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Welcome baby girl Azaria. If there were a reward given for perseverance, her first time mom would win first place! Momma refused to give up as she labored on and off (more on than off!) for over 3 days with no real cervical change. She trusted her midwife and birth team and on day 3, exhausted and starting to give up hope, she went to the chiropractor for the first time. Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC care for the win! The adjustment turned the whole situation around! As she left the chiropractic office she felt a huge difference in the contractions and her body. This time when she returned to the birth center there was no going home for rest. Less than 4 hours from arrival her sweet baby was in her arms! Boo-yah!

The best antiviral treatments are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. See medical journals for clinical studies. Effective against HPV, HSV, CMV, and EBV.
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I’ve got you, Son. I’m here for you forever and always. From your first breathe until my last, I’ve got your back.

{image description: father is comforting his newly born son during the newborn exam}

Photo credit: KPP

midwife: Teri Mitchell
doulas: Shelly Thrift-Brittain & Akasha Hines
chiro: Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC
birth assistant: Laura Perkins & her sidekick Ira
Need to brag on the incredible momma of these 2 babies!

After a distressing hospital experience with her first baby, this time she wanted a different experience. One that was more intentional, connected, empowering, and loving. (And all that was hoped before she knew there were two in there 👯‍♂️)

She so beautifully grew her babies. She took great care to consider all of her options and come to decisions that felt right to her & her team. We all trusted in each other.

These babies were only one day shy of 39wks. Not only full term, but born at home! 😍😍 After a very efficient labor, Baby A was born head first & Baby B was breech.

Of course a c-section would have been a perfectly acceptable choice if the family had chose that route, but what a shame it would have been to force that on this mother against her wishes. She birthed with both strength & ease.

I’m so proud of her, her babies, her supportive family, and her team! It’s an honor to serve you!

Birth team:
Midwives Teri Mitchell & Emily Jenkins Sloan Doula: Shelly Thrift-Brittain
BA: Laura Perkins
Chiro: Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC
Photographer: Taylor Marie Birth - Dallas Fort Worth Birth Photographer + Doula
There really is something unique and special about an undisturbed, well-prepared, planned home birth.

I heard a saying “The first intervention in birth is when you step outside your home.”

Whether it’s a birth center, hotel, family’s house, or the hospital- leaving your own home is a disruption of the labor process. A disruption of the very delicate hormonal interplay. Imagine preparing to be intimate with your partner & right when things get hot and heavy- stopping to get dressed, get in the car, and go somewhere else. Even if you go somewhere really beautiful, it’s a disruptive experience & would take a while to get back in the mood again- if at all. As a result, sometimes home birth goes really quickly. Often times, the labor has progressed so gently & has been so manageable that the birthing person thinks it must be a long time still before baby will be born.

Without a doubt, chiropractic care from Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC adds to this experience! So when Elaine Baca, Documentary Photographer - Lane B Photography & midwife Teri Mitchell arrived, this is how we found these capable parents. Doula Shelly Thrift-Brittain had arrived earlier and immediately knew that baby was coming! Once again, I was on FaceTime guiding dad through catching his sweet surprise baby boy!

So happy for this beautiful family 🥰 well done!

The best antiviral treatments are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. See medical journals for clinical studies. Effective against HPV, HSV, CMV, and EBV.
Website: https://lilaccorp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeneEdenVIRNovirin
Pure joy. 💕 Welcome baby Tobias! 💕 Your birth was everything your mama dreamed of & worked so hard for. And what an honor to be this family’s midwife for all four of their children.
Midwife Cori Lively of Barefoot Midwifery
Assistant Midwife Kristy Hammack of The Birth House
Doula Delilah Ray of Cherish Birth
Chiropractor: Bree Katz of Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC
Pelvic Floor PT: Becky Allen of Genesis PT & Wellness, PLLC
Birth photographer: Kathryn Johnson of Kathryn J Birth Stories
Oh hi there, pretty lady. Welcome to this crazy world. How lucky you are to be surrounded by a loving family- who are all completely smitten over you! It’s been such an honor to be a part of your family this year 😍

Special shoutout to Dr. Bree of Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC for working her magic once again!

