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We are a massage practice in Dallas. We utilize clinical massage techniques that have been proven to Medical Massage is a researched and evidence-based approach.

At American Medical Massage Therapy, LLC., our goal is to help reduce any chronic pain &/or discomfort you have experienced, reduce recovery time from any traumatic injury, and prevent future injury. This practice takes a specific and a direct approach to determining the most likely origin or your pain or discomfort, uses integrated techniques across all levels of tissues along the neural pathways

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Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss, Swollen Ankles, Fibromyalgia and More USJ-106 04/16/2019

Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss, Swollen Ankles, Fibromyalgia and More USJ-106

Many times I have clients ask me what they can do to maintain their results once they leave my suite. Good nutrition, water, getting plenty of rest and stretching on a regular basis are all highly recommended. In addition to these I also have a favorite product that i HIGHLY recommended to my clients. It's the Chi Machine. I have owned this device myself for over 8 years and it has been one of the best personal health investments I have ever made. The chi machine shakes your legs back and forth similar to the motion of a fish's tail. This motion gently aligns your spine, relaxes the muscles around your spine, increases circulation and oxygen to your brain and just over all hep you to feel great! Rarely will I recommend products unless I have tried them and put them through the ringer. Well, this product has stood the test of time for me. Just 20 minutes on the chi machine and I come out feeling so much better. This product is a tad bit pricey but I highly recommend purchasing it for your over all health. Or, book an appointment and let me know that you would like to do some chi machine therapy only $20 for a 20 minute treatment. Gently align your spine and come out feeling great.

Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss, Swollen Ankles, Fibromyalgia and More USJ-106 The guiding principle is what Chinese Medicine has known for ages: disease is due to an impairment in the flow of the body's energy. Stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, spinal column and vertebrae to relieve back, neck & shoulder pain Feel the incredible flow of energy throughout your body....


Let your stress go and relax with massage. Now accepting your HSA and FSA Insurance plans. It's easier than ever to get the massage you want. Appointments Available 214-232-0335

Transform Your Life by Changing Just 1% of Your Day | On The Table 04/05/2019

Transform Your Life by Changing Just 1% of Your Day | On The Table

With being a massage therapist I get to come into contact and make friends with all types of people. There was one day a couple of years ago that I was working with a wonderful woman who is a psychologist here in the Dallas area. We were talking about how it can be so easy and simple to start changing your life for the better. Often times it is taking the first step that can be the most challenging. In the course of our conversation she said to me, "Ashley, life is very much like a baby mobile. If you tap on one of the ornaments the rest of the mobile will start to move. This is when you see real change in your life and improvement in your interactions with those close to you". She was so right and I have carried this bit of wisdom with me ever since I heard it.

If ever there is something I am not happy with in my life I look at it and think, "what is one small thing I can change myself to start the momentum of positive change in my life". For example, there are times I get very anxious. I seem to always have a large to do list that stays at the same length. I get something checked off and then I'll add another task back on. It's very easy for me to get caught up in the feeling of, oh my goodness I'm never going to get everything done. This mindset creates anxiety in me and starts sending me down a path that is really not good for me or for those around me. One of the small things I do to help me rebalance and start moving things in a more positive direction is I will take the timer on my phone and set it for 1 minute. During this time I will focus on deep breathing and relaxing the muscles in my body. This really helps to recenter me and I am able to go about my day in a more calm fashion and have better interactions with others. I have also practiced something similar when I notice that I'm being kind of snappy or feeling irritable. On these days I will take just a couple of moments before bed and write down two things I am thankful for. If it has been a more challenging day and I'm in a real mood then I may struggle with finding something to write down. One of my go to things is hot water. This may sound a little silly but yes I am very thankful to have hot water. After graduating high school I lived in school dormitory where you never knew if you were going to have hot water to take your shower with. This was worse when it was cold outside and all I wanted was a hot shower to warm up with. I think of this on days when I'm irritable and I remember how thankful I am that I can go to any faucet in my home and get hot water. It's a small thing but something I truly appreciate.

