” ❤️❤️
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Hanzel loves everyone at Meadow Brook. Even when getting vaccines.

Vet Care the Way it Should Be. McKinney & North Dallas Welcome to Chastain Veterinary Medical Group! We are dedicated to your pet's health and happiness.

For almost 20 years now we've been providing advanced veterinary care mixed with old-fashioned compassion for pets in the North Dallas area of Texas. The veterinarians and staff of the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group are committed to keeping your pets happy and healthy through preventive care and genuine concern. We have two locations! Preston Road Animal Hospital
6060 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy

Operating as usual


We've been going on and on about a new product called Solensia for cats with osteoarthritis. 🙄 But we're not just flapping our mouths; we're using it on our felines! 😁 Check out what it did for Dr. Samantha's kitty, Hermes. 😻
Follow this link to see if it would benefit your cat!


Has your pet done anything particularly cute of funny lately? Share in the comments to cheer up someone's day! ❤️

Timeline photos 01/26/2023

Poll Time! 😜🗳️
For those who don't know, this is Romere, Meadow Brook's oh-so-handsome clinic cat. He gets all the love even though he has a mischievous, food-snatching side. 😼

He gave us a pretty "cat-roversial" pose for his picture. The staff is divided: some swear it's just him , but others think it looks more like he's flashing his weapons ⚔️. What do you think?


Dogs can have allergies too, and they can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms. Here are some signs you should look out for:

✔️ Scratching
✔️ Licking
✔️ Face rubbing
✔️ Red skin
✔️ Loss of fur
✔️ Recurrent skin and ear infections

Bring your dog to Chastain Vets if you notice any of these symptoms! We offer allergy treatments to help your furry friends.


Very good question! How do you and your pets combat the ?

Timeline photos 01/21/2023

See Prescribing Info: While cat osteoarthritis (OA) isn't curable, Solensia™ can help control pain associated with OA. Be prepared to share your cat's progress at your next appointment.


If your pet suffers from injuries, birth defects, or other orthopedic issues, we’re here to help! ❤️

Chastain Vets offers a variety of ways to help your pets with their orthopedic issues. Let us help you in finding the best solution for your pet’s orthopedic problems. 🐶

Learn more by visiting our website:

Timeline photos 01/20/2023

Welcome Coco! Dr. Kriti met this cutie for her new puppy exam. 🥰 Coco's left eye had some cloudiness due to chronic scarring, and it's suspected she might have some vision loss. We don't think it will affect her power though! Yay or nay? 👍👎

Photos from Chastain Veterinary Medical Group's post 01/19/2023

Those who have seen our clinic lobbies know how successful our recent Holiday Toy/Food Donation Drive for Operation Kindness was. So successful, in fact, that we had to ask them to pick up the donations this year because it would have taken multiple trips in any of our staffs' vehicles. Everyone, we filled up their truck! 😍🤩🥳👏 Thank you to all who donated!


Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially deadly condition for pets. The good news is that it’s preventable! Protect your furry friends by getting them tested and on a prevention plan! 👍

🐶 Talk to a veterinarian at Chastain Vets to know the best option for your pet.

Photos from Chastain Veterinary Medical Group's post 01/17/2023

Pretty girl Maddie came for an appointment with Dr. Sue to check out why she's been licking her paw so much. Well, actually, that's what mom came for. Maddie was just here for the treats! 😋😜


Just like humans, pets need regular dental care to maintain good oral health and prevent serious dental problems. 🦷🐶

👉 At Chastain Vets, we offer dental services such as teeth cleaning, plaque and tartar removal, and more!

Everyday Signs of a Cat in Pain 01/14/2023

Everyday Signs of a Cat in Pain

We want to talk about something important... Osteoarthritis in cats and ways you can see past your cat's natural instinct to hide the pain. Click the link to learn more:

Everyday Signs of a Cat in Pain There’s no single symptom that points to osteoarthritis in cats. Learn to look out for these signs of a cat in pain.


New Year, new adventures! Don't let your pet miss out. Make sure they're up to date on their vaccinations. Give your pet the love and care they deserve with Chastain Vets! ❤️🐶🐱

Contact us today at Meadow Brook (972) 529-5033 or Preston Road (972) 239-1309.

Timeline photos 01/13/2023

Rico saw Dr. Kriti for a new patient exam and suspected upper respiratory infection. Luckily, his new dad spotted the subtle signs and brought him in. We're sure he'll be feeling tip-top in no time. Samantha and Danielle couldn't help snuggling the little lizard. 🥰🦎
Show your lizard love with a 🦎 in the comments!


If your pet is sick, it’s essential to take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible and get them the care they need! At Chastain Vets, we offer pet care services from diagnosis to treatment options. 🤒🐾

We can diagnose your pet with our clinical laboratory, radiology, and ultrasound services. Visit us at our locations in Meadow Brook and Preston Road! 🐶🐱

Timeline photos 01/11/2023

Meet Romeyo! He saw Dr. Samantha at Preston Road Animal Hospital a couple of months ago. 🥰👋

Any other owners? Say hi in the comments!👋


Annual vaccines for your pet are one of the best methods to ensure their health and happiness! 😀🐱🐶

We can't wait to meet your pets! Make an appointment for a wellness exam today.