Doula: Solange Pulido Patterson Dallas Birth midwife team: Teri Mitchell & Laura Perkins photographer: Elaine Baca of Elaine Baca, Documentary Photographer - Lane B Photography
2VBA2C Home Birth of Dottie Saige Elizabeth

The days leading up to Dottie’s birth I was having prodromal labor. Two nights before she was born I was having consistent contractions all night and then 5 minutes apart through the day. I had an appointment with my midwife that day. I was 4cm dilated and exhausted from being up all night. After looking at my previous births history (stalled at 5cm even though contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, waters artificially broken, active labor immediately triggered and baby born a few hours later) we decided that evening we’d meet up at my house and break my water, expecting that we would have the same result as last time. So we went home, did some straightening up around the house, and called my mom and sister to come over. Shortly after my midwife, student midwife, and photographer showed up and we broke my water. I got in the shower to relax and see if that would help my labor. Active labor didn’t hit right away like last time, so we went out and walked around the neighborhood for a while. Every time I would have a contraction, I would have a gush of amniotic fluid come out, so I was hopeful things were moving on faster. I went back inside to be checked and I don’t think I had made any more progression. Cole and I got in bed to get some oxytocin flowing and help contractions get stronger. And of course Cole fell asleep lol. At this point I started taking herbal supplements to induce labor. We did more walking and lunging and sitting on the toilet. Contractions were very uncomfortable and I could tell I was getting closer to meeting my baby. I was walking in circles around my kids playroom and decided to do some lunges. Then POP. I stepped weird during a lunge and hurt my hip. I was hurting really really bad and didn’t tell anyone how bad it was. Then labor started slowly swindling away as I was getting close to 7cm dilated, thanks to the pain I then had in my hip. I was still having contractions consistently, but these contractions weren’t going to push out a baby. When I started falling asleep on the toilet, my team decided to call it a night, tucked me into bed, and they went and stayed in a hotel a few minutes away. I was in this weird state all night. I was still having contractions and sleeping the weirdest sleep I ever had. I never fully fell asleep, but I was able to rest with my eyes closed and recharge. I got up the next morning with a lot more energy, but no contractions at all. I bounced around on my ball and cuddled my babies while waiting for our birth team to come back. I was at about 16 hours of broken water and we decided that I needed an adjustment by a chiropractor and to take castor oil under direct supervision to get things going. So the chiropractor came over and made my hips wide as a highway(which triggered contractions for me again), we wrapped and lifted my belly to give baby room to come out of my pelvis and move around to a better position, and my midwife whipped me up some scrambled eggs and castor oil. It took me about 45 minutes - 1 hour to eat it. It was so awful. Don’t believe the “tasteless/odorless” label. It is a lie. After I finally got enough down, we went outside for more walking. Contractions were coming again and I wasn’t allowed to stop during them. I was told if I wanted my baby out I had to keep moving, so that’s what I did. After about 30 minutes we went back inside for ni**le stimulation to help contractions even more. But we didn’t get through the whole 30 minutes of ni**le stimulation. Things started changing really fast and I felt so different. I couldn’t bare to lay down for one more contraction. So we got out of bed and went outside for more walking while my 3 babies got put down for a nap. I went outside and I got so emotional. Hormone rush. I just wanted to cry, but I had a hard time letting myself do that. So we started walking and with every contraction I HAD to stop. There wasn’t anymore “keep going”. I needed to bend and squat and sway in place during contractions. It’s like I had music inside of me and I was letting my primal self move to it. Just trusting that I knew what to do. I was outside when transition was creeping up and I felt a panic to go in immediately, but we were still waiting for my babies to be in bed. I remember saying “I need to go in right NOW.” I was finally able to go inside. I labored over the ball for a little while just imagining my cervix opening and my baby moving down with each contraction. Then transition hit full force. I was sitting on my knees on the floor and I decided to look up and around at my surroundings between contractions. It was like I was in a dream state. Like I had a veil over me or everything was hazed. Transition is painful, but it’s also like being high. I worked through transition more on the floor by my bed, where I had thought I would deliver my baby. My husband caressed me, supported me, and helped me perfectly through all of those contractions making me feel so loved, which was exactly what I needed. Then I had a few minute pause of contractions and sat there in the peace and calm. Waiting for my body to say what’s next. Then suddenly I got up off of the floor and got on my bed during a very strong contraction. My primal self was in full control and my conscious self was pushed back. Next contraction I knew my baby was coming out. I stayed on my elbows and knees on my bed and I kept my hand over my va**na to feel my baby coming out and to have a better understanding and control of when and how I needed to push or stop myself from pushing. Baby started coming fast and I had to stop myself and let out a roar so that energy from the contraction could be let out. As she came out she was born right into her daddy’s hands. And placed on my belly. We decided not to find out her s*x, so I lifted her leg and got to yell out “ITS A GIRL!” Exactly what we wanted. We were in pure baby bliss! As I was delivering the placenta, I felt a snap and then learned my babies umbilical cord snapped off the placenta and my placenta got sucked right up. My midwife then apologized to me because she needed to manually remove my placenta. I took some supplements, got a shot of pitocin in my leg and then my midwife reached in and grabbed ahold of my placenta. Which surprisingly didn’t traumatize me or really hurt at all. I was too in love with my baby and so freaking proud that I had a home birth after 2 csections. We then learned that my babies cord wasn’t directly connected to the middle on the placenta as it should’ve been. It connected to the sack right beside the placenta and then grew the veins to the placenta. Super scary and went completely undetected even though I had a high level ultrasound. After that was done and everything checked out, we had a cord burning ceremony. Cole made a burn box and burned the cord with a beeswax candle while we cuddled and nursed. Then Dottie had her newborn exam and checked out perfectly. A truly beautiful birth that always makes me feel like a badass when I think of it. 💪🏼
Dottie Saige Elizabeth
2VBA2C home birth

