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Adequate Sleep Important for a Healthier Heart.
A review of data from eleven recent studies that included more than one million adults suggests that six to eight hours of sleep is the sweet spot for a healthier heart. More specifically, the researchers found that adults who slept less than six hours or more than eight hours each night were 11% and 33%, respectively, more likely to develop or die from heart disease or stroke.
European Society of Cardiology, August 2018
Neck Pain Affects Breathing. Researchers at the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia in Greece examined a group of chronic neck pain patients and a group of individuals with no previous incidence of neck pain to see if a correlation exists between neck pain and respiratory dysfunction. They found that neck pain sufferers have significantly reduced breathing capacity and lower respiratory muscle strength. They also noted a strong association between increased forward head posture and decreased respiratory muscle strength. Cephalalgia, July 2009
Decrease Pain Sensitivity. Past research has found that spinal manipulation results in a decreased sensitivity to pain, but researchers wanted to find out if this was the result of the adjustment itself or because of the expectation of treatment. To find an answer, researchers divided participants into four groups: no intervention, spinal manipulation, sham manipulation, and sham manipulation with an instruction that the treatment they will receive has been shown to significantly reduce low back pain in some people. Pain sensitivity was assessed both pre- and post-treatment by applying heat to the body until participants reported it reached their pain threshold. The spinal manipulation group showed the greatest decrease in pain sensitivity. Journal of Pain, February 2014
“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” ~ Thomas Fowell Buxton
Stress Can Lead to Mental Illness. A new study explains why people suffering from chronic stress are prone to mental health problems later in life. Researchers have found excess white matter in some areas of the brain in chronically stressed people. This excess of myelin disrupts the "delicate balance" of the brain, causing communication between brain cells to slip out of normal timing. It is this timing issue that most likely leads to anxiety and mood disorders.
UC Berkeley, February 2014
“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” ~ Coco Chanel
Chiropractic: Used by Severe Migraine Sufferers. A study of 225 severe migraine sufferers found that during the previous two years, nearly the same percentage sought treatment from a Doctor of Chiropractic (27.1%) as sought out pharmacological treatment from their General Practitioner (27.6%). Headache, February 2014
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” ~ Albert Einstein
Just Two Treatments. Nearly 200 adults with spinal pain were separated into two groups. One group received two chiropractic adjustments and the other received two sham adjustments so researchers could differentiate if results were the result of the adjustment itself or the expectation of treatment. Two weeks later, researchers assessed each group and found the adjustment group reported greater improvements in pain, better overall improvement, and higher satisfaction. Spine, November 2013

Short term care for neck & back pain. Walk-ins welcome. No long term treatment plans. Affordable, No long term treatment plan is needed. Walk ins are welcome.

Dr. Clifford has helped thousands of people successfully get out of pain for over 20 years. Dr. Roger Clifford is committed to providing treatments that are gentle and feel good, and relieving your neck and back pain affordably. We're on most insurance plans. Call 972-934-1660 to be seen today!

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Short term care for your neck & back pain. Walk-ins are welcome. No long term treatment plan is needed. Walk ins are welcome. Treatments are affordable. We're on most insurance plans. Member of ChiroTrust, providing mainstream chiropractic care. No appointment needed. Dr. Clifford has helped thousands of people successfully get out of pain for over 25 years. Call 972-934-1660 to be seen today!

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