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Coronavirus and the effects on substance abuse and mental health


Thank you Memphis, TN for the Psyched 31 shout out!


Well? Could you? Your answer to this question determines so much about your day-to-day life, it’s incredible...


Now more than ever, people are being forced to make tough decisions. You are not alone. Today started the first day of Psyched 31’s mental detox. The first writing was all about deciding. There are so many psychological factors that influence motivation, but one thing is for sure: indecision is still a decision. Now more than ever, we need hope, we need positivity, we need encouragement. Chose today to do something of value, no matter how small, and you will come through this season ready to face any crisis!


There are a lot of people struggling right now. Tensions are high: people are angry, scared, frustrated, impatient, and discouraged. But it is the simple gestures that restore my faith in humanity! We can get through this if we just take the time to do the little things that matter. This person could have driven off and I never would have known, but they took the time to do what was right, despite however much stress he/she was under already in this day. That’s a hero! They needn’t worry about me. I don’t plan to file a claim, but I will reach out to say thank you! It was a great reminder to me to be a hero in the small things of life. Thank you, stranger!!! 04/28/2020

Psyched 31 | One-Month Mental Detox

Some of you know that for the last two years, I’ve been working on a film series that I am excited to announce is finally complete! There are few things in life that you just know you were destined to complete. This is one of them for me. If I died tomorrow, I’d be satisfied. I hope you’ll check it out! Psyched 31 is a revolutionary one-month mental detox designed by Dr. David Henderson, featuring a physical journal and meditative videos. Get Psyched.


Check out the link in my bio to join the cleanse today! (Thank you all who have faithfully followed this project over the last 2 years!!)


Excited to continue serving those with psychiatric and addiction issues as a part of the team at Addiction Campuses.


How are you investing in these difficult times? How are you rising to the challenges before you? This is when heroes rise when others fall.


Nothing like a personally written thank you letter! Made my day!!


Hi all, we just wanted to let you know that Four Stones is still open and seeing clients. If you are concerned about the coronavirus, we can schedule phone appointments on a case by case basis. Please feel free to call if you have questions. Thanks so much!


I hope people will take a moment to reflect on how something like the coronavirus can flame fears that, in all reality, fester within us every single day. Unpack the black box of fear and understand what it is you are really worried about. I bet, if you’re honest, you’ll see that that fear “plagues” you every day of your life. There is help, there is purpose in facing your fears and there is redemption for any pain you might suffer in the process...


When was the last time someone painted your portrait, saw you the way you felt, the way you wanted to be seen; not in form, but in spirit, not in the temporal but in the eternal? You are seen, you are known, your life is a portrait, majestic and full of hope. There is no greater representation of love than an artist who delights in his own creation, transforming before his eyes. Subject yourself to that transformation and you will know the spirit of all love.


We had an amazing day of filming today!! This one is going to be one of my favorites!! Thank you @stevenmaddox11 @matthewtullyhair @isabella_a_mackenzie @hannahlaymann @mckenzieervin_ @henderson.fineart


A goal without a plan is just a dream. Accomplish what you desire this new year...


Hard to believe that this time two years ago, my first solo publication came out. It’s been a joy to help thousands of parents and teens over the last two years successfully navigate the transition from the home to the great big world beyond. Now, I’m excited for this next project coming down the pike. As one person put it, “It’s gonna be P90x for the mind!” Exactly - PSYCHED 30 is on its way...


Writing is a chore for some and a pleasure for others, but either way, I believe it is absolutely essential to our development psychologically. It stimulates memory, clarifies our thoughts, and gives an outlet for our emotions. It also enhances our ability as communicators. I encourage all my clients to keep a journal, which we review in appointments. The ones who do see the fastest and most significant results. When you write things down, it’s like taking a snapshot of who you are at that moment in time. Otherwise, when someone asks how your week has been, you’re left to filter that question through your own state of emotions in the present. You can’t really tap in to the person you were even 24 hours ago, so it makes it that much harder to change. Truly successful people keep records of their struggles, their progress and their accomplishments. It may take a little more time out of your day, but the results are worth it!


Find your place, defiant. Find what stirs your soul. Invite the ones who see you, and you will be made whole. 📸: Igor Borisov


It’s been amazing to see this film series starting to come together. We are still in the early stages, but I’m excited about this passion project unfolding: PSYCHED, a 30 day cleanse for the mind that will incorporate poetry, inspiring messages of hope, moving imagery, and real people with real stories of success all with the goal of moving you past the obstacles that have kept each of us at times from achieving our dreams. I hope you continue to follow the process and if you’d like to be involved, let me know. This is flashback scene we filmed of an artist’s story of purpose in the face of rejection. Thanks to Steve Maddox and the crew for bringing it all together. Stay tuned for more updates as the weeks unfold!


