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Texas Pain Physicians


I see Dr Z he his a great Dr !! They take there time and listen to you. Thanks!!
Such a well rounded group of quality healthcare professionals. The atmosphere is always very light with smiles all around. From the front reception to other ancillary staff you are always welcomed in a courteous manner. Dr Morsy is a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable physician. He takes time to listen to his patients and provide exceptional care. He truly cares about the best outcome for his patients. His medical assistant Zaakiya is phenomenal. Her IV Skills are impeccable and she goes above and beyond to ensure her patients rights and privacy are protected.My overall experience at this facility is positive and I would highly recommend Texas Pain Physicians for any needing pain management services.
I won’t be returning to Dr. Kashif Irfan @ Texas Pain Physicians be tortured anymore by Dr. Kashif Irfan and his back stimulator and Associates I informed them of issues with the stimulator no one seemed to care even After it caused me to fall and tear my left bicep from the bone and tore other muscles on my left arm I inform them I needed MRI and other care I needed the painful stimulator removed still no one cared to help I was told I had to wait until the end of yalls trial I got to the appointment two hours early hoping someone would care enough to help so I could get it out and get the MRI requested from a real doctor and badly needed surgery for my arm and find out why my back was killing me even more now than before there trial stimulator surgery but no one cared Dr. Kashif Irfan shows up an hour late didn’t care how much pain I was in from my badly hurt arm or how bad the leads from the stimulator he put in were burning and infected my back Dr. Kashif Irfan said that’s normal only interested in me agreeing to move forward with the stimulator for 10 years and his woman friend they both only seem to care about forcing the stimulator on me didn’t care how much pain I was in it’s been the worst experience of my life so far you and your stimulator infected me with MRSA and caused lots of other serious bodily harm to me but I know these words are a waste of time to you and your lady friend and back stimulator money because you only care about her or it or something else I know frist hand it’s not patient care I don’t think I can survive any more of y’all’s kind of care !
I visited your clinic in Pearland, Tx and found service there lacking. I saw the doctor and a procedure was suppose to be scheduled and it never was, I sent one email asking about the status of scheduling the procedure andI also told them that it was apparent that they were in no rush to schedule my procedure, they never responded to my online message thru the patent portal. I again sent another message thru the portal telling them that If I received no response to my request that i would report them to the Corporate office and again no response. So I guess that don't care if I report them to the
Corporate Office. This type of behavior is bad service.
So if you don’t like what someone writes, you delete it?
I went for my new patient appointment today. My appointment time was 2:15 in the Grapevine office. I had received the new patient paperwork to fill out in advance. Even corresponded with the new patient coordinator 2 times this morning to get it sent in a format I could print. Mentioned it was for my appointment this afternoon even. I was told to be there 30 minutes early since I had the paperwork already, but an hour early if I didn’t have it filled out. I didn’t have it completely filled out because I had questions on some of it, so I got there the full hour before appointment time. The door was locked. I called their phone number and after giving my name and birthdate, they told me the office staff was out to lunch and would be back at 2 pm (15 minutes before my appointment time). A few minutes after 2 I called again and was informed that the doctors was out of the country and they wouldn’t charge me for the missed appointment. Seriously. I told them they had that right and I was done with them. As I am driving home, I get another call from the coordinator apologizing and telling me they tried to call me to let me know. To this I call BS. The other times they’ve called my number they didn’t have a problem getting through. What they were doing is covering their owns tails. My phone didn’t have any missed calls from them at all. Someone is lying. The moral of the story is don’t trust this practice. They will waste your time and lie to you about it. I also sent them another email, billing them for 3 hours of my time they wasted. They can send me a check for my time
WOW...this not a good tactic to entice a new patient at all....I had waited over 2 weeks for my scheduled appointment. They called today to confirm the appointment AND confirmed the co-pay. I called this office ahead to time and they told they would verify with my insurance and would called me back. I picked this doctor because I was told by M. Alfonza there would be NO CHARGE for the inital consutation (LIE). What a waste of my time!
Please let us know if you ever need a C-arm for short term rental. https://mobilecarmservices.com/dallas/
Refuses to help people who are actually in pain. My current Dr is not helping me and ignores me. I can tell them WHERE to get the MRI records they need, but all they care about is a stupid piece a of paper called a Dr's Referral when I have medical records they can call and get. Excellent customer service and helping people when they need it most, all over a stupid piece of a paper with vitals on it, you are going to ask me for anyway.

Our team of pain management specialist are board-certified in anesthesiology and fellowship-trained in pain management. Since 2002 DFW Texas. Feel your best again with Texas Pain Physicians.

Our group of board certified physicians have helped hundreds of people get on the path to feeling better so that they can live life the way it was meant to be lived! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and begin your road to recovery.

Operating as usual

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Axillary Brachial Plexus Block - Texas Pain Physicians

Check out this new video about Axillary Brachial Plexus Block. View our website for more!


texaspainphysicians.com This outpatient procedure numbs the arm and hand with an injection of local anesthetic. Typically, it is used before or after surgery on the elbow, forearm or hand.


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Texas Pain Physicians

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Welcome to Texas Pain Physicians | Pain Management | Dallas, Texas

Your pain relief is our main concern. See everything we have to offer, watch educational pain videos, meet our team, and more on our website: https://www.texaspainphysicians.com/

texaspainphysicians.com Texas Pain Physicians is a pain management practice in Dallas with a highly skilled team of pain physicians and doctors. Call today and schedule your ...

