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Thank you Dom!!!

Quick little ab finisher *** I can hang again at this angle, without my shoulder feeling like its going to give out! It's been a long road but Progress is progress!*** Thank you God for helping me see this process through. Wouldn't have been able to be where I am at physically without the healing work of @tacticaltherapeutics 🙌 he's seen me at my worst and been with me through the rough. Learning and teaching...I can now look back and smile at it. I really thought the man was just trying to hurt me when I first got treated. Over time, as I got better, I realised I had just been in that bad of shape 😅🙌🙌🙌
Always better. Daily would be best. Thanks Dominique. You make this old guy feel young.

Massage therapy involving Eastern modalities. This includes sports medicine, dance and occupational therapies, therapeutic massage, cupping, and more.

Tactical Therapeutics focuses on healing the body through multiple massage modalities to create clear messaging from the mind to the body, allowing your body to heal organically. MT#108205

We specialize in:

• Ancient Eastern-medicine healing methodologies
• Deep Tissue Massage (with essential oils)
• Fire Cupping
• Aromatherapy
• Reflexology

Each negative impact that the body takes on reside

Operating as usual


Stay shining and have a safe and fun weekend ⚡️♻️


All my veteran friends can I get a check in? 👇🏼 Listen…

After this weeks tragedies, the emotional trauma that is inflicted on everyone through stuff like this is becoming too great.

As a former Marine and supporter of all my brothers and sisters in the armed forces, I understand the need to support the physical, mental, and emotional states of those who have experienced traumatic events such as these. Unnecessary pain is the worst kind of pain.

My good friend @jfitt had a great idea — to employ our country’s veterans to protect public environments where these tragedies can happen. We all just want this sort of stuff to stop.

I just want you to know that when you’re in my shop, you will be protected. If you’re a current or former vet, you have a place to come for healing.

Whenever you see a vet, please thank them for their service. Know that we are here to help and serve. Major love to all of those experiencing hardships we don’t know about — we have to get through this together and do better. 🙏🏽♻️

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The chef’s special sauce before we cook that pain! 🤌🏼♻️


“It’s a daily operation…” ♻️🎶

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My methods are planned and direct. High-powered massage and cupping methods to help you stay in the fight.

The strategy is to bring about a level of healing that I know we are capable of achieving, allowing for renewal in mind, body, and spirit.

If pain has been your enemy, I’m here to help you attack that pain! I am Dominique, your Tactician — I’m ready, are you? Then LET’S GO!! 🔥♻️🔥


“To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.” —— Bruce Lee

Here to help you maximize yours! ♻️

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Look what I found in Portland 🖐🏼 or did it find me?

The trip was amazing — and now I’m back! Let’s do a check-in in the comments! ♻️


Relief ♻️


The face you make when everyone wants to book, but you’re not back til Wednesday!

Guys, Portland has been 🔥 lots to tell you! I’m in the shop Wednesday, May 18th ready to hear what’s been going on with you too. Hopefully you’ve been maintaining…

Promotions are still rockin’, so let’s plan on connecting — see you soon! 🙏🏼♻️

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Anyone know what else is in Portland? Any ideas? 👀

REMINDER: Shop is closed until May 18th

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend! 🙏🏽♻️


The Third Eye Chakra 👁 represents intuition, foresight, openness, and imagination.

Imbalances: lack of direction and lack of clarity


This is how we attack the week: a little therapeutic elbow pressure on the neck to release the energy! Let’s go!! 💪🏼♻️


MAYDAY! 🚨 I will be out of town for a full week this month!! So, I’m looking to keep the schedule filled in the weeks I’m here.🚨

The promotion for May has savings on the very popular HEAL Package + all mother’s get the ‘First-Timers’ rate, so book yourself or your mom at this great rate!

Promos will be available when you book this afternoon and if you’re not on the email list, join here:


See you soon! ♻️🙏🏼


Healing has a half-life. But, what does that mean?

