During times of high stress, worry, fear or any other times you may feel STUCK, turn to these common, but healthy coping skills: 🙌

🌱Feeling overwhelmed by your environment? Take a break! Give yourself permission to have some much needed “me time,” and only resume when you feel calm and comfortable. This is the perfect time to set boundaries with friends, family and coworkers.

🍼 Bottling up feelings? Express yourself! Really feel your feelings, and find someone you can confide in. Suppression of negative thoughts only leads to that problem becoming an even bigger problem over time. 💡Pro tip: Journaling is a great way to get the emotions out.

📣 Talking down on yourself? Rewire this thought pattern with positive and compassionate self-talk! If you wouldn’t talk to a loved one that way, don’t do it to yourself. Try listening to that inner voice, and filter out any negative chatter that slips through.

🆑 Hyper-focused on bad news? Shift your attention to what you CAN control, NOT what you can’t. Don’t fall into the hypothetical, “what if” trap! Sometimes a stressful situation pops up that is out of your control but, remember, you can always control your response.

Need more in-depth ways to cope? Click here to connect with a counselor who can help:
It’s one of our favorite months of the year! 🥳 While April showers 💦 bring May flowers 🌼, our flowers bloom under the sunshine of mental health awareness!

This month (and every month) we want to shine light 🔦 on the very real effects of mental health because it impacts EVERYONE. 💡With over 50 million Americans experiencing a mental health condition, you can take a bit of comfort knowing that although your experience is unique, you are NOT alone! 🫶

If you’re ready to prioritize your mental health, let our team take that first step with you. Click here 📍to connect with a counselor who’s ready to help:

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Say hello to Emma! 🌞 Emma is an LPC Associate with a sunny disposition! Trust us! As soon as you meet her, you’ll want to tell her your whole life story five minutes in!

She specializes in grief, relationships, life direction, self-esteem, ADHD, anxiety and depression counseling, and utilizes various techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and EMDR to help clients of all ages achieve clarity and growth.

Sessions are available NOW! Give us a call at (214) 357-4001 to book a session TODAY.

💡Want to learn more about Emma and her counseling approach? Click here:
Don’t forget to ZEN out with US 👉 May 7th for our Mindfulness Staycation event 🌼 where we’ll help YOU unlock the tools you need to reduce stress, improve your overall well-being and promote a more positive sense of self. Think of it as a sampler buffet of various techniques you can implement immediately to live more mindfully and in the present!

Grab a friend or bring your mom for Mother’s Day! To RSVP, email Lulu Liao at [email protected] or 📲 TEXT (469) 848-0885.

Click here to learn more:
You’re NOT fine, and that’s OKAY. 🧡

With everything that life throws your way, it’s OKAY not to be OKAY. If you’ve been covering up feelings of sadness, heartbreak, grief, loneliness or ANY feeling at all with, “I’M FINE”, just know that you can tell us how you REALLY feel!

Connect with a counselor who can help you:
💡 Process your emotions
🔎 Find healthy ways to cope or manage
🌱 Start your healing journey

Give us a call at 📲 (214) 357-4001 to connect with a Lifeologist TODAY!
Are you ready to disconnect from the world by reconnecting with yourself? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

If you’re looking for techniques that can help:
🧠 Focus on the present moment
⚡ Reduce stress in the body
🤗 Improve your mood
💓 Build a positive sense of self
then JOIN US on May 7th for a one-day Mindfulness Staycation Event! To RSVP, email Lulu Liao at [email protected] or 📲 TEXT (469) 848-0885.

Want to learn more about our event? Click here:
Ready to accomplish your mental health goals with a counselor who cares? Meet Dylan 👋 a passionate Master's Level Intern who believes in the power of a strong therapist-client realtionship that is built on a foundation of trust. He works with adults of all ages who are looking for help with anxiety, depression, LGBTQ & gender issues, s*x and s*xuality to feel safe and heard. 💚 If you're ready to tackle life's stuck problems, give us a call at (214) 357-4001 to book a session with Dylan TODAY!

Pssst! Want to learn more about Dylan and his counseling style? Click here:
Four poor communication styles to look out for that signal your relationship doom 🪦

Criticism 🤨
Contempt 🙄
Defensiveness 🤬
Stonewalling 😶

Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing - sharing what you need and how you feel is actually the foundation of a healthy relationship. The key 🔑 to avoiding destructive communication is to “fight fair.”