Happy second birthday Dottie Doo. 💛

Midwife: BundleBorn Midwifery
Student midwife: Nikki Carter Knowles
Photographer: Lawren Rose Photography
Chiropractor: Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC

Works with pregnant mommas, kids of all ages, and families.

We offer dry needling/ functional needling, cupping, Graston, and multiple other forms of soft tissue.

Operating as usual

Photos from Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC's post 06/02/2021

Complimentary babysitting here at by our very own ! Get you a chiropractor who treats you while wearing your baby!


We have spoken a lot about SI joint pain . Today we want to discuss how to differentiate sciatica/ L5 fixation from SI joint pain. This will help you know what to do yourself to help remedy the pain but also what to communicate to your provider so they can treat you properly! .rander


💥Provider Spotlight💥

Hunter George, born and raised in Tyler TX, graduated from Baylor University in 2016 with the goal of providing holistic, effective and evidence based healthcare to his community. Continuing his education at Parker University and graduating with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2020, Coronavirus did not hold him back from marrying the love of his life, Courtney, soon after graduation and beginning work ! Hunter takes the time to investigate the source of pain and discomfort and applies deep tissue release, therapeutic exercises and chiropractic adjustments as well as dry needling (if clinically indicated). All this in an effort to restore function, correct movement and muscular imbalance and to facilitate natural healing and resolution of pain.
You can catch Hunter on the weekends with Courtney and their two fur babies in a constant search of tacos and margaritas!
Sports and fitness have always been a passion for Hunter but delivering high quality, educational physical therapy and chiropractic care have lit a fire that cannot be snuffed out. 📸

Pineapple on pizza? YES!
Ketchup on hotdog? NO!


Dry Needling/ Functional needling is something we utilize in our office to relieve chronic muscular dysfunction. We love to use dry needling because it can reach the deepest layers of the muscles that run along the spine as well as many other muscular groups in the body. Here is some more info about it! .rander


Excited for your appointment? We feel you!


Pregnancy adjustments!


Some people think that having to pay to see a provider is a drag, but it’s a tax write off! It allows us to be able to spend time with you, treat you with the best researched care, and not dictate lengthy treatment plans. To all you cash pay providers who are hustling to help people.. get it!


Having pain between your spine and your shoulder blades? Roll those muscles out! This can help with beck pain and upper back pain!


