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All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well. Our goal is to help you maintain healthy feet. Welcome to Our Practice!

Welcome! Since 1990, Comfort Podiatry Group has been working with patients to provide the best podiatric care for patients in the Dallas area, serving: Duncanville, De Soto, Cedar Hill, Lancster and the surrounding areas. Dr. Jones and his associates experience in Podiatry is coupled with genuine concern for their patients. This web site provides you with an overview of our practice and the field 08/15/2018

What Could Be Causing Poor Circulation in My Feet? - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Are you experiencing numbness, tingling, or discolorations in your feet? Even though poor circulation isn’t a condition, if you are experiencing poor circulation in your feet this is often a symptom of a much larger issue. This is why it’s important to understand the warning signs of po 08/03/2018

What to Do When You Keep Getting Blisters - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog A foot blister is a small pocket of fluid that forms on the foot. Blisters can be painful while they heal. Foot blisters are caused by several things, including friction, burns, contact with irritants, and autoimmune diseases. Treatment can alleviate your pain, prevent infection, and help heal your 07/19/2018

Basic Foot Care Guidelines - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Foot care is something that is important to your overall well-being and is something that is often overlooked. There are some basic guidelines you can follow in order to keep your feet healthy and feeling good. 1. Don’t ignore unusual pain. If you are feeling a constant pain in your feet 07/06/2018

What You Can Do About Hammertoes - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog When most people think about foot deformities they most often think about bunions; however, hammertoes are just as common. This unassuming deformity comes about gradually, so you may not even notice it until it’s too late. “What is a hammertoe?” You might be wondering. A hammertoe 06/20/2018

Heel Pain Treatment Options - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Are you dealing with heel pain? If so, you aren’t alone. Foot pain, particularly heel pain, is one of the most common complaints and most people will deal with pain at some point during their lifetime. Whether you are on your feet all day for work or you are a runner, there are many risk facto 05/15/2018

Taking Care of Aging Feet - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog As you age, taking care of your feet becomes an important habit. Read our blog to learn more about taking care of aging feet! 05/02/2018

Are You Dealing With Bunions? - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog What is a Bunion? Are you dealing with a bunion? A bunion is a protrusion of the bone at the base of the big toe. While a bunion may seem like a bump, according to the (APMA) American Podiatric Medical Association a bunion is actually the enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe – 04/18/2018

Chronic Ankle Instability: How to Strengthen Weak Ankles - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Chronic ankle instability is a condition characterized by a recurring "giving way" of the outer side of the ankle. It most often develops following an ankle sprain. When the stretched or torn ligaments do not heal properly or completely, ankle instability is often the result. If you have 04/03/2018

Avoid Injury and Improve Your Game: How to Choose Athletic Shoes - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog No matter what sport you play, the type of shoe you wear while playing your favorite game is one of your most important pieces of equipment. Choosing the most appropriate, supportive athletic shoes for your specific sport and foot structure can make a huge difference in keeping your feet healthy and 03/17/2018

Stretch Your Way to Good Foot Health - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog The feet bear a lot of stress from day to day. That’s why podiatrists recommend stretching as a great way to revitalize and strengthen the feet. Simple stretches can be performed at home as a part of your morning routine, or even at work while you’re sitting at your desk. Improving your 03/07/2018

Stress Fractures: Don't Put Off Painful Foot Injuries - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Stress fractures are notoriously misdiagnosed and undertreated. In many cases, symptoms may persist for an extended period of time before the diagnosis of a stress fracture is even made. That’s because stress fractures don’t typically occur from an unforeseen trauma, as with a sprain, bu 02/21/2018

Healthy Feet for Active Kids - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog The feet of children grow and change rapidly during their first year, reaching almost half their adult foot size. Most changes in children’s feet are a natural part of development, but others require attention and treatment from a professional. That’s why it’s important for parents 02/14/2018

Start Your Marathon Training off on the Right Foot - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Whether you’re training for your very first marathon or preparing for your 10th, it’s important to begin your training program on the right foot. A lack of experience coupled with the repetitive impact placed on the feet and ankles during a long run can produce enough stress to cause hai 01/17/2018

Ruptured Achilles Tendon: Prevention and Treatment - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog The Achilles tendon is the strong band of tissue that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. This lower leg tendon enables you to walk, jump, stand on your toes and climb stairs. You rely on it virtually every time you move your foot. When the tendon is stretched beyond its normal capacity, a c 01/06/2018

Improve Your Game - Sports and Your Feet - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog How to Maximize Your Game with Good Foot Health When it comes to exercise, your feet are one of the most overlooked parts of the body, enduring tremendous strain and stress during a hard workout. It's no surprise that an athlete's foot and ankle are prime candidates for injuries. According 12/19/2017

Varicose Veins - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Varicose veins are very easy to spot, which is why patients usually want them to disappear. They're a cosmetic issue but also a potentially painful podiatric issue that can be treated by a foot doctor. Learn what causes varicose veins and how you may be able to reduce their appearance with a pod 12/06/2017

Lisfranc Fracture - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Any fracture to the foot or ankle should be taken seriously, but a Lisfranc fracture is particularly concerning for podiatrists. Because the fracture happens at the center of the foot where there are many connections, without prompt treatment this problem can significantly reduce your ability to wal 11/16/2017

Sesamoid Injuries - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Everything You Need to Know About Sesamoid Injuries   Think you have a sesamoid injury? Sesamoids are bones embedded in tendons. Sesamoid injuries are often associated with activities requiring increased pressure on the foot, such as tennis, basketball, running, and football. Podiatrists dia 11/04/2017