Learn how to manage conflict in a healthy way with a couples counselor who can help YOU and your partner BREAK UP with 👉 catastrophic relationship patterns! Click the link below to book a session.👇
Let’s face it, once you take the first step to prioritize your mental health, finding the right person to share your feelings, emotions, struggles and pains with is not easy! 💜

When navigating 🧭 counselor options, here are a few questions to consider:

Are they within decent driving distance or do they offer virtual counseling? 🤔
Do they have specialized training or experience in my particular issue? 🤔
Are they culturally competent? 🤔
Do they offer affordable rates? 🤔
What type of counseling approach do they take? 🤔
Do they have a webpage that offers more information about their background, experience, credentials, and counseling style? 🤔

While this may all seem overwhelming, it’s worth taking the time to connect with a therapist who you feel most comfortable with!

If you’re feeling LOST, check out these four steps you can take to find the right professional:

Want to learn more about OUR counselors? Click here:
MINDFULNESS 😌 is allll about finding ways to FOCUS on your senses and feelings, without escaping from the PRESENT moment. If you'd like to learn helpful techniques to reduce stress in the body, improve your mood, and build a more positive sense of self, JOIN US on May 7th for our Mindfulness Staycation event! Click the link below to learn more, and email Lulu Liao at [email protected] or 📲 TEXT (469) 848-0885 to RSVP!
Need an empowering counselor in your corner? Say hello to Kristi! 👋 Kristi is a master's level intern with a knack for helping individuals overcome life's stuck problems. If you're struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm, stress management, life transitions, trauma or grief, Kristi is ready to help! Give us a call at 🤳 (214) 357-4001 to book a telehealth session with Kristi TODAY.

Want to know more about Kristi? Click here:
ADHD doesn’t change WHO you are, only HOW you behave 👉 in certain situations.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, ADHD is the most common childhood disorder, and it affects kids, tweens, teens AND adults. While it’s most commonly diagnosed in young children, adults too can experience challenges like inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity - as well as a few lesser-known symptoms like procrastination, poor time management skills, distraction and disorganization.

Lifeologie can help CRACK 🔍 the neurodevelopmental CODE through traditional talk therapy and holistic approaches! If you or your child need help managing ADHD symptoms, click the link below to book a session!👇

Our mission in life is to offer creative solutions to stuck problems through creativity, collaboration and comfortable client care. You will dig it here!

We are a collaborative, creative therapy group obsessed with comfortable client care. We work for you, not the other way around. At Lifeologie, we offer Creative Solutions to Stuck Problems!!!

Operating as usual

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Checking in with your loved one shouldn’t be awkward. If you feel stuck not knowing how to ask DEEP questions about a potential mental health concern, use these 🧊 ice breakers as a way to successfully start up healthy conversations with the people that mean most to you:

👂 How have you been doing? Listen without interruptions.
✨ How’s your stress level? Acknowledge their feelings.
👌 Have you been eating or sleeping well? Be empathetic towards their emotions.
💭 Is there anything you want to talk about? Show your unwavering support.
💛 Are you open to talking to a professional? Remind them that it’s OK to ask for help.
🕛 When’s the best time to check in again? Make time for follow-ups.

Timeline photos 09/21/2022

Screen fatigue? 🫠 It’s a real thing! Staring at your computer or phone screen for long periods of time can bring about physical symptoms like headaches, eye strain, eye redness and blurred vision.🧑‍💻 But, it can also cause sensory overload which often leads to stress, irritability, loss of focus and anxiety.

Here’s where the 20-20-20 rule comes in! For every 20 minutes ⏱️ of screen time, spend 20 seconds looking and something 20 feet away from you. This allows your eye muscles to relax and gives your brain a much-needed breather. 😮‍💨

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Did you know roughly 12 million U.S adults suffer with PTSD in a given year⁉️

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition and life-altering disorder that is commonly associated with military members, veterans and first responders who have experienced war or other violent acts. 👉 But, PTSD can affect EVERYONE, both adults and children, who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event.

How do I know if I have PTSD? 🤔 There are several stress-related symptoms that if they persist for longer than a month, can be indicators of PTSD. Click here to learn what those look like:

Parental Alienation | Divorced Parents | Lifeologie Counseling 09/19/2022

Parental Alienation | Divorced Parents | Lifeologie Counseling

Has co-parenting suddenly turned impossible? 🤔 Here are 11 warning signs that parental alienation is happening in your family:

Parental Alienation | Divorced Parents | Lifeologie Counseling Divorces are tough on kids & parents. When one parent tries to drive a wedge between the child and the ex alienation occurs. Addressing the problem is key.