Say that you turn your ankle — muscles and ligaments get compromised. It may take 6 weeks to get you back on track using conventional methods like ice and ‘staying off of it’.

When we do your first session, you accelerate your healing, which knocks about 50% of the overall healing time down. So, instead it may take 3.5 weeks, instead of 6.

You still have a ways to go to get back to full strength, but the more sessions we do to address injury, the more your own body understands how to address it.

Each session, we cut down that healing time.

Add in diet and strength building exercise (don’t worry, I’ll give you the game plan), and you’ll continue to accelerate your recovery.

If you’re ready to cut that pain and soreness in half, hit the link in the bio! 🙏🏼♻️


“I know that cupping can look intimidating, but it’s amazing how much can be resolved when you allow the therapy to work.” ♻️🙌🏼


Soothing Saturday compliments of @societycandles — the best candles from right here in !

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Make some time to come in soon for some work — we know you need it! 🙏🏼♻️




HEAL • REBUILD • MAINTAIN • the motto represents the three pillars of how we cycle traumas through our vessels.

The healing journey can be challenging, but is always achievable when you trust and allow the process to move you forward.

♻️ HEAL • after an injury the primary focus is to stop the issue from continuing to hinder you by removing stagnation, showing your body what needs attention

♻️ REBUILD • once healing has begun, the goal is to keep supporting the body with consistency, healing and strengthening affected areas

♻️ MAINTAIN • once healing and rebuilding are in full swing, we can now give the body what it needs to increase and hold strength

When you’ve been compromised you should prioritize focusing on these key areas to support healing:

• breathing and breathing exercises
• proper hydration (with water, not liquor!)
• diet (greens, juices, and health!)

We can go over all the details when you come in. And, be sure to check out the three package levels available at the link in the bio to advance your healing! 🙏🏼♻️


Accurate placement 📍♻️

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Gotta make sure they’re on there jussst right 🔥♻️


Guys, I’ve been immortalized into cartoon form as the GOAT — Greatest Of All Tacticians! Lol! Wait, or maybe it’s a ram?

Now… if I was a cartoon, I might be Aries — a military-trained, fresh-talkin’ ram that heals with hooves and headbutts evil!

Yeah — and I would fight my adversaries, the ‘PAIN GANG’! The PAIN GANG is wack — animals are always trying to take people down. Not havin’ it!

And, I’d whip people into shape with a healing haduken! Do a little uprock on their spines? Maybe? Lol!

Or make an old TV Guide cartoon ad as a flyer letting you know about the months promo!

After last weeks poll, you guys have spoken: head, shoulders, traps, and lats need to be the focus.

So grab you a big dose of healing massage and cups, one hour while we work front and back to resolve the issues!

Just a little birthday month fun to get you locked in. Hit the link in the bio to reserve your appointment, already booking! ♻️🐐


One more trip around the sun ☀️♻️

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“The compromised body speaks a language that I seem to understand.” ♻️

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This package has been really popular with everyone, so I’m throwing it back since it’s Thursday!

It’s the best way to get a bulk of healing for the issues that have been hanging around your lower back, shoulders and traps!

Reason being — once you get one session in, you’re going to want another. Then the progress will be so good that you’ll want to resolve what you started.

By the fourth session you’ll be feeling like new! Take advantage! ♻️


In the zone ♻️


It was shortly after this photo that my little shop went up in flames. Very sad news…

Had to run out — if you haven’t heard yet or saw the smoke on Davis Street…

Or if you haven’t seen a calendar 👀🗓😂

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Preview of the Tactical Therapeutics x @adidas HRM Performance Crewneck this fall at the shop ♻️ message me if you can’t wait til then!

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Back on duty 🪖♻️ April is on its way — let’s find some time to get you in the shop!

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1222 W Davis St
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 1pm - 6pm
Tuesday 1pm - 6pm
Wednesday 1pm - 6pm
Thursday 1pm - 6pm
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