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Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic specializes in chiropractic care(multiple techniques), scoliosis reductions, spinal neck curve corrections, medical massage therapy, spinal decompression, dry needling, and physical therapy.

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This is hilarious! 😂 Maintain a healthy spine and get your adjustments!
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🛑🛑Posture is so important! Repetitive looking downward on phones or slumping in a chair, day after day, year after year can severely weaken and eventually destroy your spine! ………………………………………………………………✅Getting a check up from your chiropractor is step one as we are the premier experts in spinal health and posture awareness. ………………………………………………………………👉Here are a few things that help make you more aware of some things you may be doing.


Tech neck or head forward posture is an epidemic that we see in close to 75% of our patients. Basic chiropractic adjustments will not restore or fix this problem. See us for specialized treatments to restore normal and natural curves which will eliminate neck and back pain, headaches and arthritis of the neck!_______________________
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Dry needling: alieviate pain and spasms instantly!


Restoring neck curves results in relief from headaches, neck pain and back stiffness.


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Muscle stripping is breaking facia adhesions within muscles which improves motion, strength and definition of musculature.
Indicators if you need this are:
Muscle and joint pain, weakness in a muscle group, restrictions, weight lifters, athletes or most people over 35 can benefit.


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We will be open all week pending any citywide shutdowns but taking all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe from Corona virus.


Enter into a modern and welcoming environment at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic.
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Tech neck treatment helps stretch your neck and creates a correction in your neck for a life time.


Dr Currington- Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic's cover photo


Dr Currington- Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic's cover photo


Dr Currington- Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic


How to Prepare for Acupuncture Treatment: 5 Tips

As acupuncture becomes a more familiar alternative treatment for pain and other health conditions, how should one really prepare for a first-time treatment? Here are the tips we can recommend:

1. Ensure that your stomach is filled before the treatment to maximize your physical energy.

2. Unlike a massage, acupuncture can be administered with your clothes on.

3. Keep in mind that acupuncturists are not allowed to reuse their needles.

4. Be ready to answer questions about your health and personal lifestyle.

5. Acupuncture is best experienced in more than one treatment.

Ask us about our acupuncture services at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic.

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Quick Facts: Laser Therapy for Painful Knees

If you’ve been feeling painful episodes on your knees, one of the alternative interventions to be provided is laser therapy. Here are basic facts about this procedure that you might want to know about:

1. Provides both pain relief for short term and healing for long term

2. Helps treat or reduce symptoms of arthritis, joint disorders, and chronic pain

3. Doesn’t heat up or burn the body’s tissues

Do your painful joints persist in troubling you? Try our Laser Therapy at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic. Let us talk you through the treatment options available for your specific condition.

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Today, We Remember Our Heroes with Our Deepest Gratitude

For your selflessness, for your courage, for your sacrifices, the whole American nation celebrates your life. Our dear soldiers, we praise each of your individual contribution to our freedom as an American and as a country. Salute!

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Why You Need to Sleep Well

A good amount of sleep is very essential for our overall health. If you’ve been having sleeping difficulties, our team at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic can help administer interventions for you to sleep well. Consider these reasons for a good amount of sleep:

1. Healthy weight
2. Maintains an appetite for healthy food
3. Improves focus and concentration
4. Increases energy for the day
5. Reduces risk for heart ailments
6. Helps reduce insulin activity
7. Reduces risk for depression
8. Strengthens your immune system

If you’re working on improving your lifestyle towards healthy ways, ask us at #DallasLifestyleManagementClinic

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How to Nurture Happiness That Comes from Within: 5 Tips

It’s true that happiness is a choice we need to make every day. But there are instances that you need to be proactive in performing something in order to nurture this attitude. We have tips for you to achieve this:

1. Exercise every day. The active lifestyle stimulates happy hormones.

2. Eat healthy foods: Fruits and vegetables push out toxic elements in the body.

3. Seek for peace. Find out what worries you and resolve them.

4. Believe in yourself. Say no to comparison with others.

5. Dress well. Your physical outlook can also influence your inner mood.

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We Provide Industry-Compliant Services

The care and treatments you receive under our care comply with the guidelines and standards set in our industry. With this, you can trust that you will receive the personalized procedure that seeks for your safety and overall health. If you want to know further, contact us.

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Your 5 Guidelines to Healthy Eating

The food we eat can do a lot in helping maintain our healthy weight, happy mindset, and peaceful inner being. Ensure that you’re eating healthy every time, and there are guidelines you can keep in mind:

1. Select a variety of at least 5 fruits and veggies every day.
2. Go for eating oily fish.
3. Reduce salt on your ingredients.
4. Drink sufficient amount of water.
5. Avoid skipping your breakfast.

Would you like to undertake losing weight the healthy way? Ask us about our medical weight loss program at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic.

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Back Pain: Alternative Interventions

When back pains disturb your daily functionality, you will need your doctor’s assessment and recommendation. After a series of tests and diagnosis, they will recommend you to treatments that can help alleviate the pain. When you consult at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic, we provide integrative medicine that also caters to alternative interventions to back or spinal pain such as the following:

1. Chiropractic: a professional chiropractor performs massage-like manipulations on your back to ease the pain
2. Acupuncture: an acupuncture practitioner inserts sterilized needles on certain body points
3. Massage: a professional masseur helps to relax tense back muscles

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Why You Should Seek Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis can become severe. When this happens, particularly to your arms and legs, you will find it difficult to perform regular activities. In other cases, walking or sitting up straight can be nearly impossible as the joints can get deformed.