What Is Parentification? Spotting the Warning Signs and How to Let Kids Be Kids 09/16/2022

What Is Parentification? Spotting the Warning Signs and How to Let Kids Be Kids

Blurring the roles between child and parent, better known as parentification, can be caused by major life events that have affected the family, like financial hardships or the loss of a family member. But, the consequences of this type of dynamic often leads to mental health and behavioral problems for the child that can carry on into adulthood. Check out this article to learn more about parentification, the common warning signs and ways to overcome.👇

What Is Parentification? Spotting the Warning Signs and How to Let Kids Be Kids Parentification involves a role reversal between a parent and child, which causes kids to act as the emotional or practical caregiver. Here's why it happens and how it affects development.

Timeline photos 09/15/2022

Feeling misunderstood in your relationship? You are NOT alone! 🙃 Oftentimes unresolved conflict can be the common denominator to a relationship puzzle of struggles. But, don’t let that equation stop ✋ you from working as a couple to solve communication problems!

Take a look at these tips to help guide you in overcoming misunderstandings with your partner:

🧩 Check in with your partner.
🧩 Ask open-ended questions.
🧩 Pay attention to your partner's feelings.
🧩 Avoid jumping to conclusions.
🧩 Rely on the foundation of trust you’ve built with your partner.
🧩 Express your feelings using “I” statements rather than “You”.
🧩 Allow the space to grow new communication patterns.
🧩 Take space if needed to collect your thoughts and keep conversation productive.

Most couples seek therapy way later down the road once the problems in the relationship have hit a fever pitch. 🫠 Don’t wait to get help. Form healthy habits, strong lines of communication and conflict resolutions skills with the help of a couples counselor! Click the link below to connect with a counselor in your area.

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

Su***de is tough topic to talk about it, especially when talking to your own child about it, but it’s also a topic that is too important to ignore. With all of the growing pains that come with teenagehood, it can be difficult to decode the difference between normal teenage stuff and concerning behavioral patterns.

Common warning signs of su***de can look like:
⚠️Social withdrawal
⚠️Increasing the use of drugs or alcohol
⚠️Talking or writing about death
⚠️Sudden drop in grades
⚠️Mentioning feelings of hopelessness

A few actionable steps you can take as a parent:
💭Express your concern – don’t stay quiet.
💭Maintain an open line of honest communication – never shut down a hard conversation.
💭Reinforce your child’s connections with friends and family – avoid self-isolation.
💭Trust your gut – you know your child better than anyone.

Note: It’s important to take the necessary steps to prioritize your child’s safety, and you should always reach out to a mental health professional if you have concerns about their behavior.

Timeline photos 09/13/2022

We bring to you myth vs fact #2…

Depression is NOT a personal weakness. 👉 It IS a mental health condition that impacts more than 300 million individuals worldwide. 🌎 Can you imagine that? 🤯

Depression can be a debilitating disorder that affects one’s ability to regulate things like mood, sleep and appetite, but it is TREATABLE. If you are struggling with depression, know that you are not alone, and we are here to help.

Click the link BELOW to book a session with a counselor who gets it TODAY.

10 Ways to Get More Out of Therapy 09/12/2022

10 Ways to Get More Out of Therapy

Checkout a few ways to help your therapist help you!👇

10 Ways to Get More Out of Therapy Use these tips to get more out of psychotherapy.

How to talk to someone if you think they’re suicidal | Lifeologie Counseling 09/09/2022

How to talk to someone if you think they’re suicidal | Lifeologie Counseling

“If you’ve noticed that someone in your life is showing warning signs of su***de, it may be time to ask them what’s going on.” Starting the conversation can be tough, but here are a few ways that can help you navigate: 👇

How to talk to someone if you think they’re suicidal | Lifeologie Counseling It can be terrifying to ask someone if they’re thinking about su***de. There’s no perfect way to do it & it will feel weird. Having a few guides can help.

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

Have you been running on EMPTY lately? 🚙💨

Accepting yourself for who you are can be a challenging, but necessary step to building resilience, unwavering confidence, and improved overall mental wellness! Self-acceptance is all about accepting yourself, your flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings, instead of hating all of the parts of yourself that you dislike.

