Atlas Strength and Performance

Atlas Strength and Performance


Hello all!! I want to share with you my yogurt choice! 3g carbs and only 2g sugar! 80 calories and FLAVORED!
You can find them at target, some Albertsons and some Walmart's.
Day 4 and I am down 8 lbs.
Diet and Exercise = A Healthy Living Transformation
Keto carne asada burritos yeah yeah
Lucy Serrano Almeida esta es la página nena, envíale mensaje 😊

Atlas Strength and Performance exists to enrich the lives of people within the community by promoting physical and mental health. Utilizing modern training, nutrition, psychology and lifestyle practices

XZ Body Transformations focuses on educating while empowering clients to take charge of their exercise and nutrition programs.

Operating as usual


We have to learn to use our pain to motivate us


Training for power and how leverage more.


Powerlifting or bodybuilding, whats best?


Powerlifting or bodybuilding, whats best?

It’s better to follow a program that will get you the specific results you want.


You vs you

Transforming my body from the body of an elderly man 🤦🏽‍♂️to what I have now didn’t happen over night It took time and consistency but ultimately what allowed me to have fun in this journey was when I stopped competing with other people. It just became me be me. It just started to get fun from there because it was a completely different pressure and I just fell in love with pushing myself.


Turning a deadlift from a pull into a push perceptually

I used to have the worst deadlift form and deadlifts would mess my back up


Better lat engagement

How to get more out of training your back

Atlas Strength and Performance updated their address. 11/10/2021

Atlas Strength and Performance updated their address.

Atlas Strength and Performance updated their address.

Photos from Atlas Strength and Performance's post 10/27/2021

My biggest battle was never the world, it was how I saw the world that made it a battle. In life we will always have problems, that’s just life. Their is darkness for us to enjoy the light. Their is cold so we can enjoy the warmth. This universe has to have polarity. It’s just a matter of finding something worth suffering for.


515 lbs looking like 800 lbs with all this damn bumper plates lol 🤦🏽‍♂️


Easy fast 600 calorie bodybuilding meal


Big changes coming

Cesar about to
Make some big changes


Eating one time a day seems crazy to a lot of people but for whatever reason this has made it easier for me.


My intro!
Tell me what guys think.
Any feed back helps 🙏



How to overhead press


What are macros ?

Anyone in their weight loss journey must understand macros. This is one of the most important and basic things. Here is very simplistic explanation


Down 17 lbs since we started


Your why has be worth going through all the suffering that comes from this type of transformation.
You are going to be hungry, tired , sore and sometimes wondering why you are putting yourself through all of this. But like I said your why has to greater than all of this.
When your why is greater you will do whatever it takes to get to the other side.


80 lbs transformation

In any transformation the change has to happen in a mental form before it happens in physical form. The reflection only changes when you change yourself. It’s like looking in the mirror and looking exactly the same and expecting a different reflection. The minute you change your self perception, you will start to view yourself differently and do different things in return the reflection changes.
The one thing we will always live up to is who we think we are. That’s were your standards originate from. The moment you view yourself different your standards change to fit your self perception.
If I am a runner I run because it’s part of my self perception
If I am not a runner but I run then running is not part of what I do, which makes it harder to attain.


It’s never the actual thing itself that stops us from taking action, it’s the association we have to it. The feeling we get from it.
In fitness for example if we have a belief that we are not capable of achieving this goal. No matter how bad we want it, that belief will pop up in our consciousness to find the evidence to prove us right.
Our beliefs is what sculpts our identity.
The one thing we will always live up to is who believe we are.



Xz Body mini bandz boot camp available now.


All about controlling the weight and contracting the right muscles


My take on isolating lats 🤔


How not to lose your curves ? 🤔

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Training for power and how leverage more.
Powerlifting or bodybuilding, whats best?
You vs you
Turning a deadlift from a pull into a push perceptually
Better lat engagement
Big changes coming




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