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Top 4 Strategies to Lose Unhealthy Weight – and Maintain It

Gaining weight is important for our overall wellbeing. But gaining unnecessary extra weight is also not healthy for anyone. Are you on the road to shedding off this unwelcome excess? Here are the top 4 strategies that serve as core actions in losing weight the healthy way:

1. Reduce on calories (typically found on sweets)
2. Cut on your carbohydrates (such as pasta, bread, or rice)
3. Avoid animal-based fats
4. Eat a diet of fruits and vegetables in great quantity

Would you need some hand on actually losing weight? Our team at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic can help you.

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What Causes Painful Joints?

Joints play a vital role in connecting our bones to each other. They enable us to move smoothly and properly. As a result, injured or hurt joints can make mobility difficult. There are many different causes for painful joints, but the common ones are the following:

1. Arthritis (especially osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, and gout)
2. Strains
3. Sprains
4. Other forms of accidents

If you’ve been suffering from painful joints lately, don’t wait for it to relax on its own. Consult with medical practitioners at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic so you can prevent debilitating complications.

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Client-Centered Therapy

Although we provide an integrated set of medical services, we also ensure that these are specific to the client’s needs. At Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic, you can trust that you’ll have the treatment that is best for your particular condition. If you have inquiries, ask us!

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Recommended Food for Clean Bulking

Clean bulking involves packing on lean muscle mass. People on clean bulks often stay away from sweets and junk food while also limiting the amount of fat consumed. This type of bulking is frequently preferred by folks with slower metabolisms.
These are some of the best foods to stock up:

1. White chicken breast
2. Turkey breast
3. Lean Steak
4. Non-white Rice
5. Pasta

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What to Remember Before Allergy Testing

Prior to your allergy test, your doctor will inquire about your family history and lifestyle, and they’ll most likely instruct you to avoid taking the following medications before your test since these can affect the test results:

1. Over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines
2. Heartburn treatment medications, such as famotidine
3. Antibody asthma treatment (Anti-IgE monoclonal)
4. Benzodiazepines, such as diazepam or lorazepam
5. Tricyclic antidepressants

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Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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Strength Training: The Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press

This exercise utilizes multiple joints and muscles at once and engages your upper back and core.

1. Pick a light set (10 pounds) of dumbbells, and start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Move the weights, so your triceps are parallel to the floor.

2. Bracing your core, begin to pump up until your arms are fully extended over your head. Keep your head and neck still.

3. After a 5-second pause, lower the weight back down by bending your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the floor again.

4. Perform steps 1 to 3 in 12 repetitions.

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Ways to Stay Committed to Healthy Weight Loss

In any endeavor, the more feasible the goal, the easier it is to achieve. Here are 6 Do’s for a healthy weight loss journey:

1. If you’re not sure what weight to target, check the BMI Weight Loss Calculator.

2. Set a practical, long-term goal, like losing 25 pounds over 20 weeks.

3. And set smaller, loose weekly goals, like losing 1-3 pounds per week.

4. Define daily tasks, like jogging for 20 minutes a day.

5. Set reminders on your planner. It will feel very rewarding to check off tasks done and goals met.

6. Track your progress, and share it with the family as well.

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FAQ: Does Acupuncture Hurt?

You may feel a slight pinch as the acupuncture needle is being inserted. Some acupuncturists consider the resulting sensation (called “de qi”) desirable in achieving a therapeutic effect.

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Why Do We Allergy Test?

Allergy test results let you know what you’re allergic to and help your doctor develop a treatment plan that includes avoidance, medications, and immunotherapy.
Allergy tests are broadly used to help diagnose allergic conditions, such as:

1. Food allergies
2. Allergic asthma
3. Hay fever (allergic rhinitis)
4. Bee venom allergy
5. Dermatitis (eczema)

Your doctor may not recommend allergy testing if you have experienced a severe allergic reaction.

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The Benefits of Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is very helpful in alleviating symptoms of several health issues. Here are 4 healing benefits of a chiropractic massage:

1. Improves circulation - Massages stimulate blood circulation, which means oxygen-rich blood is reaching damaged tissues and muscles.

2. Relieve stress – Pressure applied to specific zones of the body lessens the release of stress hormones.

3. Lowers blood pressure - Regular sessions reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

4. Strengthens immune system - Lower blood pressure, improved circulation, and lower stress levels result in a resilient immune system.

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Our Story

Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas was started by Dr. Mark Currington in 2005.

It was started as a small one-doctor clinic to multiple practitioners and employees.

This practice was started in the Park Cities area because of its central location to Dallas or people who work in Dallas.

Now, it is considered an integrated medical practice where we can offer the best of both worlds and not be limited to only one way of practice, giving some of our patients better options than traditional chiropractic clinics.

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Dry needling: alieviate pain and spasms instantly!
Watch this to gain more insight to this virus.






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