Prashant Kedia MD

Prashant Kedia MD


Office is very professional, I came before my appointment time and was seen in no time.
Very professional and concerned as to the reason you are seeing him. Had to wait a month to get an appt but worth it!
what a wonderful surprise to meet such a knowledgeable, eager pleasant doctor, that makes you feel comfortable no matter what the physical issue is. he makes you very happy that you chose him for your surgery ..... thanks for making me feel comfortable with my future that you are affording me.

sue fournier ---fort worth texas
Dr Kedia is very informative and pleasant...the staff is also efficient...they adhere to appointment times promptly!😃
Dr Kedia was on time, very helpful and gave me a very good description of what he was going to do in my procedure. If you are looking for a open and informative doctor I recommend him.
Fast and friendly staff that is very attentive to a patients needs.
This was my first visit to Dr. Kedia's office; both he and his staff were amazing! They were very well organized with getting me in and out of the office. They were also respectful and professional with their business practices and I didn't feel rushed through the question and answer process. My thanks goes out to you all.
I am very happy with the care that I have received while in the care of Dr. Kedia. All of the staff in his officen and in day surgery have been very nice and thorough in their care.
Was referred to Dr Kedia for a duodenal ulcer that was diagnosed in Feb, 2018. Very impressed with his bedside manner and really felt like he cared for me as an individual. The office staff was friendly and attentive as well.
Will repeat another EGD in Nov to see if reducing my meds and my loss of weight has improved the ulcer.
8/16/18, was my first visti to Dr. Kedia practice. Not sure if it was time of day or any other circumstance, but was most impressed with the very short wait time. Office atmosphere very nice (not excessive bright lighting), informative TV programming. Would advise friends, relatives if needed.
I have been going to Dr Kedia for 9 months and have total respect and trust in him and want to always have him as my doctor.
I am a retired GI RN post Whipple surgery, done for pancreatic cysts in 2015. In 2017 I was dogged with recurrent bouts of pancreatitis with hospitalizations. I was referred to Dr.Kedia for his expertise in placing stents to allow pancreatic enzymes to flow from the pancreas to the colon, and prevent future pancreatitis. This procedure is very difficult post Whipple surgery, since the anatomy has been significantly altered.

The procedure was very is once again wonderful.

I highly recommend Dr. K because of his great technical skills (I have seen many of these ERCP procedures), his kindness, teaching and listening gifts, and easy rapport with his patients. I feel Dr. would always execute his best efforts to get his patients to their optimal health. He is affiliated with the Digestive Health Group whose staff are responsive and respectful.
Carol Cress

Medical Director of Interventional Endoscopy
Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Operating as usual


I'm so proud of our Methodist team for hosting our first live endoscopic symposium from our new GI lab. We performed live cases including POEM, ESG and Barrett's RFA and also a LINX. Thanks to everyone that attended and also our fantastic expert faculty from around the nation. @methodisthealthdfw @travel_doc_


Eus-guided liver biopsy has a growing body of literature showing very good results and diagnostic yield without the need for a painful skin puncture. Here is a nice core sample with a single pass by Eus.


Here is a nice article on a patient of mine who lost significant weight via endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG). This is an effective alternative to surgery for meaningfull weight loss!


Timeline Photos


We performed our first Z-POEM procedure at @methodisthealthdfw. This is an innovative minimally invasive technique using third space endoscopy to treat esophageal diverticula that cause swallowing difficulty in patients. Z POEM is a highly effective and safe alternative to surgery.


Our annual Methodist Digestive Institute report was just published highlighting our brand new state of the art endoscopy lab, bariatric program and academic achievements! We're so proud to offer a high level of GI care to DFW and beyond.


Can't thank my staff enough for the amazing Xmas gifts. Saints scarf is solid!


Our fantastic Magnet Endoscopy nurses spruced up our GI lab with some Christmas decor. Love our culture at @methodisthealthdfw


We are offering POEM (peroral endoscopic myotomy) for primary achalasia and after failed surgical (Heller) myotomy. Many of these patients can't eat a regular meal and fail surgical interventions. Endoscopic POEM is less invasive than surgery and changes these patients' lives.


We removed a 2cm tumor from the esophagus in this patient using endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD). This technique is minimally invasive and helped avoid a major operation for the patient! Continued education and awareness of novel endoscopic techniques will improve patient outcomes and cost.


Honored to speak at this year's final SGNA conference. I can't thank the Methodist endoscopy team enough for being amazing everyday and allowing us to break barriers in this field.


This is one of our patients who we performed an endoscopic sleeve last year for weight loss! He's had amazing results. Bariatric endoscopy is the new wave of minimally invasive obesity therapy and it's all done as an outpatient. #fightingobesity #bariatricsleeve #endoscopicsleevegastroplasty


Had a great time teaching a hands on station this past weekend for Texas Interventional Endoscopy Group's (TXieg) nurses and techs course. What a great way for endoscopy staff to learn about these devices.


We performed the first Resection and Plication (RAP) procedures in Texas! @methodisthealthdfw. This is a novel endoscopic treatment for acid reflux. GERD (acid reflux) is now a world wide epidemic and endoscopy is at the forefront of diagnosis and therapy.


Always inspiring to be at @methodisthealthdfw annual pancreas cancer survivors celebration. This year we are giving cancer the boot! This is why we do what we do everyday!


We had a fantastic turnout at the ASGE postgraduate course ~ 250 attendees! Talks from endobiliary ablation to GI bleeding and advanced resection techniques. @asgeendoscopy


One of our post-POEM patients brought treats to the office today ! As the box says, this procedure is changing people's lives and we couldn't be happier to offer it to them.


