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Any guidance for coping with the election results?
Galit--how about adding office photos? Your comfy couch, the framed sayings on the wall, your soft glowing candles?
Today I think I’ll laugh a lot
I might even lose the plot
Perhaps a coffee or pot of tea
A friendly nod to a passing bee
A magpie’s song would be quite nice
A tiny squeak from the local mice
I might just sit and think awhile
Allow myself a gentle smile.
Maree de Suza
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I thought you might be interested in a couples therapy training workshop with Drs. John & Julie Gottman being offered in April. The workshop, titled “Bridging the Couple Chasm,” is a level-one Gottman training course based on the Gottman Institute’s well-known research. The training is being sponsored by the SMU M.S. in Counseling Program, and will be held at the SMU-in-Plano campus. The workshop provides 16 CEUs. The early registration deadline ($55 discount) ends January 14! For more info & to register:
Hi! Just getting the word out - Drs. John & Julie Gottman are offering a 2-day workshop on Couple Relationships at SMU-in-Plano April 17-18, 2012.Sponsord by the SMU M.S. in Counseling Program. For more info & to register:
Hi! Just getting the word out - Drs. John & Julie Gottman are offering a 2-day workshop on Couple Relationships at SMU-in-Plano April 17-18, 2012.Sponsord by the SMU M.S. in Counseling Program. For more info & to register:

Individual, couples, and group counseling, serving adolescents and adults of all ages in Dallas and

Operating as usual


This New Year's day is the beginning of new opportunities and a better you. Make every moment count and start your path to who you want to be.❤️


As 2023 approaches, keep in mind that self-reflection can bring positive attitudes.


As the holiday season approaches, may we focus on the positive in our life.


With football all around, learning from a coach seems fitting.


What you focus on becomes your reality. The beautiful light ripping through the clouds. What a beautiful sight!

The Neuroscience of Gratitude and Effects on the Brain 10/31/2022

The Neuroscience of Gratitude and Effects on the Brain

"When we express gratitude and receive the same, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions, and they make us feel 'good'. They enhance our mood immediately, making us feel happy from the inside."

The Neuroscience of Gratitude and Effects on the Brain Learn about the neuroscience of gratitude, and its effect on anxiety and grief.


Letting go gives us a chance to grow and start new. 🍂🍁


What a beautiful time of the year to welcome Fall and start a new page.🍁🍂


Suggestions To Help Someone Experiencing A Panic Attack

A panic attack is more common then we think. Learn how to take an active part and help others to get better.


Help is there for every person at any time.


As many of us are celebrating during this time of the year, I am sending you all happy celebrations, happy thoughts, and happy wishes, for bright mornings and beautiful days.


Most of us, who are old enough, remember where we were on that September day. 20 years ago, the world changed. In the days soon after, this country has never experienced such unity. May we never forget and always remember.


Enrich yourself and expand your mind with new places.


It's a wonderful feeling, when we surround ourselves by positive people.


As Mother's Day is coming to an end, I am in hope that each one of you is appreciating yourself in your own eyes, in addition to your children's eyes.
To those women that Mother's Day is a challenging time, I think of you and encourage you to fill your lives with joy through giving.
To those who lost their mother, I wish for you to find comfort in your memories of your mother.
Practice Self Care!


Live life to the fullest.


On this day, and everyday, recognize and appreciate the strong women in your life and their positive influence on who you have become, as you take credit for all that you have accomplished.


The last few days, with the challenging Texas weather and the loss of power and water, we have all come to appreciate the small things in life. Having a gas fireplace for heat and having a gas stove for a hot meal cannot be taken for granted anymore. Let us appreciate the things we have been taking for granted. Be thankful for the things you have, and for the people who help.

Photos from Texas Counseling's post 02/06/2021

I am opening my office for sharing again. The office has not been used, since March 2020. This opportunity is geared towards anyone, who needs a productive place to work away from home. The office is centrally located. It is a beautifully furnished office, in a well-kept building, with security. Please contact me for more details. Please feel free to share or tag people that may be interested.


How appropriate, especially at this time of COVID. Sometimes change can be a blessing.


I love the sound of rain. No wonder it appears on sleep sound machines.


As 2020 comes to an end, my feelings are mixed. What a year! We changed the way we interact with each other, our view of physical and mental health, the way we shop, the way we work, and what we have been taking for granted.
How amazing it has been that we learned to appreciate the little things. Family and social interactions have become a lot more important, as well as spending time with our loved ones. Hugging and greeting others, eating out, and get togethers are viewed differently now. We have all increased our knowledge of communication via technology.
I am hopeful that 2021 is going to be a year of growth for us as a society and individually. May we all continue to appreciate the little things, to be kind to one another, to keep healthy, and to spend more time with family and friends.
Happy New Year!🎉⛄🎊


Be grateful today and always. Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃🍂


Brighten your surroundings through showing gratitude. You may change a person's day.


Help your children increase critical thinking and problem solving, and understand consequences to their actions, at any age. Ask your children what they think is an appropriate consequences to their action. Set the stage in advance, and help them understand that you will make the choice to accept or reject their ideas. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship.


Cherish every moment!


May we all embrace our experiences, so that we continue to grow.


Coronavirus is getting close to home. It is so sad when we hear of people, who die. May we all be healthy and safe. Sending my condolences to all that have been affected. May you all find comfort in your memories of your loved ones.


Sometimes it's important to take a break from life. During these challenging times, being outdoors is the safe way to do it. (Picture was taken on White Rock Lake). I encourage all of you to find balance in your life, as you find time away from responsibilities to practice self-care.