I got inspired from my friends at to discuss imaging and disc issues.
-We at Uprise Chiropractic often get asked why we don’t x-ray our patients before treatment. Well, this is a multifaceted answer. X-rays are seriously dated technology when it comes to the spine. You have to have significant bone changes for it to show up on an x-ray. X-rays are great for bone breaks but even then, it can’t be a stress fracture because that might now show up for 2 weeks after the injury due to the limited amount of bone changes seen on an X-ray. X-rays don’t show discs, ligaments, or muscular changes. For this reason, they don’t make sense for us to perform on every patient. We at Uprise also believe in ordering testing if clinically warranted. What does that mean? It means if the imaging won’t change our treatment, why are we ordering it? Research has shown that 90% of the time, you can figure out what is wrong with someone through taking a thorough history. If you come to the office and express to us specific things going on that suggest imaging, we are going to send you immediately. If orthopedic testing suggests that we need to order further testing, we will do so.
Some studies have suggested that 80% of all the population has some sort of disc changes in their spine and are often completely asymptotic. THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT INCIDENTAL DISC FINDINGS ARE WHAT IS CAUSING YOUR PAIN. A step further... your arthritis, your scoliosis, your decease in disc space etc. That doesn’t mean that is what is causing you pain. It’s natural to want to find an answer for why you are having pain. We believe that medication, injections, and surgical interventions are sometimes needed and we are incredibly thankful that we work with some of the best providers in Dallas for when it’s time! But often, pain can be remediated naturally via chiropractic, massage, PT, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, rest, and other holistic measures! Tagging our favorite healers in Dallas.

Photos from Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC's post 02/16/2021

🔥Provider Spotlight🔥
Dr. Alison Ezell graduated from Parker University in Dallas, TX with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Her and Dr. Bree were classmates and longtime friends! She is a Kansas City native where she was continually active as a competitive gymnast. Upon graduating high school, she attended Southeast Missouri State University on a gymnastics scholarship, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science. Dr. Alison also holds certifications in Nutrition and Reiki Energy Healing. She has additional training in pregnancy (the Webster Technique) through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, all things fitness, yoga, healthy eating (primarily plant based) and being active within her community.
Dr. Alison has a passion for serving pregnant women and families and believes that it is her responsibility to serve her community and guide them toward true health. She wants to serve the black community by empowering black women to advocate for their maternal care by connecting them with caring competent providers. Advocating for black breastfeeding moms by being a resource for them and connecting them with valuables people in the community who can empower them on their breastfeeding journey. And lastly, advocating for better and healthier lifestyle choices by teaching and education.


Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the video. To recap, this amazing invention was created by ! It is called the BabyMotion fl**ge. It’s is silicone and has a built in suckling feature. GAME CHANGER! I am not a paid spokesperson. Just a mom who needs to pump! Here is the link to find the attachable parts for your spectra: Maymom MyFit Fl**ge Set 24mm... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WD3696W?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

This is where you can find out how to make it work with other pumps: https://www.lacteck.com/babymotion-fl**ge

The lactation consultants in the area that we love and that can help you with sizing are: with .rnibclc with

Please feel free to DM us with any questions! .rander


🍑 Cook Hip Lift 🍑

Are you wanting to build that big juicy b***y?! This is the most effective and efficient exercise to train and gain glute muscle activation and strength. If you’re wanting for stronger lifts and protection for the low back, look no further! Named after it’s creator: physical therapist, author, strength and conditioning coach, Gray Cook MSPT, OCS www.functionalmovement.com

💥Why this exercise?💥
👍🏼 limits low back extension- pushes work into the glutes and hamstrings
👍🏼 recruits hip stabilizers: internal/external rotators, AB/ADductors
👍🏼 exposes weaknesses and compensation patterns = window to make functional gains

🔥Start by laying flat on the floor with arms at sides and knees bent, feet shoulder width. Pull and hold one knee to the chest. Lift toes and push the ground away from you through your heel. Hold at top position 3 seconds 8-12 reps for 1-3 sets🔥💥Slow and Controlled💥 Once you reach 3 sets of 12, increase hold time to 5 seconds 🧠If you feel hamstrings cramp or tighten, this is exposing lack of glute activation and additional hip strengthening exercises will remedy the hamstring taking over the glute.
Don’t forget a 💪🏼chin pack 💪🏼belly breath and 💪🏼core brace