Understanding Claw and Mallet Toes - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Understanding Claw and Mallet Toes   Think you may have mallet or claw toes? Mallet and claw toes form over years and are common in adults. Mallet and claw toes are among the most common toe problems. If you think you have mallet or claw toes, see a podiatrist right away. If you don't tre 10/14/2017

Alleviating Painful Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog With age, it’s not uncommon to experience pain and stiffness in your feet and ankles.  Carefully monitoring your pain is important, however, as this noticeable discomfort could be an early indication of a more serious condition known as arthritis. Arthritis is a group of conditions that t 10/10/2017

Preventing and Treating Ankle Sprains - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries to the ankle, resulting from a fall or a sudden twist that forces the ligaments out of their normal position. It’s no wonder so many athletes suffer from ankle sprains every year. The severity of an ankle sprain depends on whether the ligamen 09/18/2017

Prevention and Treatment for Achilles Tendinitis - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body, located in the back of the lower leg and connecting the heel bone to the calf muscle. This tendon is crucial as it facilitates walking and running by helping to raise the heel off of the ground. While the tendon can withstand immen 09/09/2017

5 Ways To Soothe Tired, Aching Feet - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog We’ve all been there before - after a long day of work, shopping or a playing sports, your feet ache and you feel as if you couldn’t walk another step from the pain. They might be heavy and swollen, even tight in your shoes, especially as you age. So why do your feet hurt after a long da 08/15/2017

Looking After Little Feet: Proper Foot Care for Your Baby - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog A child's feet grow rapidly during the first year, reaching almost half of their adult foot size. This is why podiatrists consider the first year to be the most important in the development of the feet. Proper care at a young age is essential for healthy development.  Since many adult foot 08/03/2017

Maintain Healthy Weight to Prevent Foot Problems - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog With our feet bearing the weight of our entire body, it’s no surprise that carrying excess weight may increase the chance of developing foot problems. In fact, recent studies have shown that overweight people experience more heel pain, tendonitis, arthritis, ball-of-foot pain, fractures and sp 07/18/2017

Seek Treatment for Dry, Cracked Heels - Dallas, TX Foot Doctor

Check out this blog by Blog Dry, cracked heels are not only unsightly, but they can also be a source of pain and embarrassment. When the fissures in your heel become so dry and cracked that they bleed and hurt when you walk, it’s time to seek professional care from your podiatrist. Left untreated, heel fissures can becom 07/04/2017

Beautify Your Feet for the Summer

Check out this link by Blog The summertime is a great time to show off your new sandals and allow your feet to breathe. But since the warmer months can be rough on your feet, it\'s important to give your feet a little extra care to keep them looking great and feeling healthy. Here are a few tips for keeping your feet in tip-to... 06/19/2017

Foot Health and Aging: How to Keep Your Feet Supporting You for Life

Check out this link by Blog With age, many people experience changes in their feet. This may include a change in their shape, a loss of the fatty pads that cushion the bottom of the feet, thinner, drier skin, and brittle nails. You may even develop arthritis. As the feet change, they naturally develop more problems. But aching... 06/06/2017

Walking Your Way To Good Foot Health

Check out this link by Blog Looking for a safe, easy and inexpensive way to stay healthy, increase your energy level and improve your figure? Start walking! Walking is one of the easiest and most popular forms of exercise, and, when done properly, it can significantly improve your health. The most basic kind of walking for exe... 05/17/2017

High Fashion Footwear May Come with a High Price

Check out this link by Blog While high-heeled shoes may look stylish or complement your favorite outfit, they are rarely the best option for a woman's feet. According to a study by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 39 percent of women wear high heels every day; of the women who wear heels daily, three out of four rep... 05/03/2017

Fighting Fungal Toenails

Check out this link by Blog Also known as onychomycosis, toenail fungus can be painful, irritating and embarrassing. When you experience trauma to your nail, the nail bed is lifted, allowing fungus to invade. Without treatment, this fungus can grow and spread, particularly in dark, warm, moist environments, such as socks and s... 04/19/2017

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

Check out this link by Blog Maybe you've heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition in the wrist that occurs when swelling or a change in position of the tissue within the carpal tunnel squeezes and irritates the median nerve. Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome is tarsal tunnel syndrome, an ankle condition that occurs from th... 03/31/2017

Shin Splints: How to Ease Your Lower Leg Pain

Check out this link by Blog Although a shin splint is commonly used to describe various pains between the ankle and the knee, it actually refers to a specific inflammatory condition of the tibia -- a condition called medial tibial stress syndrome. A type of "overuse injury" to the legs, the most common causes of shin splints i... 03/16/2017

Healthy Footwear Promote Healthy Feet

Check out this link by Blog Looking fabulous in your favorite pair of heels does have a price. In fact, shoes that fit poorly or have high heels frequently cause foot problems, including calluses, corns, bunions, and blisters, just to name a few. All footwear eventually show signs of wear and tear. Inspect the condition of you... 03/03/2017

Pregnancy and Foot Pain: How Mothers-to-Be Can Relieve Aching Feet

Check out this link by Blog During pregnancy, it's not uncommon for women to experience an array of aches and pains all over the body. Among these complaints are tired, swollen, achy feet - a common and painful symptom experienced by mothers-to-be during their nine months of pregnancy. One of the most common foot problems to o...





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