What a wonderful way to express ourselves, even in our own living room.


Healthy communication can bring us closer.


May we all enjoy the journey, as we are on our way to achieve our goals.

Clinical Characteristics and Results of Semen Tests Among Men With Coronavirus Disease 2019 07/03/2020

Clinical Characteristics and Results of Semen Tests Among Men With Coronavirus Disease 2019

S*x during a pandemic. The following are recommendation to lower chances of infection:

Limit occasional s*x

Avoid kissing during the pandemic

Monogamy during the pandemic can be beneficial

Don't engage in s*xual relations if one of you displays symptoms

Shower before and after

Use a condom

Wash toys with soap and water

There is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluid. However, research shows that COVID-19 is present in semen (See research below).


Clinical Characteristics and Results of Semen Tests Among Men With Coronavirus Disease 2019 This cohort study examines the clinical characteristics of men with coronavirus disease 2019 whose semen tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

TEXAS COUNSELING CALL NOW (469) 499-4597 07/02/2020


הקורונה חוזרת והמספרים עולים שוב. יש מאיתנו שחוזרים לבידוד, והחופש הגדול התחיל והגיע הזמן להעסיק את הילדים שוב.

להלן רשימת רעיונות להפגת השעמום:

לימדו משהו חדש, למשל שיעור ביוטיוב.

שוחחו עם משפחה או חברים דרך וידאו.

פיתרו תשבצים וחידות, והרכיבו פאזלים.

תסתכלו על הכוכבים, אולי אפילו תזהו כמה (משקפת יכולה לעזור)

תכננו טיולים לעתיד.

התחילו יומן או בלוג שמספר על הניסיון האישי שלכם בבידוד. יגיע הזמן, וקריאת היומן תהיה מעניינת.

עיינו באלבומים ותמונות והעלו זכרונות.

צרו קשר עם חברים או בני משפחה שלא שוחחתם איתם זמן רב וחדשו קשרים

שהו יותר זמן עם חיית המחמד שלכם. אולי תלמדו את חיית המחמד משהו חדש, או תילמדו משהו חדש על החיית המחמד שלכם.

קיראו יותר ספרים, וחילקו עם משפחה וחברים את מה שקראתם.

סדרו את ארון הבגדים ותרמו לנזקקים.

לימדו לבשל משהו חדש.

הכינו רשימת שירים שאתם אוהבים.

מיצאו וידאו של שיעורי כושר והתעמלו.

לימדו להתמתח בצורה נכונה.

תעשו מדיטציה.

התחילו קורס לימוד חדש אונלין.

לימדו שפה חדשה.

סדרו את הרהיטים בבית בצורה שונה.

בנו תקציב אישי, או משפחתי.

לימדו יותר על תכנון פיננסי או על היציאה לפנסיה.

הכינו רשימה משלכם.

בהצלחה ושמרו על הבריאות.

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TEXAS COUNSELING CALL NOW (469) 499-4597 Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Therapy for adults and adolescents in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Reasonable rates. Evening appointments available.

TEXAS COUNSELING CALL NOW (469) 499-4597 07/02/2020


The numbers are increasing, forcing us again into isolation. It is time again to find creative ways to ward off the boredom.

A list of great ideas:

Learn something new - maybe from a tutorial on YouTube

Video call family and friends

Enjoys stargazing, or learn to identify stars (even with binoculars)

Solve crossword puzzles, sodoku, riddles, etc

Play board games (ever showed your kids or your friends games from your childhood?)

Find out trivia information and share with family and friends

Learn more about your friends and family via questions (Book idea: 3000 Questions About Me Journal. Piccadilly)

Talk about ideas for future travel

Go on a virtual tour of a museum

Check out a national park virtually, or help your child earn a National Park Junior Ranger Badge https://craftknife.blogspot.com/2018/06/heres-every-national-park-junior-ranger.html?fbclid=IwAR1kiaLgEIflnqRH7s8DngzhkR4lH9AQKOGlyq5R-0jsq70pbnU80wG-W_k&m=1

learn about other countries and new cultures

Learn to cook something new

Start New traditions. Mondays are Mexican food night, and Thursdays are BBQ.

Learn to paint/draw or do something creative

Learn a new language

Journal your isolation experience, it may be interesting to read later on

Look at old photos and share memories

Get in touch with old friends and renew friendships

Spend more time with your pet, learn more about your pet, and/or teach your pet new tricks

Read more, share books with friends and family

Clean you closet, donate if you can

Put together a play list of your favorite music

Find an exercise video, and enjoy it, even make it a habit



Take a new course online (Harvard and Yale are offering free classes)

Rearrange furniture

Put together a budget

Learn more about financial planning and retirement

Listen to an interesting podcast

Create your own list

With school out, it is important that we don't put our kids in front of screens only. Fresh air is invaluable.


TEXAS COUNSELING CALL NOW (469) 499-4597 Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Therapy for adults and adolescents in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Reasonable rates. Evening appointments available.


Shine! It's you moment, always.


As the second wave is surging, the pandemic is getting close to home to many of us. It is important that we realize our strengths and endure and conquer those challenges. May we all be healthy and safe.


Try it! Especially during this challenging period, a compliment, a positive response, a smile, offering help to those in need, a virtual hug, or a show of appreciation will go a long way and can truly change a person's day.


Most of us have conquered many challenges, since the outbreak of the pandemic. Focus on your successes. What challenges have you conquered?




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