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Operating as usual


Bentley is a cowboy fan!


Applying for a job lol

These 8 states saw the sharpest declines in life expectancy in 2020 08/23/2022

These 8 states saw the sharpest declines in life expectancy in 2020


These 8 states saw the sharpest declines in life expectancy in 2020 New York saw the biggest drop in life expectancy from 2019 to 2020: 3 years. Hawaii had the smallest change.


The USA Goverment will send these COVID home test free! Please share with others. Next week you can get tests mailed to your home free.


I am happy to see the Success reinvention planner on Amazon! I just got my first copy! I want to Thank Jennifer Reed for your help in writing this planner.


Zac Free Kick!!


Go cowboys !!


Comedy club! We had a blast!


I want to encourage everyone to constantly “reinvent” yourself keep working hard to improve. I value school but do not confuse it with “getting degrees”. I value learning and I encourage you to make the life commitment towards always Improving. You don’t need an MD, MBA, BA, or Bs all you need is working towards always learning and always improving. I want to share this website for free college credit or just to learn! (I do hold an MD,MBA,BS,BA but what really matters is constantly growing). I go over these items in my book success reinvention.



Harvey first goal for the Smu season

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Double hitter tonight! Hailey played a great game! Harvey played well as well. Proud of my kids .


Podcast with Gayle Lantz coming soon!


Sometimes, you have to conquer your fears and just do it! Lol


I am happy to share that I have completed my e-course for success reinvention. It is on my website www.harveycastromd.info


I have chapter one for download on my website, if you would like to read a sample first.


Repost from Elon Musk. Don’t judge me but I found it funny.


Driving home…. What if you saw this what would you do ?


The USA has about 1 million Physicians, of which 38,544 are ER Physicans.
Our population is about 333,214,890.
As of August 2021: number of Covid cases: 38.1 million cases of which we have had 641,346 deaths due to COVID. Regardless of where you stand on the vaccine, one thing we can all do is make sure you take care of yourself by: sleeping enough (will boost your immune system), eating well, taking your vitamins (zinc, melatonin, vitamin D…) and if you are feeling sick make sure to see a health care provider (early in disease process consider Tele-doc or your PCP can evaluate you. Also: make sure that you are doing your part to prevent spreading COVID to others.

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7/11/2021, we got engaged! At Sunset on the waters of Santorini. Our room is #11, my birthday is 1/11 and Jenn’s first son is also 1/11 (my new family member). # 11 is a special number to Jennifer and I. I feel blessed to start a new stage in my life with Jennifer Reed. Many more sunsets together.

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Having an amazing time with my Love! We both had this on our bucket list!


It is important to take time to reset and enjoy life. Tomorrow is not promised !

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Remember “failure” is just a “life reset button” for you to learn from and take those lessons to create a new you and or use it as your new “why” in life then power thru your obstacles!

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Use these convenient motivational quotes as quick inspiration every day to assist in your pursuit of a successful reinvention.
♣️ ♥️ ♠️ ♦️: https://bit.ly/3xiZq4q

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Looking for more out of life, or just need a push to get to the next level? Join a community page that's designed to help you map out your goals and achieve them.



Great experience! I am glad, I got to be on the Pandemic Team for this upcoming TV show!

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🏛️ Rome wasn't built in a day. Chapter 9 of speaks to the consistency & dedication it takes to accomplish your goals.

Get your hands on a copy by clicking the link below.
📖 : amzn.to/39xKmGT

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🗣️ Ready, set, go! Don't wait another moment go after your dreams right now.

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Anything worth having is NOT going to be easy!

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Time is the most valuable asset we have — spend it wisely.

Chp. 8 of reminds us to cherish things that we can't get back once their gone.

Grab your copy here:

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I like to Thank creator Christopher LaVoie and his vision for shooting ! 10 problems were identified and 10 teams to come up for a solution for each problem:

We worked with an amazing team to engineer a financially viable business to solve one of the world’s biggest problems:

🎯 education
🎯 cyberbullying
🎯 homelessness
🎯 cancer
🎯 climate change
🎯 hunger
🎯 racism
🎯 suicide
🎯 women empowerment
🎯 pandemics

I was honored to be part of an incredible team of individuals and was tasked with creating a viable business plan to prevent a Pandemic.

During those 4 days, We came up with a product that could help prevent the next pandemic! My team members are : Rich Curran, Laura Hunter, Dr. Brent Whitlock, Esq. Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes Christina DiArcangelo Crystal G. Morrison, Ph.D. Nina Ally and Belle & Amanda!

In addition to my team, I made many more new friendships. Jose Ramon Riestra Kevin Dawson, SHRM-CP, Digital Transformers with Kevin L. Jackson Rhett Power Mandy Morris, LPC, EMDR Clinician, Corporate Psychology Liz Hocker Grace Lanni Shannon Lanni Trina Celeste Limpert 💭Jessica Lee Aiello Ernie Humphrey, CTP Claudia Prado Alok Appadurai Christopher Nagy Marina Ilari, CT Dane Simmons Jr. Amy Valentine Christopher Stephenson Shari Jo Watkins Abbood Tamimi Lillian Victoria Ng Archie Messersmith-Bunting, M.S. Benjamin Sywulka Chanie Gluck Erika Garcia Jimena Lasa Jennifer Aupke Allison Liddle (Michels) Anisa Telwar Kaicker Amber Swenor Martha Krejci Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal Stacy Raske (and I'm sorry if I missed someone)

Looking forward to seeing how all of our teams can make a difference in the world!

Watch the extended trailer:

You can create change! In your circles know that you can begin your way of changing the world!

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Your thoughts become your actions! So this week & every week, THINK POSITIVE!

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Celebrity softball!

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So many doctors out there! It is so confusing lol!


Last days to download the success reinvention edition on Amazon for your kindle. Go to amazon and type success reinvention.


4 Days to Save the World! Honored to be part of this show!

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Wouldn't trade being a for anything in the world.
(PS - I love you too, boys!)

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Inspirational meeting with Amy Purdy! She shared her amazing journey and how she is making an impact on healthcare! It is very motivating to see others have a passion to improve our healthcare system!

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Day #3 on 4 day’s to save the world! Working on a way to prevent the pandemic.

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Want to know what will drive you to your success?
Chp. 7 of explains how your motivation separates you from your competition & gives you a unique advantage.

📖 : amzn.to/39xKmGT

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Day 2 “4 days to save the world”
Working on this project is amazing. I can’t wait to share our solution for the world!

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4 days to save the world! Day 1!

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What did you choose this morning?


Day one of 4 days to Save the world! Honored to be part of a group that is helping others. Life is short, the key is to give back! Share all your talents!


I am making my kindle book a free book from Monday 6/7 till Friday 6/11. This book was inspired by all of my mothers’ teaching to help me become successful. I share my experiences growing up in poverty and the hardships that taught me so many lessons. I took all these experiences and put them in this book. After reading the book, please write a review on Amazon. Feel free to share this link and let your friends know this ebook kindle book is available this week. My goal is to inspire, motivate others for a better tomorrow.


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Today I'd like to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges cancer survivors & their families face, but – most importantly – I'd like to simply celebrate life.

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