Here are a few ways to fill up your love tank with self-acceptance:

🙏 Forgive yourself
📘 Practice gratitude
💪 Identify your strengths
🎉 Celebrate your victories
💙 Set realistic self-love goals
📣 Give yourself positive pep talks
🤗 Embrace what makes you different
✨ Focus on the things you can change

Timeline photos 09/07/2022

Have you ever tried to go to sleep but can’t because your mind keeps racing? 😵‍💫 There are many factors that can contribute to a restless mind, including stress, anxiety disorders, depression disorders, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and other mental health conditions.

Overthinking 💭 at night time not only ruins the quality of your sleep, but can further agitate and escalate the root cause of your racing thoughts. 👎

Consider trying these tactics to help shut off your brain:
🕢 Set aside time to wind-down. About 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, dim the lights, put the screens down and leave the rest of your tasks to tomorrow.
😌 Create a soothing bedtime routine. Find an activity that relaxes you like taking a warm bath, practicing yoga or journaling.
🔈Try background noise. White, brown and pink noise are known to create a consistent sonic environment that some people find calming.
🤙Seek help from a professional. If racing thoughts are keeping you up on a consistent basis, your therapist can help you identify and manage these thought patterns.

Timeline photos 09/06/2022

MYTH 👉 Mental health problems are not that common.
FACT 👉 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health issue in a given year.

It’s time to debunk mental health myths once and for all! Did you know that mental health problems are MORE common than you think? 🗯️ Not only does your mental health affect the way you feel, 🌀 but it dramatically impacts your ability to:

🔹 get quality sleep
🔹 grow relationships
🔹 connect with others
🔹 manage stress levels
🔹 make healthy decisions
🔹 fight off chronic disease
🔹 live a well balanced life

Let’s work together to make mental health a priority! 🤝 Click the link below to connect with a counselor in your area who can help you on your health and wellness journey!

September is Su***de Awareness Month | Lifeologie Counseling 09/02/2022

September is Su***de Awareness Month | Lifeologie Counseling

“Su***de crosses every racial, ethnic, and gender line. Rich and poor, young and old, professionals and unemployed, religious and non-religious people have all shared their experience with suicidal thoughts and actions.” 👇

September is Su***de Awareness Month | Lifeologie Counseling Su***de crosses every racial, ethnic, & gender line. There are important signs to look. Recognizing any of these signs in someone you know can save a life.

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

Did you know that every 11 minutes in the US, someone commits su***de? According to a report by the CDC, nearly 46,000 people committed su***de in 2020.

These numbers are TRULY staggering.

In honor of Su***de Awareness Month, let’s open up the conversation about su***de, and help individuals understand and recognize when someone may be struggling. Su***de prevention starts by understanding some of the common warning signs to look out for, and a helpful way to remember these signs is through SAD PERSONAS.👇

SAD PERSONAS is an acronym that lists out various risk factors that can increase a person's risk of committing su***de that includes:

S 👉 S*x
A 👉 Age
D 👉 Depressed symptoms

P 👉 Previous attempt
E 👉 Excessive alcohol or drug use
R 👉 Rational thinking loss
S 👉 Separated, divorced or widowed
O 👉 Organized plan
N 👉 No social support
A 👉 Availability of lethal means
S 👉 Stated intent

For an in-depth look at SAD PERSONAS and the common, incorrect stigmas surrounding su***de, click here:

If you or someone you know is at risk or feeling suicidal, please use the National Su***de Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255.

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Stronger together!🔗 Group therapy 🤝 serves as an opportunity to work through challenges with the help of a mental health professional, but in a group setting with your peers who are going through similar struggles.

Group therapy can help you:
💬 Feel less alone
💬 Learn new ways to cope
💬 Connect and relate to others in a healthy way
​​💬 Consider new perspectives

At Lifeologie, most of our individual locations offer various treatment options including group therapy, support groups, classes and workshops! Click here to see if a location near you offers group therapy:

Our Story

Lifeologie Counseling Dallas/Park cities is a collaborative, creative therapy group obsessed with comfortable client care. Our innovative, multi-specialty approach provides you and yours with a 360 degree approach to the whole person, the whole system and the whole problem.

Our team of experts can handle just about anything you bring through our doors through traditional talk therapy, along with other modalities, such as EMDR, psychotherapeutic yoga, and mindfulness/ meditation. Meet the team.

How to reach out: You can find us at, call us at 214.357.4001, book a session here, or email us at [email protected].

Founded in 1999, Lifeologie has helped tens of thousands of individuals, couples and families find their way. We are here for you!

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