What small thing can you do to start improving your life, change your mindset and start you down a more positive path in life? Take a look at this article and leave me a comment letting me know what you can to to improve your life. ☺️

Transform Your Life by Changing Just 1% of Your Day | On The Table Find out how just one micro-shift in your day can lead to one macro-change for your life!


Get relief now from your tension headache! Appointments available today. Call or Text 214-232-0335.


Tension headache relief in North Dallas! American Medical Massage delivers results in 2 visits or less providing research based pressure point and massage therapy.

8 Components of Personal Wellness | On The Table 04/02/2019

8 Components of Personal Wellness | On The Table

Lets's talk about personal wellness....

When I was my early 20s wellness was just a thing. I was healthy and didn't give much thought to what personal choices I was making to affect the overall wellness of my life. Now that I am a bit older all of that has changed. I do take assessment of how things are going and functioning with my overall wellness.

For me Social, Physical and Financial wellness tend to be the areas I need the most work on. Because I am very much an introvert I regularly look at my social wellness to see have I connected with my friends recently, have I taken time to sit down and chat with my partner, have I contacted my family to see how they are doing and things of this nature. I also frequently need to check how my physical wellness is. I LOVE to eat 😁... Can you relate? However I am not the best at getting into the gym to get physical activity every day. I like many of you need to stretch more. Healthy muscles are strong and flexible. So I go back on a monthly basis and look at what I have done for the month.... how many times did I make it to the gym, am I stretching after giving a massage, what type of food am I eating late at night. I usually find an area to tweak and focus on that the next month. This way I am constantly improving. Now financial, I am not the best at keeping a log of what I spend each month. To me this is very tedious. However, I do go back at the end of each month and look at my monthly income and go through my bank statements to see where I have been spending my money. Did I do to much personal shopping, did I see an increase in how often I went out to eat, basically where is my money going. I set goals for myself the following month here as well. These help me to stay accountable with myself and gives me some focus on how I am caring for myself.

There is only one me and I can not expect others to take care of me so I need to be responsible for how I am caring for myself. I love this article that I have shared with you. It's a great way to start thinking about your overall wellness. Take some time today to take a brief look at it and if you are open share with me what you do for your personal wellness or what areas you would like to improve in.

8 Components of Personal Wellness | On The Table Reach your fullest potential in all facets of life by growing in these eight components of personal wellness (and tips to do so)!


Happy New Year from American Medical Massage Therapy.
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Massage therapist on site tonight at IMPACT Fitness. Come visit us at 718 N Buckner Blvd. Dallas, TX. 10% Off your first service!

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American Medical Massage Therapy now has two great locations! Our private office @ 12700 Hillcrest Rd Dallas, TX 75230 and our on-site therapist at IMPACT Fitness 718 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75218.

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Get To Know Us:

Ashley is our resident massage therapist. Ashley attended the University of Texas at Dallas earning a degree in Psychology with additional emphasis in Neuroscience & Biology. Ashley is a licensed massage therapist who has several years experience in practicing massage. She has also done extensive training in Medical Massage therapy earning her certificate as a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner through The Science Of Medical Massage. Ashley uses a variety of techniques when practicing medical massage protocols including: deep tissue massage, trigger point, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, PIR and more. She also provides massage for ongoing wellness maintenance and relaxation of clients. Ashley is skilled and believes in promoting the overall health of her clients so they can feel and function at their best.

Come see Ashley at American Medical Massage Therapy, LLC. for the following services:

Soft Tissue Assessment for Chronic Pain Relief
Massage for Chronic Pain Relief
PIR Stretching
Massage for Maintenance & Relaxation
Wellness Coaching
Individualized Aromatherapy Consultation

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I am so happy to announce that American Medical Massage Therapy, LLC. is now open! Please check out our website, like us on Facebook, share us with your friends and BOOK US for your next massage!
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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