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How people talk to each other—and to themselves—can make all the difference. Over 30 years experience, licensed, certified, professional.

“Roz is beyond brilliant. She is the uber-coach! … When Roz was a weekly guest on my NY radio show, she lit up the phone lines with people seeking her wonderful mix of wisdom, down-home humor, and real-world strategies.” —Dr. Jonny Bowden, associate editor of T

Operating as usual 03/25/2016

Deconstructing Stress - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX

It's easy to have more stress than you need... take a moment to assess... If you are like most people in this harried society, you sometimes feel like your own internal structure is starting to shake. This is a sure sign that it’s time to get back to a simpler life. Pressure from urgent deadlines, … Continue reading → 11/26/2015

Communication Renovation - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX

how's your communication? here are some tips to help ... Is it tussle-time around your place? Time to air out grievances, or get some support? To avoid turning a lively discussion into an argument, here are principles and strategies that really work. Try them on for size. 1. Take Turns … Continue reading → 10/19/2015

50 Ways To Celebrate Your Life! - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX

Here's a little inspiration to start your new week! You are worth celebrating! 1) Pay attention to your body’s signals. 2) Whatever is offered, ask yourself, “Does this fit for me?” Honor your answer. 3) What fit yesterday may not fit today, then may fit again tomorrow, and that’s cool. 4) Listen to … Continue reading → 09/25/2015

Getting Unstuck - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX

Feeling stuck? Try these ideas... Some years ago I gave a series of 6-week coaching courses, with my friend Carol Bowman, that we called More Power To You. When I rediscovered this material recently, I knew I wanted to share it. We all feel stuck sometimes. … Continue reading → 03/16/2015

Re-Sparking Your Marriage - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX

What if your relationship feels like it has passed the point of no return? Then some serious nurturing is in order. Even the closest, happiest marriages can sometimes get into the doldrums… Stuck and stagnant, shipmates bored with each other and in dire need of a fresh breeze to fill their sails again. There are natural rhythms that relationships go through. … Continue reading → 02/24/2015

Feeling Safe - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX

Are you and your Beloved good enough friends to feel safe to be adventurous and silly? I like this quote from playwright Rose Franken: “Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.” But that’s just me. Maybe my adult games are too silly to be right for you. You know what fits … Continue reading →


:) nobody likes a know-it-all

some worthwhile advice :)


keep things in perspective...just sayin'


Timeline Photos 02/17/2015

Who's Playing the Tune? - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX

Dance to your own tune. You may find that you hardly ever do something you don’t want to do. Here’s the deal. We all have to dance to another guy’s tune sometimes. The IRS, the mortgage and insurance payments, the speed limit (except on the open road when there’s no billboard for a highway cop to hide behind). But … Continue reading → 02/14/2015

Top Ten Tips for Letting Go of Mistakes - Roz Van Meter, Dallas TX Mistakes… life’s great teaching tool! The thing we all often forget is that they are exactly that! They are not meant to be life’s great cross to bear… accept the lesson, forgive yourself and move on! Here are some thoughts … Continue reading →


One of my favorite of all Dorothy Parker quotes:

I've never been a multi-millionaire, but I just know I'd be darling at it.
— Dorothy Parker

Me too, Dottie!



Daniel Goleman’s book ‘‘Emotional Intelligence’’ describes seven key abilities human beings need to effectively manage life: the ability (1) to motivate ourselves; (2) to persist against frustration; (3) to delay gratification; (4) to regulate moods; (5) to hope; (6) to empathize; and (7) to control impulse — which sounds like a sub-set of #3.

Personally, I find #3 the hardest. Therefore, when I want to lose a few pounds, I promise myself that if I still want that second helping after 30 more minutes, I can have it, no recriminations. Of course, in that half hour my brain and stomach have gotten in sync, and I can boogie on without those double calories.

What's your toughest of the seven? And what's your secret for prevailing with emotional intelligence? 11/09/2011

Real homophobes don't Google CBS, Google, Levi's, Starbucks, New Balance, and Xerox are among the 70 companies and cities that have signed an amicus brief stating that DOMA, the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act, hurts business. -- Woe...


"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" on the Glass Armonica

Seems like I learn something new every day. I just discovered that Ben Franklin invented the glass armonica, a series of perfectly tuned glass bowls set horizontally and vibrated with wet fingers. Sounds blah, but it's mindbloggling! Ethereal, sweet, celestial. Alan Alda gets a demonstration at

Find this and more at . William Zeitler plays Tchaikowsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from the Nut...


I've watched this three times now (more to come, I expect), and holler with laughter every time. Chasing the light? Honey, I have a puppy who is literally addicted to chasing them, actually goes into withdrawal when we stop. Lapping up the drink before saving the world? But of course. Enjoy!


The Band Of Heathens - "Jackson Station"

Blues meets roots meets rock ... damn, I could watch this every day, and often do. That dobro knocks me out! I dare you to listen and not beat out time or at least toe-tap. I do both, plus waggle my shoulders back and forth Every. Single. Time.