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Slideshow: Natural Ways to Calm Your Anxiety

14 Ways to Naturally Calm Your Anxiety: http://wb.md/2tKV8C8 #health #healthtips #texaspainphysicians

webmd.com We all get anxious sometimes. Here are a few ways to try to manage it without a prescription.


Are you getting enough sleep? Take this short quiz to find out! goo.gl/JoXrn6
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Dr. Muhammad Zulqarnain | Texas Pain Physicians

Meet Dr. Z, a pain management specialist for Texas Pain Physicians. If you need pain management, call us at (972) 636-5727 for an appt.!

Dr. Muhammad Zulqarnain is a pain management specialist serving in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding communities. In order to pursue his medical...

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Slideshow: Which Alternative Remedies Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Healing Sore Muscles

Sore from a workout? Use these Quick Tips to Heal Sore Muscles: http://bit.ly/2oJxVOV Still in Pain? Call Texas Pain Physicians to Help!

rodalesorganiclife.com Feeling sore after workout is perfectly healthy. But here's what you need to know about how to recover faster.


Shoulder Pain? We Can Help! Call Texas Pain Physicians at 972-636-5727! #dallas #houston #shoulderpain www.texaspainphysicians.com

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Cluster Headaches | Texas Pain Physicians | Headache Doctors

Cluster Headaches are a common pain condition where patients experience a series of painful headaches. Learn more at http://www.texaspainphysicians.com/cluster-headaches/

texaspainphysicians.com Cluster Headaches Cluster headaches are known as a series of very painful headaches that are short-lasting but occur every day for a period of days...


Dr. Seema Rasheed | Texas Pain Physicians

Meet Dr. Seema Rasheed. Helping pain sufferers return to an active lifestyle is her specialty! http://ow.ly/Mp8i309Wslp

Dr. Seema Rasheed is a board certified physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. After finishing her residency at Baylor/UT PM&R Alliance,...


Second Opinion For Surgery | Dr. Haroon Rasheed, MD | Texas Pain Physicians

In interventional pain management, there are many injections and pain management procedures that can be prescribed in order to avoid the stresses and complic...

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Facet Joint Syndrome - Texas Pain Physicians

Facet Joint Syndrome is a common cause of back problems. Read More about FJS here and if you are suffering from pain, call today! #backpain

texaspainphysicians.com Facet joint syndrome is a term used to describe the pain at the joint in between two vertebrae in your spine. Facet joint syndrome is also called...

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Arthritis Pain? Texas Pain Physicians Can Help!

Tired of dealing with the pain of Arthritis? We can help. Learn more and call us today to schedule an appointment. http://bit.ly/2l8CDI6

texaspainphysicians.com Arthritis is a common condition that is used to describe joint pain or joint disease. It is a condition that over 50 million adults and 300,000...




#Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue, sleep & mood. Call 972-636-5727 #wecanhelp #dallas


Leg #pain refers to pain or discomfort anywhere in the leg. It can range from a dull ache to an intense stabbing sensation. There are many causes of leg pain. However, only some of these are medically serious. #legpain #dallas #houston #wecanhelp 972-636-5727


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#Neck #Pain is discomfort in any of the structures in the neck. These include muscles and nerves as well as spinal vertebrae and the cushioning disks in between. Call Us #wecanhelp #dallas #houston 972-636-5727


Get properly evaluated for your Workers' Compensation claim. #wecanhelp
www.txpainphysicians.com 972-636-5727 #dallas #houston


Happy Heart DAY!
From TX Pain Physicians
#dallas #houston


Happy Valentine's Day!
#dallas #houston #happyheartday


Dr. Sameer Syed, MD | Texas Pain Physicians


Have you been in a car accident? Experienced #whiplash ?
#wecanhelp www.txpainphysicians.com 972-636-5727
#dallas #houston


Burning Pain Between Your Shoulders?
#wecanhelp #texaspainphysicians
Call For Consultation: 972-636-5727


If you have questions about Facet Injections, Call 972-636-5727 It Starts working in about 2-7 days and can last for some time. #wecanhelp


Working Out For New Years Resolution? Don't Overdo It!!
#backpain #wecanhelp #dallas #houston 972-636-5727


Working Out For New Years Resolution? Don't Overdo It!!
#backpain #wecanhelp #dallas #houston 972-636-5727


Exercises For Back #Pain
Avoid: Toe Touches
Try: Partial Crunches
Avoid: Sit-ups
Try: Hamstring Stretches
Avoid: Leg Lifts
Try: Wall Sits. ...
Try: Press-up Back Extensions
Call 972-636-5727 For Consultation
#dallas #houston #wecanhelp


We Accept All Major Commercial #Insurance Plans, Also:
Auto Accidents
Workers Compensation
Self Pay


Hurt on the job? http://ow.ly/flvA307Ci40
Call Us today for an evaluation and help with your
Workers' Compensation case. 972-636-5727
#wecanhelp #dallas #houston #paindoctors


Herniated Disc Pain from lifting or car wrecks are extremely painful. #wecanhelp #dallas #houston #paindoctors 972-636-5727


A #migraine is a severe, painful headache that is often preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. The excruciating pain that migraines bring can last for hours or even days. http://ow.ly/4sHI307Chgc 972-636-5727 Call Us Today! #wecanhelp

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Dr. Sameer Syed, MD | Texas Pain Physicians
Dr. Basem Abdelfattah, MD - Texas Pain Physicians





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