Timeline photos 01/10/2023

🤝🐶🐱 This month, review us on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, and we will donate $4 to the National Police Dog Foundation! 🐕‍🦺
The National Police Dog Foundation promotes awareness and raises funds for purchasing, training, and veterinary care of active and retired law enforcement K-9s.

To make it easier, here are the links you can follow:
• Meadow Brook Animal Hospital:
• Preston Road Animal Hospital:

• Meadow Brook Animal Hospital:
• Preston Road Animal Hospital:

Facebook: for both clinics, go to our page and click Reviews to Recommend Us

🥰Thanks in advance!🥰

Timeline photos 01/09/2023

See Prescribing Info:
😺 Cats suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) pain may start acting differently. Ask us about Solensia, the first and only FDA-approved treatment to control cat OA pain. 😺


Chastain Vets is excited to continue providing exceptional veterinary care to the Dallas area in 2023. ❤️🐱🐶

We have two excellent locations if you are searching for a new veterinarian practice to call home.


Let's have some fun here! 😊😎🦮🚶‍♀️

Timeline photos 01/06/2023

We declare it's ! Share a pic of your fluffers! 🥰
Thank you to Leo & Luna for this sweet pic when they visited Dr. Sue last month. 🤗


Did you know that there are over 10,000 species of birds in the world? From the majestic bald eagle to the tiny hummingbird, birds come in all shapes and sizes. Let's celebrate their beauty and diversity and make efforts to protect them today on National Bird Day! 🐦

Timeline photos 01/04/2023

It's ! 😁 Let's welcome one of our new friends, Matilda! She first visited Dr. Kriti at Preston Road Animal Hospital. She was found near a scrapyard on the street and promptly won the heart of her rescuer! 😍
We are so happy to get to be a part of your story!

Timeline photos 01/02/2023

🐱 Recognize the signs of osteoarthritis (OA) pain in cats with this simple checklist. 🐱 An easy-to-use checklist can help explain the diagnosis and treatment of OA pain. 🐱 Go to the Cat OA Pain checklist quiz.

Timeline photos 01/01/2023

Is chronic pain, arthritis, or the recent cold weather bothering your pet? Here’s some good news: this month, you can save $40 off any Cold Laser Therapy package. 🤑 Cold laser therapy is a pleasant, drug-free, noninvasive procedure that uses a special light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. Learn more here:

👉Please note there are changes to the Heartgard & Nexgard rebates. 👈

Timeline photos 12/31/2022

The New Year can be a stressful time for your pets. Keep your pet safe and sound with these new year's pet safety tips:

✔️ Keep them indoors!
✔️ Provide a calming environment for them to drown out the noise.
✔️ Don’t leave your pets unattended.
✔️ Keep chocolate or alcohol away from your pets.

Happy New Year from Chastain Vets! May 2023 bless you with health, wealth, and happiness! 🎉🥳

Timeline photos 12/30/2022

Personally, we'd rather be with your pets, but we understand they love you more ❤️!
Both clinics will be closed at noon tomorrow, December 31st, for New Year's Eve. We will be closed on New Year's Day and resume regular hours on Monday, January 2nd.
Stay safe!


We want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Holiday Food/Toy Drive for Operation Kindness! 🥰👏 Both clinics received many items, $80 cash, and online contributions. 💝
We are so lucky to be part of such beautiful communities.


Vet Assistant Kendyll shows Odie all the love before he goes back to the kennel at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital. 🥰💖😁

Timeline photos 12/28/2022

Toshi visited Dr. Kriti for his cytopoint injection. Spray cheese makes it all better. 😋🧀❤️

With it being 🎇firework season🎇, we thought this would be a great place to share what "spoonful of sugar" help your pets through tough times. Share in the comments!👇

Timeline photos 12/26/2022

It's been a wild year! 😜 Thank YOU for being here through it all, and we're looking forward to what next year has to offer.
👉Share your best memory in the comments!

Timeline photos 12/25/2022

Merry Christmas to all from Chastain Vets! May the holiday season bring only happiness, love, and prosperity to you and your families. ❤️🎁🎄

We bet you’re dressing up your pets for the holidays. We’d love to see them! Post your best Christmas pet pictures in the comments! ❤️

Timeline photos 12/24/2022

Here is Obi, the office guard dog, relaxing at home. 🥰🎄🐶 We hope everyone is enjoying time with their loved ones this Christmas Eve.
🐾 Both clinics will close at noon today and will be closed Christmas Day. We will resume regular hours on Monday, December 26th.

Timeline photos 12/24/2022

Here’s a fun fact for you!

Did you know? When rabbits jump around and flick their heads and feet, it means that they're happy! This is called binkying. These precious creatures just love showing off how happy they are! ❤️🐰❤️

Do you have a pet rabbit who needs veterinary services? Contact us at

Timeline photos 12/23/2022

Dr. Kriti getting some snuggles in before the holiday! Sweet Polo was more than happy to comply. 🥰🤗 We'd love to see some cuddly-warm pics of you and your furry buddies! 🧣🐱🐶💕 Share in the comments!

Timeline photos 12/23/2022

This is a public service announcement in light of the arctic chill that has descended on us unsuspecting Texans. Here are some tips in case you find any unfortunate pets out in the cold. 🥶
Follow this link for more Pet Care Tips for the Winter:

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It's #TongueOutTuesday! Share pics of your pets making goofy faces with us!
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