I’ve been writing today between clients on the idea of a silver-lining. What troubles have you faced? What was the silver-lining that came out of it? Do you see storm clouds as problems? Or could they possibly be protection against the unfiltered light of a success you’re not ready to handle yet?


Your life is a canvas. Keep on painting! photo credit: @natgeo


Don’t be afraid to be wrong!


One of the things I find beautiful are set tables. There is a nostalgia I feel when I think about sharing a meal with friends and family. A set table is a metaphor for connection, closeness, loyalty, love, sharing, laughter, beauty, all that is good in life. When you’ve been invited to sit, loneliness dissipates. So, who sits at your table? Who gets the invite when you throw a party? Can I challenge you with something? Save at least one seat for someone outside your circle. Don’t close yourself off in your own comfort and forget the joy that comes from including. Starvation is less about the absence of food and more about the absence of love. I learned a long time ago that if I’m ever going to feel included, I must include. Maybe it’s why I’m so excited to have people apart of this PSYCHED series. What would it be like if we all kept one seat at the table open for someone who could share in the fun?


This weekend, come join me! I’ll be speaking on how to channel anxious energies to accomplish your dreams! @d_magazine @dallasobserver


Celebrating our Superstars with a pre-party at @samuellynnegalleries before the main event red carpet at @omnidallas. These kids are truly an inspiration to all of us. Any challenge can be conquered if you refuse to give up. @softwareblueprint @noblepreneur @lweirpoetry @wmwallace1


Producing and directing has taught me a lot about life. Most importantly, the irony of needing to depend fully on others for success while simultaneously needing to take full responsibility on yourself for failure. The truly successful give credit to the team when they win and take full blame when they lose.


Every bad mistake can turn into a good mistake with time and hard work. If you try to compensate for every failure, you may be undoing the very thing that leads to your ultimate success!


Therapy, consulting, psychotherapy, counseling...whatever you want to call it, it’s about performance enhancement, not just fixing something broken. Like a personal trainer for the body, the most successful people have a personal trainer for their minds. I tell my clients all I need are 5 sessions to show the difference. You don’t need years and years of therapy to change your life. You just need a proper framework for how to think. It’s time to get in the game!


Confidence comes as a result of preparation and experience. Experience comes only by leaning in to our fears and insecurities. To become exceptional, you have to start by being average. To be successful, you have to risk failing. To develop passion, you have to aggressively fight against people’s indifference. Work hard, finish strong, even when you’re not feeling it. The confidence and ease will come with time!


Count your blessing! Be grateful! Gratitude is the only way to find lasting joy in this life!!


“Adopt the pace of nature, for her secret is patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson || Some of the best things take the longest time to come into fruition. They require work and sacrifice, grit and stamina. Don’t give up. Don’t lose sight. Keep putting one foot in front of the other carefully and diligently. Those that are in a hurry and go with haste are never truly happy. Take your time. You can still accomplish all that you want to achieve, it is not a race.



Artist: @kewpoet


The Forbes Dallas Business Council meeting at @dallasglassart was a success! It was awesome to connect with business owners in the DFW area who are moving and shaking in their respective fields. The coolest thing was hearing the stories of people who have taken the leap of faith to leave a comfortable 9-5 to pursue their dreams! Thanks Forbes Business Council for the invite! @ Dallas Glass Art


Don’t rush the process. Look ahead but you can not rush progress. Every thing in life has phases and steps to take in order to grow and get to the next level. There is beauty in the growth and plenty to learn along the way so just trust the timing and don’t get impatient.



Contentment doesn’t equal complacency! Learn to be content while aggressively pursuing your dreams...

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Coronavirus and the effects on substance abuse and mental health
Thank you Memphis, TN for the Psyched 31 shout out!
Check out the link in my bio to join the cleanse today! (Thank you all who have faithfully followed this project over th...
How are you investing in these difficult times? How are you rising to the challenges before you? This is when heroes ris...
I hope people will take a moment to reflect on how something like the coronavirus can flame fears that, in all reality, ...
It’s been amazing to see this film series starting to come together. We are still in the early stages, but I’m excited a...
#tbt To the time my buddy @michaelshellis had a showing at @thestoneleigh Art excites me! It’s telling the story of the ...
Sometimes the joy of sweating is in the bath that follows! 😂
Thanks to CBS 11 for focusing on mental health and letting me address issues of family abuse. Their is hope in overcomin...




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