Casos en Vivo - Curso CEMexico 2019

Please join us online as we stream live endoscopic cases from the 3rd Annual CEMexico Course. We will be performing fantastic advanced cases including G-POEM, ESD and ESG. Just click on the youtube link below on Saturday June 22 to watch live! Cases will start by mid morning.

Transmision en vivo del Tercer Curso de Endoscopia Terapeutica Avanzada desde Reynosa, Mexico.


POEM for achalasia changes lives and should be considered for first line treatment. Here is a great article by Methodist Dallas Medical Center on one of our POEM patients and how it got them back to living life fully.


I feel very honored to have our Therapeutic EUS program highlighted in Methodist Health System's annual report. Here is a another case of how eus-guided pancreatic duct drainage changed a patient's life.


So proud of our patients and their weight loss results with Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)! Check out this patient's progress at 3 months


We performed the first G-POEM in Dallas and North Texas at Methodist Dallas Medical Center for treatment of gastroparesis! Very proud of our fantastic endoscopic team.


So happy to see our ESG patient doing so well just 3 days after his procedure. He has already lost 8lbs! The procedure was performed at Methodist Dallas Medical Center


I just joined this ESG support group and would like to introduce myself. My name is Prashant Kedia, MD, FASGE and I am the Medical Director of Interventional Endoscopy at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. I have been performing ESG since 2014 and have trained many physicians (both gastroenterologists and surgeons) since then on how to perform ESG. I hope I can help members of this group with information on the procedure and serve as an outlet for this community.

If you are interested in ESG and would like to know more, please check out our website at .


It has been my honor and pleasure to Co-Direct and Speak at the 43rd Annual Texas Society for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy conference this past weekend in Austin,TX. We had amazing attendance and support from the TSGE board throughout the year.


Endoscopic closure of a surgical leak

This is a great case of how we used endoscopic suturing to close a post surgical gastroesophageal leak. This helped the patient avoid a significant re-operation!


Tissue Retraction EST

Tissue retraction makes ESD faster and safer! We performed the first case in North Texas of using a novel tissue retraction system to remove a re**al neoplasm 08/18/2018

New Bariatric Procedure Helps Frisco Woman Lose Unwanted Weight

NBC was gracious enough for feature our Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) program. We are the only center offering ESG in Dallas and north Texas. Minimally invasive endoscopic weight loss procedures fill a huge need in the treatment of obesity! Doctors say millions of Americans who do not qualify for bariatric surgeries or do not want bariatric surgery have fueled an increased interest in minimally invasive bariatric therapies.


Enjoying the hands on lab at the UCAMI international endoscopy course in Argentina! Fantastic learning lab for our participants


Digital Pancreatoscopy

This is an interesting case of a main duct pancreatic IPMN fistulizing to the bile duct. Digital pancreatoscopy allows us to directly look inside the pancreas duct and help our surgeons better plan their surgical margins


Eus-guided bile duct drainage

We ran into a difficult case of pancreas cancer causing bile duct and stomach obstruction. Because of this we needed to use endoscopic ultrasound to make a direct connection from the bile duct to the bowel to achieve drainage. Without this that patient would have had to get a painful drain placed through their skin into their liver. New endoscopic techniques are improving patients' quality of lives everyday


Endoscopic Therapy of a Bile Duct Cyst

Here is a treatment of a bile duct cyst inside the intestines (type 3). We can treat these types of cysts completetly endoscopically without surgery!


ESD removal of stomach cancer

endoscopic submucosal dissection allows us to remove tumors from the GI tract. Here we completely remove stomach cancer and cure a patient with an outpatient non-surgical procedure

My Story

I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and have had the opportunity to train at various academic centers around the country. I earned my Medical Degree from the University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine and then went on to complete my residency in internal medicine in Philadelphia at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. I then finished up my training in New York City by completing a general gastroenterology fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and an extra year of advanced endoscopy fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical Center. I now serve as the Medical Director of Interventional Endoscopy at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Dallas has become my home along with that of my wife and two wonderful children. We have found Dallas to be an amazing metroplex with fantastic opportunities in education, culture, sports and food. Dallas has become not just a home, but also our community that we hope to give back to as we raise our family.

I feel very fortunate to love going to work everyday and pursue my passion of being a therapeutic endoscopist. I have spent a significant portion of my life learning and training to be a gastroenterologist and interventionalist because I truly believe it helps patients in a profound way. Endoscopy and new interventional techniques are evolving very rapidly and offering novel diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients for a wide variety of disorders in a minimally invasive fashion. There are so many diseases that 10 years ago absolutely required more invasive interventions such as surgery for management, but can now be handled completely from inside the body using an endoscope. I know this makes patients happier as they have faster recovery times with less scarring of the body. One of the most gratifying aspects of my job is having a patient smile or thank me in the recovery room after undergoing an endoscopic procedure knowing they avoided a major surgery and are going home that same day with almost no recovery time.

Some of the procedures I perform are novel and still in evolution. Therefore it is of utmost importance for me to have a strong rapport with my patients and earn their trust. The purpose of my clinic visits is to answer my patients’ questions and have them leave with a strong understanding of the procedure I plan to do, why I’m doing it and the scientific literature supporting it. Having an honest and compassionate relationship with each of my patients is a requirement. My goal is to perform endoscopic procedures at their highest and most effective level to help patients and at the same time advance the field through teaching and research.

Videos (show all)

Endoscopic closure of a surgical leak
Tissue Retraction EST
Digital Pancreatoscopy
Eus-guided bile duct drainage
Endoscopic Therapy of a Bile Duct Cyst
ESD removal of stomach cancer
Endoscopic Necrosectomy - 20mm Axios
Endoscopic Gallbladder Drainage
Internal EDGE
Laser Lithotripsy
Endoscopic Necrosectomy





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