Y’all asked... and you shall receive! We are here to talk about mattresses. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping! However, this won’t just be based on what’s best for your back, but we want to provide you with some information about chemicals that are often in mattress that can be bad for you and your family. I also want to give you an affordable option because... ain’t nobody got money to spend!
💥Let’s drop some knowledge💥
❗️Traditional mattresses contain FLAME RETARDANTS and chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ether, better known as PBDE. Super toxic chemicals. These chemicals can accumulate in the body through skin and inhalation exposure and are associated with hormone, brain, and reproductive damage, especially in children❗️
❗️Mattresses often contain Formaldehyde, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and Decabromodiphenyl Oxide and other Brominated Flame Retardants❗️
❗️Coil mattresses have EMF Exposure❗️
🌟So who do we love? ❤️PLUSH BEDS❤️ They make certified organic natural latex mattresses that build in layers to create the perfect level of comfort for your body (soft or firm and all in between). A latex mattress (and we at Uprise, prefer firm for our patients) is going to support your back especially with the use of a box spring underneath the mattress. They are GOTs certified, GOLs certified, USDA organic, Greenguard Gold Certified, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified... I can keep going but haven’t you heard enough? AND are around $2000 for a 10 inch king🌟
🌟for kids we love Obasan🌟
I (Dr. Bree, DC) own a Plush Beds mattress that I paid full price for! This is not a sponsored ad. I get no discounts. My 5 year old uses an Obasan mattress for his room. I again, paid full price. I have done a ton of research and wanted to share it with y’all! Happy sleeping!


❗️Side bridge, simple right? Not so fast..❗️
💥This exercise may look basic, however, when performed with strict form, this can be a foundational movement you’ll want to add in daily.
💥Well rounded: 3️⃣6️⃣0️⃣ degree hip strength aids in stability to the pelvis and low back! The gluteus medius is a powerful and important muscle for Balance, Stability and Leveling your hips while you 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽 ABduction and External Rotation are its two main actions besides playing a crucial role in the biomechanics of your hips!
If you have:
💥Knee pain
💥Low back pain
💥Hip pain / Sciatica

If you see:
💥Knee fall/shake toward midline while squatting/deadlifting
💥 Foot swing outward/thigh point inward during running
💥Hip shift left or right/unequal load into leg while squatting
Look to this muscle to rehab and strengthen!
💥For maximum benefit and proper performance:
1. Stack elbow under shoulder
2. Stack ribs over pelvis
3. Smash palm and bottom knee into floor
4. Chin pack!
5. Brace core and belly breathe
6. Start in an angle 📐 from thighs to torso and finish in a straight line from ear-shoulder-pelvis-knee (mimics HIP HINGE)
7. Drop hips down and back: Finish forward and up! Try not to look👀 at your knees -keep head stacked over shoulders- trust your 🧠
💥You can add reactance band around knees, pause at the top and rep out clams with the top leg, challenge yourself!Foundational movement that can be altered/progressed!

Photos from Uprise Chiropractic, PLLC's post 01/28/2021

Listen, y’all asked for specific content so here it is! What pillows are the best? As we talked about in the video that I posted, it’s not a on size fits all for the pillows. It really depends on the position you most prefer to sleep in (back, side, stomach). Just remember that we always want to encourage the natural position of the spine. We want to respect the spinal curvature (❗️SLIDE 2❗️)

💥Side sleepers (❗️SLIDE 3❗️): This picture shows you our side sleeper and how the neck is neutral. The head is not leaning up or down and the pillow is flat against the top part of the shoulder. We recommend this pillow: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QTUEBCI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_DGJeGbFNZQJ66

💥Back Sleepers (❗️SLIDE 4 and 5❗️): this pillow is great because it supports our back sleepers by allowing for the support that supports the lordosis (curve) in th cervical spine but you can still turn your head with this pillow! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BKVG42X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_AKJeGb8J8W4GG

💥Belly Sleepers (❗️SLIDE 6❗️): You need something flat that doesn’t put your neck into a increased amount of extension. I (Dr. Bree, DC) sleep on my stomach and love this pillow! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VQ896NC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_HPJeGbY5NSS8C

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