The Band Of Heathens performing "Jackson Station" live from their new DVD/CD release, Live At Antones


Up your SQ! Get more alive, awake, and connected to yourself and your honey. As a licensed marriage therapist, certified s*x therapist, and s*xuality coach, I'll help you
• increase your self-assurance,
• tune in to your partners,
• cultivate a healthy Strut Factor, and
• get Intentionally S*xy!
Clients find delight in the process, including the how-to's in my books: "Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It" and "Sizzling S*x in 30 Days." 09/09/2011

Scientist left speechless as vast glacier turns to water - Climate Change - Go Green - WalesOnline

Thanks to Wendy Wiles Kase for discovering this. Of course, the Doubters will say, "Oh, this is just the usual cycle of change in temperatures that Earth experiences from time to time." Meantime, let us mourn the loss of the snows of kiliminjaro and all these glaciers that are melting melting melting. THESE images show the astonishing rate of break-up of an enormous glacier in north Greenland – from ice to water in just two years.


Huge thanks to Desmene Statum and Lisa Carmen for that candid photo of me celebrating real-time lifeloving. Cheers! 09/07/2011

MUSA - Museo Subacuatico de Arte / Isla Mujeres and Cancun Underwater Museum.

I just learned about this installation of 430 fabulous underwater sculptures in Cancun, life casts of local Mexican people. The statues are made from special materials which actively encourage coral to grow. They're designed to become artificial reefs which promote marine life and create areas for corals to flourish and sea creatures to breed and take refuge. MUSA - Museo subacuatico de Cancun / Musa - Cancun Underwater Museum. Diving and Snorkeling in Cancun underwater museum - MUSA, Cancun, Mexico. 09/05/2011

AVON Skin So Soft Spray - New! Free S/H! LOWEST PRICE!

Heavenly cool weather! We're sitting outside sipping white wine and savoring the breezes. Skeeters joined us, so I fetched my laptop and just ordered good old Avon Skin So Soft. Should repel the bugs, but certain to shine up our legs apre showers. And hey, two bottles for ten bucks with free shipping. AVON Skin So Soft Spray - New! Free S/H! LOWEST PRICE! in Health Beauty , Bath Body , Bath Oils |eBay 09/05/2011

Greatest Flash Mob Ever | Power Line The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra assembles at Copenhagen’s Central Train Station and plays a little Ravel. Very cool:


Top Tips for Successful Selection | Roz Van Meter Here are some tips & insights to run through you mind when considering whether or not the person you are looking at is “right for you”.


"Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you're right. — Henry Ford 08/29/2011

Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It - Book Review

This one made my day. Enjoy! Have you ever had a girlfriend who just got you and could make you see that you were overreacting but would also make you feel completely at ease with your idiosyncrasies? Aren't they the best? Roz Van Meter offers her psychologically qualified yet...



A dentist and a manicurist married. They fought tooth and nail.

P.S. Now, if they'd just contacted me for marriage counseling ...... 08/25/2011

AAMFT Members Newsletter - August 25, 2011

Pat Love is fabulous! I hope you enjoy her wisdom as much as I do. Dr. Pat Love cuts to the heart of the matter when she reminds us that, “We need to know the facts about what constitutes attraction and fulfillment if we’re going to keep [relationships] alive... The science helps predict outcome, and outcome helps predict success and happiness in marriage and thera...


Roz Van Meter likes a link.

Very Erotic Non-Insertive S*x 101 - Tip - Better S*x - S*xual Health
Sometimes it helps to go back to the s*xual basics when you need to break out of a routine or have a fresh start. 08/17/2011

10 Psychological Effects of Nons*xual Touch — PsyBlog Psychological research on how a simple (nons*xual) touch can increase compliance, helping behaviour, attraction and signal power.


Your beloved can’t read your mind. Share what’s bothering you, how you feel about it, what resolution you want. Without the request for solution, you’re just bitching. “Honey, let me tell you what’s going on with me. I’m feeling X about Y, and what I’d like is Z.” Does not invite defensiveness and escalation. If tempers arise, call a short Time Out. Not abandoning each other, just taking a break to GET CONTROL OF REACTIONS AND TURN THEM INTO RESPONSES!


ROZ'S RELATIONSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK: THE PAUSE BUTTON. There's a difference between REACTING (automatic knee-jerk, same ol’ same ol’) and RESPONDING (thoughtful consideration). TIP: install an imaginary Pause Button in your left palm. When you’re about to react thoughtlessly or defensively, you can press it, pause, and CHOOSE to respond mindfully. Duh-simple? Yep, but it works, guaranteed. Turns arguments into discussions. Shows respect for the other person and inspires it for yourself. Cheers!


Rich Fantasy Life

We went to a marvelous home-grown burlesque show last night and cheered ten courageous women. By day they’re ordinary folks: maybe a paralegal or a CEO. But for this night their alter egos went onstage with terrific costumes and great moves. They really worked it, and it was a ho


Therapist turns paranoid … how ironic

To finish the tale of my Near Death Experience (pretty dramatic even for me), there’s the part where I went crazy. This is not a euphemism … I literally experienced what they call Hospital Psychosis. I guess it was my first full day in the ER. I grabbed Robert’s arm and whispered


I crashed but didn’t burn

I did indeed get my new right knee, and all went well with the surgery. I got home on the third day, was boogieing around on the walker, felt terrific as I fell asleep that night. BUT apparently I threw up in my sleep, breathed in some of it, and got “aspiration pneumonia.” Botto




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